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    Unexplained Guesses 

Haiku is Maggie's younger sister.

The show will get a Crossover with Are You Afraid of The Dark.

Season 3 will feature a Knight of Cerebus character.
  • Jossed.

Flip will be the Big Bad in the movie.

The villain of the movie will be a Complete Monster.

Similar to the above Bad Guy of the movie...he or she will be....

There will be 2 episodes similar to "Marge vs. The Monorail" and "The Principal and the Pauper".

The Louds have a cousin named Logan.

Lori will move out of the house later in the season and will maybe move in with Bobby.
  • Confirmed.

The Loud House is the one that got The Fairly OddParents canceled.

    Crossover Theories With Other Series 

Lucy Loud is Jane the Killer's illegitimate daughter.
White skin? Check. Black hair? Check. Dark personality? Check. Maybe Lynn, Sr. slept with Jane, then she became pregnant. She dropped Lucy off at the Louds' home after giving birth to her, and the Louds adopted her.

Lily grows up to be Sailor Chibi Moon.
She runs away to Japan, dyes her hair pink, is discovered by Sailor Moon and the rest is history.

The show is South Park reimagined for families.
With some gender-bent inversions:

  • Lincoln is Stan Marsh, both being The Generic Guy and The Everyman with a troubled home life.
  • Lori is Wendy Testaburger; that being, both are sophisticated, cynical young women with bold opinions who often have complicated relationships with their partners.
  • Leni is....Butters? I don't know, both are sweet, naive, and cheerful blonde optimists.
    • Bebe Stevens may be a more accurate comparison.
  • Luan is Jimmy. They both wear yellow, have braces, and have a tendency to tell corny jokes.
  • Lynn is a sports-loving, less malicious version of Shelly Marsh, in that both have a tendency exhibit violence and an abrasive attitude towards their younger brother.
  • Lucy is Henrietta the goth girl.
  • Lola is a less violent version of Cartman.
  • Lana is DogPoo Petuski.
  • Lily is Ike Broflovski, both being the most infantile of their respective series.
  • Clyde is Token.

The Loud House will have a featured sketch on Robot Chicken.
  • Seth Green guest starred. It's only a matter of time...

Lisa Loud will grow up to be Dr. Wakeman and eventually build XJ-9.
It makes perfect sense. Like Dr. Wakeman, Lisa possesses vast intellect. Maybe at some point she marries a Mr. Wakeman who either divorces with her or dies sometime during their marriage.

Lisa Loud will grow up to have a sex change and become Dr. Forrester.
Next thing you'll now, someone in the animation team will sneak in a kid version of Joel or Mike into a scene at Lisa's kindergarten class.

Lucy will sooner-or-later be enrolled in Luna Nova Academy.
  • She'd get along with Sucy pretty well, in fact, their names even rhyme and they have similar personalities! hey wait a second....

The series takes place in the same universe as The Truman Show.
After The Truman Show was cancelled, Christof kidnapped several people and now the kidnapped people live within the giant arcological dome in Hollywood, now fashioned to create the fictional Michigan city of Royal Woods, and equipped with thousands of cameras to monitor all aspects of their lives.

The Loud family are related to Dipper and Mabel.
Rita's maiden name hasn't been shown yet, so there is a chance that Albert was born a Pines. We never know if Stan has any more siblings, but if that is the case, Dipper and Mabel would be cousins to the Louds.note 

Lori will grow up to be Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats.
Considering out they're both attached to their phones and are known to be bossy and aggressive at time, it's a very likely possibility. It's possible that Lori changed her name to Charlotte at some point for the sake of being more professional and broke up with Bobby in favor of a guy named Drew Pickles. She took Drew's last name so as not be associated with her chaotic family which explains why Charlotte's side of the family was never seen. It has also been stated that Lori wants to be CEO when she grows up so it is a likely possibility.

The show is slowly building an entire Nicktoons crossover universe.
Linc Or Swim gave us cameos from Lou Pickles, Uncle Iroh, Ms. Bitters, Miss Fowl and Grandpa Phil, so that's 5 other Nicktoons integrated into the series, right there. Plus, Left In The Dark had a quick shot of a very deformed SpongeBob and Patrick. And for a REALLY deep cut, Family Bonding had a family of spies. An Innocuously Important Episode setting up an apprearance by The X's, perhaps? We even see makings of this in the episode How Double Dare You, as The Loud House wasn't even the FIRST Nicktoon to crossover with Double Dare. Lincoln's love of comic books could even bring about the long awaited return of Henry & June!

     Jossed Theories 

If the series does not break the 65-episode limit like SpongeBob did, Turner Broadcasting System will buy The Loud House just like how they bought LazyTown.
I can expect episodes post-episode 65 to air on Turner's Boomerang in the United Kingdom and Ireland and on Viacom's Nickelodeon in the United States. Plus, everyone except for Lincoln's voice actor/actress and Cristina Pucelli will be replaced with London-based voice actors/actresses.Jossed.

Mr. Loud's first name starts with S and has seven letters in it.
  • Rita having a sister named Ruth seems to indicate there's a theme of R names in her family, so Aunt Shirley must be Mr. Loud's sister. This also seems to hint that Mr. Loud and his sister both have a 7-letter first name like Lincoln does.
    • Jossed, he's named Lynn Sr. and seems to not follow any theme assuming Shirley is his sister.

Theories about Lincoln's white hair:
Lincoln's white hair keeps getting more and more of a mystery. To list:
  • The theory that he’s an albino has been firmly jossed by Chris Savino himself.
  • The theory that his hair turned white due to the stress of having to deal with 10 sisters also no longer holds ground, since the episode “The Whole Picture” reveals Lincoln has had white hair ever since he was a baby.
  • Any of the above WMG's about Lincoln dying his hair himself or having it done for him by someone else is jossed for the same reason; who would dye a baby's hair white?
  • There are medical conditions like vitiligo and Waardenburg Syndrome that can cause hair to turn white, but Lincoln doesn’t appear to be suffering from any of them. In fact, he seems totally healthy.

So what is the cause then? The only theory that is still possible is that he inherited it from his grandfather, but what genetic disorder can cause white hair yet no other (visible) ill effects? Or is it something else entirely? Please post your ideas below.

  • Lynn, Sr. (who once worked at a hair salon) sprayed white instant hair spray on his head by accident shortly after the doctor took Lincoln out of Rita's womb.
  • It is quite possible he just has very pale blond hair. I've seen plenty of (completely healthy, mind you) people that have hair so blond it looks white.

Many ships will become canon.
MaggiexLuan, TabbyxLuna, and LincolnxRonnieAnne could either become canon.So far, some of them are confirmed. Maggie X Luan is jossed. Though an episode involving Luan facing an Incompatible Orientation from Maggie is not out of the water yet.
  • Tabby x Luna is also jossed.

The show will go through Cerebus Syndrome.
  • Considering the season 1 finale centers around the house possibly getting destroyed by a tornado, it is possible.
    • The house survives, but this WMG is still possible.
    • That was one of the more serious episodes of Season 1 also. Not much confirmed from early Season 2, but this WMG does seem likely.
    • The series starts off as a standard, Slice of Life comedy before shifting to a dramedy later on when both Mr. and Mrs. Loud are killed in a car accident with Lori being the legal guardian of the kids. The kids do what they can to stay and survive as a family, before Social Services separate them forever.
      • Alternatively, the series starts off as a standard, Slice of Life comedy before shifting to a dramedy with the characters facing issues (such as drug abuse, dropping out of school, eating disorders, murdering bullies for self-defense, coming out as gay, environmentalism, crimes (especially with a Big, Brutal Brute who is a Brock Lesnar Expy disguised as a Terminator Impersonator), becoming obsessed with a certain piece of media and doing violence, riots, racism, religious discrimination, sexism, etc.) and various events in Royal Woods. Eventually, the series ends with everyone getting to earn a happy ending.
      • There are already two gay men, one bi girl, and one lesbian, so I think LGBT people can be around without the show turning serious.
  • Considering it's been stated by the creator in a podcast that Season 3 is gonna have more serious storylines, it's probably headed there soon.
  • Pretty much jossed, considering it's still just as comedic as ever so far.

Lincoln is adopted.
  • This troper believes that Lincoln could be an adopted child, and the reason why he and his sisters usually don't get along very well is because they see him as an outcast. Also, Lincoln's bedroom could've originally been a closet or something before he moved in, because it is small compared to his sisters' rooms.
    • He's the only boy in a family of eleven sisters. That's why they don't get along well.
    • It's a perfectly normal thing for siblings to fight in a family. It's not because they see Lincoln as an outcast, it's because it's normal to fight with you're brothers or sisters. Also, the reason Lincoln's house could of been smaller is because buying a house with that many rooms is very difficult to find.
    • Pretty much jossed. Pop-Pop has the exact same hair as Lincoln, so that's where he inherited it from.
    • Not necessarily; if "Not A Loud?" does reveal that Lincoln is adopted, it could be mentioned that the above was where Lincoln and the girls always believed the white hair came from but it turns out not to be the case.
      • Jossed as of "Not A Loud".

Soon, MaggiexLuan will be canon.
Take that, One Million Moms!
  • Jossed; "Stage Plight" has her share her first kiss with Benny, debunking the possibility of Luaggie's canoncity.

"Back In Black" is when we will finally see Lucy's eyes.
  • I know it might be a bit too early but, since the episode will revolve around the sisters giving Lucy a makeover, it's still possible.
    • Jossed.

Hugh, Lincoln's tutor in "Study Muffin" will turn out gay.
Seeing that Lincoln's sisters are getting in the way of him and Lincoln's labor in education, he'll bluntly tell them that he's gay and they should stop hanging around him if they're going to keep getting in the way. The sisters, both shocked and ashamed, agree to this and so they also help Lincoln in his studies.
  • Jossed!

Lincoln's parents are named Lionel and Laura Loud.
  • Well, Lynn was called "Lynn Junior", so I guess we got Mom's name. Nothing on Dad yet, though.
    • Jossed with Mrs. Loud, it was revealed in "A Novel Idea" that her real name was Rita.
      • Rita or Lita?
      • Rita!
    • Jossed entirely, as Mr. Loud is indeed named Lynn too.

If Collin Dean hits puberty, Pierce Gagnon will voice Lincoln.
Pierce voiced Tiago in Rio 2. Just think of him voicing Lincoln. Then, Tress MacNeille will voice Lincoln once Pierce hits puberty.
  • Jossed. Grey De Lisle Griffin's son Tex Hammond is his current voice actor.

Lucy is a blonde.
  • This seems even more likely since the "Back in Black" episode, where Lucy has blonde hair after her makeover. It could be another dye job, but it could also be her natural color, with the black dye washed out.
    • Jossed: As shown in The Full Picture (or was it Whole Picture?) Lucy had her black hair since she was a baby.

Lucy's natural hair color is brown—the blonde hair she had in "Back in Black" was just a wig that the rest of her sisters gave to her as part of the makeover that they had given her to try and impress Rocky.
  • Or rather, Lucy's natural hair color IS black and she's actually adopted, which would make sense. She doesn't fit in well with her siblings, has a morose, gloomy attitude, and only seems to bond with Lincoln, the other odd one out as the only boy.
    • This is more or less debunked with the fact she looks exactly like her great-grandmother.

Luan's middle name begins with an "O".
That way, her initials will be LOL.
  • Jossed. Her middle initial is revealed to begin with an "L" in a notebook in "No Laughing Matter".
    • Maybe her full name is Luan Lauren Loud?

