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"That was my first car! And my dad's first car! AND HIS DAD'S FIRST CAR!"

Lincoln: Clyde and I had to start a business for school, so we kind of, uh, charged boys for my advice about girls.
Sisters: (pause, then laughing)
Lincoln: Go ahead; get it out of your systems.
Sisters: (still laughing)
Lincoln: Are you done now?
Lori: No. (continues to laugh along with her sisters)
— "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru". Doubles as the average Loud House fan’s reaction to these moments.

Just like all the other Nicktoons, The Loud House also has a whole lot of funny moments. No surprises for which of the laughs are going here.

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  • Lincoln manages to dodge Luan's squirt-flower, but she one-ups him by spraying water from one of the flowers on her shoes — right into his mouth, no less.
  • Lola's ultimatum to get Lincoln to play photo-shoot with her;
    Lola: You'll play, or I'll tell Mom you were reading comics on the roof in your underwear again.
    (Lincoln gives an embarrassed Aside Glance to the camera)
  • After Lori beats him to the bathroom, Lucy reads Lincoln a poem that only makes him even more desperate to go.
    My love is like water.
    Bursting forth, like a dam breaking.
    All control lost.
    Water rushing, churning, turning landscape to mud.
    Time runs out.
    I feel the impeding doom.
    My love.
  • Lincoln's victory of finally being able to use the bathroom is short-lived when he finds out there's no toilet paper left.

Slice of Life

  • Lincoln's sisters, sans Lana, run down the stairs shouting, "Pizza!", followed by Lana, sliding down the banister saying, "Pizza, pizza, pizza!"
  • The "A" in Lincoln's "ABC" stands for argue: Lori says she's the oldest so she should get it, Lola says, "Beauty before age," Lana says that she should get it then, but Lynn says, "You don't need it! You'll just eat your boogers instead!" (which Lana thinks is actually true), Luan makes a joke that it's bad news however you slice it, Lucy suggests contacting the spirits, Luna thinks that idea is too crazy, Lisa suggests dividing the piece with her calipers, but Leni thinks she said caterpillars.
  • Lincoln imagining his sisters in anime style, then Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt imagine themselves in anime style.

No End in Bite

Deuces Wild

  • When Luna/the Night Club is battling the gas monster in the Fantasy Sequence, it blocks its ears.

Speaking Sibling

  • Through the sisters being distracted, the instructions to Lincoln go from "Take out the trash" (Rita) to "Run the 50-yard dash" (Lynn) to "Eat some bangers and mash" (Luna) to "Plan a birthday bash" (Leni) to "Turn off the flash" (Lori) to "Avoid a big crash" (Lisa) to "Break out in a rash" (Lucy) to "Wear a pink sash" (Lola) to "Make a big splash" (Lana) to finally "Put bees in [his] stash" (Luan). Despite this, he knows what the original request was, having dealt with this kind of thing before.
  • At the end, a request to change Cliff's litter box somehow became a request to put glitter in Lynn Sr.'s socks.
  • Lori says, "Get out!" over the phone and Leni thinks she's talking to her.
  • Lisa gets flung against the wall due to her vial of acid exploding.
  • Lola's princess car spiraling out of control.

So Long, Sucker

  • The vacuum ends up shaving Charles's butt.

The Maltese Bear

  • It turns out to actually have been Charles who stole Mr. Sprinkles. Leni brings it back to Lola, but then it turns out that he's taken all the money.
  • The whole premise of the short: it's a Noir Episode, but the mystery is who stole a teddy bear.

Put a Sock in It

  • The reason Lily is crying is because Lana ate her booger.
    Lily: "That was Lily's booger!"
  • Lana doesn't have a sock puppet but moves her hand like a mouth. Lisa acts as though Lana was naked.
  • Lucy plays a vampire and bites Lincoln's Ace Savvy puppet.
  • Lynn uses a dirty sock.

10-Headed Beast

  • Lincoln imagines himself as a warrior cursed by... boredom.
  • Lincoln imagines his sisters as a ten-headed beast, so when he farts, the heads accuse the Lana-head. She points out that they have the same butt.
  • At the end, the boys go to continue their imaginary play outside, but they're still in their undies, so Mr. Grouse yells at them to get dressed.

Clyde and His Dads

  • The scuffle to get the cats into their cat cages results in Harold being caught in a net and Clyde wearing a pillow like it was a jumpsuit.

    Season 1 

101a — Left in the Dark

  • Lincoln's plans to keep his sisters away from the TV by...
    • ...letting Lola have a tea party with Lana, giving Lana a couple of frogs to mess up the game, and having Luan tape the ensuing chaos to post on the web.
    • ...telling Leni that she has a zit on her nose.
    • ...filling Lynn's football up with helium.
  • When Lucy claims the TV and refuses to let Lincoln change the channel, he licks the remote so that she wouldn't want to touch it. Lucy then reminds him that he's holding the old remote, the one which Lily threw into the toilet.
  • The girls' reactions to being in the basement.
    Luan: There's nothing funny about this situation, although I do like dark humor.
    Leni: Is something touching my hand?
    Lynn: You're touching your own hand.
    Lori: I hate basements.
  • Clyde declaring his love for Lori over a walkie-talkie.
    Clyde: And is your sister ready to date younger men?
    Lori: (offscreen) Never gonna happen!
    Clyde: Was that your sister!? Red alert! Red alert! Overload! Overload!
  • Leni thinking she went blind.
    Leni: Guys, I still can't see!
    Lisa: Open your eyes.
    Leni: (opens her eyes) It's a miracle!

101b — Get the Message

  • The twins' antics as hall monitors:
    • The twins imprisoning Luan (in a literal cardboard prison) for telling "bad" jokes. She tells a joke about a thief stealing a calendar getting "twelve months", but they think that joke is bad too, and they give her five more minutes.
    • They act like stereotypical cops, including eating doughnuts.
  • Clyde fainting after Lincoln's phone rant to Lori.
  • Clyde's attempts to woo Lori as a distraction; to her disgust, it ends with him getting a nosebleed!
  • Lori complaining to Bobby about him not leaving her enough messages — twelve, to be exact.
  • Luna's guitar solo every time Lincoln or Lori breaks out into a curse-laden rant.
    • Lincoln says, "I called [Lori] a—-" and Luna plays one more riff on her guitar. Then, he says that Lori is "actually a—" and Luna strums her harp.

102a — Heavy Meddle

  • The flashback sequence of Lincoln's sisters tending to his medical needs... over a papercut.
  • Lynn dragging in the wrong guy to face Lincoln, before promptly shoving him out of the house.
  • Leni wearing the lid of a garbage can as a hat, having fallen for Lincoln's lie that they were "all the rage".
  • The Sisternado (Lincoln using this word to describe his sisters' meddling and describing it like someone reporting the weather)
    Lincoln: This just in from the national weather service. The sisternado watch has just been upgraded to a sisternado warning TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY!!!!
  • This line from Lisa when the sisters find out that Lincoln's bully is a girl.
    Normally, I don't care for inane human emotions, but...EEEEEEEE!
  • Lincoln says in a frustrated voice, "Why do people put empty jars back in the fridge?!" before doing it himself.
  • Luna saying that Lincoln is "chilling out" when he has his head in the fridge (hiding the gum in his hair).
  • Luan's idea for dealing with bullies is to tell them mean jokes like "You're so dumb you locked yourself inside your car" and "You're so ugly you have to trick-or-treat over the phone". She also makes a joke about a baboon but can only think of a punchline and not a setup.

102b — Making the Case

  • One of Lincoln's attempts to get a trophy was winning a Miss Cutie Pie pageant.
  • Luna splitting her new pants while donning them in front of a mirror.
  • The Running Gag of Lori farting when no one is looking.
  • The entirety of Lincoln's video bloopers, recorded by Luan.
  • Lincoln taping a photo of his classmate (and apparent crush) Cristina to one of Lucy's vampire dolls, speaking to it romantically and leaning to kiss it, only for the photo to fall out and Lincoln ending up with the doll's lips over his. Cristina herself sees this and just stares blankly in discomfort.
  • Lincoln calls the hamster on the viral video dumb, offending Geo.
  • Lily won a trophy for sucking her thumb.

103a— Driving Miss Hazy

  • At the end of the episode, Lori helps Leni practice for her next driving test. The camera reveals that Leni has driven Vanzilla into a pool, as she thinks it's the carpool lane.
  • Apparently the last time Leni learned to drive, she crashed Vanzilla in what she calls the Fire Hydrant Paperboy Nun Incident. Only the aftermath (which involves a fire hydrant spraying water and a nun on top of the spray, while a paperboy is in a nearby tree) is shown, and she's seen wondering if she has to leave a note while Lynn Sr. is sobbing under the airbag.
  • Lincoln bumps into Leni in the hallway, who is carrying tons of wood and nails. Turns out she was trying to make Lori's bed.
  • The "WAIT!" running gag, where Leni refuses to begin her driving training until she has a certain thing she feels she needs. It's particularly funny due to the way she squeaks the word every time.
  • Lincoln teaching Leni how to drive using a video game. She crashes three times because they're not going anywhere fun. Lincoln says they're going to the mall and she becomes more competent, until the car in front of her is moving too slow so she decides to pass it by driving on the wall. Her character runs out of the car and attacks an old lady.
    • The reactions of Leni's game avatar every time she crashes are a nice touch.
  • When she's about to take her 13th test, she walks out of the house with Lincoln cheering her on. He stops and tells her the bus stop is in the other direction.
  • The cop explaining to Lincoln that Leni apparently broke several driving rules and hijacked the test vehicle to the mall before beating up the driving instructor.
  • The girls all trying to teach Leni by "speaking Leni" (in other words, using terms Valley Girls understand like fashion lingo), while modifying their makeshift car.
    • Right as Lincoln realizes that they aren't "speaking Leni," Leni thinks that there's a country named after her. She's not entirely wrong- there's a comune in Italy named Comune di Leni.
  • Lincoln forcing the truth out of Lori about her attempted sabotage of Leni by threatening to shrink her "favorite Bobby sweater" (the name she has for a sweater Bobby gave her), which she immediately puts on.
  • Lynn being forced to give Lori pedicures, using a sanding tool.
  • Lucy being forced to write poems about Bobby for Lori, which proves too much as she can't find enough rhymes for "babe".
  • Lana fishing Lori's retainer out of the trash, simply as an excuse to dig through it.
  • Lily "assists" Lincoln in teaching Leni by dressing up as a squirrel.
    Lincoln: There's a squirrel on the road. What do you do?
    [Lily imitates squirrel noises; Leni bolts out of the room screaming with her chair and sash still stuck on her]
  • Lori stating that Leni can't even drive a lawnmower. Complete with a flashback of Leni screaming hysterically as she crashes the lawnmower through several hedges.
  • Leni proudly displaying her driving skill by spelling her name in the grass with the mower. Unfortunately, she spells it "Elni".
  • It's revealed that Bobby once left brownies in Lori's locker, and she mistook him for a stalker.

103b — No Guts, No Glori

  • When Lori orders the girls to clean up the house, they finish just before Mom and Dad enter the house and see Lincoln and Lori playing a video game. Dad walks away and screams about his dented golf club. Lincoln and Lori look at each other nervously.
  • When Lincoln is about to enjoy Friday night, he and the girls smell Mom's perfume indicating the parents are out on a date. Even funnier, the calendar shows it's Friday the 13th.
  • Lori throwing Lola off their scent with glitter (so that she'd get distracted by it).
  • Lori queuing Luna for a little "cleanup music", to which she happily obliges.
  • Lori having undone her own binds and simply texting as usual when Lincoln finally turns up to beg for her help.
  • Lincoln shielding himself from the food his sisters throw his way, resulting in a very nice splatter painting he stops to admire.
  • Lori orders the pets to sit. Charles, Cliff, and Geo obey, Walt tries but just falls over.
    • Even funnier, she's not technically ordering them to sit, she's just saying that she wants everyone to obey "even if you're covered in fur and can only understand the word 'sit'!", which they take as an order to sit.
  • Lori's maniacal cackling when she gets carried to her room.
    • Even funnier? She turns out to be absolutely right.
  • Luan chasing Leni with a fake spider toy as a prank.
  • "Lincoln couldn't lead Cliff to the litter box."
    • Lori finally getting Cliff to use his box just by giving him a Death Glare.
    • When he goes outside the box, Lincoln says, "Really, Cliff?".
  • This Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption.
    Lincoln: "We call her the queen of..."
    Lori: "No!"

104a — The Sweet Spot

  • Lincoln's explanation for why he dislikes the van seat near the only speaker.
    Dad: Oh, honey, it's our prom theme. (purrs)
    Lincoln: (cue Head Desk)
  • The Running Gag of Lincoln spewing angrish when Clyde points out oversights in his plan. The third time this happens, Lincoln just throws his walkie-talkie out the window before he points out the oversight. Listen closely and you can make out some of it:
    Lincoln: (angrily) Sassafrassin' cranky-doodle ding-dong...!!!
  • Several of the flashback cuts...
    • Lynn playing "auto attack", where she punches Lincoln whenever she sees a car. Unfortunately for him, a car-carrying truck passes by.
    • Lori getting carsick and vomiting on Lincoln...and snapping a picture of the result.
      Lori: I totally have to text that to Bobby. What did I eat?
    • Lisa ranting about the dangers of car travel...
      Lisa: could blow, a low-flying plane could tear the roof off, the brakes could fail and we could plunge off a cliff...
    • ...which becomes a Brick Joke when she explains her annoyance at sitting next to Luna.
      Lisa: Where is a low-flying plane when you need one?
  • Leni talking in her sleep while having a fashion nightmare.
    Leni: (fearfully)*snores and moans*...scrunchies......*snores and moans* leg warmers....*snores and moans*....socks with sandals!
  • Lincoln's frustration at Lisa calculating the amenities of the sweet spot in less than a minute, something that took him eight months to deduce.
  • The sisters watching Lincoln from their rooms. Three of them watch one another.
  • Dad lamenting the destruction of the van (see the page image).
    Dad: That was my first car! And my dad's first car! And his dad's first car!

104b — A Tale of Two Tables

  • Lucy and the broccoli.
    Lucy: How can you eat that broccoli when you know how much it suffered to get here?
    Lincoln: Uh, Lucy, broccoli doesn't feel pain.
    Lucy: Oh, no? Listen to the broccoli screaming Lincoln! Listen to it!
  • Lincoln's Imagine Spot of eating at the adults' table, which is depicted as being a fancy, high society affair.
  • Clyde: Now don't worry. I have a surefire program that'll get your family to stop seeing you as a kid...
    Lincoln: And start seeing me as a grownup. (sees Clyde resting on his rabbit doll) Careful! You're giving Bun-Bun an ouchie!
    Clyde: (gives an Aside Glance as Lincoln hugs the doll)
  • When Lincoln tries to be mature by turning on a U.S. Congressional hearing on C-SPAM, the topic according to the caption is "Should bologna be considered 'meat'???".
  • Lincoln's attempt at shaving.
    • Another "grown-up" attempt was drinking coffee, but he spits it out all over his older sisters.
    • When Lincoln pretends to be interested in the news, Lori and Leni stare at him and ask him if he's OK.
  • Clyde's acting amorous toward a cardboard cutout of Lori.
    Clyde: Don't worry, beautiful. I'll share my buns with you.
  • Clyde uses flash cards to teach Lincoln the proper dinner utensils, but a candid picture of Lori somehow got in the pile.
  • When Lincoln gets the OK to sit at the grownup table, he shouts, "Woo-hoo!" and raises his arms high...ripping his fancy shirt in the process.
    Dad: Is that my suit?!
  • During Lincoln's nightmare, he looks up at his parents' faces. They're turkeys!
  • Lincoln acting like a kid to get back to the kiddie table after finding out what sitting at the grown up table is like. It becomes even funnier when the older sisters join him and his younger sisters in their Food Fight.
  • One of Lincoln's attempts to be "grown-up" is asking, "How about those Republicans?". Clyde says never to talk about politics at the table. When trying to act childish, he repeats the phrase, with his mouth full.
  • Clyde says, "Did Napoleon have a Napoleon complex?" and claims it's a grown-up-table joke, but he doesn't get it. Later, Lincoln makes the same joke without getting it either.

