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     Why Are Only the Parents Faceless? 
  • If they never show the parents' faces, why do they show other adults? Even if it is a stylistic choice, it seems somewhat inconsistent in the grand scheme of things.
    • Cow and Chicken did this too... but to be fair their parents DIDN'T even have faces to begin with!
    • A closer comparison would be Miss Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls, where the writers of that also try to show her face as little as possible.
    • As of season 2, they do show the parents' faces.

     Bad, But Popular, Jokes? 

     Why Bunk With Your Bro? 
  • Why does Lynn choose to bunk with Lincoln in "Space Invader" when she has eight non-Lucy sisters?
    • Probably because he's the only one who shares her interests.
    • Or, more likely, because he's the only one who did not already share a room.
    • He was the one most likely to say, "Yes".
    • Lola snores, Lana farts, so unlikely she'd want to. Lisa blows things up and Lily is a restless sleeper. That eliminates all the younger sisters. Lynn herself smells like old gym socks so it's unlikely the older five would permit her to bunk with them. Plus, she can kind of bully Lincoln.
      • Why doesn't she just wash to get rid of the gym-sock smell? Lori is territorial, so she might not want Lynn in her and Leni's room, but why doesn't she wash and then bunk with Luna and Luan?
      • Lynn is superstitious by nature, she's very likely to believe it would wash the luck out of her gym socks.
      • Lori probably farts too, Leni has "bad fashion nightmares", Luna sleeps hearing music and Luan tells jokes while sleeping.
    • Because he's the main character.
      • What about an in-story answer?
      • Might be because she's a tomboy, so she relates to Lincoln just a bit.

     What Happened to Seymour? 
  • If the others' stories about what Lola did to them were made up, what happened to Seymour?
    • Lana could have most likely made up Seymour to play along.

     Who's Older? 
  • In "Ties That Bind" Lola says Lana is the older twin but in "The Last Slice" and "The Sweet Spot" Lola says, "Beauty before age." and Lana replies, "So I should get it then." and during the theme song when Lincoln slides down the banister, pictures of the girls are on the wall in descending age order, Lola appears before Lana implying Lola is the older twin.
    • Those were all done early in development. It's entirely possible this is a Retcon.
    • In "One of the Boys", the brothers were introduced in descending age order and it implies that Lana is the older twin by introducing Leif (male Lana), before Lexx (male Lola).
    • It's possible the twins don't know themselves who the oldest is.
    • Confirmed by the writters: Lana is the older twin.

     And the Winner is Lana... How?! 
  • How did Lana win the pageant?
    • Because she was honest and upfront. She won because she was herself.

     Who's Lynn Sr.? 
  • Why is she "Lynn Jr." when their mom was confirmed to be named "Rita"?
    • Since Lynn is a unisex name, it's pretty much obvious that their dad's name is also Lynn.
      • Confirmed in a Q&A post on Facebook.
    • Maybe Lynn is Rita's middle name?
    • Maybe she's named after a grandparent. She'd still have the "Jr." suffix if neither of her parents have the name.
    • Instagram confirmed Mr. Loud is "The OG Lynn".
    • And "Study Muffin" has Mr. Loud say it himself.

     Who is Lincoln talking to? 
  • What would happen if one of the Loud sisters walked in on Lincoln doing his usual narration? Would they think he's crazy?
    • Luan breaks the fourth wall at the end of "April Fools Rules", but she probably IS crazy.
      • She's eccentric, but not psychotic. She can determine reality from fantasy and she functions well.
    • Lincoln frequently holds his monologues with the viewer when his sisters are within hearing range, and they never consider it odd. Plus, at the end of "A Tattler's Tale", Lola talks to the viewer as well. So, most likely, they are all just as aware of the fourth wall as Lincoln is, they just don't bother to talk to the audience.
    • At the end of the very first episode ("Left in the Dark"), all of the sisters (except Lucy) are sitting on the sofa with Lincoln as he speaks to the viewer, and they seem to be looking at the viewer, too, and smiling.
    • Each of the sisters have their thing, and several of them seem a little (or more than a little) crazy. They might just view Lincoln's narration as his 'thing'.
    • Clyde also talks to the viewer at the end of "One Flu Over the Loud House".
    • And "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" implies that Ronnie Anne always knew the audience existed but didn't think to talk to them until Lincoln suggested.
    • Maybe the cartoon is an in-universe sitcom?
    • Maybe they're just aware that they're in a cartoon. It wouldn't be too out-there of a theory to suggest that, like Chowder, Lisa was smart enough to figure out that she lived in a cartoon.

     Nobody Wants to Swap Jobs? 
  • How come no one was willing to trade jobs with Lincoln?
    • The reason Linc wanted to trade jobs is most of them had easier - or at least less gross - jobs than him, and several of them specifically liked their jobs, so the only motivation would be being nice to Lincoln... and his sisters just don't do that, except under exceptional circumstances.
      • Wouldn't Lana want to do a gross job, though?
      • She already had taking care of the animals, which, aside from tagging her other main character trait (loves animals, whether cute and fuzzy gross and slimy), involved cleaning up their poop (I haven't watched the episode in a while, but IIRC, that was made explicit), so she gets the gross, too.

     They're arrested for... Getting Tickets?! 
  • Why is the undercover cop in "For Bros About to Rock" arresting Lincoln and Clyde for buying scalped tickets HE WAS CLEARLY SELLING TO THEM?! Shouldn't the guy selling the tickets be the crook as well?
    • That's what undercover cops do. He was busting a potential scalper. It's the same thing they do to druggies.

     Why Was the House So Fragile? 
  • "Homespun": anyone else who thinks it seems rather odd the house was suddenly depicted as literally falling apart, much worse than ever before on the show? Sure, previous episodes also showed the house had its downsides, but this episode turns it Up to Eleven with pretty much everything the characters do resulting in damage to the house. Did all the previous episodes just happen to take place on a good day with no major incidents? Or what about the thin walls, which never seemed to be a problem before (in "Space Invader" Lincoln even shows the viewer that his room is perfectly capable of blocking out the noise from the rest of the house).
    • Rule of Funny, like Lynn's jock strap.
    • Sometimes, people can be making a lot of mistakes in one day, and it doesn't really have to do with the house. Not sure about the thin walls, though.
    • Maybe Lincoln's room is the only one with thick walls?

     A Rolling Stone Does Gather Parodies 
  • So if Luna quotes songs like "Gimme Shelter" and "You Can't Always Get What you Want", does this mean the Rolling Stones exist alongside an obvious parody in this universe or does Mick Swagger just sing all their songs?
    • Spoofs exist in the real world. Like there's a guy called Weird Al who sings parodies of other songs. Maybe "Mick Swagger" isn't his real name, just a pseudonym.
    • Possibly a case of Expy Coexistence.

     What's Male Luan's Name? 