Mr. Santiago actually died as a result of his hernia operation in "Tale of Two Tables".
Lori did say "she guessed" that it went well and she could have been wrong. In "Shell Shock" and "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" he is completely absent and it's possible his operation may not have been successful. This also could explain why Bobby has so many different jobs and why Maria has to work so many shifts, as the family isn't making as much money as they were with Mr. Santiago's extra income.
  • Jossed. It is revealed in "Friended!" that Mr. Santiago is divorced.

Mr. Grouse will possibly be an antagonist in a later episode.
He would call child protection services in order to get rid of the Loud kids cause he is annoyed by them.
  • In the upcoming season 2 episode "11 Louds A Leapin'", it says that in the episode description that Lincoln discovers a secret about Mr. Grouse.
    • Mr. Grouse will have a major role in that episode.
    • It may be a dark secret.
      • So Jossed! The secret was that Mr. Grouse had a big family and he hasn't seen them in years.

Lincoln maybe adopted, but is related to his family.
  • Lincoln could possibly be a cousin. His biological parents maybe one of Mr. or Ms. Loud's siblings.
  • His biological parents could have died or couldn't keep Lincoln due to either financial reasons, or Lincoln's original parents could have been abusive to him (then again, that might be too dark even for Nickelodeon).
    • Uh, Nick allowed a gay couple and a kid with Down's Syndrome to get past the censors. I think abusive parents would also slide.
  • Also, the only people that know about Lincoln being adopted is Lori, Mr. and. Ms Loud.
    • Jossed, he's not adopted.

Lincoln dyed his hair because he wanted to stand out from his sisters.
  • It backfired because it made him look like their grandpa.
    • Jossed; "The Whole Picture" shows Lincoln already had white hair as a baby, and I'm pretty sure his parents didn't dye it for him.

Alternatively, Lincoln's hair...
  • Is the permanent result of either one of Lisa's experiments or one of Luan's pranks. The former would have had Lisa experimenting on him without his permission. The latter would have had Luan probably messing with his shampoo by spiking it with permanent hair dye or something.
    • Jossed for Lisa's experiments. A flashback in "The Whole Picture" reveals Lincoln has had white hair since he was a baby, in other words since long before Lisa was even born. Luan's pranks could still be a possibility, but very unlikely; she would have been 3 - 4 years old back then, not an age that your parents would let you take care of a baby, like bathing your little brother.

Ronnie Anne (Lincoln's Loving Bully from "Heavy Meddle") and Cristina (Lincoln's crush from "Making the Case") will be two of Lincoln's dates for the Sadie Hawkins Dance in "Dance Dance Resolution".
  • Jossed. The dates were four new girls we hadn't seen before. Ronnie Anne wasn't even planning on going to the dance and Cristina did not appear.

Lisa was a part of a freak government experiment involving the replacement of four-year old kids' brains with those of dead scientists.
That explains how smart she is.
  • Jossed. The comic "It's Just a Phase" shows that Lisa's first experiment was at age one.

"Patching Things Up" will focus on Lola and Lincoln, and act as a sequel to "Toads And Tiaras".
It should be obvious that due to her tomboyish nature and love for getting dirty, Lana is more suitable for the Bluebell Scouts. Lola will recall how Lincoln managed to make Lana act like her for a pageant, so she will now ask for his help to make her more like Lana so she can fit in with the scouts.
  • In fact; if this theory is true, it would also give a nice double meaning to the title, referring to both Girl scout patches and Lincoln making amends with Lola for having Lana pose as her.
    • Jossed. Lincoln only has a supporting role in the episode, and at no point does Lola ask him to make her more like Lana.

Lisa is actually an old man.
Let's imagine the scene: There is this old scientist who is going to make a great discovery, but he needs a teenage girl as a guinea pig. He can't get one to work for him, for kinda obvious reasons. He is desperate.

Then he reads on the local newspaper the news of a local woman, Rita Loud, recently giving birth to Lily, the last of 10 kids, 9 of them being girls. Suddenly, he gets a weird idea...

Soon, the old scientist, now dressed up as a little girl, knocks on the Loud front door. He presents himself as "Lisa", with a long made up story about him being a super intelligent orphan who can't find a home because her excessive smartness scared off most of the people who tried to adopt her, so she left the orphanage to find a family that accepts her. The Louds, moved by the whole thing, adopt "her".

Now, the things that triggered me into making this WMG:

  • "Potty Mouth" already made canon that Lisa wears (or wore if she managed to fix it later) a wig and false teeth.
  • Lisa's lisp? Probably a flaw in the voice-changing doohickey that makes him sound like a little girl.
  • "Sleuth or Consequences" shows that Lisa uses Lily's training potty instead of the toilet because "it steals time away from her experiments". What if the real reason is to avoid that someone accidentally enters the bathroom while "she" is inside and discovers that "Lisa" haves a wrinkly old man penis?
    • Jossed. One of the pictures that Lincoln recreates in “The Whole Picture” is of him holding a baby Lisa.

"Middle Men" will be about Lynn being a trans girl.
Evidence for this is the title. Lynn is almost the middle child, and her being trans could make others (particularly transphobes) think she is almost one of the middle sons/men.
  • Jossed, the episode's synopsis says it's about Lincoln and Clyde touring the middle school and Lynn giving them some questionable advice.

Luna will have an identity crisis.
Mick Swagger will come off as a pompous, unflattering jerk in an interview or she'll meet him in person and find out.
  • She will try to find a new musical hero and become interested in a parody of another star, possibly Leonard Cohen or Morrissey.
    • Mick Swagger coming off as a Jerkass was Jossed in "House Music," where he was portrayed as a Nice Guy and he even said that rock 'n roll was just about having fun and not being the best.

     Confirmed Theories 
Each of the Loud sisters have their own character arc currently going on.
Think about it: Lori's character arc started in Episode 1 and continued in "Relative Chaos" where she learned to curve her obsession with Bobby. Her arc came full circle in "Change of Heart" where she learned to appreciate Clyde's kindness. The sisters who are now in the middle of their arcs are:Luan: Where she'll learn the hard way that pranking CAN go too far.
  • Confirmed: Luan indeed learns this lesson in the episode "Fool Me Twice".

Lynn: Like Luan, Lynn will eventually have to learn the hard way she can't win at everything.

Lisa: Whose character arc just began in the episode "Friend or Faux?" where she learns that everyone needs a friend.

Lola: Her character arc started in the episode "Read Aloud" where she learned to keep practicing her reading skills, which may put her on the path to become a better person later in life.

Later on in the series, the show will have a Timeskip.
Instead of letting the show end up like SpongeBob (that is, piles of Negative Continuity), they will jump into the future. Possible shifts include :
  • Lori and the other older sisters either moving out of the house or planning to.
  • Lincoln still having the role of speaking to the audience and overall serving as the audience's eyes in the Loud House, but he'll take on a mentor role for his younger sisters (with one or more of them serving as the lesson learner). He and Ronnie Anne will date in public now.
  • Clyde will have finally outgrown his crush on Lori (although it's already done). Instead, he will either stay single, pair with one of the already named minor girls his age or around it (like Cristina or Haiku), or even end up with one of the younger Loud sisters.
    • He's ten years older than Lily, so probably not her.
  • The Timeskip could also double as a Grand Finale of sorts and ends with an older Lily narrating to the audience.
  • This articlementions Lincoln in middle school and the sisters all moving up a grade in season 5. That seems like good confirmation.

Lincoln is the one who causes the problem in "Funny Business".
  • In a way, confirmed.

One (or more) of the Loud Siblings is not straight.
  • Let's face it: in a family that big, no way is everyone turning out straight! "Study Muffin" may have ruled out any true gay siblings, but one could still be bi. Luna in that same episode acknowledged Miss DiMartino as "Smokin'", so it seems she may be the one.
    • They do say that 1 in 5 people (at the very least) are gay (or any other LGBT+) orientation... and there are 10 sisters... note 
    • Well, Lily did not appear in the episode, so there's a possibility she could be the gay one in the future.
    • I think Luan and Luna are lesbians.
      • [ In "L is For Love", Luna got a crush on a girl, and in "Study Muffin", she got a crush on a young man, confirming her orientation as bisexual. Luan's only love interest was a boy (also in "L is for Love"), so she can't be a lesbian, but it's possible that she's bisexual too.
  • Confirmed as of "L is for Love". Luna's secret crush is a girl named Sam.
  • Lily's only "crush" has been a teddy bear, so her orientation is still very ambiguous.

Tara Strong will guest star in a future episode.
  • Confirmed. She voices Maddie in "Singled Out".

There will be an episode focusing on Lucy deciding to change her gloomy Gothic ways and turn into The Pollyanna.
The episode will either feature one of the siblings (most likely Lincoln or Luan) trying to teach her how to be happy, only for it to work a little too well, or Lucy will finally get the hint that her siblings find her creepy.
  • Confirmed; "Back in Black" has her trying to be "normal" to land a date, only to find out the boy liked her old self much more.

The show will get its own app.
So far, Ultimate Treehouse (although it's unfortunately short-lived) is confirmed.

The episode "Funny Business" will showcase Luan's more no-nonsense, aggressive side of her personality.
  • Luan is maybe the fun-loving comedian, but in the episode "April Fools Rules", she was determined to prank anyone remorselessly.
    • For that matter, here's to hope that "Funny Business" will serve as a particular improvement for Luan, considering the backlash she got in "April Fools Rules" by not only the majority of the fanbase, but the rest of her family as well.
  • Confirmed

There may be episodes in the point of view of the side characters rather than the Louds: Howard and Harold, Bobby, Ronnie Anne, etc.

Later on in the series, the show will have a Timeskip.
Instead of letting the show end up like SpongeBob (that is, piles of Negative Continuity), they will jump into the future. Possible shifts include :
  • Lori and the other older sisters either moving out of the house or planning to.
  • Lincoln still having the role of speaking to the audience and overall serving as the audience's eyes in the Loud House, but he'll take on a mentor role for his younger sisters (with one or more of them serving as the lesson learner). He and Ronnie Anne will date in public now.
  • Clyde will have finally outgrown his crush on Lori. Instead, he will either stay single, pair with one of the already named minor girls his age or around it (like Cristina or Haiku), or even end up with one of the younger Loud sisters.
    • He's ten years older than Lily, so probably not her.
  • The Timeskip could also double as a Grand Finale of sorts and ends with an older Lily narrating to the audience.
  • This articlementions Lincoln in middle school and the sisters all moving up a grade in season 5. That seems like good confirmation.

Ideas for new showrunner of the series.
  • With Chris Savino being fired from Nickelodeon and the show continuing without him, who do you think can be the new showrunner? Check the end credits for staff members if you can't think of who.
    • It's confirmed to be Michael Rubiner.

There will be a Musical Episode.
  • Given that Nick seems to be self-aware recently, they will give The Loud House a Musical Episode because, 1) It is currently one of Nick's most high regarded programs, managing to beat out SpongeBob, 2) One of the company's most well regarded programs is School's Out! The Musical, a musical for Fairy Odd Parents and 3) One of the main characters is a rockstar. Noticing the popularity of The Loud House and the praise School's Out! The Musical was given at the time, Nick will decide to combine the two as a way of getting ratings.
    • The best idea for the Musical Episode is to get various musical guests to perform songs. I can at least expect Devo performing a cover of the theme song, complete with the show's logo being replaced with a neon sign styled after it, plus Luna covering "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" by AC/DC with a special guest appearance by a live-action Angus Young (with him shredding on a Gibson Les Paul in a fuzzy, low quality VHS recording). In fact, fuck it, let's do an episode.
    • CONFIRMED! The show was confirmed to have a rock-opera episode.
    • It might have the theme as one of the songs.