105a — Project Loud House

  • The girls accompany Lincoln to his class to act as visual aids for his report. The teacher gives Lincoln an A, then one of Luan's water buckets falls on her and the teacher gives him an A- while the other Loud kids look dumbfounded while still holding the same poses.
  • After Lincoln helps Lucy write a new poem, which she calls "Failure", she spends part of the episode following Lincoln to read it to him. When Lincoln, still trying to to get everyone out the door on time, gets fed up with her, he gives her a poem of his own called "Lucy":
    Lincoln: Dark as night, hair like tar
    Take your spooky self to the car
    Lucy: Sigh... once again your poetic brilliance has put me to shame.
  • Apparently, Bobby misheard "puce" for "puke", if what Lori says over the phone is anything to go by.
  • Lucy wants her eggs burnt, or "well done" as Lincoln puts it. Luan has her egg in the shape of a cube, known as "funny-side up".

105b — In Tents Debate

  • Lori ignoring Lincoln's vote, only to reveal she was just messing with him.
  • Lola refusing to go camping because she doesn't want to use the bathroom in the woods, to which Lana votes in favor of.
  • The girls' many attempts to convince him whether Aloha Beach or Dairy Land is the better choice.
    • Lucy of all people votes for the beach. Her response to Luna? Shark attacks.
    • Leni handing Lincoln all of his homework. To his relief, Lori did all the work.
    • Leni polishing Lincoln's toenails, which he keeps for the rest of the day.
    • Luan enticing Lincoln to pick Dairy World by dressing up as a cow... followed by Team Beach scaring him away by redressing it as a mad cow.
    • Team Tippy giving Lincoln a sunburn by disguising a bottle of sodium hydrochloride as SPF 800 sunscreen.
      Lori: This has Lisa written all over it!
      Leni: So that's how you spell "Lisa"?
    • Lincoln waiting in line forever to get to the toilet, only to find that the "ride" is "temporarily closed" (i.e. there's a sign saying that) when it is his turn.
    • Lisa makes the shower water cold, telling him that it's the same temperature as seawater.
  • At the campground, Lincoln relieves himself in the woods by setting up a prop toilet over a hole and hanging some toilet paper on a branch.

106a — Sound of Silence

  • When Lincoln tells Leni that he forgot what he promised Lola, Leni accidentally jabs a pin on Lincoln's butt and calls him "Landon".
    • And after finishing the manotard, she says, "Viola!" instead of "Voila!" and reveals that she invited her friends over for a fashion show. Cue a bunch of girls showing up out of nowhere and ogling Lincoln in the manotard, complete with one of them taking a selfie with him for good measure.

106b — Space Invader

  • Lori purposely messing up Leni during her hair brushing routine, and the Aside Glance she gives the camera afterwards:
    Leni: I brush my hair like, 50 times a night to keep it beautiful. 34....35.....36....
    Lori: Hey, Leni, how old was that boy who asked you out?
    Leni: 16! ....17....18....
  • When Lynn and Lucy fight over the toothpaste, Lincoln takes it and ends up missing his toothbrush and squeezing it out on Lily's head. When he sees there's nothing on his toothbrush, he reaches back and swabs the toothpaste off.
    • ...and Lori is still sporting a shit-eating grin to the camera.
  • Lynn says, "Y'know, I'm noticing a complete lack of balls in this room." Lincoln looks awkward, until she clarifies no sports balls. Then, she dumps a bunch of them on the floor.
  • Lynn unleashing a "Dutch oven" fart in Lincoln's bed.
  • Leni, wearing a facemask, doesn't want to watch Lynn and Lucy fight, so she sticks cucumbers over her eyes to complete her facemask.
  • Lincoln coming up with a plan to get rid of Lynn twice in a row on the way to school and going to execute it before realizing he still has school.
  • Lincoln's attempts to get rid of Lynn. First he dressed up in Lucy's style including her depressing poetry thinking she'd hate it; instead, she finds his spot-on impersonation hilarious. Second, he tackles Lynn wearing a Luchador mask. Lynn complains about him cheating, but commends him for it. Third, he cuts a Dutch oven fart on Lynn. She storms out... only to return moments later with all of her things, declaring Lincoln as the best roommate ever and intending to move in permanently.
    • Just Lynn's reaction when Lincoln farts, before he unleashes the Dutch oven.
  • Lucy tossing a tennis ball around like Lynn and Lynn reading Lucy's poetry book before both denying it to Lincoln.
  • Lori walking in on Lincoln sleeping in the shower.
  • "I'm not the one who started it, you're the one who started it, don't even get me started!". Lynn's delivery of that line is oddly adorable.

107a — Picture Perfect

  • Luna playing her guitar during the first photo shoot.
    Luna: What this photo needs are some tunes!
    Lincoln: No-no-no, photographs don't have—(is sent flying by the sound waves) SOOOOOOUND!
  • Lincoln trying to convince his sisters to take part in another photo shoot.
    • Lincoln removing Lisa's glasses...
      Lisa: (falls down the stairs) It's okay, it's just a hairline fracture.
    • ...and putting them on Leni to make her look smarter.
      Lisa: Okay, now it's a break!
    • Lola letting slip that their parents stashed all of Lincoln's past gifts away in the attic, much to the horror of the other girls as he was not supposed to know this.
      • In a blink and you'll miss it moment, this revelation immediately cuts to the attic, where one of the boxes says, "Oops".
    • Lincoln getting Lynn to come by throwing her football into the yard and having her chase after it like a dog.
    • Lori refuses to participate, so Lincoln planned on replacing her with Carol Pingrie, who beat her for homecoming queen. She immediately changes her mind.
    • Lincoln trying to perfect the look of all the sisters for his picture; this includes applying marshmallows to the gaps in Lola and Lana's front teeth.
      Lana/Lola: (To each other) You look silly!
    • When he announces another family portrait to Lynn and Lucy, the latter just ignores him, so he lightly pulls on the book she's reading to get her to follow him. She then looks down and says, "Why is there grass in our bedroom?". Later, he gets her to smile by telling her that having your photo taken puts your soul into the camera.
    • He gives Lily a pacifier with teeth painted on it.
  • Luna comparing Lincoln's homemade mug to their Aunt Shirley.
  • When the sunglasses fall over Leni's face, she thinks it's an eclipse.

107b — Undie Pressure

  • Lucy appearing from the fireplace, much to the usual horror of her siblings.
  • Luna trying to speak with a Swedish accent when she's dared not to speak in a British one.
    • And she temporarily gets Lori caught up in the moment.
      Luna: *referring to Lori's phone call* I vill take that, ja?
      Lori: No you von't! Dah, I mean "won't"!
  • Lincoln's many efforts to test his sisters' self-control.
  • Lola's Sanity Slippage as she and her sisters continue losing their bet with Lincoln. This gem occurs when she's at the verge of insanity:
    Lola: Guys? Is there something wrong with my face?
    (the others compliment her, despite her hideous makeup)
    Lola: LIES! GIVE ME A MIRROR! (notices her face in a doorknob) AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • For their six-week dating anniversary, Bobby gives Lori the same milkshake from their first date...the very same one, forcing her to rush to the bathroom.
    • To make it worse, Lisa, desiring to finish her bathroom study, deliberately walks in on her, much to Lori's embarrassment.
      Lisa: Eh. I'm only human.
  • Lincoln wears Lori's leggings for comfort, and Lori smugly warns him that those "really ride up on you". Lincoln brushes it off as nothing, and the leggings instantly ride far up his crack the second he takes a step.
    Lincoln: Eeeyep! Those are ridin'!
  • Lori's ringtone when Bobby is calling her is an electronic version of "Here Comes the Bride".
  • Luan finally cracking under the pressure and making a hurricane of jokes:
    Luan: To get to the other side! To run away from the cook! TO PROVE HE'S NO CHICKEN! (laughs maniacally)
    Lola: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (tackles Luan to the table)
    Luan: Oh, sweet comic relief...
  • Lana desperately trying to resist playing in the mud as part of the dare, resulting in her acting like a dog while trying to get out.
    Lola: Lana, heel!
    (Lana whines like a puppy and retreats to Charles' dog bed).

108a — Linc or Swim

  • Luan says the girls "pooled" their money together to buy a deluxe inflatable pool, irritating her siblings (along with their pets and Bobby). Lynn's response? Hitting Luan on the head with a pool noodle.
    Luan: Now that's using your noodle. (Lynn does it again) Ow.
  • The Louds getting kicked out of every public pool they find due to their antics, eventually forced to resort to the fridge and the frozen foods within for relief.
  • Lana trying to make chicken soup out of the pool water by adding vegetables.
  • Lincoln forgetting to pay for his new pool, setting off the alarm as he's about to leave.
  • Lincoln's efforts to set up his pool, leading to various injuries and mishaps.
  • Lisa testing a formula to remove urine from the pool as the girls all swim in it; all of the water evaporates, much to every other sister's embarrassment.
  • Lincoln sees Lucy floating in her pool, she claiming to see if she's a witch.
    Lucy: Am I floating?
    Lincoln: Yes.
    Lucy: Wicked....
  • Lincoln busting the second pool with a cannonball.
  • Lori invites Bobby over to be a lifeguard for their pool. He blows his whistle, and calls 'senior' swim. Lincoln protests that there are no elderlies around, and Lori enters the pool, claiming that she is a senior student.
  • Lincoln tells the girls, "No horseplay!", so Luan suggests "elephant-play" and pretends to be an elephant.

108b — Changing the Baby

  • Lincoln attempts to get Lily to like Ace Savvy by making a mobile with comic panels and hypnotizing her with it. It only makes her dizzy, and she vomits all over his comics.
  • When Lincoln and Lori are arguing, Leni screams for help. They find her sitting in Lily's crib and Leni explains she was going to show Lily her magazines but got stuck in the "baby prison". She then bawls like a baby. Lori facepalms and they lift Leni out of the crib. Leni responds with a grateful "Agoo."
  • Lily dressed up in emo makeup thanks to Lucy.
    • Eariler, Luan made Lily a ventriloquist dummy.
      Luan: Say, Lily. Who's your favorite singer? Lady....
      Lily: GAGA!
      Luan: What's your favorite Hawaiian platter?
      Lily: POO-POO!
  • Lincoln offering Lana half of his peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich; for her it proves too gross to stomach.
  • Leni of all people telling Lincoln that video games will only rot his brains.
  • Lucy tells Lori that their dead great-grandma knows that she (Lori) re-gifted her broach, and Lori visibly cringes. At the end of the episode, she's on her phone, asking Bobby about a broach she gave to his mother. Lucy smiles.
  • When the girls fight over Lily, Lucy gets away from Lisa by sneaking up behind her and saying, "Boo". When she runs into Leni in the hall, they make eye contact...Lucy says, "Boo" and Leni runs away screaming.
  • Clyde trying to win back Lincoln by dressing as a baby.
  • When telling Lisa that it's wrong to experiment on Lily, she says that she was going to giver her a lollipop afterwards.

109a — Overnight Success

  • In a flashback to one of Luna's sleepovers, Dad tries to tell her to turn down her music, only for her roadie Chunk to say he's Not on the List and kick him out of his own house.
  • Lincoln shows a video to his parents to convince them to let him have a sleepover, and every clip in it shows him getting attacked by a cat. Fortunately for him, Dad's a sucker for cat videos.
  • Clyde sneaks into the bathroom as soon as the sleepover starts to sniff Lori's shampoo. While that in itself is somewhat creepy, Lincoln's reaction is priceless.
    Lincoln: (Annoyed) We all use that shampoo.
    Clyde: (Squints then sniffs Lincoln's hair) (Seriously) So you do....
    • Lincoln then asks to get out of there before Lori shows up. Clyde claims he always plays it cool around her... only for Lori to walk by for a second, causing Clyde to squeeze the bottle of shampoo empty, trip over the shower curtain and pull it down on himself.
      Clyde: Abort abort, systems overheating.
  • After Lincoln decides to cancel the sleepover due to his frustration with Clyde, he decides to replace him with a bunch of other kids. Lincoln's sisters end up scaring off every single one of them.
  • After Liam's makeover, he runs out of the house screaming, "I LOOK LIKE MY MEE-MAW!"

109b — Ties That Bind

  • Luan's dummy Mr. Coconuts giving her the evil eye when she calls his delivery "wooden", much to her surprise.
  • Lincoln and his sisters misunderstanding their parents' discussion about ties as being a plan to get rid of them all, due to their suspiciously similar choices of words.
  • Lincoln fantasizing about turning his sisters' bedrooms into his own theme park when he thinks they're the ones to be kicked out.
  • Lincoln's Dad remarking that he's not sure the one with the white hair is even his. Thankfully, he was actually talking about his rather hideous white hare tie.
    • And when Rita says that the littlest one is "just crying to be thrown out".
  • Mom forgetting that they have eleven kids, not ten until Dad corrects her.
  • Leni confused as to which sister is "the dumb one".
  • Luan's mime act.
    • During said mime act, Leni thinks Luan really is trapped in a box.
  • Luna deciding to "go acoustic" as she puts away her beloved axe.
  • Lincoln discovering that Lola can actually read.
    Lola: I'm more than just a pretty face, Lincoln!

110a — Hand-Me-Downer

  • Colonel Crackers. Just...Colonel Crackers. Namely, before Mr. Coconuts, Luan had a sentient dummy in a military uniform.
  • Papa Wheelie's constant frustration of being demoted from leader status in the bike gang.
  • When Lincoln is riding the pink bike, the farmer he met before is mortified and shields his hog's eyes.
  • After the bike gang dumps Lincoln as their leader because of his pink hand-me-down bike, a group of little girls offer to make him their leader, naming him "Sweet Feet".
  • The flashback to a younger Leni sitting on her bike.
    Young Leni: Go, bike! (falls over)
  • Lori revealing, to her siblings' disgust, that her tank top was made from Mom's old girdle.
  • Lynn's hand-me-down to Lincoln? Her jock strap.
  • Lincoln describes his bike as "sick", then adds, "Temperature of 103!".

110b — Sleuth or Consequences

  • In various flashbacks, we see that Lincoln clogged the toilet with his liverwurst-loaf dinner, an embarrassing sweater Mom made for him, and Dad's CDs for karaoke night.
    • And then Dad calls him "Mr. Flush-My-CDs-Down-The-Can".
    • Apparently Lola just stands outside of the bathroom door just so she can burst it open every time Lincoln clogs it and says, "I'm telling Dad!" in the exact same tone.
  • Lana's efforts to unclog the toilet, using a homemade plunger named "Big Bertha".
  • When Lucy mentions that the clogging could of been because of Lynn, since she eats lots of meatball subs, Lincoln has this to say.
    Lincoln: *squints his eyes* That's disgusting, but also a lead!
  • When Lincoln questions Lori on clogging the toilet, she convinces him of her innocence by giving him an atomic wedgie!
  • How does Luna prove that she was at a rock concert the night of the clogging? By turning on the TV to a report of her chasing one of the band members across the stage.
  • Lana wishing she could take credit for clogging up the toilet, as apparently she had been trying to do so for years.
  • The fact that, of all people, Lucy is a fan of Princess Pony.
    • She claims to be one because she wants a "break from the darkness". When she makes a horror comic, Lincoln comments that her break from the darkness must be over.
  • Lynn filling up on Hoagies before her team's big game; they catch up to her after she gets home, and Lana calls Dad to whip out "Big Bertha" again.
  • Lincoln saying that Lisa is "clean", but her training potty isn't.
  • The fact that Luan records herself sleeping in case she sleep-jokes, and at one point, she does tell a joke in her sleep, and it's a joke about sleeping.
    Luan: (asleep) "What do you call a sleeping bull? A bulldozer!"
  • All the expressions for clogging the toilet, including "made more clogs than a Dutch shoe factory", "jammed the john", "plugged the porcelain", "She who dodged it lodged it" (because Lori was the first to point the finger), and "dam up the dumper".
  • Lincoln says, "Let's go see this joker!" and tries to hold up a Joker playing card but holds up a two of diamonds instead.
  • When Lisa says that the Princess Pony comic is so saccharine that it gives her a toothache, Leni says, "That can happen?!"