     One Flu Over the Loud House and Left Us Scratching Our Heads 
  • One Flu Over the Loud House Questions:
    • A. Going with the sick Louds actually having a cartoony showing of the flu instead of being actual zombies, then what was stopping them from keeping away from their not-sick family? It's one thing to drink out of a carton when sick, it's another to gang up on your sister when she's trying not to get sick or cling to your husband's legs when he's trying not to get sick.
      • Maybe the disease affected their mind and made them not think clearly, or maybe some of them didn't know they were sick, or they thought getting infected was inevitable and they had to get it over with.
      • Deeper analysis- it is indeed possible that the flu was affecting their mind, but it's a little far-fetched. Lori knew she was sick, which made her behaviour even more confusing since she was planning on going to bed. Lynn may not have known she was sick, but if she didn't, she'd wonder why she was feeling bad. It's possible the twins didn't know they were sick since young kids often find it hard to tell if they're sick. Rita and Lynn Sr. didn't seem to be ganging up on their non-sick children at least, and the pets are not human and Lily's a baby so you can't really judge them. Luna, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa were a puzzle, though. They clearly knew they were sick and they didn't seem to think it was inevitable getting sick, but they still acted the same as the other sick sisters. It's a mystery.
    • B. How come it took LENI to not only figure out they should try to help their sick family, but that she should protect her face while doing it? If nobody else, Lisa should have bothered to get some protection for herself and her not sick family if they were going to just flee the house.
      • It might be a case of Dumbass Has a Point and Irony, because as you said, Leni was the only one who thought they should help the rest of the family instead of running away.
      • The reason why the others didn't want to help could be because they thought helping would have infected them. As for the covering their mouths, maybe Leni had the only health mask and finding an alternative way might have taken too long (the disease did seem to spread very quickly). Update: Just re-watched the episode and saw she had two others, so now it's unknown why they didn't put them on.
    • Why wasn't this episode called "The Walking Loud"? The reference would have been more familiar to the audience.
      • The episode was more the flu with a zombie movie twist, hence the flu in the title.
    • How did Luan, the parents, the pets, and Lily get sick?
    • Where was Lily at the beginning of the episode when Lincoln, Lisa, Lucy, Leni, Luna, and Luan were hiding in Lisa and Lily's room?
    • How come everyone stopped speaking within moments of being infected?

     How Was Lucy Discredited? 
  • Why does Lisa say Lucy has been discredited? Only her and technically Lincoln's fortunes were false. Everyone else's fortunes came true.
    • Even those two came true, to the same limited extent that the others did. Lisa made a discovery that was later revealed to be a fraud, and Lincoln tragically chose to avoid the attractions, rather than enjoy them. Kind of like Lana becoming 'filthy rich'.
    • Maybe two false fortunes are enough to discredit it.

     11 Louds a Leapin', Plus Two Still With No Visible Faces 
  • Why do they still hide Mr. and Mrs. Loud's faces in episodes set after "11 Louds a Leapin'"?
    • Those episodes were made before that one and just happen to air afterward.
    • Alternatively, their faces are only shown when Mr. and Mrs. Loud play a main role in the episode. It's just a convenient way of saving time and effort not having to animate their faces.

     Was the Tire in Lana's Pocket? 
  • At the end of the scuffle on the sofa in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House", a tire flies out of the "fight cloud" and bounces around, before hitting Lincoln in the head. Maybe it was in Lana's pocket?
    • Maybe it was.

     Passing on Your Name 
  • Why did Lynn Sr. wait until kid #5 to name one after him? Shouldn't it have been the first or second?
    • Maybe he was hoping for a boy but decided to just name Lynn anyway, because maybe they decided to wait/decided not to have anymore kids (which failed) after her?
      • Or they thought they'd never have a boy by the time the fifth daughter was born.

     Lynn's "Straight forward" thinking 
  • In "No Guts, No Glori", the parents are gone and Lincoln is left in charge, and things go into chaos and a few things go into question
    • Lynn. While enjoying her freedom, she decides it's a good idea to spread dirt around the house and ride her dirt bike inside. While kids may enjoy doing things that their parents wouldn't let them do while they're gone, why would a 13-YEAR-OLD think that riding a dirt bike on muddy floors in the house is okay?
      • She wouldn't ordinarily, but Lincoln explicitly said he was saying yes to everything (outright calling himself the King of Yes), which she was milking.

     Lincoln Doesn't Know the Rules? 
  • For "Brawl in the Family": how come Lincoln apparently doesn't know anything about the Sister Battle Protocol? Or that just letting the arguing sisters solve their own conflict is the best solution? He has lived in that house his whole life, and probably already seen dozens if not hundreds of violent arguments between his sisters.
    • Negative Continuity. The episodes lack continuity unless noted otherwise (see Ronnie Anne's introduction and later episodes featuring her) so this episode happens in its own world where Lincoln apparently either never witnessed any scuffles on the level of "Brawl in the Family"'s or they happened long enough ago for him to forget about them. Also, Lincoln is an expy of the ultimate Butt-Monkey Charlie Brown. It wouldn't be the first time an episode was set to screw over Lincoln when he's not doing something exceptionally wrong.
    • Another interpretation (read in a fanfic) could be that the Sister Fight Protocol is a recent creation and that "Brawl in the Family" is the first time it was put into action. As for why Lincoln doesn't know about it, the girls could have created it with their parents, but without thinking of informing him. (Lincoln is the show's Butt-Monkey after all...) Bobby would know about it because Lori can't spend a day without texting him. Of course she would tell him.
      • Or maybe Lincoln was away when they thought it up and by the time he came back, they'd forgotten about informing him.

     Is Rusty in the Gang or Not? 
  • What happened with Rusty? When he first shows up he's part of a bike gang, but later he seems to be an actual friend towards Lincoln without the other biker kids.
    • Doylist answer: Probably Negative Continuity and Early Installment Weirdness at work here. My guess is that, since Rusty is an extra, the writers decided it wouldn't be too hindering to retcon his personality and turn him into a friend of Lincoln's. After all, it saved them the trouble of creating another new design. Or perhaps one of the animators liked Rusty's design and wanted to reuse it.
    • Watsonian answer: It's also possible that, since Lincoln's sister Lynn became the leader of their bike gang at the end, that that is how Rusty became friends with Lincoln. He might have noticed how nice a guy Lincoln really was when hanging out with Lynn and stopped being part of the bike gang, instead hanging with Lincoln and co.
      • Conversely, once Lynnsanity became the leader, she scared the boys to the point that they disbanded the gang.
      • I doubt she's that scary.

     Keeping Them Away From Each Other Doesn't Make Sense 
  • In "Brawl in the Family",the girls clearly stated that it is better to not get involved with fights as things will work out on their own. But riddle me this: isn't doing everything possible to make sure the people fighting don't see each other getting involved? And also, if it truly is better to let arguments work themselves out, how can anything be solved if those arguing are constantly kept away from each other?
    • The whole episode largely plays out to "That's just what girls do. You're a boy, so you won't understand." That cheesy and stupid line popular a few decades ago, "why are they always arguing?/that's how you know they love each other", is basically the same thing - all Played for Laughs.
    • Maybe their definition of "involved" means "actively participating". And maybe they thought it would resolve by them simply forgetting.