     Movie Ideas 

The Movie will be the Grand Finale.
The plot will involve Lola getting invited to the top beauty pageant in the country which is in Los Angeles, causing the Louds to go on a road trip. The ending of the movie will be a Time Skip to reveal that:
  • Lori and Bobby have 11 kids of their own.
    • Possibly the ones she imagined in that episode.
  • Leni got a cosmetology degree and is now the CEO of a major cosmetics company.
    • She's trying to invent a zebra-coloured mascara.
  • Luna grew out of her rock phase and is now composing classical music.
    • Technically, classical music is music from a certain time period, so unless she time traveled, she cannot compose that. However, she could compose non-rock, although her rock "phase" has lasted years now, which means it's likely not a phase.
  • Luan ran away from home and joined the circus.
  • Lynn got a full-ride athletic scholarship - for golf.
  • Lincoln wrote a series of memoirs about his family.
  • Lucy is getting her doctorate in mortuary science.
  • Lola and Lana both became TV actresses on a show satirizing Full House.
  • Lisa discovered the cure for cancer and won several Nobel prizes.
  • Lily is a gamer.

The series will eventually have a Big Damn Movie.
  • The parents' faces will be revealed in their entirety.
  • It will be Live Action.
  • It will be more fantasy based.
    • Possibly involving Lucy? She's dealt with magic.
  • It will be a prequel showing the birth of Lincoln or one of the other siblings.
    • Jossed for the parents' faces part.
    • Lincoln's birth has already been shown but they could show it again in more detail.
  • Or, it could be a comedy film, produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Jam Filled Entertainment, and distributed by Lionsgate, and would have a mostly 80's-music soundtrack, filled with hair metal and new wave and Latin freestyle tunes.

Post your movie ideas here.
  • The movie will be Darker and Edgier Deconstruction take on the series similar to Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, where Lincoln, being the Butt-Monkey, reaches a Rage Breaking Point, questions his relationship with his sisters, and what effect it puts on his psyche. Of course, the film would feature the family reconciling and learn about the importance of Forgiveness.
  • The movie will be a prequel, showing the younger years and births of all the Loud children, as well going deeper into events such as Rita and Lynn Sr.'s first meeting and Luna's first concert. Kind of similar to "The Powerpuff Girls Movie".
  • In the grand history of Slice of Life animated sitcoms that get a Big Damn Movie (Western Animation/Recess, Hey Arnold!, The Proud Family, etc.), we can probably expect the following plot points:
    • A vile villain whose machinations are either directly targeted against the Louds, something that stands in opposition of them, or something they just get caught up in.
    • A trip to an exotic location (or at the very least, something outside the usual sets).
    • Thrills, chills, spills, and action set pieces out the wazoo.
  • One of Lisa’s experiments leads to a global catastrophe that the Louds need to fix. Just an excuse for the tag line to be “1 Boy. 10 Girls. Now they have to save the world.”
  • On a family vacation, Lily gets taken either in a nefarious kidnapping scheme or through mistaken identity, like she’s a doppelgänger for a royal baby or celebrity actor. Either way, the Louds go on an adventure to get her back.
  • Or maybe....a story that has elements that wouldn't feel out of place in a Grand Theft Auto or The Fast And The Furious-esque story (albeit in a more Lighter and Softer way), complete with a Brock Lesnar Expy who is a Brutal Criminal and an older, tougher Evil Counterpart to Lincoln/Ace Savvy.
  • A rich Silicon Valley man partners up with Royal Woods (and the Louds) to have Royal Woods kick the habit of using fossil fuels and go on solar and wind power.
  • The movie's logo is shaped like a castle. Maybe Lincoln will meet a prince who looks exactly like him. The prince is an only child who wants to have siblings. Lincoln and the prince switch places so Lincoln can get away from his sisters and the prince can have siblings. Of course, things go awry.

Insert villain ideas for the movie here.

The Big Bad of The Movie will go through an Evil Cannot Comprehend Good moment.
  • The rich Texan (mentioned above) and/or Lord Tetherby will not understand why Lincoln would turn down the former's offer to join even after telling them how the others treats him like crap. Or it can be the family that turns down the offer of their dreams coming true if it means not seeing Lincoln again, with the rich Texan and/or Lord Tetherby not understanding why the sisters would feel remorse or why Lincoln would forgive them. Bonus points would be given for the Big Bad if they believe they only want Lincoln as The Scapegoat, by offering them their own whipping boys.
  • The Evil Counterpart of the Loud family will face a minor example of "Selfishness Cannot Comprehend Familial Love" of how the kids and the parents would sacrifice their dreams and goals to save one another.
    • Alternatively, if Lincoln's Evil Counterpart from the above WMG goes through a Heel–Face Turn, the others will not understand why Lincoln's Counterpart side with the Louds since they are total strangers. Or the counterparts won't wonderstand why the Louds will side with Lincoln's Counterpart if the latter is not related to the former.
      • If not, maybe Lincoln's Older and Eviler counterpart would be a Brock Lesnar Expy who is a very Exaggerated Blood Knight (albeit Played for Laughs, though).

Alternatively, there could be a Good Cannot Comprehend Evil moment by few or even all of the Louds.
The Louds are shown that they are capable of loving and caring for one another, despite its ups and downs. That being said, if the Big Bad are Evil Counterpart towards the Louds, the Louds might assume the family of Lincoln's Counterpart loves them deep down or believing it might be a case of Tough Love. Only to be shown that the Counterpart's not only doesn't really love them at all but even disowns them on the spot. This might give Lincoln's Evil Counterpart a Heel–Face Turn while the Louds learn that just because they're family, doesn't mean they have to be forgiven.

Guest stars for the movie.
  • Stellan, Alexander and Bill Skarsgard
  • Mark Hamill
  • Bill Mumy
    • Possible, as he's the father of Leni's voice actress Liliana Mumy, and he guest starred in.the season 3 premiere.
  • Josh Keaton, Drake Bell and Robbie Daymond
  • Tom Choi and Will Yun Lee
  • Matthew Yang King
  • Richard Epcar with Jamieson Price (after all, it would be closest thing we can have Lord Raiden and [[Video Game/Tekken Heihachi Mishima]] in the show)
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  • Henry Cavill
  • Peyton Manning
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Karen Strassman
  • Linsday Jones, Kara Erbele, Arryn Zech and Barbara Dunkleman, aka Ruby, Weiss, Black and Yang of RWBY fame. Imagine them voicing Expies of their RWBY counterparts in the show.
  • Nolan North. After all, who couldn't resist to see Wade aka Deadpool and Cristina aka Luan to be in the same show?
    • Alternatively, Will Friedle.
  • Jason Marsden.

One of the siblings will be killed off in the movie.
  • Dude...really?

It will be revealed in the movie that there is a long-lost 12th Loud child.
This new character is female, is Lincoln's twin, and is named Liberty (in keeping with both the "L" names and the American patriotism motif of Lincoln and a shout-out to the fan community who have created a similarly-named character). They were separated at birth by incompetent doctors who were sued by Rita and fired. Liberty is, personality-wise, a lot like Lincoln, and after her introduction, some episodes will have her talking to the audience. She will also be the only Loud sister who doesn't gang up on Lincoln, instead siding with him or distracting the other sisters when Lincoln has screwed up.
  • Lincoln couldn't have been separated with a sister by incompetent doctors because the First Lady delivered him.

List of characters that could die in the movie.
  • The Villain: Maybe he/she can fall off a high place.
  • Luan: One of her "bad" puns which upsets the villain so much he/she kills her.
    • Dude, why are you so focused on the concept of one of the Loud siblings dying in the movie?

The movie will be the finale.
Very possible.

The movie's plot will be about Luan falling in love with a Swedish comedian about her age.
The Swedish boy will be played by Bill Skarsgard
  • She already has Benny.
  • Well, other characters (Lucy, Lincoln) have had multiple love interests before, so this is still kind of possible. Albeit Luan and Benny HAVE actually kissed, and have been on at least one date; they seem to be serious.

The movie will be about Lisa rethinking her life and running away from her family. (It will also reveal how she became super-intelligent)

     Episode Ideas 

One episode will be about a Loud family reunion.

Post your ideas for future episodes here.
These will be episodes, just you wait.
  • A Christian moral guardian moves into Royal Woods and gets the town's police to cancel April Fools Day after "Satanists" (Luan and Luna throwing toilet paper rolls on her house) "ran over my cat" (which she did herself while chasing them down in her car). The April Fools-loving (Catholic) Rita and Lynn Sr. take it upon themselves to end the nonsense.
    • Rita and Lynn Sr. don't seem Catholic as they don't say grace. However, they are Ambiguously Christian, so that episode could work.
  • An episode that goes more in depth with Mrs Johnson's character.
  • An entire episode where Luan and Luna take duplication way too far.
  • Another Christian moral guardian moves into Royal Woods and gets the Mecca Shriners to cancel Howard and Harold McBride's bar mitzvah, set to take place at the Mecca Shriners Auditorium, because "they are not reading Bible verses that denounce homosexuality." This time, Clyde and Lincoln set out to end the nonsense.
  • Ronnie-Anne gets her comeuppance after Leni backs her over with Vanzilla. Then, the episode ends with Music/Devo (in probably like their 10th appearance in a WMG listing here) performing a modified version of "Jimmy" called "Ronnie-Anne's In A Wheelchair!".
  • Maggie and Luan go to a monster truck show at the Mecca Shriners Auditorium.
  • The Louds, Clyde, Bobby and Ronnie-Anne go to a WWE Live show at the Royal Woods Recreational Center. Guest appearances are abound here.
  • There is a gimmicky stunt called "Nickelodeon Rocks" where Nick cobbles up musical moments from their animated and live-action shows. The Loud House shows us a episode full of 70's and 80's music. Post your ideas in this sub-part of this theory here!
    • Devo - Whip It
  • An episode called "Luan Goes DEV-O" that plays out like a The Loud House-Devo crossover fanfiction. Devo, seemingly trying to break the world record for "Most Guest Appearances on a TV Show - Animated", come to Royal Woods and play a concert at the Royal Woods Municipal Auditorium.
  • An episode where one of the sisters temporarily loses her voice, possibly Leni, who now speaks like Cosmo in the current Fairly OddParents episodes, and the other sisters have to figure out how to bring back her real voice, which it does at the very end.
  • A bunch of episodes that are shot-for-shot, scene-by-scene remakes of older SpongeBob episodes.
  • We find out that Leni's stupidity is not only because of her regressive autism, but also because she was dropped on her head by Lynn, Sr. (by complete accident) as a baby.
  • The Louds go on a pilgrimage to Armenia to learn about the Armenian Genocide and their great-grandfather's and great-grandmother's lives there.
  • Another genderbent universe episode, called "One of the Boys 2".
  • A web-only episode teaching people about the Emergency Alert System, that also acts as a Very Special Episode.
  • Yet another genderbent universe episode, called "One of the Boys: Special Victims Unit"
  • A huge archaeology dig is started. In the McBrides' backyard.
  • The Louds, the McBrides, the Santiagos, and their friends go to Cleveland and Luna goes on Broadway.
    • Plus, characters burst into song at the drop of a hat, and they sing Broadway songs, making the episode's budget skyrocket.
    • In addition, everyone has a Non-Singing Voice. This is lampshaded when Luna says "You know what Lucy? You can't even sing! Your voice was dubbed!".
  • With Lincoln unavailable, Lucy needs some help with her current poem and she overhears Luna singing a Voltaire song and the two bond over goth music, culminating in the two plus Lincoln going to a Voltaire concert. Special guests: Devo! ... Just kidding. It's Voltaire.
  • There will be an episode on fire safety, where someone like Lisa or Lincoln will have a fire drill and find out that the others are really bad at fire safety, so tries to teach them.
  • Everybody is looking forward to the summer, except Lucy who finds summer too hot and annoying.
  • The episode involving Lucy's eyes. I mean, why not?
Post your ideas for places that might be featured in future episodes here.
These will be in episodes, just you wait.
  • Aloha Beach - A Polynesia-themed beach resort and concert venue on the seaside of Royal Woods.
  • Royal Woods Municipal Auditorium - An old, but still used, atmospheric theatre used as Royal Woods' civic auditorium with a Moorish Revival interior design and a domed ceiling with twinkling stars and drifting clouds.
  • Royal Woods Recreational Center - A 1,000-seat multi-purpose arena on the east side of Royal Woods, on the campus of the university where Lisa Loud teaches.
  • Mecca Shriners Auditorium - The headquarters of the Mecca Shriners, the local Shriner group of Royal Woods.
  • Royal Woods Museum
  • A Little Manila place as a nod to the show being Popular in the Philippines.