111a — Butterfly Effect

  • All of it!
  • Mick Swagger suddenly descending into Luna's room to ask her to join his tour.
    • And then Luna gets kicked off the tour for trashing her hotel room.
  • During the newscast, the reporter asks who would hire a four-year-old to work at a gas station, and Lisa's boss tells her to Turn Off the Camera...but not before telling the viewer to come his station.
  • Lucy revealing to Lincoln that she's now a vampire.
    Lucy: I was bitten by Lana's liberated vampire bat. Greatest! Day! Ever! (turns into a bat and flies away)
  • At the end, Lincoln is happy that it was All Just a Dream and that things are normal...only to see that Clyde and Lori got married!
  • Leni invents a car that runs on apple juice.
  • Lana deciding to keep herself safe by living in a giant hamster ball.

111b — The Green House

  • The sisters reduced to blubbering every time they see the sad polar bear.
  • Bobby calling in from France, only to have Lori get mad when she sees a girl smiling at him. Bobby points out that that girl is the Mona Lisa.
  • Lincoln scaring Leni when she finds him in the shower, encouraging her to wash with moist towelettes instead. Later on, he gets sweaty from riding an exercise bike to power the house, so he cleans himself with the moist towelettes and says to the viewers, "If you don't mind, I'm showering!".
  • Lincoln convincing Lola not to flush when she uses the bathroom, much to her disgust.
  • Lincoln stealing everything in the house to avoid wastefulness, including their clothes. The girls show up filthy and unwashed wearing potato sacks!
  • Dad actually laughing at one of Luan's puns.
  • Lana resorting to a coal oven to warm up her room for her lizards, who she explains are "cold-blooded". Lincoln convinces her to wear a parka and to use her own warmth to shelter them. Lana seems happy, until one of her lizards emerges from her mouth.

112a — Along Came a Sister

  • To keep Leni from seeing Frank in the fridge while getting milk, Lisa tries to convince her that she's lactose intolerant.
    Leni: No, I'm not. I'm tolerant of everyone, whether they lack toes or not.
  • Lincoln tells Lynn to freeze when he's looking for Frank. Lynn asks if they're playing freeze tag. Lincoln leaves and she asks, "Can I unfreeze now?" She stays like that and just hops around until Lincoln "unfreezes" her when the exterminator arrives.
  • At the end, it turns out that Frank is a female...and she has laid a sack of eggs in the air vents that hatch into tons of baby spiders!
  • Lana enters Lincoln's room asking to borrow "big kid" scissors and is fascinated by Frank. Lola comes in and thinks Frank is adorable. Lisa comes in asking them to keep quiet and notices Frank. All three of them ask if Leni knows. One wipe later, all of the girls except Leni are in Lincoln's room admiring Frank.
  • Mr. Loud being afraid of spiders too, which greatly amuses Luna.
  • When Frank is thought to be dead, Lana finds out that "Frank's corpse" is actually a hairball, by touching it.
    Lola: "Gross, Lana! Show some respect!"
  • Leni calls her milkshake "curds and way too much spinach".
  • When the kids are chasing the exterminator, Luna acts over-the-top scared, Luan pranks him with a fake spider, Lucy pops up and scares him, Lori pretends that he's walked in on her in the bathroom, Clyde dresses as a spider and tells the exterminator to come get him (but gets pushed away), the twins tie him up with a jump rope, Lily puts a pacifier in his mouth, and Lisa washes his mouth out with ghost-pepper-flavored mouthwash.
  • Lincoln returns Luan's fake dog poop. Luan says, "I don't have any fake dog poop.". Lincoln freaks out because of the implications, but then Luan reveals that she was just joking.

112b — Chore and Peace

  • Lori having Walt fly a "text message" to Bobby, only for him to smack against her closed window. And then Clyde ends up getting her "text" instead.
  • The sheer nonchalance Mom has in continuing to let the situation escalate to see if the kids can work out their disagreements between themselves, even when the house has essentially become a garbage dump without any electricity or running water.
  • At the end of the episode, when Lincoln [finds out the town's garbage workers are on strike for more money, he's shocked. Apparently, he and his sisters have been doing the housework for free this whole time, as the very next shot shows them all going on strike again so that they can get paid for their labor!
  • Lynn using a ball of drain hair as a footbag. The next day, it's grown huge and she's now stuck inside it.
  • The look that raccoon gives Lana when she flings it into a closed window.
  • Lincoln's chant: "Hey, hey, ho, ho! Tomorrow I get a brand new cho... re."
  • Lana referring to the pets' poop as mail, then revealing that she toilet-trained Geo.

113a — For Bros About to Rock

  • The girls' flashbacks to how Luna ruined their first concerts:
    • At Lori's first "Boyz Will Be Boyz" concert, Luna was disappointed at the lack of energy the other attendees were showing (as they, including Lori, were too busy sobbing over the boy band). She promptly started hopping around, accidentally bumping into someone and killing the lights.
      Boyz Will Be Boyz Member: ...Ooh, girl?
    • At Lola and Lana's first Blarney the Dinosaur concert, she tried to crowd-surf on the kids in the audience, crushing them.
    • At Lisa's first opera, she stage-dived into the orchestra pit, causing the fat lady on stage to fall in as well.
      • Even better, Luna was still wearing her normal clothes while everyone else was dressed formally.
  • Lincoln and Clyde's cellmate in the mall jail is an old lady on a scooter, who was thrown in for speeding. Later, when the cop captain lets the kids out, the lady speeds out when he's not looking.
    • The old lady claims to have better dance moves than Clyde.
  • Luna's attempt to get Lincoln and Clyde out of mall jail? Dressing up like Mrs. Loud. Which falls apart because of Bobby's bad timing.
  • Lincoln refusing to escape the house by hiding in one of Lucy's coffins again, to which Lisa reveals an emergency slide she had installed in his room without his knowledge.
  • Lincoln shoving ice cream down Clyde's pants to help him dance on stage. And it works!

113b — It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House

  • When the Loud siblings are ordered to clean the attic as punishment for fighting over a quarter, Luan cracks a joke about how that punishment "makes no CENTS!"
    • Afterwards, their dad tells them to clean the attic's back corner as well, which Lucy expresses disdain towards:
      Lucy: But the back corner was my secret dark place...
  • The girls going behind Lincoln's back to try to find the money.
  • The Running Gag of Lincoln getting whacked in the face by the loose floorboard in the attic. At the end, his dad ends up on the receiving end.
  • Lynn accidentally dropping Lucy down the laundry chute when Lincoln barges in onto them looking for the money.
    Lynn:' Sorry, Luce.
    Lucy: That's okay. I found a new secret dark place.
  • Lisa calibrating her "dumb human detector" by testing it on Lincoln; it tests calibrated. Lisa bolts before he can react.
  • Luna "practicing her drumming" on the furnace while Luan hides from Lincoln inside it, leaving her ears ringing. She then makes a joke about "answering the ringing" in her ears.
  • Lincoln using a towel and his desk stool to whip his sisters as if they were lions.
    Lincoln: Back! Back you animals!
  • Lana trying to retrieve her dollar from Charles, offering to share it after it came out the other end. The other siblings let her keep it for herself.
  • Lincoln finding the hidden case to be locked, which Leni unlocks effortlessly with her hairpiece, much to everyone's shock.
    Leni: What? There's more to my head than just air, you know!
  • One letter was taped onto Lily's bottom and says that if they are reading it, it means they've gotten to the "bottom" of things.
  • Luan joking that despite what Lincoln said, money does make a sound (Lincoln was saying it doesn't because Lola said, "We heard money!") because of the expression "money talks".
  • Lucy digging because she "has experience digging holes", then Lana digging very quickly while Luna plays "digging music". Lisa is also excited to see that "X" Marks the Spot because she "loves solving for X". Luan joins in because it's fun for "the hole family".
  • When searching for the money in Lisa and Lily's room, Lily is taking a nap, so they do their normal cartoonish scuffling, but this time quietly.
  • Lucy trying to raise the ghost of "Sharon DeMonet".
  • Leni finds her shoe. Later, when someone says that they've "found nothing", she retorts that her shoe is not nothing.

114a — Toads and Tiaras

  • Lincoln tempting fate by saying it's a good thing that his family doesn't have the princess channel, unaware that their father had installed it for Lola earlier.
    • After Lola soon finds out that Lincoln is having Lana impersonate her and she storms off to confront them, Dad immediately jumps back on the sofa and turns the sports channel back on.
  • Lana trying and failing to act "girly".

114b — Two Boys And A Baby

  • Lincoln and Clyde screaming "Noooooo!" in slow motion as Lily's dirty diaper flies towards the ceiling fan.
  • Lily ripping out handfuls of Clyde's hair.
  • When returning Billy to his father, he remarks that he gets Billy mixed up with other babies all the time.
  • At the end of the episode, Clyde, Lincoln, and Lily all need to be quarantined as they were exposed to Billy's chicken pox. Since Aunt Ruth had the chicken pox previously, they all end up visiting her.
  • When Lily farts on Lincoln:
    Lincoln: M-my whole life just flashed before my eyes!
    • And then the same thing happens to Clyde:
      Clyde: That was weird. Your life flashed before my eyes.
      (Lincoln looks puzzled)
  • The chase scene of Lily in the park.
  • Clyde having trouble putting Lily into her high chair, including ending up in it himself and putting her in upside down.

115a — Cover Girls

  • When Leni asks Lincoln to cover for her while he's busy covering for Lori, Lily and Lynn, he accepts, but insists that covering for four sisters is his limit. Unfortunately, Leni was already covering for the remaining six at the time.
  • When Lincoln pretends to be the twins while on a video chat with Pop-Pop, he wears half of Lola's dress on one side and half of Lana's overalls on the other, and he has an "argument" with himself.
  • Eventually all of the siblings make it back home...but don't notice and continue to dress up as each other.
  • During their montage of dressing up as each other, Lisa runs out wearing Lana's outfit with a wig resembling Lucy's hair.
    Lincoln: Who are you supposed to be?
    Lisa: Uh... Lan-cy?
  • One moment has Leni (dressed as Leni) bumping into Luan (also dressed as Leni). Cue a Chuck Jones-style mirror gag that ends in an impromptu Macarena.
  • The montage at the end where all the kids have to go through their events dressed in each other's clothes, and things not going very well for them as a result. For context:
    • Lisa comes off as The Comically Serious when dressed as Luan, with her prop pointer revealing flowers and her squirt flower soaking the audience.
    • Lynn can't see through Lisa's glasses, so she can't hit the incoming baseball.
    • Lucy ends up jeered by the audience because she's wearing Lola's pink dress.
    • Luan-as-Lucy ends up scaring the guests at a kid's birthday party, much to her dismay.
    • Lola fits so well in Luna's outfit, which combined with her scowl makes her look like a hardened delinquent, and rightfully terrifying the other beauty pageant contestants.See for yourself.
    • Luna can't play her guitar properly in Lynn's sports equipment.
    • There's also Lana and Leni pretending to be each other.
      • Lana is shut out by the other messy kids because she's dressed like a "girly girl."
      Lana: But, guys, it's me, Lana!
      • And Leni is barred from the mall for tracking mud all over the floor.
      Leni: But, guys, it's me, Leni!
    • Towards the end of it all, Bobby is on his date with "Lori" (a one-year-old baby, Lily, dressed in a wig and tank top). He presents "Lori" with a heart necklace and mentions that it might be a choking hazard, but STILL BELIEVES the baby is Lori. For reference, Lori is sitting about five feet away dressed as Lincoln, someone he ALSO knows. Bobby is probably even dumber than Leni, being that he can't tell a baby from his 17-year-old girlfriend.
    • Lily-as-Lori vomiting right after Bobby offers her the necklace, which causes Bobby to instantly faint.
    • Lincoln-as-Lily is about to watch ARRGH with Clyde, when Clyde informs him that he has invited the rest of the class to join them. Cue The Freelance Shame Squad!
    Lincoln: Oh, poo-poo!

Save the Date

  • The Running Gag of musicians trying to play, but Lincoln silencing them.

Cereal Offender

116a — Attention Deficit

  • Clyde's dads fixing Lincoln's "uneven" sideburns.
  • Lola swiping Lisa's dinner fork while zooming around the living room.
    Lisa: Salisbury steak stealer!
  • Luna blabbing about the McBrides' doting treatment on Lincoln, Lynn, and herself while singing in the shower for the other girls to hear!
    Undivided attention, so good but it can't be mentioned
    One-on-one time is totally cool, hangin' with Clyde's dads afterschool
  • "We broke Clyde's dads" (The sisters' way of saying that Clyde's dads ran out of patience).
    • What finally "broke" the mild-mannered couple? Lisa suggesting a sleepover!
  • Lucy presiding over Mr. McBride's "funeral".
  • The McBrides laying out newspaper for Lily, who's crawling naked while saying "poo poo".
  • Leni trying to find her bedroom in the McBrides' house.
  • Lincoln tells Luna to not let anyone know he and Lynn have been getting one-on-one time with Clyde's fathers. She assures him by gesturing zipping her mouth shut, opening a window, throwing the key out the window and closing it.
    Luna: That was a car window.
    Lincoln & Lynn: Yeah, we get it.
  • Leni's makeup venturing into "clown territory".

116b — Out on a Limo

  • Lincoln getting a particularly massive Humiliation Conga after his limo time expires. Namely, he gets attacked by three dogs who want to eat the condiments he has on his face.
  • The sisters waiting for Lincoln by the curb, with Lori about ready to explode on the spot.
  • Lincoln and Lord Tetherbee going Limo-surfing.
  • While Lincoln apologizes to his sisters, Lana begins to sing the Burpin' Burger theme, only for Lisa to silence her so that Lincoln can finish groveling.
  • When Lincoln takes his sisters to Burpin' Burger, Lord Tetherbee shows up and asks Lincoln if he wanted to abandon his sisters and hang out with him. He and his sisters just pelt Tetherbee with mustard instead.
  • Lincoln coming up with a different "old" vegetable every time he addresses Tetherbee (because the latter called the former "old bean").
  • Tetherbee looks down on Burpin' Burger because it's "named after a bodily function".

117a — House Music

  • When Dad starts getting into the groove after being invited into the family band, Lisa dryly hopes that whatever he has is not contagious. Later, when Mom joins in as well and they start dancing and bumping their hips together, Lisa says that it is contagious. May God help them all.

117b — A Novel Idea

  • Every attempt for Lincoln to have fun while Mom is at work.
    • He pretends he's in space in the dentist chair, makes a joke about Uranus being gassy, says, "Houston, we have a problem!" when he's having trouble, and says, "One small step for a man, one giant leap for—-" only to exclaim, "Lana?!" when he hears the girl in question shout.
    • He dresses up as a secret agent in dentists' gear, calling himself "Agent Loud." He then says, "You're no match for Agent— oh, for crying out loud!" upon seeing the girls having fun again.
    • He pretends that the goldfish, Fisher, is savage and says, "Lincoln, one, Fisher, zip!", then he sees the girls on a zip line and says, "—Line?!".
      • Speaking of Fisher, he can make human-like expressions.
  • Lincoln sees the notebook being taken away by a garbage truck. He then sees a roller skate stall and says, "Convenient". He then chases it with roller skates and a horse, and then later, he and Rita use the same method to go home.
  • Lincoln tries dressing in drag, somehow believing he can fool Lynn Sr. into thinking that he has eleven daughters and no son. Then, Mr. Grouse sees him in drag.
  • Lynn Sr. says that his office isn't that awesome, only for Luna to mention a doughnut machine.