     How Is it Lincoln's Fault?! 
  • In "It's a Loud Loud Loud Loud House", after finding money in the couch, his sisters jump on the couch and fight him for it, which causes their parents to make them clean the attic. While in the attic, Mr. Loud tells the kids to clean the dark dirty side of the attic. Lola says that since it's all Lincoln's fault he should do it, and all the sisters agree (while angry at him). How is it Lincoln's fault? He found the quarter fair and square and his sisters attacked him for it making their punishment THEIR fault.
  • In "Health Kicked", all the kids try their own way to get their parents more active by getting them to do more exercise. This eventually backfires and the parents force their new extreme active life on all of their kids. Later in the episode Lola and Luna blame Lincoln for getting them on their new health kick. All Lincoln did was merely suggest getting them active. All of the sisters are responsible since they performed their own exercise with their parents, so again, how is this all Lincoln's fault?
    • Lola, again, is just blaming him because she's six, but I have no idea why Luna blamed him.
  • In "Save The Date", Bobby breaks up with Lori over Lincoln venting his frustrations about Ronnie Anne, and then Lori forces Lincoln to go on a double date JUST to get back together with Bobby, then the rest of the episode has the GALL to treat Lincoln like the bad guy. How were the events of the episode his fault? How was Lincoln the bad guy for feeling justifiably angry with Ronnie Anne?
    • Lincoln was insensitive in how he denied Ronnie Anne being his girlfriend (both times). So Ronnie Anne was as justified in being annoyed with him as he was with her. But Bobby was being unreasonable in cutting Lori off because of what Lincoln did (because of what Ronnie Anne did), and Lori's plan was just stupid from the start, so nobody ends up looking good here, but Bobby's definitely the worst, and Lincoln the least bad.

     How Did Lincoln's Picture Disappear? 
  • "The Whole Picture": Why would Lincoln's photos truly be gone? True, he has no cloud storage and they already got removed from the trash bin, but there are plenty of websites and software that allow you to restore deleted files after you emptied the trash bin, or companies that can restore it for you. Especially if the files in question got deleted very recently.
    • The episode shows the pictures going into the trash bin, but they’re already gone when he clicks on it. Photos aren’t supposed to be automatically deleted from the trash bin.
    • Lincoln may not know about them (or maybe is too panicked to think about those solutions). After all, he was never shown to be particularly knowledgeable about informatics.
      • He is eleven, after all. It's plausible he doesn't know.

     Toddlers Can Dye Their Hair? 
  • Also in "The Whole Picture". Why does Lucy have dyed hair as a toddler?note  Was she a goth baby?
    • Did "Back in Black" say Lucy was born blonde?
      • More like implies. After her makeover, she shows up with blonde hair, so it's either a wig or her natural hair color. Her black hair is probably a dye though. Since her parents have brown and blonde hair, it's unlikely that she could have inherited black hair. (Although probably not impossible, but that's why this is on the headscratchers page.)
    • "Spell it Out" indicates Lucy is the spitting image of great grandma Harriet, including the black hair. So it's likely a family trait that's recessive.
      • ...who was seen in a black-and-white photograph. For all we know, her hair could have been a very dark shade of brown.
    • Maybe she was gothic even as a toddler and the toddler was wearing a wig.
    • Newborn babies have a limited color palette when it comes to hair. Lynn Loud, their father, has brownish hair. It's possible that Lucy started out black hair then dyed her hair before it naturally got lighter in color. Lucy is possibly a brunette.
      • She says, "Dang it!" when the love letter says "and your hair, which is brown" in "L is for Love", though.

     Kindergarten or University? 
  • So, the plot of "Making the Grade" resolves around Lisa getting tired of kindergarten because she is so smart and going straight to the 5th grade... wait a second, doesn't her profile state that she already graduated from university?
    • Well, Lisa being in kindergarten is because she needs to learn social skills since failing that is the only way to fail kindergarten. As for why she moved up... no idea.
    • She moved up because she found kindergarten boring and thought a more challenging class would be more interesting. She wanted to go to med school, but Principal Huggins took her to fifth grade instead.

     Forgetful Dad 
  • This is most attributed to the show's negative continuity, but if Mr. Loud apparently only cooks the same seven dishes each week, why did he sill need Lisa's help with converting the metrics in the recipe in "Making the Grade"? You'd think that he would have memorized it by now, or at the very least written it down.
    • Maybe he can't be bothered memorizing it because he gets Lisa to help every time.
  • Negative Continuity. It's never shown or hinted before or after the episodes that Lynn Sr cooks the same 7 meals every week, or has Lisa help him.

     Why Did Lynn Sr. Swap the Car Back? 
  • In "Vantastic Voyage", why did Mr Loud decide to return the new car and replace it with the old one? At the end, he realizes that refusing to let his family into it is selfish and not to mention, the old car doesn't work anymore. As they themselves said, the problem wasn't with the new car, it was with Lynn Sr.'s attitude and that's been resolved. Couldn't they make a compromise?
    • Vanzilla has sentimental value, especially to Lynn Sr. and Lana. Also, if it doesn't work, Lana can take care of that.

     I Can't Afford This Confusion 
  • What is the Louds' financial status? On one hand, episodes like "Hand-Me-Downer" and "Out on a Limo" make it look like the Louds are overall below average for an American family (Lori pointing out how much of the stuff they have are hand me downs and Lincoln getting Acquired Situational Narcissism from his ride in a limo). On the other hand, you have things like Lori buying Lincoln a replacement gaming system without it being presented as a monetary setback for her.
    • Negative Continuity and Depending on the Writer, again. The Louds financial situation will always be whatever it needs to be for the sake of plot, just like how in Spongebob the Krusty Krab can be a booming business in one episode, and on the brink of bankruptcy in another.
    • And there is the fact that Mr. Loud works (or worked depending on how you interpret the continuity) as an IT guy, which means that sometimes he'd have a lot of work and there'd be lots of spare cash while other times he'd hit a dry spell and the finances are tighter. Plus no matter how much money a family makes, having 11 kids means hand-me-downs are always practical.
    • They have 11 kids. That's going to be a drain on anyone's resources.
      • The OP probably knows; they're confused about the inconsistency.
    • I figure that Rita and Lynn Sr made enough to live comfortably, but the things like a run down down house, 40+ year old van are simply played for laughs.

     Non-Verbal Communication 
  • "Spell It Out", Lori's friends begin to ditch her because her lost voice keeps her from talking to them, but why didn't she just send them a text message or whatsapp to explain her situation?
    • Technology Marches On, presumably. Most of the writers likely grew up where texting was super uncommon and just forgot it was a thing everyone did now.
      • How could they when Lori is, as she would say, literally on her phone all the time?
      • Too busy panicking?
    • Or she could have busted her phone. Do we actually see her being able to use it?
    • Her phone was charging the whole time.
  • Why were the siblings even doing their activities if they can't speak?