The show will eventually have an episode mocking the Loudcest shippers.
  • Maybe it will involve someone seeing Lincoln and Lynn and wondering if they're dating (not knowing they're related), grossing them both out?

There will be a flashback episode telling why Lucy became the Gothic girl which she is.
If not a whole episode, it could at least be like with Luna in "For Bros About to Rock".
  • She did still do creepy stares as a baby.

There will be a "Freaky Friday" Flip episode where the Loud siblings switch bodies.
It may end up being the result of one of Lisa's experiments.
  • Alternatively, someone (possibly Lisa or Lincoln) thinks they've switched bodies.

There will be an episode parodying Home Alone.
Just think, an episode with a Loud child, most likely Lincoln, getting the whole house to themselves, after getting left behind by the rest of the family accidentally.

There will be an episode similar to the Arthur episode "Arthur's Big Hit".
  • With this many sisters, a plot like that could actually work and the sister that Lincoln hits would be either Lana, Lola, or Lucy.
    • Well, I'll tell ya this much - it had better handle the moral better than "Arthur's Big Hit" did.
    • It'd be a bit out of place considering how many times the kids literally get into a Looney Tunes-esque tornado of fists.

Flip will be a true antagonist in a future episode.
  • Well, in the episode "Come Sale Away", Flip did scam the Loud siblings into thinking that his purple car drying rags were Lily's blanket when their looking for Lily's blanket.
  • The episode would be about Flip scamming once again.
    • Indeed this happened in the episode "Intern For The Worse".

There will an episode where it is anime styled kinda like the "Slice Of Life" short.

Lisa's bomb shelter bunker will be used in a later episode.
  • That episode would be a dark one cause they would use it for some kind of natural disaster.
    • Or maybe Lincoln will get so fed up with having to deal with his sisters 24/7 that he'll decide to hide in there to get a break.

The show will eventually have the It's a Wonderful Life based episode.
Instead of Lincoln going on a journey it'll be his sisters as they're shown how things would be of Lincoln wasn't born.
  • Or possibly only one of them.
    • If it's only one sister, it might be Lori or Lola (as they're the type to shout, "I wish you weren't born!" in frustration), or Lisa who might want to know out of scientific curiosity.
  • That might be shown through one of Lisa's inventions or a spell Lucy found.

Since the show takes place in Michigan, there will an episode where they are in Detroit.
  • If it were to happen, maybe it will be about Lincoln being lost in Detroit.
    • Alternatively, Nickelodeon could take some inspiration from Batman (Batman: The Animated Series} and the Batman: Arkham games in particular), SpiderMan and Daredevil stories, with a dose of Arrow and InFamous (Second Son in particular) where Lincoln and Cylde are dressed up as Ace Savvy and One-eyed Jack together to solve lots of problems and crimes happening in the city. They could take also some cues from Second Son where some of the people who are a part of the Promoted Fanboy group who live in parts of Michigan and the city of Detroit. Even celebrities who lived in that City could appear too.

There will be an episode with the theme of Forgiveness.

Post your ideas for episodes with a Special Guest here.
  • Lincoln, Lynn and Ronnie Anne will Team-up with either Bautista or Manny Pacquiao.
  • Devo perform a free concert in Royal Woods for a local charity.
    • Also, all their equipment is labelled "Steritt" like what Luna's amplifier appears to say. Probably Nickelodeon would not want to license the names of musical instrument brands.
    • Plus, Josh "Josh 1" Freese would use hexagon shaped-electronic drums (like the Simmons drums Alan was seen playing when Devo performed "Jerkin' Back 'n Forth" on The Merv Griffin Show) in the episode. Also, we'd see an animated Ibanez Spud Custom.
  • Lincoln becomes obsessed with a in-universe all-girl punk rock band called "Rollercoaster Junction" who has been together since the late 60's and desperately tried (and failed) to update themselves in the '90s, leading to a hilariously bad Dork Age. Their 1993 album, Radical Adventures, was basically a mix between Eurodance and synthrock, had the band dress in Spy Catsuits and had their mascot, Stanley the Boy (Eddie the Head and Booji Boy's freak baby if you could imagine it), revamped from a mutant lizard with a baby's head into a "hip" rapper (voiced by MC Hammer).
  • Luna has a bad experience at a rock concert headlined by AC/DC at the Royal Woods Recreational Center (at the local university where Lisa teaches) and gets hurt and sexually abused. Meanwhile, Royal Woods' local radio station gleefully promotes the concert and the morning zoo crew talk about what a great time they plan to have at the show, but on the morning after the concert, the staff and the band are wrought with guilt upon learning of what happened to Luna and resolve to call for action to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. Then, Luna becomes pregnant and the Louds have to welcome another baby.
  • Lincoln (while dressed up as Ace Savvy) will team-up with either an African-American Kenshiro or a Major Jax Briggs or Luke Cage expy in Detroit, Michigan, complete with either Ogie Banks, Greg Eagles or Carl Weathers voicing him.
    • Speaking of which, Lincoln as Ace Savvy will team-up with Kurtis Stryker, with Diedrich Bader voicing him.
  • Similar to the said Ace Savvy in Detroit episode, Lincoln as Ace Savvy will be friends and get trained with Chun-Li in a future episode (complete with a Role Reprise of Laura Bailey as her), as a Filipino fan of the show aka Emman made some memes featuring her and Lincoln as Ace Savvy (probably as one of the forms of Cross-Promotion to both the Loud House and Street Fighter worldwide).
  • Similar to the idea if Lincoln as Ace Savvy would team-up with an African-American Kenshiro/a Luke Cage or Major Jax Briggs Expy, he will team up with a Deadpool or Johnny Cage Expy (or maybe, a Composite Character expy of both Deadpool and Johnny with bits of Doom Slayer aka Doom Guy), complete with either Nolan North or Andrew Bowen voicing him while he is in Cleveland, Ohio or like in the Luke Cage/Black American Kenshiro /Jax Briggs Expy episode idea, Detroit, Michigan.
  • Jin Kazama and Haruka Amami, (on Haruka"s case, of all people) will appear in an episode that shares many of the same elements with the In the Air Tonight mission (albeit with a Group of Idol Singers instead of a British Musician), though the part of protecting the performers doing the Concert can be intact, featuring a Role Reprise of Brad Swaile as Jin and Cristina Vee as Haruka.
  • Sonic and Post-SGW!Sally will team-up with Lincoln/Ace Savvy, Clyde/One-Eyed Jack and the others, with Roger Craig Smith and Tara Strong as Sonic and Sally.
  • Leon Scott Kennedy, of all people who would be a Special Crossover Guest will team-up with Lincoln as Ace Savvy in Detroit, Michigan (complete with Matthew Mercer as him). While the Resident Evil-verse had elements that would be too much for the younger fans (in which would be rated TV-PG than TV-Y7, due to the downplayed instances of horrifying imagery), it would be cool to see an another Loud House Halloween Episode that's within the Horror Comedy genre.

There will be a episode criticizing the health movement.
An episode attacking the food police for blaming sugar for every problem except global warming and the common cold? Fuck yeah!
  • It might involve Lincoln or Clyde or the parents or somebody getting paranoid that the kids are eating too much sugar, and it might involve a "revolt" to get the candy back.
  • It might have some busybody one-shot character who's blaming sugar for all kinds of things (like Leni being dumb, for instance).

There will be an episode similar to Homerpalooza.
Ronnie-Anne wins a contest to be a roadie for the Hullabalooza traveling music festival, and decides to take the Louds and their friends along. Hilarity Ensues. Plus, there would be special guest appearances by KISS (thus making SMOOCH's existence non-canon), Devo, The Holograms (of whom, along with KISS, would make the episode be more expensive to make than the others because of the licensing issues), The Residents, and others.
  • Also, the episode would feature real guitar, synth, and drum company names, thus making the episode cost even more money to produce.

The April Fools Day episodes will eventually reach a climax when Luan nearly kills one of her family through her pranks.
She pranked Lana with something she's allergic too, so potentially lethal pranks aren't exactly out of the picture.
  • Not on purpose, probably. Lana probably wouldn't have anaphylaxis from the allergy, just a rash. Luan might be extreme on April Fools but she's not a killer.

There will be a episode parodying The Twilight Zone episode "It's A Good Life", with Leni in the role of Anthony.

"No Such Luck" will get a sequel episode that'll serve as karma for Lynn.
  • Maybe someone just as superstitious as her thinks that she's bad luck.

There will be an episode calling out the fanbase.
Particularly with the incest, pedophilia, bad memes, etc.

There will be a cloning machine episode.
The girls will get cloned a bunch of times, and discover what they're like from someone else's point of view.

There will be a Coming-of-Age Story in season 4 finale.
Or at least in season 5. One or more the Loud Kids will face their fear about how Growing Up Sucks, and in Lori's case, it's about not seeing her family as much when she moves to college. The episode will split into two ways:
  • Lori will accept that she will leave her family behind, knowing that they can survive without her.
    • Alternatively, it's Leni, despite their fighting who will miss her. Accepts the job as the new eldest sibling of the house.
    • Sorta confrimed as of Don't You Fore-get About Me Leni has comes to terms that Lori will inevitablly seperated after she graduates but learns that she can still contact her.
  • Lori will pull a I Choose to Stay, and watch her siblings as she attends community college.
    • Jossed.

The Millers will return in a future episode, perhaps with more family members
  • Could make for another good special episode.

     Theories about the characters 

Lisa makes a living as a college professor and the family receives some type of social security.
How else would you expect to support a family of twelve, especially in this economy?! And the Louds clearly aren't wealthy, so they can't do it on their own.
  • Possibly confirmed on the first part in "Cover Girls", where she gives a lecture at a local university.
  • Technically it's a family of thirteen, but I can still believe the theory.