118a — April Fools Rules

  • Luan's many, many traps and pranks rigged up all across the house!
  • Luan's ominous warning to her siblings on the eve of April Fool's Day; it even frightens Lola.
    Lola: I'm gonna need more bubble wrap! ....And a fresh pair of undies.
  • Lincoln boarding up his room with wood, which Lana just happened to have on hand for the occasion. Turns out mahogany really does hold up well in keeping away Luan's menace.
  • Lisa building her own underground bunker to avoid Luan's wrath; unfortunately, she's not willing to share it with her siblings, much to Luna's anguish.
    Luna: Please! GIMME SHELTER!
  • Luan's own parents running in terror from her prank-filled rampage, resorting to homemade armor and bubble wrap when she goes berserk.
  • The siblings attempting to cage Luan to keep her from fulfilling her rampage; It doesn't work!
  • Leni being misled by Luan's fake signs while trying to receive food from the kitchen, actually going all the way into the city to find it; apparently Luan counted on this as the signs line the entire roadway!
  • Luan inviting Ronnie Anne over just to help her prank Lincoln.....Only to have the pie meant for Lincoln thrown back in her face! Even funnier? Luan admires her for it!
    Luan: That girl's a keeper!
  • The Louds thinking they are finally safe....only to be hit by a blue paint bomb inside the family van! And Luan closes the episode out with the literal last laugh.
    Luan: Seeing another April Fool's Day come to an end always makes me feel (laughs) Get it?

119a — Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

  • Lincoln and Clyde start the episode singing "Short'nin' Bread" while trying to make chocolate pies. Clyde ends with an Incredibly Long Note that doesn't sound so good.
  • When Lincoln finds a bunch of empty chocolate bar wrappers in one of the cabinets, he isn't too surprised. After all, his sisters are all well known chocoholics.
  • How does Lincoln make up to the people he gave bad advice as the "Girl Guru"? By letting them pay to throw pies at his face.
  • The flashback of Lincoln listening in on Lynn Sr. reading Lola a bedtime story. Her response when it's over: demand more horse stories.
  • One girl responds to being given a Dutch oven by threatening the boy who did it with an "American wedgie".

119b — Come Sale Away

  • The siblings trying to outsell each other by resorting to the sale of all the furniture in the house!
  • Leni at the garage sale, trying to literally sell their own garage. It actually succeeded.
  • Lucy and Lisa getting roped into a game of bingo with an elderly neighbornote  while searching for Lily's blanket; Lucy wants to bail, Lisa insists they keep on playing!
  • Flip conning all of the siblings out of their earnings.....Only to blow up his own gas station by accident when messing with Lisa's chemicals.
    Flip: Whoo! That psychic girl was right.......Business IS booming!
  • All of the Loud siblings trying to imitate Lincoln's victory dance, with them all twerking and shaking their backsides as they show off. Even Lucy and Lisa are doing it.
  • And then they are greeted by their parents joining in on it! "Contagious" for sure.
    Lincoln: The nuts don't fall far from the tree.

120a — Roughin' It

  • Lynn accidentally throwing the garbage at her dad.
  • Lucy playing dead after Lola gets angry at her.
    Lola: UGH! I can't rip you apart if you're already DEAD!
  • Lynn Sr. is also a fan of Dream Boat.
    • As is Lisa.
  • The running gag of Lincoln or Clyde thinking he's landed on a soft rock, only for it to be a dangerous animal. The last time it happens, it really is a soft rock.

120b — The Waiting Game

  • Clyde spilling his lunch all over himself due to his hands being sweaty.
  • And his various attempts throughout the episode to ignore Lori so he won’t pass out.
  • Lincoln and Clyde gloatingly chanting, "We get to party with sew-age!".

121a — The Loudest Yard

  • When Lynn demands Lincoln “drops down and gives her 20”, Lincoln falls to the ground, then pulls out his wallet and states that ‘he only got 5’.
  • Lucy pulling a Charlie Brown on Lincoln, pulling the football away as he is about to kick it.
  • Lincoln pretending to be Lynn.
  • Lincoln taping a comic to Rita's butt so he can read while she exercises.

121b — Raw Deal

  • When Leni says she can't wait to see Pop Pop, because the guide book said the park contained an "old geezer" when it was really a geyser.
    • She's corrected and Lisa says it's been inactive for years, to which she hilariously responds "So it's LIKE Pop Pop!" which is actually a smart, funny response from Leni.
  • Lincoln overreacting to every little thing, including his dad dressed in a terrible swimsuit covered in weeds.
  • Lucy's predictions coming true, especially Lori's "long trip" being a long fall and Lana "becoming filthy rich" finding a dollar in the toilet.
    • Lisa describes the idea of Lana being "filthy rich" with her toilet dollar as "a gross exaggeration".
  • Leni again, when Lincoln says he saw the geyser and Leni says, "You said Pop Pop wasn't going to be there!" implying she still doesn't get that their grandfather was NOT at the park.
  • Lana claiming her frog is asking "are we there yet?" over and over again.
  • Lisa finding an owl with deer antlers...that turned out to be made in China and glued to the owl's head.
  • Lincoln actually getting the "Sweet Spot" on the way home. This is also kind of heartwarming, since his day was ruined by his believing Lucy's predictions.
    • Their dad literally LEAVING LINCOLN BEHIND because he was late getting to the car, proving that his promise to leave them behind was NOT an idle threat. More heartwarming because the Sweet Spot was LEFT OPEN for Lincoln when his dad stopped for him.

123a - One of the Boys

  • Lincoln mistaking Lori's watch for the interdimensional watch from the dream and breaking it, following by Lori saying that he has to pay... in money. Topped by Lola's reaction:
    Lola: You, sir, have no class!
  • The fact that in the All Loud Boys reality, Lincoln is bunking with Male Lynn and Lars, and his room from the main dimension is still a linen closet. Naturally, that means that Lincoln has to deal with Lars's bat colony at night.

123b - A Tattler's Tale

  • Lola leaving sticky notes all over her room warning her siblings to get out of her room when Lincoln attempts to find one of her secrets; going so far as to leave a cactus below her window when he escapes.
  • The girls' various secrets, ranging from Lori scratching the van with her purse, Lucy dying her mom's wedding dress black for a staged marriage of her own, Lana chewing Dad's boots, Luna causing a blackout with her stereo, among others.
  • Lynn forced to do Lola's toenails while wearing a scullery maid's gown.
  • Lola's dancing friends ratting her out just to get even with her for being bossy.
  • When Lincoln tells his sisters Lola's secret, Lynn says, "Man that is juicy". They turn to see her eating a hamburger, and she goes on to say, "And you got some really good dirt on Lola, too". Everyone facepalms, save for Luan who clearly appreciates the pun.
  • Lola sharing Lynn's secret with her stuffed animals, knowing they'll never talk.

124a - Funny Business

  • This part:
    Luan: Who did we just book?
    Lincoln: The correct question is who did I just book.
    Lisa: (opens the door) You're both wrong! It's whom! (slams the door)
  • Leni as Luan's assistant. She goes into the audience.

124b - Snow Bored

  • Lucy's idea of fun is to just like in the snow. Lisa asks if the point is to get hypothermia and Lucy responds in the affirmative.
  • Leni spells fun as "F-O-N" and then the rest begin chanting it. Lisa agrees to go out to stop her siblings spelling erroneously and Leni says, "I thought we were spelling 'fun'!". At the end, Lisa says, "Here is some real F-U-N, fun. Spelt correctly, I might add."

125a - The Price of Admission

  • Lincoln having a pizza party with his pillows to avoid falling asleep.
    Lincoln: How are you going to grow into a real man if you won't eat your onions, Todd? They'll put hair on your chest!
    • Another attempt to avoid falling asleep is convincing Leni that it's actually daytime and that it's daylight savings. She notes, "I like savings", but then goes to school.
  • Lincoln's search for the decorations:
    • In the basement, he freaks out about a talking doll saying, "I will get you", only to find out that the full sentence is, "I will get you another cup of tea".
    • In the attic, ten whoopee cushions belonging to Luan fall on Lincoln and he shouts, "AH! HE'S GOT MY SISTERS' COLONS AND THEY'RE STILL FARTING!", prompting Luan to make a joke about the whoopie cushions being "a gas".
  • Lincoln mistakes Mr. Grouse for the Harvester twice and Lynn Sr. once.
    Lynn Sr. (referring to Rita's carrot cake) I will slice you down the middle!... Or maybe I should just eat the whole thing.

25b - One Flu Over the Loud House

  • From this otherwise spooky episode.
    Lincoln: And I'm tired of you acting like Mother Teresa!
    Leni: Shows what you know: our mother's name is Rita.

126a - Study Muffin

  • Posh Mr. Loud. That is all.
  • Lori, Leni, and Lana meeting Hugh. And then the rest of the Loud girls coming in right after and seeing Hugh, leaving all of them blushing and stammering, particularly the pop noise that happens when they all blush.
    Lori: Ba... ba... ba...
    Lana: (Holding a net) I heard a goose! I call dibs! (Sees Hugh, complete with Crush Filter) Ba... ba... ba...
    Leni: (In a face mask) I heard a sheep... (lifts up cucumbers over her eyes to see Hugh, with the same Crush Filter... then screams) MY FACE! (Runs off) (The rest of Lincoln's sisters, minus Lily, show up with their things.)
    Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola and Lisa: (They drop their things) Ba... ba... ba... (Leni returns without her facial mask)
    Leni: Hey, guys. Oh, Lincoln, I didn't know you were entertaining. Hi. I'm- (sees Hugh up-close) Ba... ba... ba... ba...
  • Lisa, of all people, trying to get Hugh to show off his butt... and the rest of the girls suddenly showing up to watch the show.
    • When Lincoln shows up to save him, a frustrated Lori snaps a pic of his butt as he walks away.
  • Lincoln tries studying with Hugh up in the attic to get away from his sisters. Cue Lucy showing up out of nowhere the moment Lincoln turns on the lamp, causing Lincoln and Hugh to fall over.
  • Mr. Loud showing up in a Buckingham Palace guard's hat, resting his arm on an annoyed Lincoln.
  • Lincoln confronting his sisters over their stalking of Hugh.
    Lincoln: The minute a good-looking guy with an accent shows up, you guys go completely bonkers!
    Leni: That's simply not true. (Camera pans out to show her wearing a sweater with Hugh's face on it) I've got these Hugh sweaters in small, medium and large.
    Rest of the Loud Sisters: Ooooooooooooo.
    Lincoln: From here on out, Hugh's off-limits.
    (The girls walk off grumbling, revealing Mr. Loud alone in the Buckingham Palace hat on the couch)
    Mr. Loud: Now girls, you heard Lincoln.
    Lincoln: That means you too, Dad.
    Mr. Loud: Aw, come on.
  • After Lincoln finally manages to get his studying done with Hugh, Hugh announces he won't need him anymore. Cue all of the Loud girls bursting into the room letting out a Big "NO!". Hugh promptly flees in terror on an oversized bicycle with the girls and Mr. Loud chasing after him.
  • How Lisa demonstrates that getting away from his substitute to avoid getting distracted by her beauty will work by asking Lori Bobby's full name, stopping frequently to squee when Lisa shows her a photo of Hugh.
  • Random fish (and an eyeball!) flying out of the girl-fight.

126b — Homespun

  • The entirety of the vampire versus werewolf discussion involving some of the Loud siblings and even the parents...speaking from different rooms in the house thanks to very thin walls. Lucy ends up smothering her face in a pillow in shame.
  • What was Lucy's idea for a wedding anniversary gift? Adjacent burial plots. Her reasoning?
    Lucy: Nothing says romance like eternity.
    (The other Loud siblings start to back away)
  • The Flashback to Bobby's first visit to the house, especially Lucy nonchalantly talking to Bobby through the hole in the floor.
    Lucy: So, you're Lori's new love interest?
  • The running gag of a doorknob falling off, prompting someone to say, "Dang it!".

    Season 2 

201 - 11 Louds a Leapin'

  • Lori's weakness for opening Christmas presents. To show how bad it is, we get a flashback to last year's Christmas where she's rocking back and forth in a fetal position, embarrassed, covered in wrapping paper.
    Lori: You guys got some great stuff...
    • Lori then gets a present that tells her to open it immediately. Believing it to be some sort of test, she decides not to open it. It turns out Bobby was inside the present, and by the time Lori unwraps him, he's starving and exhausted.
  • The Running Gag with Lana's reindeer traps. In the end, Luan gets caught and Lana thinks that she caught a reindeer because of the hat she was wearing at the time.
  • Clyde's Imagine Spot when he asks Lincoln if Bobby ended up in Mr. Grouse's backyard.
    Mr. Grouse: (holding Bobby) My yard, my property! (walks away as Clyde and Lori run off together)
    Bobby: Babe?
  • Another Running Gag in the episode is Leni taking her mother's belongings to make clothing for herself, unintentionally.
    Leni: Ssssh...
  • As usual, Luan's puns, which happen twelve times in this episode, which she calls: "The 12 Puns of XMas."
    • When Luna describes her song as rubbish, Luan replies, "I'll say: those lyrics make no frankincense".
      • She then claims that she only has to come up with eleven "myrrh" puns.
    • "What did you say, Mom? I can holly hear you!"
    • After Lily pops out of the Christmas stocking, Luan says, "Lily, are you stocking me?"
    • When Lynn Sr. is cooking fig pudding, Luan says, "Look at Dad getting figgy with it."
    • "Yule have to ask someone else."
    • "I just sleigh myself."
    • "You are mistletoe-tally busted."
    • "Well, there's no time like the present."
    • "Just ribbon ya."
    • When Lucy and Lynn are trying to contact the Ghost of Christmas Past to reveal where the presents are (funny in itself), Luan says, "You two definitely have the Christmas spirit."
    • "I guess that about wraps things up."

202a - Intern for the Worst

  • Clyde tries to heat up a woman's burrito with the hand dryer because the microwave isn't working. That takes too long, so Lincoln uses the fumes of a car! The lady still accepts the burrito!

202b - The Old and The Restless

  • Pop-Pop's antics once he really lets himself go, culminating in him streaking on a baseball field in the middle of a game. On television!

203a - Baby Steps

  • A Running Gag of the younger Loud siblings asking for cookies.

203b - Brawl in the Family

  • Lana eating Lisa's threat level chart.

204a - Suite and Sour

  • Mrs. Loud's deadpan reaction to the kids' play.
    Mrs. Loud: I take it you kids want to go to the hotel this weekend.
  • Mr. Loud paying room service with pennies.
  • Lynn and Lana racing each other down the hotel elevators, getting trigger-happy with the buttons and getting stuck when both lifts break down.
  • Leni taking the place of a hotel receptionist after putting on a random name tag, creating more headaches for the family upstairs.
  • Lisa fleeing the scene after she accidentally makes the pool too acidic for swimming.
  • Mr. and Mrs Loud trying to get into the spa, unaware that Lola has booked the entire place for herself and her stuffed animals.
  • Luan launching another Hurricane of Puns. Lincoln becomes so fed up he asks her to quit it.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Loud actually being the ones who got them kicked out of the hotel, not the kids, because they were skinny dipping in the pool at night (and it's implied they did more than just skinny dip, since people skinny dip all the time). They decide not to tell the kids what they were doing, and say, "we'll tell them when they're older" once again implying it was more than just swimming nude.

204b - Back in Black

  • Lola's "The New Lucy" collage. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The girls all testing different styles on Lucy to help her get Rocky's attention.
    • One of them is a blue ballgown and a tiara, rejected for being too "princess-y".
  • Lucy Loud becoming a blonde, girly girl.
    • Which can only be topped by Lucy Loud talking like a Valley Girl, while still keeping her usual monotonous voice.
      Lucy: "I was going to meet my girlfriends at the mall, but yolo..."
  • The Running Gag of Lincoln and Rusty's planetarium getting broken. Doubly so when Lynn smashes it to give Rusty an excuse to come back with Rocky.
  • Lucy attempting to woo Rocky at the mini-golf course. It goes about as well as you might think.
    • Before that, just after Lori and Lucy leave for the course with Bobby (Lori's boyfriend) and Rocky in tow, Rusty inquires to the other sisters, "Any of you other ladies looking for a date?" The other eight sisters just all back away upstairs with weirded out looks on their faces after hearing that.
  • Lucy actually getting spooked by Rocky.