     More Accomplished? Really? 
  • In "Future Tense", Lynn Sr. and Rita meet a more accomplished family and start pressuring their kids into various clubs out of worry for their futures. Putting aside the fact that save baby Lily, every single one of the Loud kids have some sort of skill that they are very accomplished with and could spin into some kind of career (Lynn could probably become the world's best sports coach if a career as a professional athlete doesn't pan out for example), how do you get more accomplished than a kindergartner with a PHD? Unless every kid in said "more accomplished" family has a PHD and/or is making a 6 figure salary, which is so improbable it borders on impossible.
    • Slightly justified in the episode proper. They are shown aknowledging their children's skills and they pressure their kids into various clubs more as a way of turning them into Jack-of-All-Stats. Still a little egregious, especially in Lisa's case, but the train of thoughts is more justified. Especially since Rita and Lynn Sr. are generally portrayed as having good intentions, but not being perfect parents, so it's consistent with their characterization. And the whole point of the episode was to show that they were wrong.
    • Also, while it's hard to be more accomplished than a kindergartner with a PHD, it only applies to Lisa. Some of the other siblings have great skills, but in fields in which making a career can look hazardous to some parents: pageantry for Lola, the music industry for Luna, the comicbook industry for Lincoln, literature for Lucy, the fashion industry for Leni. Lynn Sr. and Rita react like some parents who think that their kids should follow what they consider a "safer" career. They also kinda have a point with Leni.

     Two Non-Bullies Should Equal One Bully 
  • In "Tricked", the bullies Hank and Hawk are able to get their huge haul of stolen sweets into their tree house. But Clyde and Lincoln working together couldn't manage to get the giant bag out before the bullies awakened. The two of them working together should have approximated one bully's strength. Clyde is neurotic but strong enough to carry Lana on his back. Lincoln isn't athletic but between playing with Clyde and running from his sisters, he's probably fairly strong.
    • Hank and Hawk are both vastly bigger than Lincoln and Clyde. Lana is only six, and she clearly doesn't weigh that much (she's probably about 40-50 pounds); so it's quite possible even someone like Clyde can carry her with ease. And it's been implied that Lincoln is rather weak, and running around with Clyde and his sisters wouldn't necessarily make him "strong."

     Lincoln Didn't Ask 
  • In "Yes Man", why couldn't Lincoln ask his parents for money and then help his sisters?
    • Well the massive wall of them was a problem, and if he told them 'let me go first and then I'll help', they'd probably hound him worse. Heck, do you want to imagine the sister who was the lone one at the end without money? Imagine if it was a sister Lincoln really gets along with, like Lucy? Imagine if it was a vindictive sister, like Lola?
    • To be fair, many of the things that the sisters asked for where things that didn't have a limit on availability. While the parents may have run out of money to give them then, they could say that they would buy it for them when they could afford it. Getting a closet organizer or a basketball hoop is probably relatively easy to do, since they are common. Lincoln, on the other hand, wanted a ticket for a concert later that day, so he had an impetus for getting it as soon as possible. Then again, maybe it slipped his mind and his sisters would have been mad if they did all that convincing for nothing.

     ...And His Parents Didn't Tell 
  • In the same episode, why didn't his parents tell him right away that they wouldn't let him go because they were out of money?
    • Because Lincoln kept coming up with new ways to ask instead of hearing them out.
    • Couldn't they have told him when they initially rejected his request? At first, they simply said that he couldn't go without explaining why.

     Lincoln Did Ask, But Too Late 
  • In the same episode, why did Lincoln wait until the day of the concert to ask for money? Even if his parents were able to give him money, he probably wouldn't have been able to buy a ticket so late because they all would have been sold out.

     Why Can't They Dressed as Themeselves? 
  • In "Cover Girls", why did the Louds all dress up at the end? Everyone was there, so they could have just gone as themselves for the last video chat.
    • At the start when not all of them were there, they had to dress up as each other. By the end they were so caught up in it, they simply didn't realize they no longer needed to.
    • And then there's the matter of changing out of their clothes. Perhaps they didn't have enough time to switch right away, so they had to make do with what they had.

     Has Lynn Sr. Forgot His Former Job? 
  • In "Anti-Social", how come Lynn Sr. had little to no understanding of technology, even though he used to work as an IT?
    • It's entirely possible he could be good at computers and ensuring they kept working, and still be behind on some more modern technology trends. Especially if he took his training in computers back before they became popular.

     When Did Lincoln and Clyde Meet? 
  • How long have Lincoln and Clyde been friends already? Considering how close they are, you can get the idea they must have known each other for years already. Yet, at the same time, the show deals with stories like Clyde's first sleepover at the Louds, Lincoln being surprised how different life at the Mcbride house is compared to his own home ("Attention Deficit"), and Lincoln going on a vacation with the Mcbrides for the first time.
    • According to "Deal Me Out", they have been friends since they were five.
    • As for why, in spite of their long friendship, they have never done stuff like sleepovers before, it's perhaps because Clyde's dads are overprotective (as best highlighted in "Snow Way Out") and wouldn't let Clyde do it before.

     One Boy and Ten Misandrists 
  • Why do the sisters pick on and gang up on Lincoln just for being the only boy in the family? Doesn't anyone find this very wrong?
    • They rarely gang up on him for being the only boy. They generally have another reason, even in the most controversial episodes. For instance, in "It's a Loud Loud Loud Loud House", it's for the money; in "The Sweet Spot", they want to take the eponymous sweet spot for themselves; in "Sleuth of Consequences", it's because he is the one who usually clogs the toilet. Do you have a precise example? As for finding this very wrong, it's not for nothing that episodes in which Lincoln is the Designated Monkey often end up on the Broken Base page.

     Is Lincoln the Not Only Talentless Sibling? 
  • What is Lori's talent? Everybody sees Lincoln as the only one of the Loud children with no clear talent or hobby, but what about Lori? Her main character traits are being the oldest, being a phonaholic, and being the only one of the Loud siblings with a driver's licence. But none of those count as a talent.
    • She's good enough at golf to play on her school's golf team (athletics), she babysits the other kids to keep a lid on their chaos and often watches Lily (child care), in "Driving Miss Hazy", she exchanges car rides for various favor (bartering) can lead and plan for events shown in "No Spoilers".
    • Lori doesn't have a talent or gimmick because she wasn't designed to have one. She is there to be a Big Sister Bully and the show's primary antagonist.
      • Lori is only an antagonist in two or three episodes.
      • And that doesn't really answer the question. The question wasn't "Why doesn't Lori have a talent?", it was "Why is Lincoln treated like the only one without a talent if Lori doesn't have one either?".
    • Her talent is leadership. As demonstrated in "No Guts, No Glori" if it wasn't for Lori the household would collapse in 5 minutes should their parents leave the house. And the cat will shit outside the litter box.
  • Being the oldest daughter means Lori likely spent the majority of her childhood as "the oldest sibling of 3". Presumably by the time the family was large Lori was too self-established and mature to care about coming up with a gimmick just to stand out.
    • Don't forget that the teens are only one year apart with ages (Lori's 17, Leni's 16, Luna's 15, etc), so she would have gotten a new sister every year until age four. And they're probably not just trying to stand out: Lucy seems to try hard not to stand out and she was spooky even as a baby, Luna became a rocker of her own accord when she was at that concert, and Lisa needs to be really smart naturally to have her talents. Besides, the question wasn't "Why doesn't Lori have a talent?" but rather "Why is Lincoln treated as the only one without a talent despite Lori's not having one?".
      • And yet there are several suggestions on what Lori's talent is. So far Lori is coming off as a multi talented person. Leaving Lincoln the only child without a talent.
  • Wasn't Lincoln's talent making plans?