The ages of the Loud siblings...
The seemingly large age gap between Lincoln and his younger sisters implies they were not all born within one year of each other. This is all estimation of course. The only thing we can be sure of is Lisa is four and Lily is a newborn.
  • Lori—18. May not have quite graduated high school, but is at an age where adult problems seem to be real.
  • Leni—17. Seems close to Lori in age.
  • Luna—16. At the height of that teen-girl phase.
  • Luan—15. Hormonal and awkward. Reaching the end of puberty at this phase.
  • Lynn—14. Early adolescent, perhaps not even in high school yet. Hasn't hit the awkward phase like Luan has.
  • Lincoln—10 or 11. Not quite established, but clearly on the young side, appearing much younger than even Lynn.
  • Lucy—9. Appears the closest to Lincoln in age.
  • Lola and Lana—6. Still not old enough to outgrow certain phases. Still playful and loud.
  • Lisa—4. Established in canon.
  • Lily—0. Established in canon.
    • Actually, the production crew confirmed their ages in this photo (you're off by about one for several of them).

At least some of the girls' "given" names are just nicknames.
It's just a little odd to me that, in-universe, every girl in the family was given a four-letter name. And Leni's name doesn't seem like a common name or spelling for a girl's name—it becomes a lot more rational if you assume it's short for Lenore or Milena, or a more common name. Maybe, like how Lincoln becomes Linc sometimes, the girls have longer names and it's just easier to call them by nicknames—"Loren" becomes Lori, "Linda" becomes Lynn, "Lucille" to Lucy, etc.
  • Lynn was named after her father and I doubt his name is "Linda Sr.".

The Louds aren't well-liked by a majority of the town, due to being a family with so many kids.
Demonstrated in "Linc or Swim", when they're ALL kicked out of every public pool just because one of them caused something at each.

Lisa's degree is in biology/medicine.
She engineered her own trash monster, made a skin dye and a hair-growth ointment, and knew exactly what to use as a skin irritant. She seems to be a general scientific prodigy, but her greatest areas of expertise have come from the biological field.
  • Medicine does involve both biology and chemistry and Lisa does both, so she could have a medical degree.

Clyde will get his heart crushed by Lori.
  • But Lincoln will comfort him. Then Clyde will begin to feel attraction to someone else... By which I mean Leni or Luna.
    • Then would he start being rivals with Chaz or Sam instead of Bobby? Plausible-ish, but it hasn't happened yet in spite of being rejected all the time and Lori being with Bobby.

Benny is Maggie's drag king alter-ego
Thus, Luaggie and Luan/Benny are one and the same ship.

Clyde is a straw character, used as a criticism of children raised in nontraditional families.
He's an only child with gay parents, who's been wussified by overprotection and political correctness. He envies Lincoln because he has what he sees as the "ideal" traditional nuclear family, which is the opposite of what he has. It's also why he hits on Lori because he wants to marry into a "perfect" family like the Louds.
  • Is the guy who wrote this theory a right-wing or center-right type?
  • Most of the show's crew is supportive of "non-traditional" families so it would not make sense to create a character meant to mock or criticize them, and this also implies that Clyde doesn't actually love his parents, which is simply untrue.

Lincoln is trans or at least genderfluid.
If he just crossdressed once for the quick gag in "A Novel Idea", I would think nothing of it. This becomes suspect in "Cover Girls" where it is revealed he keeps a trunk full of his sisters' clothes under his bead and roleplays as each of them. Possibly being raised in a family full of women has made him feel more like one.
  • You should probably rewatch the episode because he clearly states that he covers for them.
    • That doesn't necessarily mean he couldn't enjoy it in other ways as well.
    • On the other hand, maybe LYNN is the transgender one - after all, her hand-me-down to Lincoln was a jockstrap, which a girl wouldn't need, and it's not exactly common for girls to be called "Junior".
      • Lynn is a jock, and her jockstrap was most likely just used for laughs. She is called junior because she takes her name from her father. Last, but not least, being transgender doesn't always mean going male to female. Have you ever considered that she is female to male, but has not transitioned yet?
  • He calls himself a boy in the intro, though. He also can't be a trans boy because "Not a Loud" reveals that they knew he was a boy since he was born. He's also always been a bit Crazy-Prepared.

If Leni gets a love interest, he'll be named George.
You know, as a reference to Of Mice & Men. He'll also be smarter compared to her, just like George Milton in the novel.
  • She does have a love interest named Chaz, but there's no stopping her from having another one.

Lori will go to college.
It will be the same one where Lisa teaches.
  • She'll move into a dorm or a sorority, but she'll miss her family and move back home.

Lori and Bobby will have a child.
  • The show has broken norms of a kids show before. This time, Lori and Bobby will be teenage parents, a not-so-uncommon circumstance in modern America. This will happen over several episodes or even a season beginning with the shock of the pregnancy.

Lynn is a Trickster Mentor to Lincoln.
  • In the episode "Space Invader", Lynn had no qualms about how Lincoln retaliated against her for everything she did to him. Well, okay, that AND because she thought those things made him a good roommate. Why does Lynn keep bullying Lincoln? Because she's trying to toughen him up in preparation for the outside world. Of course, this begs the question of just how and when it'll all backfire...
    • Lincoln has ten sisters, of whom any given two act like Polar Opposite Twins. Not to mention he's aware of the monetary issues and massive workload that go along with it. He's probably more prepared for the real world than most adults. Lynn's a massive hothead, and I can totally believe she thinks Lincoln needs her help though. -woggs123
    • Well, the bullying behavior was revealed in "Middle Men" to be a defense mechanism.

Lisa has autism or some other form of mental disability.
  • She is a child prodigy who has already graduated from college with a PhD. It's likely she has savant syndrome, a condition in which a person demonstrates extraordinary abilities that's far in excess of what would be considered normal, and the overwhelming majority of people with it are autistic or have some other form of mental disability.
    • If she's meant to be on the autistic spectrum, then I'd put her as having Asperger Syndrome, as she certainly fits the "Little Professor" stereotype. I also object to her having a mental disability, as she's proven to be extremely capable in most fields, even if she needs to work on social skills.

Somewhat related to the above, Leni also has autism. And then there will be an episode addressing both of them.
  • Leni has more of the negative stereotypes of autism like absent-mindedness, being Literal-Minded, and forgetful. But she's not THAT dumb, having a great knowledge of clothing design and even a knack for carpentry. In a future episode, the parents may tell a story of how Leni and Lisa both have autism but in different ways. Leni may have had regressive autism, where she developed normally up to a point then just became her present self. And Lisa had it right away, and even though she is smart, she was viewed as reclusive and anti-social. Both have the same condition but express it in different ways.
    • I greatly object to the idea of such labels as "negative" or "regressive". Both sisters are capable of functioning and have a great support group in the form of their large family. If Leni had a more precise diagnosis, it would probably be High-Functioning, PDD-NOS or even also Asperger Syndrome (but again, expressed differently from Lisa's).
  • I think it's possible for Lisa, but I don't see Leni as being autistic; she's very outgoing and comfortable in social situations. I think any of the traits she displays with autism are coincidental and nothing more than the Dumb Blonde stereotype.
    • People can be autistic and social, though.

Lola is the anti-Christ.
Let's face it, she's fucking insane.
  • Mr. Loud would have to be Satan in order for Lola to be the anti-Christ and he clearly is not.

Lucy is adopted.
  • The reason it could be Lucy cause if you notice, she seems to be always depressed and surrounds herself with darkness. Also, so far you haven't seen her eyes and shows resemblances to neither her siblings nor her parents (or she could have just dyed her hair).
    • Being gloomy doesn't have anything to do with being adopted. She also looks like Great-Aunt Harriet.
  • Also, if you notice in the first part of the theme song where Lincoln is rushing to the bathroom trying to dodge all his sisters, you see that all the sisters are their main colors, but Lincoln's skin and clothes colors are normal, but if you look at Lucy, she has her normal colors just like Lincoln has his normal colors.

Lincoln is a reincarnation of a female sibling who died prior to the show.
  • In "Potty Mouth", Rita mentions being pregnant with Lori and puts emphasis on "with Lori", implying Lori was her first pregnancy. Also, the teens are one year between births. However, it is possible that the dead female sibling is one of the older sisters' twin...

The Lincoln lookalike seen in "Cereal Offender" is Carol Pingry's little brother.
Just for the humor of both Lincoln and Lori having members of the same family as a Sitcom Archnemesis (admittedly maybe one-sided in Lori's case).
  • Alternatively, maybe he's the brother of the girl from "Not a Loud" who looks like Lori.

Lincoln secretly suffers from depression and/or feels like he's The Load to his family.
Given all the stress and pain he goes through with his sisters, along with several episodes like "Making the Case" showing that Lincoln doesn't feel like he has accomplished much, it's a possibility.
  • The first is unlikely because the most prominent symptom of depression is not finding anything interesting, and when he geeks out, it seems very sincere.

The Loud Parents never had safe sex.
  • It would explain a lot, to be honest.

Lisa, Lana, and/or Leni put their skills to use in fixing up the screw-ups done by Lincoln and others, addressing the apparent Negative Continuity.
Remember how the Loud kids destroyed Vanzilla in their battle over the Sweet spot? Lisa, Lana, and maybe Leni could have worked to fix it up, maybe even as a punishment for how they acted. Lisa might even have invented time travel and so use whatever device she has to rewind time whenever an episode (as an incident or action) gets out of hand.
  • Lisa is a child prodigy and Lana can fix cars, so it's plausible that they fixed Vanzilla. It wouldn't be a very good punishment for Lana, though, as she enjoys fixing cars, so if she did fix it, she probably did it because she wanted to.

There will be an episode about Loud children meeting Distaff Counterparts of themselves.
The episode would be about the Loud children meeting another family where there will be ten boys and one girl.

There will be an episode where Lincoln runs away from home.
  • Maybe it'll start off with either Lincoln getting fed up with his sister's antics after getting mistreated in someway or just feels like they don't need him.
    • Or it could be an example of Poor Communication Kills with the siblings having a heart-to-heart about the issue after they find Lincoln again.
      • Alternatively, maybe using some elements from SpiderManFarFromHome as the inspiration from Lincoln goes on a Trip from Royal Woods to other parts of America, like Detroit and Cleveland.
  • Or this will be the focus of the movie.

The reason that Mr. and Ms. Loud's faces being shown is now a permanent thing is because of popular demand by fans.
  • Cause let's be honest, we all wanted to see their faces.

Aside from Lincoln, the reason Lori had the most episodes so far of the siblings is because she is a easy character for the writers to write.
  • Lori's character is actually an easy trope to create.

One of the Loud sisters younger than Lori in a future episode will be revealed to have a secret crush on Clyde.
  • The most likely candidates would be either Leni (because she lives in the same room as Lori, and discusses most of the same things as her), Luan (because Clyde actually finds her jokes funny) or Lynn (because her age is the closest to Clyde's age).
  • Probably not Lisa, Lily, or the twins as they're way younger than him, although Lisa and the twins did crush on Hugh, so you never know.

Lori will move out in the series finale.
  • Around the same time, Rita finds out she's pregnant again.
      • Will the spinoff be about Lori in her new home or about the Louds with this extra sibling and no Lori?
      • Yes

Lily isn't Rita and Lynn Sr.'s daughter.
  • Her real mother is either Lori or Leni, and the Loud parents adopted her to raise as her mother's sister so Lori/Leni wouldn't have to give up her normal life and would still be able to be around and love her daughter.
    • If her mother is Lori, then her father might be Bobby, and if it's Leni, he might be Chaz.