206a – Patching Things Up

  • A bit of meta Black Comedy: the music used for the title card of the episode is "On Your Bike", a piece most commonly used in the family friendly show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • When hiding in the Blue Bells mobile closet, Clyde ends up wearing a dress and Lincoln wearing a blonde wig with a pink ribbon. Later, when Lincoln points out that Clyde is still wearing the dress, rather than take it off, Clyde puts on a tiara to go with it.
  • Lana being asked to make a fancy sitting cushion, or, as the camp people call it, a "sit-upon". She claims she already has a sit-upon: her butt.
  • Lincoln looking for cookies in the bag, but finding Lola's throw-up. He claims that there were cookies, but "not the kind you eat; the kind you toss."

206b - Cheater by the Dozen

  • When observing Bobby while he is in a dress shop, Clyde goes out of his way to give a customer some clothes advice.
  • Everything about Clyde and Lincoln stalking Bobby, especially their hiding places.
  • Leni preparing salmon for their stakeout, reasoning that it's healthier than steak.
  • Lynn mentioning that Lori beat her with a loaf of bread all for wrongly stating that they had none left. When Lori threatens to do this again to her siblings at her date, Lynn hides the baguettes at the table.
  • Bobby going to a woman he knows, and then dropping his pants before they "get started". Turns out he was just getting fitting for his tuxedo.
    Clyde: I'm not allowed to watch R-rated movies!
  • Clyde trying to toughen up, ready to give Bobby a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when he believes the latter is cheating on Lori.
  • Lincoln and Clyde nicknaming Bobby "Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater", which then gets shortened to "the pumpkin eater".
  • Lincoln says to a dog, "Who's a good boy?". Clyde responds, "Not Bobby."
  • There's something a bit funny about how Luna is the one to say, "Who are you dating? The older woman? The guy? The dog?", because, while she's (hopefully) not a zoophile, Luna is bisexual and she did get a crush on an older man in "Study Muffin".
  • Lisa mistaking Nepurrtiti's shadow for that of a savage beast.

207a — Lock 'N' Loud

  • The Loud Kids taking the task of securing their house Up to Eleven and beyond; they turn the whole house into a fortified structure, complete with barbed wire fence and a ditch around the yard, a guard tower with a search light, traps inside the house, and hiring Bobby and even the girls from Lynn's roller derby team to act as guards.
  • Bobby repeatedly asking people he knows their names, sometimes even USING their names, and then asking them to repeat it, because he forgot he just said it. Bobby's stupidity is taken Up to Eleven in this episode. Particularly funny when he asks Rita and Lynn Sr. (the owners of the house) for their name and reason for being there (even though they stated both already).
  • Lynn Jr. tries to teach Lola and Leni martial arts for self-defense. Leni ends up flirting with the training dummy.
    Lynn: Leni, what's your first move?
    Leni: Heeey! So, like, how long have you been burgling?
    Lynn: What are you doing?!
    Leni: Breaking the ice, he's cute. (takes a selfie with the dummy)
  • Lisa's twisted efforts to get her siblings to aid her bathroom studies, from installing cameras in the john and demanding stool samples from her siblings claiming them to be for her security system. Each time ends with her flashing an insincere un-smile.
  • The Running Gag of Lana trying (And failing) to teach Charles to be a guard dog. He finally gets it right in the end, only after he sees bacon stuck to the supposed burglar's butt, that "burglar" being her Dad.

210b - Frog Wild

  • Lana saying that frogs shouldn't be dissected because they're "better on the outside than on the inside".
  • Lana hiding a frog in her mouth.
  • A racoon can be seen with a knife and fork.
  • Lincoln says, "That sounds..." about dissecting frogs, then we cut to Lana saying, "Horrible!".

211a - Kick the Bucket List

  • When Lincoln is using the rock in place of Clyde, Leni thinks the rock really is Clyde.
  • The boys going home on Scoots's scooter, some sheep, a pushcart, and trash can lids.

Fed Up

  • The kids sabotaging dinner and Lynn Sr. compensating: They steal the goulash ingredients, so he decides to buy more. Lana then breaks Vanzilla, so he decides to make franks and beans instead. They use Hops and a magnet to steal the beans, so he decides franks and lima beans. Lori steals the knives, so he uses ice skates to cut the sausages (which Leni rates). Luna then glues the oven shut while someone unknown has put raccoons in the pot, so he decides to use the coffee pot. Lola uses her car to cut out the power, so he decides to serve it to them cold. Lily finally trips him up with her rattle, so they have pizza.
  • When the kids can't decide on what to make for dinner, Lola suggests cake, Leni misses goulash, and Lynn suggests protein shakes, to which Lola says, "I'm not drinking that barf!".
    Lana: (intrigued) "Wait, we can drink barf?!"

Shell Shock

  • Lincoln wants the egg baby to be named Rochelle, but Ronnie Anne wants to name it Toby, so they keep arguing.
  • At the end, Ronnie Anne pranks Lincoln by pretending to break the egg baby.
  • Lincoln replaces the egg baby with a rubber "twin". When it bounces, Ronnie Anne asks why and he replies that it's because the egg baby is a "bouncing baby boy".
  • The twins are playing "The Floor is Lava". When Lincoln goes into Oh, Crap! mode upon realising Ronnie Anne has the egg baby, they say, "I told him the floor was lava."

211b — Pulp Friction

  • The hurricane of cheesy card puns unleashed during the Imagine Spot showing the story of Lincoln's comic book at the beginning of the episode.
    Lori/The High Card: Alright girls, let's deal with this losers.
    Luna/The Night Club: Get ready to do the bad guy shuffle!
    Lucy/The Eight of Spades: (after making two henchmen fall into a hole) No aces in this hole.
    Lana/The Royal Flush: Go fish!
    Luan/The Joker: I see your bet and raise you.
    • Wild Card Willy does a few puns in a row at the end of the episode when he tells the story of his childhood to Ace Savvy.
  • When Lincoln is asked where he got the inspiration for the characters of his comic book...
    Rusty: "Where did you get the idea for all those butt-kicking superladies?"
    Lincoln: "From my sisters. They've always got my back. Except for Lola. You never turn your back on Lola."

212a - Potty Mouth

  • When the twins are reenacting the moment they said the D-word in front of Lily, Lana smashes her thumb with a hammer while doing construction work on Charles' doghouse. She sings the opening lyrics of "Jingle Bells" to distract herself from the pain, but Lily didn't see it as she was paying attention to Cliff instead; Lola smugly tells her this and that she'll have to do it again. Later, when it's her turn, she crashes her Princess Car into a tree but this time Lily pays attention to Charles instead. Lana repeats her words very smugly.
  • After spending all episode fretting over Lily saying the d-word, it turns out she said donut...and then drops a bleeped F-bomb (or possibly a different swear) right as the episode ends.
  • When Lisa said the d-word, it was because she was singing along to a song that had it in it. Said song has a joke about how Pluto Is Expendable.
    You're less than Pluto, not even a planet! When you hear my fresh rhymes, you gonna say—
  • Lola's intentional Curse Cut Short is "Da-niel Day Lewis is a really wonderful actor, don't you think?"

212b - Fool's Paradise

  • Luan's prank on Leni is to have a suddenly inflated balloon clown fling her onto a billboard covered in flypaper that she sticks to while neon lights arranged in the shape of Luan laughing looms above her. Leni's response?
    Leni: You guys go on without me! I'd rather be stuck up here than get pranked by Luan!
    • Cue the rest of the family exchanging bemused glances. Does it really count as a prank if the victim has no idea she was even pranked?
  • Lily gets replaced with a monkey.

213 - The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

  • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's exasperated reaction to Bobby and Lori's overly weepy good-bye is to literally pull them apart from each other!
  • Doubling as a heartwarming moment, the trick Lincoln shares with Ronnie Anne at the end of the episode to help with the stress of living with the Casagrandes? Talking to the audience.
  • The love potion hitting Sergio instead of Bobby and he says, "Who's the hunk?".
  • Sergio says, "I'm naked!" in the shower.

214a - Out of the Picture

  • Lola's so angry that her photo for the Yearbook looks horrible that she decides to flip the kiddie table she was in front of... Except that, since she's still a six-year-old girl, she only manages to knock it over with some difficulty.
  • When Lincoln says that he and Clyde need to be more like Lola, Clyde puts the table back on its feet... and flips it over again.
    Lincoln: No, Clyde. I mean we also need to fix our problems...
  • The conversations about Marty Malach. All of them.
    • Liam talks about him like he's some kind of legend, the "Forgotten Man of Royal Woods Elementary" because he wasn't in any group photo, complete with a mysterious tone and music.
      Lincoln: Hey, wait! If he's so forgotten, how do you know who he is?
      Liam: He lives behind my barn...
      Lincoln and Clyde: NOOOO!
    • Later.
      Lincoln: Clyde! We can't end up like Marty Malach!
      Clyde: "Yeah! I don't wanna live behind Liam's barn. His chickens are mean!"

214b - Room With a Feud

  • Leni trying to cheat on her test by looking at Lynn's answers, and stating she got the first question wrong when her favorite color doesn’t match up with Lynn's. Lynn's reaction tells it all.
  • Lily's devious smile just before she posts some unflattering pictures of Lori online.

Back Out There

  • The running gag of someone thinking "PBB" means "Peanut Butter Breath".

Spell it Out

  • Lynn Sr. says in a shocked way, "You got one of your friends killed?!". Lincoln reveals that he got Rusty Spokes's character killed in a video game.
  • Lucy implying that Lana has rolled in poison ivy before.

217a - ARGGH! You For Real?

  • When using his periscope to get a look at the recording of ARGGH!, Clyde accidentally peers into a man’s ear. He’s not amused and wrecks Clyde’s periscope.

217b - Garage Banned

  • Lisa invents a formula to untangle Lola's hair, but it causes her hair to fall out, Lisa's excuse being that Lola didn't ask if she wanted to keep her hair. She's later wearing a wig, which gets tangled again at the end, and when Lori tries to comb it she gets shocked when she accidentally pulls it off.
  • Lincoln having to mediate an argument between Luna and Luan for having her fog machine ruin Mr. Coconuts, and failing miserably.
    Lincoln: Luna, I think Luan has a point, and you should have Mr. Coconuts fixed.
    Luna: You wanna think again, brah?!
    Lincoln: ...On second thought, Luan, I think you should accept that fog machines are just a daily part of life.
    Luan as Mr. Coconuts: I wouldn't be too hasty, slick! My cousin's a baseball bat!
    Lincoln: I wish Lori was here. She always has the right solution.
  • Lola asks Lori to brush her hair, and when Lori accidentally pulls, Lola says, "Not like a gorilla!".
  • When Lynn says that Lucy needs her brain checked, Lisa volunteers to actually do it. Luan then jokingly suggests a CAT scan and holds up Cliff.
  • When Lincoln doesn't want Lisa to take his kidneys, Lisa says, "Tell Lincoln he only requires one!".
  • Lisa's mouse-mesmerizing device works because they're simple-minded. Of course, Leni is simple-minded too, so it works on her.

218a - Change of Heart

  • Leni tells Mr. Grouse her secret for staying calm, which is to recite the names of all 40 states until she forgets why she was mad in the first place. Mr. Grouse corrects her by pointing out it's 48.
  • Lori furiously arguing with a voice in her head while trying to dress up like Leni, while the sisters sans Leni are listening in with varying degrees of confusion and horror.
  • Leni's imitation of Lori, complete with crossed eyes and a Valley Girl accent.
  • Clyde stammers "L-l-l...". Leni thinks he's talking about loofahs. When Lincoln says, "He's talking about Lori!", Leni says, "Oh, she doesn't use a loofah."
  • Lori attempts to dress up as Leni to get Clyde back. Unfortunately, Lori doesn't bother using a wig and straigh-up attempts to style her hair to look like Leni, resulting in her looking like what Lynn describes as "Leni's messed-up twin."

218b - Health Kicked

  • Lynn Sr. serving up grubs for lunch.
  • Lori and Leni being grossed out by seeing Lynn Sr. in his undies and all of the siblings disliking his leather pants.

219a - Lynn-er Takes All

  • The Loud siblings all decide to throw their rematch in the board game against Lynn so that she'll stop being even more obnoxiously hyper-competitive. Just as Lynn is about to win, Leni - who has been sweating nervously - suddenly grabs the board game and chucks it out the window. Her reason for doing this?
    Leni: What? The plan was to throw the game and nobody else was doing it!
  • Lynn claims she's won because she made an explosion before Lisa, even though that wasn't Lisa's intention.

220b - Yes-Man

  • During the concert the Loud sisters give for Lincoln, Lucy is the only one who is not in SMOOCH costume, and who doesn't participate in the singing and dancing. She just stands there, unmoved, while her sisters are going all out. And her contribution to the song is the line "I told you guys, I don't wanna sing", spoken in her usual monotone voice.
  • When the parents say no to giving Lincoln the money, he tries acting like his sisters:
    • He makes a joke with Mr. Coconuts about "tulips/two lips". The parents say, "We get the joke. The answer is still no."
    • When making puppy eyes like the twins, he wears makeup like Lola.
    • He tries to make a simulation like Lisa, but can only put buckets on his parents' heads.
    • He tries crying like Lily, but she gives him a "thumbs down".

Friend or Faux?

  • The flashbacks of Lisa acing science and math show her doing a complicated experiment with a glowing orb and a lab coat while her classmates are doing a simple experiment with balloons and calculating money while her classmates are just learning to count, respectively.
  • Lisa researching friendship on the field... by spying on her family members.
    • She's spying in the tree watching Lynn Jr. and Margo playing hockey. Unfortunately, a stray puck nearly decks Lisa, causing her to fall.
    • When she spies on Lynn Sr. and Kotaro jamming out in the garage:
      Lisa: Observation number four: friendship requires common interests...
      Lynn Sr.: Man, we are so good!
      Lisa: ... and also common delusions.
  • Lisa speaking in big words, which Darcy doesn't understand but she calls "funny words".
  • Lisa explaining that she still needs a nap because she needs the R.E.M. sleep to convert short-term memories into long-term memories.
  • Lisa complimenting Darcy's light-up shoes, despite not seeing the purpose of them.
  • When Lisa mentions a C.A.T. scanner, Darcy says, "I have a cat too!" (bonus points because Lisa does have a cat, but that's not what she was talking about).

Not a Loud

  • Lori's baby photo has her with webbed feet and a pointed head, but Clyde thinks that she looks perfect.
  • When Leni thinks Lincoln was brought by an eagle, Lincoln thinks that idea is too weird. Clyde suggests that Leni actually said "beagle" but Lincoln says, "How is that better?".
  • Lynn Sr. says that "she broke down... Vanzilla, I mean, not your mother."


  • The twins wearing three costumes under one another so that the people they're trick-or-treating at will think they're three sets of twins and they can get three times the amount of candy. They try this on Lincoln, who says, "Nice try!".
  • When Leni is dressed as a headless woman, her fake head is pale and she doesn't want to be that pale. Lucy points out that she's been decapitated but Leni says, "I'd put on some blush!".
  • When Lincoln thinks of exploiting the bullies' fear of blood and says that he knows where some is, Clyde thinks he's talking about his Nosebleeds.
  • Luan's puns:
    • When she gets a Lame Pun Reaction and a pumpkin lands on her head, she says, "I was expecting more respect from my pump-kin!".
    • She dresses Mr. Coconuts up as Frankenstein's monster and Lucy claims he needs more stitches, she says, "That looks sew much better!".