     Too Small To Build a New Bathroom? 
  • In the episode "Pipe Dreams", Mr and Mrs. Loud are tired of having to wait to use the bathroom upstairs and decide to build a secret bathroom in their closet.
    • On one hand, how could a big bathroom with a toilet, sink, and bath fit in their closet?
      • Considering that Lynn Sr. was carrying pieces of wall, they probably expanded the closet.
    • On the other hand, how did they afford it? The parents always go on about how they are always on they're on a budget and don't have a disposable income, installing a new bathroom from scratch would cost at least ten grand.
      • They saved up to build it, but they couldn't afford to rebuild it.

     Two Males, Eleven Females, One... Car? 
  • Given that there are 13 people in the family and three people who can drive, why does the Loud family only have one car?
    • To quote Luna who quoted Lynn Sr. and Rita in "Yes Man", "big family, small budget". Also, cars are expensive.
      • That's if they were to purchase a vehicle brand new. There are plenty of places that sell affordable vehicles.
    • It's very likely they do so out of fear of buying another Veronica.

     Who Owns A Large House With One Bathroom? 
  • Why does the titular Loud House, a two story house with an attic, basement, and detached garage in a fairly well off neighborhood, only have one bathroom? Most houses, unless they’re very small, have at least two.
    • Most likely, whoever designed it did not think of the possibility of more than at least four people living in it. Remember that the average American family rarely has more than three kids, let alone more than 10.
    • Still it's odd that a two story house with six bedrooms only has one bathroom.
    • There is the Bathroom in Pipe Dreams that they try to remodel...

     Why 45? 
  • In "Anti Social", the 'Glory Days' filter that Leni uses shows Lynn Sr. in a football uniform with the number '45'. Obviously, someone consciously chose that number. Why '45'?
    • Perhaps that is how old Lynn Sr. is. That would put Lori's birth at about 28, which isn't unreasonable.
    • It could have been a randomly generated number.

     Gross, Yes, But Also Embarrassing? 
  • In the episode where Lincoln recorded each of his sisters doing something embarrassing for a video contest, "Making the Case", one of those was of Lana chewing ABC gum from a trashcan when nobody was looking. Why would she, or anyone else who knows her, consider this to be embarrassing? She is the gross one and doesn't seem to be bothered by it, so...
    • It's possible while Lana and her friends are okay with her digging through the trash, it's likely that Lana doesn't want anyone with any sort of authority (such as her parents) to find out that she does this. (Why else would she check if nobody was looking?) And it was only a matter of time before they came across the video.
    • Considering that she keeps a bucket in her room to use as a second bathroom and it holds human waste in it, it's likely Rita & Lynn Sr are already aware of her gross habits.

     Why is Lincoln's Hair White? 
  • Why IS Lincoln's hair white? Not even "Not a Loud" explained this.
    • It's most likely a stylistic choice to make him more distinct. There's also Pop pop's hair, which is also similarly white (although that can also be age as well). Still no in-universe explanation though.
    • Lynn Sr's father is shown with white hair in the flashback to Vanzilla's origin, and given his clothing, this was probably in the mid-70s, meaning it was unlikely to be due to age (he'd have been in his early-mid-20s, most likely),'s just a hair colour that pops up occasionally in the Loud family.
      • Are we even told how old Lynn Sr's father was when he had him?
     Why Did The Parents Ignore The Kids' Existing Skills? 
  • In "Future Tense" would it have helped if the parents sent their kids to places to get supplements for their already expressed talents? A proper order of extracurricular activities could include: English class to expand Lucy's grasp on poetry and literature, finishing school for Lola, music conservatory for Luna, NASA internship for Lisa. And so on.
    • The parents' intentions in "Future Tense" was to make them well rounded to further their talents, not to benefit from the already existing talents.
    • And besides, you have to be 16 at least to be in NASA anyway.

     Kneeless Sisters? 
  • Why are Lori and Leni drawn with a line on their legs that represent detailed knees while Luna, Luan, and Lynn are not drawn with them?
    • I think it's to portray Lori and Leni as stereotypical teenage girls who have already been through puberty, as opposed to Lynn, Luan, and Luna, who are also in their teens but don't have breasts. It's pretty much been established that no female character under 16 has developed a bust, with 13-year-old Maggie from "Funny Business" being the only known exception.

     Disturbing Kids' Habits 
  • Should the parents be more concerned about some of the kids' habits?
    • Lucy, who is gloomy and dark, frequently talks about the negatives of life, is obsessed with the idea of death, and even spends time in coffins. Keep in mind she's eight years old, does she like this stuff or is she dealing with something?
      • She's just emo, some kids are. The coffin thing might be because she likes vampires, and when kids first learn about death they might go through a phase where they talk about it a lot, so she might seem extreme because she's going through that phase and an emo.
    • Lana, she is always seen doing gross things. One of the things she does frequently is bring animals home including, lizards, snakes, and even a PIG. It seems like they'd draw the line at that point. But considering that they let her wrestle alligators, they may not care.
      • Well, in the latter case, you pretty much answered your own question...
      • Lizards, snakes, and pigs can be pets. Also, lots of six-year-olds like animals.
    • Lola, despite being only six years old, she is shown to be very threatening to both kids and adults. She is also usually seen having a large stack of money.
      • Little kids can sometimes make empty threats. As for the money, kids occasionally earn profit from stuff like running lemonade stands, so maybe Lola ran one at some point?
    • Leni, despite being intelligent in fashion, she isn't very bright with anything else, she is very close to being an independent woman, shouldn't her parents be concerned?
      • It's sometimes implied that Leni's low IQ is her using a form of Obfuscating Stupidity, seeing how often her intelligence zig-zags Depending on the Writer. As for why she does it, my #1 guess would be so as to purify her reputation, same goes for why Luan proudly likes comedy despite being at the age where most girls start developing. Leni is at the stage in life where most adults and authority figures - at least in today's society - perceive teenagers as impulsively rebellious, sociopathic, pathologically lying monsters who have an immoral and borderline criminal future ahead of them, and are often judged by their sense of fashion, music taste, and appearance. Thus, this may be a conscious effort on Leni's part to seem as childlike and endearing as possible.

     What City Do the Casagrandes Live In? 
  • What is the city the Casagrandes live in? The one seen in "Relative Chaos" and "City Slickers"?
    • According to the Los Casagrandes announcement, it's called Great Lakes City.