Lori is polyamorous.
Like eight of her sisters and her dad, she fell head-over-heels for Hugh, despite the fact she and Bobby are in a relationship. She doesn't get called out on it, and nobody even brought it up as strange. This means two things. One, she's a Karma Houdini cheater, or B, she's polyamorous and falling in love with more than one person is just how she rolls.
  • Maybe Lynn Sr. is too because he chased after Hugh. I guess that would also make him bisexual like Luna. Then again, he did seem more interested in Hugh's culture than his body.

Lincoln is a patriotic, stand-up boy who is trying to stop the other Louds from tarnishing their family's long-held culture.
He only acts like his sisters are all weird, because the show is really Loudian propaganda. The show is produced by the military of Loudia who want to destroy Royal Woods for its vast resources and female slaves. You have been brainwashed by this show, and you must break out of it!

Ronnie Anne bullies Lincoln because she is exposed to child labor outside of school.
She is jealous of Lincoln for having the fun and healthy childhood she never has.
  • Her family seem nice enough, though.

Lucy is an Irken.
She was really sent to Earth by the Almighty Tallest to beat Zim at taking over Earth. She has a convincing human disguise and was taken in by a Catholic family with tons of kids that she brainwashed the main parents of. Edwin is a cleverly disguised SIR. She never reveals her eyes because her hair is her PAK. If her eyes are revealed in a future episode, it is for no more than ten minutes because she would die if she did not have her PAK left untouched for that long.
  • I doubt the Louds are Catholic as only Lana has been seen praying.

The Loud parents are wizards.

  • This explains why they don't care more when the house is destroyed. A simple "Reparo!" and everything is back to normal.
  • Lucy is a real witch and will get a letter from Ilvermony or Hogwarts when she turns 11.

Either one of the parents or both of them also came from a large family.
  • And when (if) Lincoln and/or any of his other siblings have kids, they'll just make the bloodline even more crowded.

Lincoln's talent is in art, and he will grow up to be a comic creator.
  • Chris Savino has stated that he based much of Lincoln on himself as a kid, so it stands to reason that Lincoln will eventually be revealed to have similar talent. He also showed a talent for this in "Pulp Friction" when he drew and wrote a comic book good enough to win a contest.

Mr. Santiago and Maria are going through a nasty divorce.
This is why the Santiagos moved out, though Maria didn't inform Bobby and Ronnie Anne to avoid stressing them out. The reason they moved was because custody of the kids and the house was not yet settled, and Maria needed contingency plans. A future episode will have Mr. Santiago win custody of the kids and the house, and see Bobby and Ronnie Anne move back to Royal Woods. The episode will be a Bittersweet Ending because Bobby and Ronnie Anne won't see their mother much anymore, but at least they're back in Royal Woods with Lincoln and Lori, and Ronnie Anne has learned to be more open with her feelings. Also, they kinda need Bobby around in order to give Clyde more funny moments.

Lori will sacrifice her life to save her younger siblings from the Big Bad and/or his henchmen.
  • But the theme song mentions that there are ten girls and the show doesn't even have a Big Bad.

Lori is a weeaboo.
Because why not?

Lola is dyslexic.
In "Read Aloud", she is the only Loud sibling who has problem reading, to the point she doesn't even want to read. While it could be justified by her being very young, Lana, who is the same age as her and Lisa and Lily, who are both younger than her and are in an age where most children can't read ( to be fair, Lisa is a Child Prodigy ) are completely fine. Maybe she knows that she is dyslectic and it's making her feel insecure.
  • Lily can't read words. Numbers yes (as seen in "Any Given Sundae"), words no.

Sam is going to assume that Lincoln sent her the letter.
Maybe Lincoln and Sam already know each other, even if they are just acquaintances and do not meet each other that often. So, Sam is going to assume that Lincoln has a Precocious Crush on her, since he is the only guy in the family besides Lynn Sr and Luna will find out that it's much harder to admit how you feel in real life, so she will go along with Sam's idea for a while.

"Leni" is a nickname.
Her full name is "Magdalena". Everybody uses "Leni" because she can't remember it.

With Ronnie Anne out of the picture with her new spinoff, Lincoln's new love interest will be...
Girl Jordan. This ship is blowing up on DeviantArt.

Lynn got her personality from Pop-Pop.
  • Personalities aren't genetic.

Sexual orientations of the pets:
Charles, Cliff, and Walt were attracted to Hugh, but not Geo. Maybe Charles, Cliff, and Walt are gay or bi and Walt is straight or ace.

Luan was born on April Fool's Day.
It perfectly complements her funny persona. It also explains why she's so over-the-top on that day: She wants to celebrate her birthday doing no other than what she loves most: pranking people, and crank it Up to Eleven. The only reason why none of the family wishes her a happy birthday in either of the three April Fool's episodes is because they know how malicious Luan is on this day and can't bring themselves to do it. The reason why Luan doesn't age in either of the episodes either is due to the Floating Timeline of the series.

Luan's horrific prank-a-thons on each April Fool's Day were just nightmares that Lincoln or another family member had.
Because the writers know how sweet and Innocently Insensitive Luan is and they just wanted to toy with the audience's emotions by refusing to reveal their non-canonicity. However, if that's not the case...
  • Makes sense, because that explains why multiple April Foolses passed and no-one aged.

Luan's Freudian Excuses for her behavior on April Fool's Day.
If the previous WMG is not true, then I suspect that either one of the following theories supports Luan's ruthless sociopathy on the holiday.

  • Sometime during her childhood, Luan was mercilessly bullied by her schoolmates what with her dorky appearance and childlike personality, and her tormentors were out of her reach either as a result of them Playing the Victim Card, her being too much of an Extreme Doormat to stand up for herself, or the incompetence of school faculty in most cartoons (which is sadly sometimes Truth in Television), which fatally lead to HER getting in trouble instead! During this unfortunate period, her family held the Idiot Ball and took her school's side of the situation; her parents might have used some abusive discipline methods to her and were in denial of their maltreatment...leading Luan to form a monstrous alter-ego of herself to get revenge on the world for pushing her around! All with the courtesy of her favorite holiday.
    • On a side note, Luan's period of getting bullied may not have occurred in her childhood, but rather when she entered teenage or even recently in the show's timeline. In "April Fool's Rules", Lincoln mentions the many years of Luan's prank-a-thons, cue a montage of her playing ridiculous pranks on her family, and in said montage she appears no younger than she is today as a 14-year-old. It makes even more sense that she'd be an easy target for bullies in the present day as - judging by her youthful appearance, boisterous, fun-loving, optimistic personality, and squeaky voice - Luan either has a case of delayed puberty or is a Naïve Newcomer to it and is in an awkward phase. However, the Older Than They Look case isn't exclusive to Luan, as Lynn and to a lesser extent Luna also have it.
  • Bullying towards the three Older Than They Look sisters may very well run in the family, as "Middle Men" tells Lynn's story of being bullied in middle school and her using a rough demeanor to survive it, giving her herself a Freudian Excuse, so Luan might have it just as bad. Same goes for Luna, as her lack of breasts, freckles, and bisexual status may very well make her too a target for bullies.
Lincoln and Clyde will grow up to become Mr. Black and Mr. White
  • Both pairs have similar appearances and are Heterosexual Life-Partners. Perhaps their spy names were names that took to hide their true identities?

Clyde is hyper-cautious because his dads raised him to be.
They're hyper-cautious too, so it's natural they'd raise their son to be like that. The "therapist on speed dial" part might have been set up by his dads too, just in case he might need a therapist and Clyde, due to his skittishness, sometimes thinks he needs the therapist when in reality, he's psychologically fine, just a bit jittery.

Lola will become an Alpha Bitch when she starts high school.
Seeing how temperamental and condescending her personality is currently, it only makes sense.

Lana will grow up to become an animal rights activist.
Because why not?

The scientists Lisa danced with were clones.
In "The Mad Scientist", Lisa sings a song about how much she likes the laboratory and at one point, she is dancing with several scientists who all look the same. Notably, the sequence was not one of those trippy cartoon song sequences; it all looked like it was going on in the "real world", so the answer to why they looked the same can't be "it's a song". Therefore, those scientists were either all very closely related (maybe brothers or maybe cousins) or they were clones and the latter is possible because they're cartoon scientists.

"Scoots" was Margo.
In "Racing Hearts", the winners appear to be two old women named Scoots and Helen. However, "Helen" turns out to be Lynn Jr., who was in disguise because she'd been banned from the event, leaving the question of who "Scoots" was. It's possible that, since they're friends and have similar interests, "Scoots" was actually Margo.
  • Never mind, Scoots is an actual character. Just hadn't seen her before.

Rita and/or Lynn Sr. has a rivalry with a woman named Marie.
Apparently, they always use "Marie" as a middle name when the one they're talking to is in trouble. Why else would they use "Marie" in such a negative way?

Carlos Sr. is on the autistic spectrum.
His habit of spouting off random trivia may be a sign of that.

A guess as to who slept where in the past.
Because "Not a Loud" reveals that as a baby, Lincoln had his own room. Here's my guess as to who slept where in the past.
  • Lori, Luan, and Lynn always slept in their original rooms. Leni initially slept in what's now Lisa and Lily's room, and Luna in what's now the twins' room.
  • When Lincoln was born, Leni's room was given to him and Leni moved in with Lori.
  • When Lucy was born she simply moved in with Lynn.
  • When the twins were born, Rita and Lynn Sr. wanted them to share a room for efficiency, so Luna moved in with Luan and her old room was given to the twins.
  • When Lisa was born, she moved in with Lincoln.
  • When Lily was born, they thought three was too many people to share a room, so they said, "Someone has to sleep in the linen closet." Lincoln volunteered, which is why he sleeps in the linen closet and why Lily bunks with Lisa.

Clyde's biological parents were abusive/neglectful
This would explain three things: one, why he was put up for adoption/put in foster care in the first place (most likely CPS took him away); two, why his dads are so overprotective of him (they just don't want him to be hurt again); and three, why he has to attend therapy. It is probable that he suffered through some very significant traumatic events while living with his bio parents that he still has not completely gotten over. In "Out of the Picture," Clyde even mentions to Coach P that he has been in therapy for nine years, which means he started out when he was TWO. His past abuse/neglect might have also played a role in establishing his overall skittery personality.

She's secretly smarter than Leni, and is also a Russian spy who uses her stupidity to hide the fact that she's very smart.

Lincoln IS blood related, but...
He's also actually the son of his grandpa, which would explain why he looks so much like him and why his name isn't thematic with the rest of his siblings. The reason why Lincoln parents officially took him in is because his grandpa feared that he wouldn't survive to look after his son and be there for him, and his parents have been trying many times because Rita is hot as fu- I-I mean uh... His parents wanted to have a son very badly, which was why they had so many kids and all ended up female. They saw this as a good opportunity to raise a son, even if they didn't birth him. They plan to tell him the truth when he's older.

     Theories about the show itself 

The Louds live in a cartoon.
  • The world they live in is very much like a Tex Avery cartoon. They are able to do wild takes, be squished flat, break the laws of reality, etc. No one is aware of this however expect for Lily Loud, who is actually the creator.
    • If you say that no one is aware of this, then how come Clyde can talk to the audience?