The Crying Dame

  • At the sight of the "Demon Toy" (a singing fox named "Fenton the Feel-Better Fox" that Lori says was her favorite toy when she was a baby), Rita and Lynn Sr. claim that Lori's old toy drove them so nuts that they almost stopped having kids after they had Lori. Lisa, their 10th child, had some snark about that.
    Rita: "You don't understand! That horrible fox drove us so crazy, we almost didn't have any more children!"
    Lisa: "Well, you certainly went the other way with that."
    • The ensuing montage of the kids being slowly driven to the brink of insanity by Fenton's song.
    • And by the end of the episode, when the kids end up singing Fenton's song with Lincoln dressed as Fenton to cheer Lily up, Lynn Sr. and Rita don their earmuffs and bolt out of the house screaming. The best part: Fenton's face is the sun!

Mall of Duty

  • Lincoln tracking his sisters like wild animals:
    • He looks for Lola's "natural habitat", which is a princess store.
    • He finds Lisa with the advice to "look for a disturbance". Said disturbance turns out to be acid spilled on the floor. He uses the same advice to find Lucy, who has goth-ified a mannequin.
    • He finds Lana because she took a bite out of a bone.
  • Lincoln tries to play I Spy, but Lisa sasses him.
    Lincoln: "I spy with my little eye..."
    Lisa: "Someone who is not keeping his sisters intellectually stimulated."
    Tough guy: "Burn!"
  • Lincoln tells his younger sisters that they will do something fun after waiting in the "really short line". However, it's actually long.
    Lucy: "Is the really short line at the end of this really long line?"

    Season 3 


  • They family has no time to pull over for lunch if they don't want to miss their Hotel check-in, but luckily, Leni made egg-salad sandwiches for lunch... weeks ago. Because she was excited and wanted a head start. Cue everyone having to pull over to go puke.
  • While the family is on the prison bus by mistake, Lana is talking to a prisoner in the back. Upon noticing one of his tattoos, she believes that his tattoo artist forgot the lady's clothes and proceeds to draw over the private areas with a marker. The prisoner is just sitting there trying to keep himself together.
  • Leni also freeing said prisoner by picking the lock on his handcuffs, believing them to be bracelets and wanting to try them on.
  • When Lana leaves the curb to relieve herself in the woods, she comes back and tells the rest of the family that they have to see something that she found. Rita misinterprets what she meant and tells her to just fill the hole, obviously squicked out.
    • Lana explains and gets the family to come back there after all.
      Lana: But watch your step, I also pooped!
  • Lana drawing a picture of Lori on the gas tank of a plane she found.
    • She also uses one of Lily's nighttime diapers to fix a leak.
  • The Running Gag of Rita forgetting Lily everywhere.


A Fridge Too Far

  • When Lola accuses Luan of stealing the piece of pie she was saving, Luan denies eating it... because she smashed it into Lynn's face. The jock deadpanningly nods in confirmation.
  • Luan's thoughts about stealing Lincoln's claimed leftovers: Lincoln will have a conniption, but she also finds it funny when Lincoln has one.
  • Leni calls her stashed leftover minestrone soup "mine-strone" soup and when corrected, says she calls it that because it's hers.
  • Lana steals a drumstick, unaware that Luna hooked it up to Vanzilla's car battery, and gets shocked upon taking a bite.
  • Lincoln dreamily saying to himself in class, "Macaroni and cheese!". Liam thinks this is the answer to a test question.

Selfie Improvement

  • The flashback of Leni cheering Lori for getting way more points than Carol... at golf.
  • Lori's attempt to one-up Carol's first selfie, and the ensuing chaos due to her family's antics.
    • First, Lori tries to take a mirror selfie in the bathroom, only for Lana to burst out of the toilet, spraying her with water. When Lori tells her to Get Out!, Lana, who has been installing a dual flush valve, thinks that Lori just doesn't appreciate a good pressure-assisted flush.
    • Lori attempts the fun-in-the-sun selfie three times. First, it gets ruined by Lynn, who has been playing baseball. Second, it gets ruined when Lily demands a diaper change and pelts Lori with a full diaper. And third, it gets ruined when Lori falls into a grave Lucy has been digging.
    • Lori's lost-in-thought selfie is also wrecked when Lincoln accidentally gives her a Gag Haircut with his toy helicopter.
  • Bobby thinks "leaf-jumping" means that the leaves are jumping.
  • Lori getting her family to help her set up a coffee shop selfie. Lincoln isn't amused that he has to wear suspenders to play a barista.
    • Lori tells Leni and Luan to pretend to laugh at something she said. When Luan asks if it was coffee-related humor, Lori tells her that it doesn't matter, resulting in this:
      Luan: Why did the hipster burn his tongue? He sipped his coffee before it was cool!
    • As it turns out, Lincoln is more comfortable with suspenders than he thought.

No Place Like Homeschool

  • The running gag of the siblings mistaking Mr. Grouse's music in his car for an ice cream truck.
  • Lisa's definition of goofing off is studying, but not what she's supposed to study.

City Slickers

Fool Me Twice

  • When the Louds find out they accidentally walked onto a filmset and are ordered to leave, Lola immediately starts to act like a movie star, trying to get a part in the film.
  • Lincoln finds out that his stunt double is an old man (there's not much stunt doubles who are 11-year-old boys with white hair, after all). As it turns out, Lincoln finds his stunt double to be perfect for the role because said old man also spends his days reading in his underwear, rushing to the bathroom, and eating watermelon lime-flavored food.
  • Rita introduces her stunt double to the novel she's working on and tells her she has to read the whole thing in the event that she's asked by Luan. The stunt double's exasperated eyes just say it all.
  • Leni training her stunt double to be just as klutzy as her.
    Leni: (after watching her stunt double do her walk) Almost, but you forgot part of it. (walks into a locker; her stunt double does the same thing)
  • Lynn wakes up Luna without waking up Luan by throwing a paper airplane. It lands in her nose. The rocker isn't amused.
  • Luan turns out to be smarter than she looks! Her prank involves getting the stunt doubles the family hired to embarrass them while the real ones are locked in the garage:
    • Lincoln's stunt double proclaiming his love for Mrs. Johnson.
    • Lola's stunt double handing her beauty pageant crown over to Lindsay Sweetwater, much to the real Lola's chagrin!
    • Leni's stunt double getting a perm (a hairstyle the real Leni detests) to show her friends.
    • Luna's stunt double playing polka before the real Luna's band.
      "Bogus! That's not even good polka!"
    • Lana's stunt double acting disgusted by a worm. Bonus points for the real Lana passing out not from shock and embarrassment like the others, but out of sheer rage.
      "I wouldn't run from it, I'd EAT IT!"
    • Lynn Jr.'s stunt double losing a game of tetherball to Zach, thus breaking the real Lynn Jr.'s 300-win streak.
    • Rita's stunt double sending the real Rita's novel to the publisher's, even though the ending isn't finished (the real Rita intended it to be All Just a Dream).
    • Lisa's stunt double claiming she's made a scientific discovery: cats meow. Cue the real Lisa fainting without reacting.
    • Lucy's stunt double showing her eyes.
    • Lynn Sr.'s stunt double giving a blatantly wrong answer to a question about the Tower of London.
    • And last but not least, Lori's stunt double going on a date with Bobby, only to ruin it by farting and claiming it was her shoes and that she has many shoes. Cue the real Lori destroying the monitor in a tantrum before fainting.

Pipe Dreams

  • Lynn Sr. hides construction material in his pants. Lynn Jr. asks if he's OK. Lynn Sr. says he's just dehydrated and drinks from the vase.

Fandom Pains

  • Lucy's annoyance at her two oldest sisters calling The Vampires of Melancholia "VOM".
  • Lori and Leni complaining that Lucy's coffins they need to sit in have no back support.
  • Leni doesn't know why the vampires have fangs.
    Lucy: "Because they're vampires!"

Rita Her Rights

  • The message in Lincoln's notebook reads "You draw one sibling and you think you are done, but then you have to draw ten more siblings too."
  • Lana's Brad Pitt pun with her pet flea (his name is Brad because he lives in her pit).

Teachers' Union

  • When Lincoln says that his "friend" (actually Coach Pacowski) likes a girl, Lori thinks he's talking about himself.

Head Poet's Anxiety

  • Luan's jokes:
    • "Guess who I bumped into on the way to the optometrist? Everyone!"
    • "What did the bald man say when he got a comb for his birthday? 'I'll never part with it'"
    • "What did the Dalmatian say after eating a snack? 'That hit the spot'." (after the pets don't seem interested) "Wow, ruff crowd."
    • "You bowl me over." and "That one went in the gutter." at a bowling alley.
    • "How do turtles talk to each other? On their shell phones."
    • She puts her gag glasses on and calls Lucy "spec-tacular".
    • "I suppose I could stanza to do that. After all, I am pretty well versed in mentoring. We'd make quite a couplet."
    • "Why couldn't Timmy ride a bicycle? Because Timmy was a goldfish."
  • The running gag of an old man named Bernie's false teeth falling out. At one point, he thinks he finds them in a bush but it's really a pinecone.
  • Lincoln and Clyde talk about how Luan has less time to prank them, only for Clyde to sit on a Whoopee Cushion.
    Clyde: "Guess she still has time."
  • Lucy describing Luan's box of rejection letters as being like a "coffin for [her] dreams", suggesting "decompose" as a rhyme for "rose", selling pillows with goth slogans to a nursery, and doing vocal exercises by moaning.
  • Lola heckling Lucy by saying that she's been more moved by Lynn's farts, which Lynn takes as a compliment. Lucy replies to Lola's heckling with a poem.
    Lucy: "Mean little blonde, you throw stones and sticks, but what would you know? You're only six."
  • Lucy having trouble deciding between two identical dresses.
  • Lucy Playing Sick by actually saying, "cough" instead of making any effort to pretend to cough.
    Lynn: "That was weak!"
  • Lynn Sr. being surprised at Lucy smiling and hugging.

The Mad Scientist

  • During Lisa's song, she says, "You can even hear this!" and literally drops a pin. The other scientists say, "Shh!", despite not minding the singing itself.
  • The running joke of Lisa saying, "I would say [idiom about emotions], but we all know it's just [real reason for the feeling]."
  • Lynn says that she wants to sleep in Lisa and Lily's room when the former leaves, but changes her mind as she doesn't want to bunk with Lily, Lily says, "Poo-poo!" and blows a raspberry at Lynn.
  • The scientists get ice cream and sprinkles in injection form.
  • While it leads to Lisa crying, there's something funny about the fact that even though she's a genius, she can't make a PB&J sandwich, zip up her pyjamas, go to sleep without a bedtime story, or reassure herself after a nightmare.

Missed Connection

  • Bobby says, "That was stupid" about accidentally making Lalo throw up. Lori thinks he's talking about what she did.
  • Bobby ordering a pizza to the Loud House. When Lana and Lola receive it instead:
    Lola: Ooh, pizza! Why's it shaped like a heart?
    Lana: Uh, I think it's supposed to be a butt.
    Lola: Oh yeah. (they shrug and proceed to dig in)
  • Carl replacing Bobby's video with one of himself singing a ballad to Lori... only for Frida to interrupt.
  • For that matter, the Running Gag involving Carl trying to act mature enough to date Lori, only for either his mother or his father to remind us that he's still Just a Kid.


  • After discovering the privileges they get when they have friends over, Lynn and Lincoln both invite friends over and they want to watch TV. Lincoln invites a second friend, so Lynn invites two friends, which escalates and ends with eighty-six visitors.

Pasture Bedtime

  • Lincoln and Clyde end up in their undies due to having to swim in their undies, but leave in embarrassment upon finding out their rival is a girl.
  • Liam pretending he killed Virginia as a prank.
  • Zach's hair falling out because the hair dye is bad for redheads.

Gown and Out

  • Lola pretends she has a skin rash. Lori gives her a fake crown and calls her Little Miss Unsightly Skin Rash.

Breaking Dad

What Wood Lincoln Do?

  • Lincoln falling into a display toilet.
  • Lincoln claiming that Walt's poop being on the birdhouse is because he wanted it to have a "lived-in" look.

Scales of Justice

  • Lana says that she and Hops should probably pee before they set off. When she discovers a quicker route, she then adds, "But we should probably still pee".
  • The news lady keeps saying her name, leading to someone saying, "We know what your name is, Katherine!".
  • Leni getting the words "surgeon" and "sturgeon" confused.

Crimes of Fashion

  • The real reason the scarves went missing? Because a little boy was using them as superhero capes!
  • The girl who Lincoln and Clyde thought was the scarf thief asks them what they're doing. Lincoln and Clyde reply that they want to buy some of the clothes that are on the rack they're leaning against. But the rack is full of training bras.


  • Clyde keeps saying, "No one will know that I lied," only for someone to hear, so when he goes to say it again, Lincoln interrupts.

The Spies Who Loved Me

  • Hector and Rosa Casagrande's reactions when they find the tracking device stuck on a rat in an old house. Hector thinks Ronnie Anne was eaten by rats, and Rosa thinks Ronnie Anne was magically turned into a rat. What tops it of is that when Carlota concludes what must have really happened (the tracking device fell out of Ronnie Anne's backpack, got stuck in chewed gum and thus stuck to the rat, and Ronnie Anne was never in the house to begin with), Rosa finds this idea farfetched.
  • Carl falling into the cellar while trying to help Ronnie Anne.

Really Loud Music

  • During the concert at the end, Luna decides to remove her 'Lulu' clothes to perform in her regular clothes, starting with throwing away her pink wig. Lola jumps to grab it mid-fall while yelling, "Mine!"
  • Leni's headbanging during the concert.
  • By the time Luna's experienced enough stress-song hallucinations, she's so exasperated she just tells it to get on with itself.
  • While listening to her parents' country song hallucination Luna pulls a Facepalm. Not because the music is bad (it's actually decent.) but because she caught her mom and dad wiggling their butts right in front of the dining room doorway!
  • Michelle and Doug are so blatant with the fact that they're changing Luna's whole self that their song even has the lyric "You're Luna, now change".

House of Lies

  • One of the things the lie detector says is "He's still lying through his chipped teeth!"

Game Boys

  • Clyde hides under the table. Leni thinks Lincoln was rude not offering Clyde a seat, so when Lincoln says he didn't invite Clyde, Lola says, "That's even ruder— he's obviously hungry!".
  • Lincoln deliberately letting himself, instead of the Snap, be covered in sauce. Also, the reason the sauce was spilling was because Lynn Sr. tripped on Geo's hamster ball.
  • Clyde's ways of protecting the Snap from the Loud sisters:
    • He drinks Leni's kale juice with a long straw.
    • He steals Lynn's hockey puck.
    • He trips up Lisa (who's carrying some of her potions and rapping) and Lily (who's covered in paint).

Jeers for Fears

  • Lincoln and Clyde are so jumpy about the haunted house, that even Lily in a wolf suit scares them.

Tea Tale Heart

  • Lola asks Lori to take her to the antique shop and not to ask any questions. Lori replies, asking if Lola has to tinkle.
    Lola: "What did I just say?!"

The Loudest Thanksgiving

  • Lynn designs pants to pee in so she won't miss anything.
  • Lincoln scheming to avoid falling asleep, since turkey makes him sleepy.
  • During the song at the end, Lana asks for the turkey's beak.

Predict Ability

  • Lincoln's outfits: a hipster outfit, a brown suit, a Shakesperean outfit, a clown suit, a mime suit, the front of a horse costume, a diving suit, an emo outfit, the back of the same horse costume, and finally he wears a Swiss-cheese-shaped hat, a pink cape, and a purple shirt, and carries a wand, while skateboarding sitting down and going, "Woo! Woo! Woo!".
  • Zach says, "TMI!" upon hearing that Lincoln pees at the same time every day.
  • In Lincoln's second nightmare, he shapeshifts and changes reality, but his parents, sisters, and friends are all "meh".

Racing Hearts

  • There's a Running Gag of Lori keeping Leni on a leash.
  • Lynn pretending to be an old woman named Helen to get around being banned.