     Lucy Works in Mysterious Ways 
  • What is with Lucy suddenly appearing? Can she teleport or is she just sneaky? And if she can teleport, how? Also, if she can teleport, why didn't she just teleport to somewhere germ-free during "One Flu Over the Loud House"?
    • Lucy’s secretly a vampire. That’s why her skin is so much paler than the rest of the family, and why she can appear randomly at will. There’s even one episode where she pops out of the chimney.
      • But she started as a baby and then grew (and was dark as a baby), and she can eat normal food (seen in many episodes), pee (in one of the comics, she's doing a Potty Dance), and get sick ("One Flu Over the Loud House").
      • Maybe vampires in that universe have different characteristics from Dracula-type vampires.
      • Still, why are her parents human? And I thought Lucy was explicitly a Vampire Vannabe— if she actually became a vampire, why would she keep it secret?

     Shouldn't They Be at School? 
  • With Lincoln's diorama destroyed in "Project Loud House", the girls offer to act as live visual aids for his oral report, but excluding Lisa and Lily, they have their own classes to attend especially since the older girls don't attend Lincoln's school.
    • Lori is the eldest, so she could have easily called in for the older girls at the middle and high schools to make sure they know that they are helping their brother out.

     Why Didn't the Sisters Find Out About the Bullying? 
  • Lincoln should not have been able to keep his bullying problem a secret in "Heavy Meddle". He's in elementary school with Lucy, Lisa and the twins and since the other kids took pictures and videos of him every time he was pranked, at least one of the sisters should've noticed this.
    • Technically, Lisa's in kindergarten, but I still don't know how Lucy or the twins didn't know.

     At Least One Sister Shares One Interest 
  • In "Changing the Baby", Lincoln gets upset that no-one shares his interests, yet it was established in "No Guts, No Glori" that Lori is a fan of video games, one of the things Lincoln recommends. It's more or less that he was asking the wrong people then his sisters having none of the same interests. All he really needed to do was ask Lori if she would be interested instead of Leni.
    • Lori playing video games is just a one-time gag. If anything, Lincoln did ask sisters who he think would like his hobbies (i.e. asking Lana if she would like to try out his peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich given her love of gross food).
    • And besides, Lori may be a fan, but texting is more important than playing video games.

     Traffic but No Jam 
  • When Lincoln's day in a limo is over, Kirby is able to kick him out and drive off immediately despite being stuck in heavy traffic.

     Isn't That Too Gross For You, Lincoln? 
  • "The Waiting Game", we know from earlier episodes that Lincoln is easily grossed out. So doesn’t it seem rather out of character for him that he is now so determined to get invited to a party held at the local sewage treatment plant, and at the end of the episode can’t wait to clean up the sewage waste at the Arcade’s bathroom?
    • Chances are Lincoln could be both grossed out and like gross stuff. There are people who hate getting dirty, but are fine with it in other cases (usually when the intent is to get dirty.).

     Where's Polly? 
  • In "Lock N' Loud" Lynn decides to bring her roller derby team in order to help with the house security. "Dance, Dance Revolution" earlier in the first season stated that Polly Pain was part of her roller derby team, and yet, she's nowhere to be seen here.
    • Life probably. Family, school, chipmunk attack.

     That's for Girls! 
  • Why, in the name of common sense, would Lori hand-me down her old bike to Lincoln, in its current girly state?! It's very obvious that Lincoln is a boy, and there's no way he can get out of being mocked if he rides that thing to school, so why didn't Lori either find something else to give him, or give the bike to any of the other sisters?
    • The other sisters tinker with their hand-me-downs (like Luan turning a hand-me-down bike into a unicycle) so she likely assumed he'd do the same.
    • "Girly" is a stereotype, boys can ride bikes like that too. Also, being mocked is something Lincoln is pretty used to and Clyde isn't a big mocker.

     Fragile Plastic 
  • In "Baby Steps", when Lucy surprises Lincoln, he drops a jar of peanut butter on the floor, breaking it. However, a close inspection of said jar implies that it is made of plastic, as it is the same shape as many commercial brands use (also, for safety reasons.) did the jar break?

     Wisdom Teeth 
  • Bobby had his wisdom teeth removed in "Selfie Improvement", so he shouldn't be driving or even talking.

     Non-Contagious Laryngitis? 
  • In "Spell It Out", the kids besides Lucy have laryngitis. What was stopping her and the parents from catching it? Also, Lynn should not be out with her crew team because it might spread to her teammates and since she can't give tell them when to stroke, there was no sense in attending.
    • Laryngitis isn't always caused by germs. It can be caused by inhaled irritants or an allergic reaction.
    • It was stated that they lost their voices cheering at a shuffleboard game. Lucy wasn't there, so she didn't lose her voice.

     Cruising Through Puzzlement 
  • At the end of "Ruthless People", it's revealed that the retirement home was renting a cruise 'cause they couldn't fix the AC. Why didn't Pop Pop tell Lynn Sr. and his group they were renting a cruise? And if they had enough money to rent a cruise, why couldn't they use that money to fix the AC?
    • They never said money was the problem. The repair person may not have been available, lacked the necessary parts, or damaged beyond repair and needed a new AC installed. Lynn Sr.'s group left the retirement home before the old folks went on the cruise.

     A Flush of Confusion 
  • In the flashback in "Sleuth or Consequences", why did Lincoln just walk into the bathroom, flush the toilet, and walk out?

     Why Don't You Just Punish Her? 
  • You'd think Rita and Lynn Sr. would lay down the law more firmly on Luan regarding April Fool's Day. Is she punished at all? Sure, Luan might be hellbent on pranking all of her family members in every possible way on April Fool's Day, but if she had something to lose, she might think twice. If she was grounded for, say, at least a whole month, she would lose a lot of money and opportunities because she couldn't take birthday entertainment gigs or perform at the local comedy clubs.
    • They (along with her siblings) actually did try to punish her at the beginning of "April Fool's Rules" by locking her in a crate for the rest of the day, but she somehow managed to escape and all hell broke loose afterwards... They also threatened to move away and neglect her at the end of "Fool Me Twice", only for that to turn out as a prank itself, prompting a My God, What Have I Done? moment from Luan. As for why they refused to punish her when she was out of control, it's obvious that they were too scared, but that aside, considering how skilled and observant Luan is on this holiday and how most kids and teens have an unfortunate-yet-smart method of rebelling against their parents, it's very likely that Luan left her parents hopeless and accepting of their fate...
    • If Luan likes pranking everyone in April Fool's Day, then what's stopping Luan from pranking her family's asses?!
    • In Season 3, Lincoln and his family have secret disguises in the beginning of "Fool Me Twice" so Luan can't know who they are to prank them.

     Who's a Good...? 
  • What sex is the dog from "Cheater By the Dozen"? Lincoln says, "Who's a good boy?", but then Bobby says, "Who's a good girl?"
    • Probably female...Bobby knows her better (even if he's not dating her), and Linc probably just assumed, rather than looking for boy bits.