The show is actually a reality show.
In the vein of the ten different "How can that mother even walk after so many kids?" shows you can find on any given day. Your call as to the kids' actual personalities: Are they played up for the camera (Lori playing the aggressively dominant sister of the family seen with almost constantly using her smartphone and relationship with Bobby, Leni deliberately pretending to be painfully stupid, irrational, or ditsy while her true intelligence from her real self had to be kept from ruining the show, Luan being forced to make bad jokes when being seen or heard, Lana being told to act like she's enjoying gross stuff, Lynn making almost everything a sport, Lucy concealing her eyes, being involved with funerals, without being nervous, Lola acting vain, and talks and gets involved in being the beauty queen, Lisa saying complex things a four year old shouldn't have known, but her family respectfully stayed quiet to clarify herself), or does The Loud House stand out because the kids really are that weird and talented? This could also explain why Lincoln breaks the fourth wall in every episode by talking to the audience.
  • Also, their name is a Shout-Out (or possibly unintended similarity) to the already existing but different Loud family, who were featured on the 1970s PBS show "An American Family", which is considered to the predecessor to modern reality shows.
  • It holds some water as of "Tattler's Tale", in which Lola breaks the fourth wall in a similar fashion.
  • Maybe when Lincoln's talking to the fourth wall, he's really talking to the camera crew or other off-camera assistants, but their voices and Lincoln's responses to questions and stuff from the crew are edited out before broadcast for some reason. (Union requirements?)

The Loud House is either a staged show or a play, and the characters are not really related (except maybe the twins).
It would make sense cause Lincoln "Breaks The Fourth Wall" often, but the other siblings have done it.

The Louds are a real family and Royal Woods, Michigan really exists.
Like SpongeBob, the government hides the truth under the name "Nickelodeon". Chris Savino discovered the Louds and Royal Woods after taking a wrong turn near Detroit. So the government took him and told him to hide the secret. Then Chris reimagined the city and created a kids show.

Everything is actually a story that Lincoln's two moms are telling him while he's in the hospital.
His moms would make hand puppets and bring them when they come to visit him. Then they'd use the puppets to act out stories. The reasons why Luna once said that Ms. DiMartino was smoking hot and why some fans of the show ship Luna and Luan? They're Lincoln's moms- even when they're pretending to be a wannabe rockstar and a comedian respectively, they still love each other. The reason why Lucy's hair droops over her face and covers her eyes? Her mothers goofed up while making the Lucy hand puppet and just shrugged it off. Why does everyone in Royal Woods thinks a black kid with interracial gay parents is normal? They're wanting to show that everyone, regardless of gender, can have kids. Why was Lynn's hand-me-down to Lincoln a jock-strap? Lynn was created as a male-to-female transgender character. Lincoln could be in the hospital as a result of a incident involving Vanzilla, like how one of them stood on it and got hit by a branch.

     Misc Ideas 

The only reason why the Loud parents weren't genderswapped in "One of the Boys" was because they were in a universe where only the sisters (and their love interests such as Bobby) were genderswapped.
  • Following this episode, the majority of the fandom believed of the opposite of this guess, as seen on most fanfictions. However, in the episode, it was hinted that Ronnie Anne may also not be genderswapped. So, it is possible that in the next genderswap episode (if it ever get made), every characters in the show will be genderswapped, including the parents.
  • Wasn't Clyde genderswapped?

The Loud family is a mini orphanage.
The other theory I had about the family is that "The Loud House" could just be a mini orphanage of some kind. Or the Louds just decided to take in some kids who didn't have homes. After Lincoln, the age gaps are a little strange and makes me suggest they aren't from the Louds, but other families.
  • Rita mentions being pregnant with Lori in "Potty Mouth" (putting emphasis on "with Lori"), and she and Lynn Sr. mention her giving birth to Lincoln in "Not a Loud".

Later on in the series, the Loud family will have another child.
It will be a boy like Lincoln, and he'll probably be named Larry.

  • Or Luke, to go with the 4 letter name theme.

  • Or Landon, to go with Lincoln's longer name, creating a name theme for the Loud boys.

  • Or Laura, or Levi, or Leah, or Lacy, or Leon, or Luis.
    • Or maybe they will have cousins that will begin with L.
  • Then the theme song will have to be changed to "two boys and ten girls", or possibly if it's a Laura, Leah, or Lacy, "one boy and eleven girls".

  • Maybe Rita will give birth to another boy in the final ep

The series will eventually get a superhero show spinoff, which closely mirrors this. [1]
  • It might be about Ace Savvy.

Chris Savino grew up watching Just the Ten of Us and decided to make an animated version of it
  • With emphasis on the sisters clearly outnumbering the sole son.

The Louds are Catholic.
Justifies having all those kids.
  • Or maybe Evangelicals
    • Both denominations have similar rules about the family.
  • Or maybe they are Mormons.
    • They'd probably have some problems with Lucy occasionally attempting dark magic then.
  • Or they belong to the Quiverfull Movement.
    • Or they were, but they left due to the controversies and scandals associated with it (i.e. The Duggars, accusations of child abuse and death) which is probably why the parents don't homeschool them or give them strict discipline.
  • Or maybe they are Pastafarians.
    • They are training their children to work in beer factories and as strippers then.
  • Or maybe they are LaVeyan Satanists.
    • They have no problem with Lucy occasionally attempting dark magic then.
  • Or they are SubGenii.
    • The Loud kids are wanting to include dropping out of school into the Church of the SubGenius' slack method of repenting.
  • Or maybe they are Traditionalist Catholics.
    • They'd probably have some problems with some of their older kids being bisexual, pansexual, and homosexual.
      • One of them's bisexual. None of them are homosexual except possibly Lily but she's definitely not one of their older kids. One of them could be pansexual but we don't know.
      • Luna does have a crush on her female friend Sam.

The show will have out of continuity anthologies like The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episodes (although, maybe a bit toned down when put with ToH).
The show makers possibly already planted the seeds for this with the comic strip where the Louds get imagined as superheroes (which will get an animated version). Seeing an opportunity to explore other settings, genres, and even different sides to the characters, they'll go all the way and do full anthology episodes that aren't in continuity with the "real" Loud House. Possible episodes are:
  • If they do a horror-themed anthology, the style of the show is perfect to do a recreation of the EC Comics' style (Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, The Haunt of Fear, etc). Maybe even Lucy could take the role of the Horror Host.

Season 2 will have some sort of story arc and a minor continuity.
  • Chris Savino did mention that season 2 will have episodes that are in the point of view of the sisters rather than Lincoln.
    • Some episodes may even focus on the parents at some point.
    • Getting episodes that follow the sisters instead of Lincoln (if only to a point) has already happened considering "A Fair To Remember". Also, "House Music" in a way was more from Luna's perspective.

If Cristina makes any more appearances on the show, she'll be voiced by Cristina Pucelli (Luan's voice actress).
That way she'll be The Danza.

The Gender-Flipped universe in "One Of The Boys" will be seen again later in the series.
Most likely Once a Season, similarly to the "Fionna and Cake" segments in Adventure Time.
  • They might be Lincoln's recurring dreams or him writing stories.

The Loud House takes place in the same universe as: Hey Arnold, Invader Zim, The Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, The Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron and SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • It would explain the fact that in the episode "Linc or Swim", the elderly people looked similar to their counterparts.
  • Possible. Seeing as Danny Phantom is confirmed to be set in Michigan like Loud House and Invader Zim also is speculated to be set there.

If The Loud House becomes super successful, it will be a show that will never end just like how SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly Oddparents are.
  • Nick would pay Chris Savino a large sum and still work on it kinda like how Butch Hartman is still working on The Fairly Oddparents.
    • That is when the show will start to become lackluster.
  • Also, considering the fact The Loud House has surpassed SpongeBob in ratings.
    • Nickelodeon even confirmed a season 3 despite season 1 not being finished and with season 2 on the horizon.

If the show gets a fourth season it'll feature locations outside of Royal Woods.
  • Maybe, since the show was greenlit for a fourth season.
  • Maybe they'll travel overseas for a trip.

The episodes that feature Clyde's gay dads will be censored out in later reruns.
Considering the backlash it got from the "One Million Moms" organization.
  • What backlash? Only a few hundred people at most complained about Clyde's dads, compared to the support they received from many others, so this will never happen unless somehow depictions of same-sex people in the media (or in children-oriented series) are banned.

The Loud House will change their animation and it will be animated by Rough Draft Studios instead of Jam Filled Entertainment.
  • Kinda like how Star vs The Forces of Evil changed animation to Rough Draft Studios in season 1 episode 8 and beyond.

Chris Savino will agree to making The Loud House endless like SpongeBob SquarePants if Nickelodeon pays him hefty.
  • But it won't be so easy.

Rita Loud will be pregnant again and it will be another boy.
  • Would make for an interesting plot.
  • Or maybe someone just thinks she is. Hey, maybe they'd make an episode based on the "bun in the oven" gag from "Ties That Bind".
  • Then, would the theme song be "two boys and ten girls"?
  • Unlikely, as the Loud parents mention in "Any Given Sundae" that Lily is their last baby. If Rita DOES get pregnant again, it would be unplanned. (You'd assume her and Lynn Sr. would be using protection after Lily's birth, though, considering they decided that eleven kids was enough.)

Disney will buy The Loud House from Nick just like how they bought Doug.
  • Impossible. Disney was able to produce more Doug episodes because the series' contract allowed for it in case Nick made less than 65 episodes, which the network certainly has never allowed again and never will.

Clyde's dads WILL decide to have another baby.
  • Clyde told them he was ready and would love to be a big brother, and his dads smiled at each other, perhaps thinking about indeed adopting another child.
    • Or they already have an adoption/surrogate waiting for them, and the new kitten and baby talk was just a way to get Clyde to start thinking about the idea.

Luan's puppet Mr. Coconuts is sentient.
It seems somewhat obvious in the show, given some of his movements. To be fair, they could also just be Luan manipulating him.

Clyde's female counterpart in "One of the Boys" is named Claire and she's the daughter of a lesbian couple—Howard's female counterpart is named either Hope or Holly and Harold's counterpart is named Harriet.
  • To go with that idea, maybe Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti are tomcat brothers and named after male Egyptian pharos.

Hugh from "Study Muffin" will get together with Carol Pingrey from "Picture Perfect".
  • But Carol is in Lori's class and Hugh is a twenty-something.
    • 17 is legal age in Michigan, or at least Hugh can wait until Carol turns 18.

The Loud family are Time Lords.
  • Because every WMG must include Doctor Who
    • This is the cause of Lincoln's white hair. He was born while one of the parents were in a regeneration with white hair, same with Lucy if her black hair turns out to be her real hair color. She was also born during a regeneration where one parent had black hair (and very pale skin). Lisa is Time Lord Lori's daughter, Lily is Time Lord Leni's daughter, and Lori and the other kids are actually much older than they look.
    • The Doctor is the only Time Lord, though. I'm pretty sure there ain't thirteen Doctors.
      • Oops, forgot about the Master. I guess it might be possible.

The Loud House is maybe the reason The Fairly Odd Parents was moved to Nicktoons.
  • It's possible because Nicktoons stopped advertising new episodes.

If it becomes popular enough, The Loud House will get an anime/manga adaptation.