Stage Plight

  • In order to be in Benny's group, Luan has to convince a lot of other people to switch groups as well. One of them is Amy, who will do it on the condition that her boyfriend Rex also switches, because "he can't be without me". Rex is flirting with another girl as she's saying this.
  • One of the kids auditioning has to continually check his lines, which he wrote on his body, whilst another keeps peppering her lines with "like". Somehow, they not only both get into the play, but are the first choices for Romeo and Juliet, respectively.


  • When Lynn Sr. presents the sample menu all the dishes are sparkling and are borderline Food Porn! The expressions on the Loud children's faces are priceless! They then tear into their food with such gusto that...well we'll let Lynn Sr's comment sum it up.
Lynn Sr.: Slow down! I need detailed feedback!
Lynn Jr.: (Belches up the comment card pieces) I just ate my comment card.
Other siblings: Ugh!

    Season 4 

Friended with the Casagrandes

  • Lincoln makes a cameo video-chatting with Ronnie Anne, who claims that she thought she saw him in the city, but it turned out to be an old man with white hair. Lincoln says he gets that a lot.
    • We then see Lincoln getting trampled by his sisters.
      Lincoln: Sorry, Ronnie Anne. It's breakfast time. I gotta go before one of my sisters swipes my bagel.

Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes

  • Sid stalls Adelaide by telling her that there's another dimension at the bottom of the sandbox.

Face the Music with the Casagrandes

  • While Sid is admiring all of Hector's musical instruments, she looks at a "scrappy thing" and tries to play it, only for Ronnie Anne to tell her that it's actually Hector's bunion scrapper. Seconds later, Sid tries it on her own foot and likes it so much that she tells Ronnie Anne to get her one for her birthday.

No Show with the Casagrandes

  • Sergio unplugging the noisy washing machine so Ronnie Anne can watch her show, which prompts him, her, and Lalo to be literally thrown out of the laundromat.

Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes

  • Throughout the episode, Ronnie Anne keeps calling Carlota her "kookaburra" because they're having trouble getting along, just like how Sid doesn't get along with kookaburras. When Ronnie Anne says it to Carlota's face, she tries to cover it up by saying she wants to cook a burrito.
  • The various pranks on the boys not working.

Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes

  • Ronnie Anne scaring the delivery guy away by pretending to throw up.
  • Sid pretending to be a man from the health department by dressing in a Hazmat Suit with a male face sticky-taped to the front of the helmet. She also claims she's from the "center for extremely dangerous colds and spreadable diseases".

Washed Up

  • Lynn exercising her butt by bouncing downstairs.
  • Leni thinks the boat's engine failing is her stomach growling because she's hungry from having had only yogurt for breakfast.
  • Lily points out a sea monster but Lincoln says, "No, Lily, home's that way," so Lily makes an unamused noise.
  • When they ask if the boat's getting smaller, meaning going into the distance, Leni takes it literally and hopes it won't get too small.
  • Lisa telling her parents not to cry because they're risking dehydration.

Recipe For Disaster

  • In the end, it is revealed that Leni took Mr. Loud's cookbook because she mistook it for a library book and tried to return it to the library, along with Lucy's poetry book and Lola's diary.

Any Given Sundae

  • Lily tries to call a meeting, like her older siblings do. She tries drawing an ice cream sundae, but they think it's an upside-down tree. She tries using charades, but they think she's just waving.
  • When Luan has a boxing glove attached to an accordion, she says that if things go "accordion" to plan, her family will "glove" the prank.
  • The twins argue because Lola wants to watch a pageant, while Lana wants to watch a documentary about penguins. Lily changes the channel to one they both like, which happens to be a pageant about penguins.
  • Luan gets knocked unconscious by her own boxing glove in the scuffle with Walt. When Rita sees her, she thinks she's having a nap.
  • Luan trying to cheer Lily up by making jokes about ice cream.
    Luan: "You'll have your first ice cream sunday, Lily, when the road is less rocky. Don't have a mint chip on your shoulder."

Can't Hardly Wait

  • While everyone could probably tell that Lori's eyes would water when Lynn Sr. asked her to cut onions, what happens next is funny: she uses the tablecloth to wipe her face, knocking the steaks over and causing Kotaro to slip on them.
  • The intentional hamminess upon Lisa's glasses getting covered in ketchup, complete with Lisa doing a Big "NO!" and the glasses falling in slow-motion.
  • Lisa complaining about the kiddie puzzle being not hard enough.

Love Birds

  • The various potential girlfriends that Charles, Cliff, and Geo consider hooking up with Walt include a hummingbird who is rejected for being too fast, a turtledove for being too gloomy, an owl who is rejected for the creepy turning of her head, and an eagle who tries to attack the other pets.

Rocket Men

  • One of the things the boys don't like about the space camp is having to sleep upside down.

Leader of the Rack

Tails of Woe

  • As it turns out, there is a rat beast, but it's not a terrifying savage, just a genetically-altered but relatively normal rat named Cinnamon Bartholomew.

Stall Monitor

A Pimple Plan

  • Lucy tries dark magic to get rid of Luan's pimple.
  • Luan's pimple gets covered by clown makeup (which causes kids to mistake her for a real clown, cotton candy shaped like a beard (which gets stolen by bees), a newspaper (which blows away), a twig (which a bird steals), and a unicorn mask (which a horse falls in love with, resulting in a short chase that ends with Luan getting stuck in the trunk of a tree).
  • Lola using all of Luan's makeup on her teddy bear.

Kings of the Con

  • The episode starts off with Clyde frantically rushing through the Loud house to tell Lincoln about the convention. Lana assumes that he has to go to the bathroom instead and has this to say about it:
    Lana: "I don't know why he didn't just pee outside. I would if I could."
    Loud girls except Lily, Lynn and Lana: (exasperatedly) "We know!"
  • After recapturing the kitty, Lana wants to let him out, claiming the kitty was just playing.

Good Sports

  • Lynn teaching Mr. Grouse her butt-shaking dance.


  • Lisa believes that if she exposes Pop-Pop to extreme heat, followed by extreme cold, he will live longer, so she makes the swimming pool really cold. Scoots calls Bernie a wuss for leaving the pool even though she's visibly shivering and Seymour, despite being frozen in ice, says, "You'll get used to it."
  • Lily gives Lisa unamused looks for waking her up.

Exchange Of Heart

  • Apparently, Clyde's parents won't let him eat pickles because they heard that a man from the 1800s died from choking on one.

Community Disservice

  • Lana and Rita came up with a rhyme: "Gum in the dirt is not dessert".
  • Lana eating Lola's cheese crown while Lola was wearing it.

Game Off

Write and Wrong

  • The fact that Lynn Sr. was apparently supposed to join his kids in their big song, but was late.
  • Lynn Sr. saying that Rita will "totally slay" at her new job. He quickly explains that he heard Leni say that.
  • Rita's attempts to retain her cover despite her kids being, well, the Louds.

Purrfect Gig

  • Luna says, "We even played—" then shouts, "Simon!" upon seeing him. Then quickly lies that she meant Simon Says.
  • Luna knocking over someone's cake while walking the McBride cats.

Brave the Last Dance

  • Zach texts that Principal Huggins's "teepee" fell into the "pinch bowl", then adds, "Dang autocorrect! Toupee! His toupee just fell in the punch bowl!"

Sister Act

House Flip

  • Flip being hidden in the fridge and brought back up in a cube of ice.
  • Lynn Sr. asks who's taking a bath. First, they claim it's Lynn, only for her to arrive, then they claim it's Luan only for her to arrive, then they claim it's the twins only for Lana to be disgusted at the idea of taking a bath.

Don't You Fore-get About Me

  • When attempting to sabotage Lori's chance to go to college, Leni dresses up like Lori she decides to take a water cup in the cafeteria and get lemonade from it, except the college gives free fountain drinks. Then she tries to steal pastries, only to find out it's free pastry week.
  • When trying to be bad at golf, Leni obviously swings poorly, only to get two hole-in-ones in a row.
  • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne during the episode are making skate videos around campus, but when following Ronnie Anne, Lincoln, the one filming, isn't paying attention to his surroundings and gets hurt by random obstacles which Ronnie Anne naturally skates around.
  • Leni mistaking the water trap for a pool.
  • Leni goes to Mr. Coconuts and Lily for advice. She isn't amused when the former doesn't respond to her.
    Leni: You're such a chatterbox with Luan but the one time I need you you're silent?!

Tough Cookies

  • Lincoln and his friends try to use a conveyor belt to make cookies, only Liam's cow is scared by the timer and kicks it, causing it to speed up, ending with everybody covered in flour.

On Thin Ice

  • Lynn's crazy good luck rituals, which involve cooking jellyfish, chanting, "Bring the sting!", dancing, having everyone cross their legs, putting sugar on hot dogs and mustard on cake, making everyone share a jersey, and making everyone wear hats, then throw them.

Room and Hoard

A Star is Scorned

  • When Lola tells Lily to "play it cool", Lily puts sunglasses on.
  • When the producer asks if Lori is Lola and Lily's assistant, she says that she's actually their "a-sister".
  • Lola tries to pull an Is the Answer to This Question "Yes"? by saying, "Does excellent cut quality increase a diamond's value?", but the producer honestly doesn't know the answer, so she has to explain.
  • The producer has Lola walk back, but isn't satisfied until Lily is right at the front but Lola is peeking out of a bush.
  • When Lola shows the ad where she isn't present to her stuffies, Mr. Sprinkles flops down as though he was passing out.

Senior Moment

  • While it didn't work out, it was a funny prank idea: setting pigs free at the school wearing shirts marked "1", "2", "3", and "5", so that everyone will go crazy looking for "4".
  • Lori and her friends try to stargaze, but the sprinklers go off.
  • At the lake party, Lori crashes into the fridge during a dance-off.
  • Roger gets his best polo covered in paint, his second-best polo eaten by a pig, and his third best polo shrunken by the sprinklers. So when Lori invites him to the lake party, he says that he's running out of polos.

Wheel and Deal

  • Lana making the go-kart out of a bathtub and stealing Lola's feather boas to use as safety belts.

Feast or Family

  • One cake Luan and Lynn Sr. made explodes. Literally. Lola is caught in the ensuing crossfire.
  • When Luan sees Geo on the table with the ingredients, she initially thinks Lynn Sr. wants to cook him.
    Luan: "Dad, we can't eat our hamster!"
  • Luna and Luan have an agreement as roommates: the former isn't allowed to play her gong at night and the latter isn't allowed to put her hand in warm water.
  • Charles and Cliff accidentally end up in a Spaghetti Kiss.

A Dark and Story Night

  • Lana's character is a frog who ate a crystal piece and so can glow in the dark.
  • Luan's part of the story involves an instrument that makes strange noises, but which Luna's character inexplicably likes.
  • Lori's character dates a literal bear, as a pun on Boo-Boo Bear (she's a mermaid, so it's less disturbing than it sounds).
  • The last part of the story is just "Poo-poo!" because Lily is the narrator, but it makes sense in context because the frog poops out the crystal.

Sand Hassles

  • The running gag of Lucy listing why she hates the beach: because of the sun, sand, and sports.
  • The goths trying to pretend it's raining by stealing Norm's hose.
  • Two starfish and a piece of seaweed end up on Lucy's face, looking like a smiley face.

How Double Dare You?

  • Lana offering to "slime" Lincoln with her own snot.
  • When Lisa tries to eliminate some of her siblings from the running by using a dunk tank, Lynn and Lola dive into the pool on purpose, and Lisa asks Lily what the mass of Jupiter is.
  • Luan says that it is "eye-ronic" that Lisa is pointing out the importance of observation skills despite her astigmatism.
  • Lana gets disqualified just because she grossed out Lisa by eating expired pizza.
  • When the kids get slime dumped on them, most of them have their eyes and mouths closed but are clearly enjoying it, except for Leni who has her sunglasses down and is doing a toothy smile, Lucy who is stoic as usual, Lana who has her eyes wide open and is trying to drink the slime, and Lola who is looking clearly unhappy with this.

Snoop's On

  • Leni initially mistakes Luna's diary for a book with a protagonist named Luna who happens to have a brother named Lincoln and a sister named Luan.
  • Leni acting like a goat during the scene with the goats.

Coupe Dreams

  • Lori chauffeuring Scoots, who apparently stole something, and Liam's pets, one of whom pecks her because he's grumpy about the vacation ending.
  • Due to being overwhelmed, Lori accidentally drops two young kids off at a punk club. The bouncer asks them for an ID. The kids give him a lollipop. The bouncer lets them in. The kids just look at each other.

    Season 5 


  • The siblings may be one year older, but they still have bathroom issues. When Lincoln ends up in the bathroom and spends time Breaking the Fourth Wall, the twins and Luna end up breaking the door clawing for him.
  • Lynn Sr. latching himself to Lori's car and begging her not to go. Followed by a bathrobe-clad Leni chasing the car due to wanting Lori's opinion on what to wear.
  • Lori finds herself unable to enjoy most of her activities due to her dorm's main rule: quiet at all times. This includes watching The Dream Boat (even silenced and with captions on), sipping coffee, and eating noodles.
    Lori: I'll literally never survive...
    • And when she finally contacts Leni (who is still in her bathrobe and having never left for school as a result of Lori never telling her what to wear), she breaks down hard.
      Lori: Come on, pick up, pick up... Leni, you won't believe- wait, why are you still in your bathrobe? Didn't school start, like, five hours ago?
      Leni: Well, yeah, but I couldn't go. You never said what to wear. Now how about this fit and flare dress? (Lori breaks down sobbing ) O-M-gosh, is the dress that bad?!
      Lori: No! I'm stuck on the quiet floor and everyone hates me! (the quiet floor residents all shush her) I'M TRYING, OKAY?!
  • Lincoln finds himself stuck in Mr. Bolhofner's room, with Chandler as a classmate.
  • Lynn Sr. and Rita getting to experience being alone for the first time in seventeen years. They slide down the bannister, beat each other up with pillows, and rock out on Luna's band set.
  • Lynn Sr. rushing to the elementary school to borrow Lisa to help with Lily.
    Lynn Sr.: Need to borrow my little genius for a while! Thanks, Cheryl!
  • Leni accidentally goes to preschool, resulting in moments both hilarious and heartwarming. This includes believing that the toddlers are doing shop class.
    Leni: O-M-gosh. This must be shop class! YOU ACTUALLY SHOP! I am so getting an A!
  • Lily foiling Mr. Potty Bot's attempts to get her toilet-trained, ultimately culminating in her destroying the robot. Lynn Sr., in reaction, lets out a huge Big "NO!".
  • How does Lincoln ultimately get kicked out of Canada? He simply declines syrup on his pancakes, causing all the Canadians in the restaurant to glare at him.
  • Liam is revealed to have kept a moose from Canada. Said moose later goes on a rampage and inadvertently drags Chandler out of Mr. Bolhofner's room.
  • Lynn Sr. joking around with Dr. Shuttleworth, pretending Lily is a werewolf, and then...
    Dr. Shuttleworth: "Potty trained?"
    Lynn Sr.: "Have been for 42 years."

The Boss Maybe

  • When Leni's boss gives her cake, she thinks it's her birthday. When Mrs. C tells Leni that she's Employee of the Month, Leni believes that she's being awarded on her birthday.
  • Scoots dating a much younger, buff guy.
  • Lynn Sr. talking in Ye Olde Butchered English, since he, Rita, and Lily are going to the Renaissance fair. Since Leni doesn't understand it, Rita is forced to translate.
  • Lana being sprayed by a skunk deliberately.
  • Leni trying to solve an argument over a dollar between Lynn and Lola by cutting the dollar.
    Lola: "That's not how money works!"
  • Luan turning her and Luna's room into a comedy club, which apparently happens so often Lori's figured out a system for it. In the audience are Scoots, her boyfriend, Flip, and Benny.
  • The third time Leni calls Lori, she's attending a lecture, and the phone call disturbs the professor. When the professor demands Lori's phone, Lori tells him to give it back if she's ever called by Bobby.
  • Lisa trying to make a fruit punch that doesn't stain, but the punch ends up corrosive.
  • Mr. Grouse, who is napping on an easy-chair, falls through the floor because of Lisa's corrosive punch, yet stays asleep. Becomes a Brick Joke when he gets hungry and demands some of the mutton Lynn Sr. was giving to Leni... while still underground! And he doesn't mind one bit.
  • Leni takes the "treat your siblings as customers" advice too literally, and addresses them as "shoppers".
  • Leni calling the skunk who sprayed Lana, "Sir", and threatening to call security.