     What Happened to the "kiddie table"? 
  • In "A Tale of Two Tables", it was shown that there are two tables where the family eats their meals, "The Grown Up Table" with the parents, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn and "The Kiddie Table" with Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily. They played a prominent role in the episode, but after this episode, the table has yet to make another appearance in the show?
    • Since the episode ends with the children of the "Grown Up Table" being overjoyed to share a meal with the ones of the "Kiddie Table", we can assume that the parents saw that their children were happier to eat all together and decided to get rid of the "Kiddie Table".

     Shouldn't They Be Old Enough? 
  • In "Suite & Sour", it's revealed the reason Rita and Lynn Sr. got kicked out was due to skinny dipping... and they vow to tell their kids only "when they get older". Assuming this extends to the older siblings, wouldn't Lincoln, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, and Lori be at a respective life stage where they should realistically possess a knowledge about sex and thus should be eligible to be told the reason why?
    • Likeliest explanation: 'When they're old enough' is just an excuse to justify not telling them.
    • Also likely, if not as likely as the above: 'When they're old enough' is 'mature enough not to have an "ew, naked parents!" freakout.'

     Why Change Her Name? 
  • Why for all that is holy was Luna forced to change her name in "Really Loud Music"? Luna is a perfectly pretty and feminine name and they could have run with a Sailor Moon theme to play it up. Granted, that still would have made Luna uncomfortable but really; making her go by "Lulu" was way too far.
    • Probably to emphasize how much Michelle and Doug are trying to mold Luna into someone completely different; and to make stonger Luna's dilemna between choosing her real personality or a fake personality that has a better chance of success.

     Lily's Clothes 
  • Early in the series it was shown that when not in diapers and when going out in public, Lily wears a purple T-shirt and blue jeans, but afterwards she is always just wearing a diaper, everywhere she goes, even in PUBLIC. Why don't her parents put clothes on her?
    • She's clearly one of those babies that refuses to stay clothed, and her parents have just given up (they've got 5 other tweens and pre-teens...even if the teens can take care of themselves, that's still a handful).

     Questions Related to the Licensed Games 
  • In the Dairyland game, how come Lincoln pukes if he goes too fast on the teacup ride, but he's fine going on a rollercoaster and a Bucking Bronco type ride? And not only that, in the background for the teacups, we see Clyde on a teacup and he's fine.
    • Game Play Storyline Separation; it's required by the game mechanics (for some reason) that going too fast on the teacup ride makes him puke but the other two don't.
      • In-universe?
  • In "Germ Squirmish", where are all these freaking germs coming from anyway? And where are Lincoln and Lisa's other nine sisters? Not to mention their parents.
  • In "Surprise Party", Clyde mentions that he can't touch Cliff because he "has allergies". Now, Clyde does indeed have some allergies, but cats are not one of them. He's also uncharacteristically rude to Cliff, using the pronoun "that" instead of "him" and calling him "the horrific allergy machine". What gives?

     Lana's teeth in fourth season 
  • During the first episodes of the fourth season with the Loud Family, we saw in a few times that Lana has all her tooths in some scenes, and then in other scenes she doesn't have her front teeth. Are the creators trying to make some progression in their characters or is just an error?
    • Considering that it's inconsistent, I'd say error.

     More than One Way to Clog a Toilet 
  • In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lynn and Lisa are ruled out because they believe that "if they go number two, they won't be number one" and use the potty instead of the toilet respectively. But they obviously know that pooping isn't the only way to clog the toilet since they know Lily sometimes clogs it with her diapers and Lincoln himself has clogged the toilet with a sweater, food, and CD's. You could argue that Lisa would have no reason to flush something down the toilet, but I wouldn't put it past Lynn. Related, how does Lincoln know that the diapers in her pail are "all of them"? Would one really make a difference? Does Lily use an exact number of diapers per day?

     Lily shouldn't have won the bet 
  • In Undie Pressure, Lincoln forgot that Lily was in the bet, so he took off his pants and lost. But Lincoln's forbidden action was "read comics in underwears", and he didn't read any comic when he put pants off, so he shouldn't have lost.

     Flip's sleazy business 
  • Why do the Louds (and Clyde) continue to do business with Flip? He charges high prices at best and does some dishonest (selling them car wash rags while the kids believe its Lily's blankie) or unsanitary practices (soaking his feet in the cheese dispenser) if not outright illegal things at worst. Lincoln and Clyde even have security tapes of these things, so why give him their business?
    • Flip's may well be the only gas station or convenience store in a reasonable distance.

     Linen closet turned bedroom 
  • Lincoln's room is mentioned to be a converted linen closet and is shown in One of the Boys. So where are the bathroom supplies?
    • In the cabinet?
      • What cabinet?
      • The one under the sink?

     Another toilet? 
  • While the kids are talking about how defective the house is in "Home Spun", Leni has a flashback to leaky walls and complains it wasn't due to rain, "someone just flushed the upstairs toilet". Specifically mentioning that the toilet is upstairs means there's at least one more toilet in the house.
    • This is Leni we're talking about.
      • But none of the other kids corrected her.

     The Pink Bike 
  • Why did the bike kids like the pink bike once Lynn rode it? Is it just a Double Standard about what bikes are suitable for girls or boys, or is it just because Lynn is cool?

     Bobby's Name 
  • Considering the fact that it has been confirmed that Bobby and Ronnie Anne's dad is named Arturo, then why is Bobby named "Roberto Jr."? He could have been named after another previous family member, but the suffix "Jr." isn't typically given in those cases.
    • As shown in The Casagrandes, Bobby and Ronnie Ann's maternal grandfather is named Hector. Maybe Roberto Sr. is his paternal grandfather?

     She Got Fired for... Being Too Enthusiastic?! 
  • In the episode "Roadie to Nowhere," why in the world would Luna get fired from the CD store for being "too enthusiastic"? That just makes absolutely no sense. She did scare off that one customer, but she'd just been expressing her love of music, albeit in a very energetic way.
    • You just answered your own question. Employees scaring off customers are not good for business, and her boss is likely very strict about that sort of thing.

     Is Luan really funny? 
  • In "No Laughing Matter" Lincoln and Lori tell Luan they think she's funny. If so, then why do they always give an annoyed groan rather than act amused or humored by her jokes?
    • It's more so that they're annoyed at her constantly making puns at inopportune times.
    • Groans, boos, jeers, etc are the proper way to show your appreciation for puns. It's not distaste, it's following the formula.

     How come Lori doesn't recognize Bobby's sister? 
  • "Heavy Meddle" has a moment where the sisters watch Lincoln confront Ronnie Anne, who is later established to be Bobby's sister. You'd think Lori would have recognized her beloved Boo-Boo Bear's sister, but how come she doesn't?
    • Maybe Bobby didn't introduce Lori to his sister yet. If she recognized the girl as Bobby's sister, she surely would've talked to Bobby and told him to do something given Lincoln got a black eye for kissing her at their insistence, and they were all apologetic for making him go through with it.
    • We know from later episodes that Ronnie Anne frequently wears a hoodie. As such, it's possible that Ronnie Anne was wearing the hood, and when the kiss happened Lori wasn't able to get a good look at her (y'know, because given the window Lincoln was probably obscuring their sight).