Strife of the Party

  • Lola with a noisemaker in utero.
  • Lana making a literal mud cake in a dirty sink.
  • Lola gets the parents to stall for time while she tries to fix the party for Lana's sake. Cue Lynn Sr. whipping out his cowbell and gloating to Rita about how she said he wouldn't need it, much to her exasperation.

Kernel of Truth

  • It's Mr. Bolhofner's 34th birthday, but Stella offends him by thinking he's 62.
  • Whenever Lincoln and his friends do the action pose, it knocks something over.
  • As it turns out, the popcorn was taken to soundproof a wall.


  • Lori asking, "Who am I gonna call?"
  • Lynn Sr. being an Amazingly Embarrassing Parent, calling Lincoln's ray gun a toy, hugging Lori, and then telling her there's lasagna in Lincoln's toy bag.
  • Lori calls Clyde and explains that she specifically did so because she knows he's the brains of the Clincoln McCloud operation. Turns out she was on speakerphone, and Lincoln was listening.
    • Later, she calls Lincoln again and tells him not to get Lynn Sr. to drive. Cue Lynn Sr. listening in and leaving dejectedly.
  • Lincoln trying to keep some of the ghost slime, but accidentally throwing it onto Coach Niblick's face.
  • Clyde accidentally drenching the janitor when demonstrating ways the ghost could have thrown her lemonade.
  • Boris winding up with some cheerleaders and joining in on their fun. Dante, on the other hand, calls the cheerleaders' fun a "normie sacrifice ritual".
  • The morticians being jealous of Lori when she decides to talk to Shanks (the ghost) alone.

Band Together

  • The Running Gag of someone being pranked with glitter to the face.
  • When Kotaro leaves to give Luna and her band some space, Sully tastes the soup he'd been stirring and adds some spice.
  • Luna's enthusiasm, paired with Reg, Jim, and Bonnie's stoicism.
  • Mr. Grouse keeps getting things spilled on him. Eventually, he wises up and uses an umbrella.

Blinded by Science

  • Lisa's genetically-engineered snake/bird hybrid flying around with Lily holding onto its tail.
  • One of Flip's biological oddities is that he has two butts, so when he's advertising his store, he says, "Come for the snacks, stay for the cracks!".
  • When Lisa says that Flip is being treated like a lab rat, it offends the actual rat next to her.
  • Dr. Linnaeus stealing Lisa's "Street name" catchphrase.
    Lisa: "Don't 'street name' me, I know what space travel is!"
  • Lisa and Lincoln disguising themselves with a lab coat as a scientist named Dr. Lemme Inn.

Season's Cheatings

  • The "Lincoln angrily screaming in Vanzilla" gag from "The Sweet Spot" is back, and eventually he doesn't have the time and just yells out the window, annoying Mr. Grouse.
  • Lincoln's impromptu lullaby to Lily:
    Lincoln: "Hush, little Lily, don't say a word. Leni's gonna buy me a Rip Hardcore backpack."
  • Lynn pinning Lincoln to the ground and saying that if he swaps with Leni, he's "going down". Lincoln says that, being on the floor, he's already "down".
    Lynn: "There's always downer!"
  • Lincoln dressing up as Rita to talk to Lori, who notes that "Rita" looks younger.
  • He tries Luan after Lori reveals that she's too busy to buy the bag, but she pretends that Mr. Coconuts wants to choose the gift and will buy fake dog poop.

A Flipmas Carol

Cow Pie Kid

  • The baseball accidentally hits the slushie machine and sends slushie raining into some spectators' cups. Flip says, "You're still going to have to pay for that", then more slushie falls onto him.
  • When Lynn feels embarrassed about pitching in a flashback, she imagines a nearby goat saying, "Baad pitcher!".
  • Liam got his good throwing arm from throwing manure.

Saved by the Spell

  • At the beginning, the Loud siblings are fighting over pancakes, then Lincoln makes them disappear to practise for his magic act. When he gives them back, Lana steals them.
    Lana: "Lincoln's not the only one who can make things disappear."
  • Lincoln getting a trick wrong and accidentally making his shirt and pants disappear.
  • The ways Lincoln's friends try to dissuade him from doing a magic show:
    • Liam tries to steal the kit, but gets tied up in the coloured handkerchiefs.
    • Rusty tries to show him dance moves to persuade him to dance instead, but accidentally knocks him into the trash bin.
    • Zach tries to mesmerise him with a pocket watch, but mesmerises Meryl instead.
    • Stella dresses up as a boy in lederhosen, claiming that s/he is now only known as "Yodel Boy" due to being teased for yodelling onstage.

No Bus, No Fuss

  • Lisa predicting Lincoln's morning routine right down to Lynn stealing his breakfast.
  • Lincoln making "yay" puns on the bus.
  • When Lincoln spills his juice on the thug's shirt, he only makes the stain bigger. Stella tries using a pen, but that only causes another stain, then Liam tries using manure and Rusty tries using sandwiches, resulting in the bullies getting really dirty.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gurdle thinking a dog is an alien spy.
  • Clyde's dads wrap the car in bubble wrap and have the kids wear helmets and pillows.
  • The kids accidentally boarding a ferry.

Resident Upheaval

  • Clyde and Bernie getting a spa treatment that involves biting fish.
  • Lincoln and Clyde dressed up as their grannies, and having to compete in jigsaw puzzles, a bean bag toss, a race on food carts, and wrestling in pudding. Then, Scoots reveals that she knew they were in disguise all along and was essentially trolling them.

Silence of the Luans

  • Lincoln using gravy as a weapon.
  • Lincoln admits that Luan doesn't look like a lunatic in her school photo, but that changes on April Fool's. He then tells us about the Great Mustarding (when she washes out the house with mustard), the Mass Hairwaxing Disaster (which we don't see, but it made everyone scream), and the time she floated the house down the Kalamazoo River.
  • The running gag of Luan speaking huskily due to a dry throat.
  • Lincoln initially thinks it's normal that "Charles" is sitting like a human and drinking a juice box.
  • Luan trying to stop Lily's prank, but at the same time commenting on its genius.
  • The parents ground Lily until she's sixteen, then onion water falls on them and Lynn Sr. adds, "Make that 21!", but then Luan admits she dumped the onion water.

Undercover Mom

  • Rita's coworker Gary's Venus flytrap eats Rita's documents.
  • Rita in disguise tries to get Luan not to use a Whoopee Cushion by claiming it's too "wack"... so Luan decides on a Food Fight instead.
  • Luna describing an argument she had with Sam in rhymes.
    Luna: "My girlfriend Sam and I got into a tiff over a riff and now she's miffed."
  • Lana telling Rita in disguise that she'll clean her mud up before Rita comes home.
  • Lynn Sr. screams at seeing that Rita has come to "visit" the high school girls while still in disguise as Brita. Luan thinks he's being rude and tells him off.

School of Shock

  • Miss Allegra tries to teach the students how to count by asking how many animals there'd be if three giraffes had dinner with a lion. Lisa says there'd be none, since lions eat giraffes.
  • Lisa pointing out the Artistic License – Paleontology in the kids' book about a dinosaur who can dance and wears pants made of ants.
  • When Lisa tries to teach dinosaur anatomy to her classmates, they end up farting and making fart jokes instead.
  • Lisa cloning a dinosaur because of the "bring learning to life" slogan.
  • Miss Allegra taming Dolly, Lisa's cloned dinosaur, by singing to her and making Baby Talk.


  • Upon hearing the printer needs toner, Leni applies makeup to it.
  • When Lincoln falls with the banner, Lola says it's "too low".
  • Luan selling whoopee cushions that read, "Leni isn't full of hot air."
  • Lucy saying, "She's dying up there," then specifying, "In a bad way".
  • Leni saying, "I'm Leni Loud and I shop local—- a lot!"
  • All the lies Leni and Davis tell about each other, claiming the former wears denim shirts, supports mandated makeovers, and isn't a natural blonde and that the latter hates cats and Flippees and wears open-toed shoes in the winter.
  • The crowd chanting, "OM-gosh! OM-gosh!".
  • The lizard attacking Vic at the end.

Zach Attack

  • The running gag about offering cookies to the aliens.
  • Rusty playing the French horn really badly.
  • When Zach clams up in front of Katherine Mulligan, she thinks he's an alien.
  • Flip thinking that Cheryl and Meryl are aliens, hiding their tentacles in their beehives.
  • At the end, it looks as though the aliens are Real After All... but it was just Flip with a toy UFO.

Flying Solo

  • The bad rehearsal: first Clyde flails around due to Paula having trouble holding the rope, then the disco ball gets light in his eyes, then he messes up his singing.
  • Lincoln writing, "Gasp!" on the whiteboard when Clyde reveals what he did.

Hurl, Interrupted

Diamonds are for Never

  • Lincoln trying to do a magic trick with Walt, but his family isn't impressed.
  • Lisa making a machine to turn Lily's hair brown and grow it longer.
  • Mr. Grouse trying to catch the diamond with a fishing line, but catching Lily instead.


     Listen Out Loud 
  • The intro:
    • Leni calls the podcast "podcasty", then wonders if it's a word.
    • Lily plays with the mic, so Lincoln gives her a rattle, which is too noisy, so he gives her a blankie.
    • Lucy claiming that everybody can relate to vampires.
    • When Lisa mentions the word "genome", Leni thinks she meant Geo and renamed him.
    • Luan's jokes that she got sacked from an orange juice factory due to an inability to "concentrate" and is friends with 25 letters and "doesn't know Y".
  • Luna:
    • Luan is revealed to be still sleeping in her and Luna's room while Luna is doing her podcast because Luna kept her up all night yelling, "Stage dive!" in her sleep.
    • Luan then goes to sleep in Lana's bed. When Luna tells her that that's where Lana's pet snake (El Diablo) likes to hide, Luan says that it's still better than sleeping in their noisy bedroom.
    • Luna's roadie (Chunk) tries to show the audience a scar, but Luna points out that people in a podcast cannot be seen, so he starts to describe it.
    • Luan saying she had to "scramble" and almost "cracked" and it wasn't "over-easy" during a discussion of egg cartons.
  • Lola:
    • "It starts with 'L' and ends with 'ISA'. In case you can't spell, it's Lisa."
    • The running gag of Lori denying farting in Vanzilla and saying it was her shoe.
    • Leni wondering aloud if Lola told everyone about the time she broke one of Lincoln's model spaceships and buried the pieces in Mr. Grouse's backyard. Lincoln says, "Wait, you were the one who took my ship?", to which Leni thinks Lola did tell. Lisa reminds her that Leni told everyone.
    • Luan claiming she squirted milk from her nose laughing because she knows how to milk a joke.
    • Lola gossiping about herself to earn her trust.
    • Lola says that she's glad that the siblings stopped her from gossiping as she was going to tell another secret about how they all once ordered a bunch of movies on demand, thinking that they were free, only to discover that the mic is still on and their dad calls out saying that he was listening the whole time. Cue the siblings panicking.
  • Leni:
    • The mall workers forcing a makeover on Lincoln and insisting that a "scent" and a "smell" are two different things.
    • When Lincoln says, "You're the best, Leni!", she claims not to know any other Lenis.
    • Leni and Lincoln passing by the pet store. Lincoln is distracted by a cute puppy, but Leni discourages this, saying that if she makes eye contact with one she'll want to adopt one. Becomes a Brick Joke at the end of the episode when she accidentally does so.
  • Luan:
    • When Luan dumps fish on Lincoln, she claims that it 'cod' have been worse and he's lucky she 'scaled' it back.
    • Luan saying that it 'wood' appear that she nailed the door shut.
    • Lynn Sr. grounding Luan, even though he finds her prank funny.
    • Lisa's description of whoopie cushions.
      Lisa: "Obviously, there is an inflated rubber sack, street name 'whoopee cushion' on that chair. Which, when I sit down, will make me appear to be flatulent."
    • Luan doesn't mind her family giving her a Pie in the Face and makes a joke about getting her "just desserts".
  • Lori:
    • Lori claims that both she and Bobby wanted sparkling water on their first date, but apparently they actually disagreed and kept changing their minds until the waiter walked away.
    • Apparently, Bobby had a muscle spasm and poked Lori with a corn chip. He then was worried she was bleeding, but it was just salsa.
  • Lucy:
    • Lucy pointing out that she's never seen a dead person ride a bike (she and Lincoln are at the graveyard and he's worried someone will take his bicycle).
    • Luan talking about a "grave" mistake.
  • Lana:
    • Leni considers Mr. Grouse a family member and thinks he's the one who's always up for a trip to the mall.
    • Lynn Sr. admitting that Vanzilla is the only 'family member' who doesn't complain when he sings old songs loudly.
    • Leni freaks out about a bug still being alive, but Hops eats it and Lana says, "Not anymore". Lana also talks about wanting to share bugs with Hops.
  • Lincoln:
    • Lana thinking "corroborate" is a mispronunciation of "carborater" and saying that Hops can prove her whereabouts.
    • Lola thinking that Lincoln and Clyde are accusing her of something she really did do, which was hiding her vegetables.
  • Lisa:
    • Lynn Sr. calling from the grocery store, but pretending to be an English guy.
    • Luan says that having to blow up 60 balloons "takes the air out of" her plan.
    • Lisa forbids callers with the initials L. Loud. Rita, whose first name, of course, begins with R, takes advantage of it.
    • "Hit me-ow!-Lynn, I didn't mean literally!"
  • Rita:
    • Rita knocking things over.
    • The dentist's chair doesn't work and keeps flinging patients out. When Lana comes to fix it, Lynn Sr. freaks out as he thinks her tools are dental tools.
    • Rita's joke about "the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth", that nobody finds funny until the laughing gas leaks.
    • Rita has to use anaesthetic to get Lori to stop talking.
    • Lynn Sr. talking like a little kid when he's afraid.
      Lynn Sr.: "I don't wanna!"
    • One of the fish is called Ginger Vitis.
    • Lola says that of course she has no cavities, it's not like she's been eating cake after bedtime.
      Rita: "The way you say that makes you think you have been."
    • Lola wanting candy-flavored toothpaste.
  • Lincoln 2:
    • Lincoln and Clyde consider putting on disguises to review Gus's Games and Grub.
    • The boys think Gus's last name is actually Gamesandgrub.
  • Lucy 2:
    • Morpheus scolding his pet crow.
      Morpheus: "Bad crow! Drop the mic!"
    • The goths try to raise Ricky the Rooster's ghost by murmuring, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!".
    • Boris pretending various normal things are scary things, like pretending ketchup is blood.
    • Boris inadvertently creeping Principal Huggins out by complimenting his skin.
  • Clyde:
    • Howard overzealously giving Clyde sunblock.
    • Mr. Grouse ordering prune soup, but wanting it to not be too "soupy" or "prune-y".
  • Lana 2:
    • Sam sings a heartwarming song about how they love animals no matter what... and Lana finishes the song with the lyric "Or even if they potty on the floor".
    • Flip goes into the animal shelter, not for a pet (although he ends up adopting a dog anyway) but to deep-clean his moustache.
    • Greg the goat lives with the dogs, because there's no goat section and he doesn't get along with horses. At the end of the episode, he eats Lola's lipstick.
    • Ron wanting his feathers restyled. He also apparently likes being fed via mouth.


Surprise Party

  • Leni wonders if it's called Burpin' Burger because the burgers are burping. She also mistakes the smell of the trash for funny-smelling burgers and doesn't realise that you need to pay to go to a restaurant.

Lincoln's List


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