    Why did Chandler start antagonizing Lincoln and Clyde again? 
  • They earned his respect in Jeers for Fears, and yet he goes back to bullying them in Wheel and Deal.

    Mr. Bolhofner's lessons in Schooled! 
  • in the season 5 premiere, Lincoln goes to middle school and joins Mr. Bolhofner's homeroom class. When we see one of his lessons, it's of the defense mechanism of Sea Cucumbers. Wasn't he a math teacher in a previous episode?
    • Real life teachers can change the grade level they teach for a different year (Had the same English teacher for seventh and eighth grades). This probably applies to subjects too. Plus, middle and elementary school teachers have more than one subject.

    What happened to Chunk? 
  • We haven't seen Luna's roadie since season 3. Where'd he go?
    • Doing his own gigs, maybe. Not seeing him doesn't mean anything happened to him?

     Renting an entire floor of hotel rooms, Seriously? 
  • In Tripped, the Louds arrive at the resort late, resulting in their room becoming unavailable. Jerry Kling, the cherry farmer they helped earlier, offers them his rooms since he rented an entire floor. Why did he reserve an entire floor? He didn't know the Louds were going to the same place as him and was shown traveling by himself, so what purpose would having an entire floor serve him?

     Is there a "better" double of Lincoln? 
  • In "Fool Me Twice", Lincoln's double is an old man because there's not many eleven-year-old boys with stunt experience and white hair. Couldn't they have just found an eleven-year-old who looks like Lincoln and gave him a white wig?
    • They were stunt doubles who had experience taking injuries. Also Rule of Funny.

    Why not telling the truth about the one who clogged the toilet? 
  • Why didn't Lincoln tell his dad secretly who was the one who actually clogged the toilet? Mr. Loud would not mock one of his own daughters and Lucy probably would be fine to stay at home grounded because she wasn't planning anything that day as long her sisters don't discover the secret. That said, it was also not very polite from Mr. Loud's part to leave Clyde to go to the convention alone due to grounding Lincoln when Clyde went to the Loud residence specifically to pick up Lincoln. Even if Mr. Loud still felt the necessity to ground Lincoln, he could have grounded him after the convention...
    • The point of a punishment is that the punished party doesn’t get to do what they want.
    • And if he was told and removed the punishment, the other sisters would find it suspicious.

    Why was Carol's color changed in Season 3? 
  • In Season 1, Carol's color was blue. But in Season 3, her color was now purple. Why did they change her color?
    • The only time she was in Season 1, she was going to stand in for Lori, who wears blue, so she was probably trying to match her outfit.
    Why didn't Lincoln and Clyde spy on the Yates when they moved? 
  • In the Season 5 episode "Family Bonding", it was revealed that Lincoln and Clyde spy on new neighbors whenever they moved to Royal Woods, but in the Season 2 episode "Future Tense", Lincoln doesn't do that. but why didn't Lincoln do that when the Yates Family when they moved?
    • Its not like Lincoln had time to do that with the parents making him and his sisters engage in several extracurricular activities to make them well rounded. By the time the parents stopped, he was overjoyed with getting his free time back that he forgot in all the excitement. And there was no need to spy since the two families had their kids socialize with each other.
    How did the Miller Family know that Lincoln knew about them being spies and working for S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E.? 
  • In "Family Bonding", after The Miller Family revealed their true colored nature to the Loud Family that Lincoln was right about them being spies. but how did they even knew that Lincoln was right about them?
    • Lincoln broke into their house and thanks to Lola, was caught by them and his own family. He needed an explanation for his parents.

    Lynn Sr.'s inconsistant cooking skills 
  • Sometimes Lynn Sr. is a Supreme Chef who rightfully earned having his own restaurant, and other times he's a Cordon Bleugh Chef who can't even cook a turkey right?
    • He can cook a turkey right, he just chose not to by stuffing an extra bird in it. It was an experiment.

    Lucy upstaging Luan 
  • It was sweet seeing Lucy do her performance at the Royal Woods Theater, but what about Luan, the mentor whose dream she stole? Plus, why is Luan often accused of being in the wrong despite her situation?
    • The point is that Luan shouldn't disparage Lucy's accomplishments because she didn't get to do hers.

     Leni 4 Mayor 
  • Why is Leni allowed to run for mayor? She's only 17.

     Why the double date? 
  • In "Save The Date", after Bobby breaks up with Lori over Lincoln getting angry about Ronnie Anne, she arranges a double date with Bobby and Ronnie Anne JUST to get back together with Bobby. Why didn't Lori grill BOBBY about Ronnie Anne's behavior instead of grilling Lincoln over his anger with Ronnie Anne? Better yet, why didn't she just move on, or better yet, realize what a horrible boyfriend Bobby is for breaking up with her over something that stupid and tell him off for it?

     What does Lori see in Bobby? 
  • I mean, Bobby is a bit of a skinflint and a BIG moron with an even MORE moronic honor code, AND he broke up with Lori over something that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her. What does she see in him exactly?
    • Lori knows how to deal with dumb people, since she's been living with someone even dumber than Bobby ever since she was one.
      • That doesn't explain what Lori sees in him.
      • People like each other for a multitude of reasons.

     What does Lincoln insulting Ronnie Anne have to do with Lori 
  • In "Save The Date", after Lincoln tells Ronnie Anne off to some boys who were making fun of him, Bobby breaks up with Lori, who arranges a double-date JUST to get back together with him. How does Lincoln being pissed off affect Lori?
    • According to Lori, Bobby said he could never date someone related to someone who hurt someone he's related to.

     Everybody's in love? 
  • How come everybody in this show has a love interest? Even the kids younger than Lynn fall in love. Rusty even mentions going on a date. Why would you fall in love AT ALL at that point of your life, let alone afterward? Even at the beginning of the series, there are characters in love, and NOBODY mentions the bro code even BEFORE the first appearance of Royal Woods Elementary. What's the deal?
    • Preteens can have crushes, so Lincoln and his friends are normal. As for the younger sisters, I don't know.
    • Because pretty much everyone really likes each other.

     How is Ronnie Anne the victim? 
  • The episode "Save The Date" treats Ronnie Anne like an innocent victim even though she picked on Lincoln in the first place. Meanwhile, absolutely NOBODY addresses Ronnie Anne's bullying of Lincoln before OR after Lincoln vents his frustrations with her. So what's the deal?

     How The Hell Does Lisa Have A PHD? 
  • Yes, she's meant to be a Child Prodigy, but... to get a PHD, at a bare minimum, she would have had to test out of both primary and secondary school, complete a four-year bachelor's degree (that you can't entirely test out of classes for), and go through a multi-year PHD program including academic research and a dissertation. Meanwhile, she's four. She literally would not have had enough time to achieve all of this, unless she somehow started while still in the womb. Part of me has to assume Rule of Funny applies and her achievements essentially run on nonsenseoleum, but it’s still implausible.


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