The real gender flipped versions of the Loud sisters will have more distinct personalities.
One of the main complaints about "One of the Boys" is that all the Loud brothers are basically male versions of Lynn in regards to how they act and treat Lincoln. However, one must not forget that that episode was entirely a dream Lincoln had, so that was just how he imagined the brothers to be. Should they appear again in a future episode, it's possible we get to see how the brothers are in reality; with much more distinct personalities just like the Loud sisters.

Disney will file a lawsuit against Nickelodeon, saying that this show is a direct copy of Stuck in the Middle.
The courts will side with Nick, and Stuck in the Middle will be cancelled without warning.

"Ties That Bind" had it's script based off the Muppet Babies episode "Eight Take-Away One Equals Panic".
The writers for the episode won an auction for a box of original Muppet Babies scripts on eBay, and hand picked one to re-write for the series.

Post your ideas for merchandise here.
If The Loud House becomes super successful, it will sell more merchandise than you can think of, and probably beat KISS in the ridiculous merchandise ideas department. I'll start and also contribute to this.

  • SiriusXM The Loud House: A freeform radio station themed after the show on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 116 (former frequency of the now-defunct Kids Stuff station) that would give Kids Place Live a run for it's money.
    • It could have audio-only versions of the episodes.
      • In addition to audio-only versions of the episodes, it would have fan-selected music, and tracks from other Nickelodeon shows.
  • Loud Condoms: A line of The Loud House-themed condoms, produced by Ansell, in varieties such as "Annoying Sister Protection," "Booger Lubricated," and "Luan's Tickler". Luan's Tickler would, of course, be a French Tickler.
  • The Loud House Casket: A custom-made coffin emblazoned with imagery of the characters, sold for $1,456.00, and for the TV offer, $19.99. We can expect Mick Jagger to be requested to be buried in one if he discovers this show (and Mick Swagger).
    • Maybe it'd have a picture of Lucy on it.
  • The Loud House Visa Platinum Rewards Card: Redneck Bank (that deep south-themed online bank) would offer a The Loud House Platinum VISA card. According to the promotional material, cardholders "receive monthly updates, news and inside gossip straight from the show's cast and crew at Nickelodeon Studios in Hollywood.
  • The Loud House AM/FM transistor radio: Made by Memorex, this radio, made to fit in a pocket, comes with The Loud House imagery.
  • The Loud House BIC Lighters: A set of 12 BIC lighters, with Lincoln, Lily, Lisa, Lola, Lana, Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, Lori, Lynn, Sr., and Rita pictured on them.
  • The Loud House Cookbook.
  • A Map of both Royal Woods and Great Lakes City, but drawn in the style of Grand Theft Auto V with some innovations.
  • The Loud House Funko Pop/Nendoroid Figurines: Imagine how adorable it would be to collect all 11 of the Louds children plus extra characters in chibi form?
  • This troper thinks it would also be cute if they had a cross-promotion with Family Mart just like Miku did.
    • The Loud House cafe exhibit in Japan? scratch that, maybe an entire cafe exhibit based on the Nicktoons as a whole.
  • The Loud Diner: A diner in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire (a village district, census-designated place, and beach resort in the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, United States) themed after the show, selling The Loud House-brand burgers, french fries, hot dogs, coffee, cookies, and blocks of tofu, along with toys and other products.
    • If any dish had peas in it, it might have "Did you say, 'peas'?" in the title.
  • The Loud House Toilet Paper: Sold at Hot Topic and made with a mixture of memory foam, Tyvek, foam and oak, and comes tubeless.
  • The New England Louds: Just like the now-defunct L.A. KISS, an Arena Football League team, based in Worcester, Massachusetts and playing at the DCU Center, after Worcester's two other arena football teams went bust, the Massachusetts Marauders shutting down in 1994, and the New England Surge going bust in 2008.
  • The Montreal Nickelodeon: A Major League Baseball team in Montreal, playing at Olympic Stadium and with Lincoln Loud as their mascot.
  • A cross promotion with the 2017 model of the Nokia 3310 (if it ever gets a release in North America or in countries without 2G networks). The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is gonna have a field day with this.
  • I got one: Yamaha instruments inspired by Luna!
  • An animatronic Lily doll that pees.
  • A talking Lisa doll that you ask science questions to and she answers, like an encyclopedia.
  • Talking dolls that say quotes from the show.
  • Plushies of the pets.
  • A LEGO Loud House theme. If Universal can have a Voltron set while Despicable Me is with Mega Bloks, then Paramount and Nick could do the same with the Loud House while SpongeBob is licensed with Mattel.
  • A toy Vanzilla.

The Louds' neighborhood is a ghetto and their true purpose in life is recognized by the The Church of the SubGenius.
Let's face it tropers - Everyone in Royal Woods hates the Louds for having way too many kids. The only ones who recognize the Louds' purpose in life are the members of The Church of the SubGenius, who believe the Louds' grandparents helped "Bob" discover and fight against the C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.
  • A ghetto would be a weird place to have science equipment floating around, though.

Soon, the series will change animation studios and it will be animated by Klasky Csupo instead of Jam Filled Entertainment.
Klasky Csupo's animation for RoboSplaat! is pretty good, so why can't the series take on some K-C flair?

The entire series is set in Detroit.
Lincoln is a 25 year old high Detroit orphan, who's so high he thinks his sisters and his parents are still alive. Leni is an autistic girl who Lincoln regularly has sex with and believes she is his deceased older sister because he's so high. Lily is a stray cat who a high Lincoln thinks is his deceased baby sister, and Lucy's pet bats are rolls of paper in which he snorts various drugs with. Bobby is a Child Protective Services employee who is always wanting to go after Lincoln.

The show will eventually get a video game.
When it happens it'll be a Spiritual Successor to Battle for Bikini Bottom or Tak and the Power of Juju.

The show will become one of the longest-running TV series ever.
Breaking the 65-episode limit would be awesome.
  • Well, each season has 26 episodes, and the confirmation of a 4th season confirms this.

If the series gets cancelled, the show's rapidly-growing fanbase will take to the streets in protest.
After this, Nickelodeon will renew the series for even more seasons.

There will be a spin-off similar to Astrology with Squidward
It could be called Luan's Zodiac, and during different times of the year, Luan will explain the different parts of the zodiac. Most of the zodiac symbols that will be represented in the shorts, however, will be just crudely designed versions of the main characters (like Lincoln as Sagittarius and Lucy as Taurus), although Luna, Rita, and Leni could be represented in their normal designs.

Lynn was responsible for the chip in Lincoln's tooth.
She was the one who brought up this memory in "The Whole Picture" after all. It probably was just an accident, nothing serious, but she caused it in some way.
  • Seeing as she loves sports, maybe she was playing ball and the ball hit him in the tooth.

At some point in the series, almost half the cast will be replaced.
Maybe after episode 65, this will happen. Here's my theory:

At the end of the series, there will be a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
My idea:
  • Lori had a vision and abandoned being an average girly-girl to become a T.V. preacher for the Church of the Tropes. Outside her work as a preacher, she grew up to become the loving mother of a happy, functional family.
    • Church of the Tropes? Is that some sort of cult for writers?
  • Leni finally broke out of her ditzy behaviour and followed her dreams to become being known across the world as a international fashion designer. She also has become a big star in spaghetti westerns.
  • Luna briefly worked as a backup guitarist for SL/BC (the show’s own version of AC/DC) and is now the backup bassist for Spinal Tap and a roadie for Jem and the Holograms. When she’s not working with her favourite bands, Luna likes to work with her girlfriend Sam as the world-famous duo Evergreen.
  • Luan became a legendary comedian through her stand-up specials. Plus, she continued entertaining children with her birthday party planning corporation Funny Business Inc., and is currently working in Los Angeles as a Hollywood comedy-related movie consultant.
  • Lynn continues enjoying herself through his love of sports, eventually became a ultra-fast runner and a member of the USA Olympic Games team.
  • Lucy went out of her Gothic phase and moved to the United Kingdom. While there, she became a building contractor by joining a building company. She is also a poet in her spare time.
    • I don't think her goth behavior is a phase as she's had it her whole life.
  • Lana became a BASCAR driver, won the Daytona 500, and is still racing towards victory lane by continuing to be a racecar driver. Technically speaking, Lana has jobs outside of his racing career, as she has managed a casino in Las Vegas and worked for the famous chocolate maker Hershey’s.
  • Lola won many beauty pageants over the years and got her biggest milestone ever by finally winning the Miss Cute’N’Mean pageant. From that day on, she managed to win beauty pageants around the world.
  • Lisa continued his life as a young prodigy by making huge discoveries over the next 2 decades. Right now, she works as a NASA scientist.
  • Lily packed her things and relocated herself to Japan, where she is now a "pretty solider" with pink hair. As well as working with Sailor Moon to save the world from the evil that threatens it, she also works as a movie theatre employee.
  • Rita finally finished her own novel and it became a success with the book industry, granting her the chance to turn it into a best-selling muti-book series. She now lives in a retirement home in Switzerland, living a life of luxury while working on her latest books.
  • Lynn Sr. gained Alzheimer's at the age of 41, distracting himself away from his family and friends. One day, he just wandered off for no real reason and the residents of Royal Woods thought they have seen the last of him, but they were wrong. It turned out that Lynn Sr. had bigger plans in mind, as he finally got the change to become Vice President of the United States. So many elections and a landslide victory later, he took a gamble and succeeded, getting a job as a constitutional officer in the legislative branch of the federal government. From time to time, he like to visit his old hometown Royal Woods with Clyde.
  • Speaking of Clyde, his love for politics lead him to become president of the United States. From that day forward, he won many elections and went up against Vill Colton, defeating him and granting him the title of the head of state and head of government. Today, Clyde relies on his mission of making America great again, working alongside Lynn Sr. to achieve that goal.
  • But what about the rest? Howard and Harold McBride now work as roadies for a touring production of Cats, Zach fell in love and married a Emergency Alert System encoder/decoder repairwoman, Bobby took his own life to the next level by becoming a professional wrestlier, and the rest of Royal Woods did many great things around the world.
  • And that’s not all... Since her move to the city, Ronnie Anne abandoned being a bully and became apart of the Casagrandes. Currently, she is working in the fast food industry.
  • And of course, saving the best for last is none other than Lincoln Loud. He would go on to create a TV series based on his childhood called the Loud House. He has also taken over as the writer for the Ace Savvy comics after the original creator died.

At some point later on, the show will change animation studios from Jam-Filled Entertainment to another studio.
Possible studios:
  • Spümtwø
  • Klasky-Csupo
  • Hong Ying Animation
  • Rough Draft Studios

There will be a Time Skip show of The Loud House intended for adults.
  • It would be called The Loud House: Louder Adult Edition, and would have a TV-MA rating.
    • No offense but Ren & Stimpy's spin-off prevented to make more mature themed Spin-offs happening.

Alternatively to the above, maybe a Time Skip Sequel Series similar to Star Trek: The Next Generation but still aimed at all ages
  • However, it will tackle many problems we had in real life.

Like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, later seasons will be given alternative titles.
  • One season will be called "The Loud House: Smokin' Vera's Utensils" (or The Loud House: SVU). The next will be called "Loud Something You Know Whatever". The next will be called "The Loud TV Show Show". The next will be called "The Loud House Forever". The next will be called "The Loud House Revival Colon TV Show for 11-14 Year Old Children and Their Parents". The SVU season would mark the voice cast switch explained in another theory.

Funimation, Arsenio Hall Communications, Bang Zoom and MTV Production Development will join in on show production later on.
Just guessing.

The sexualities of the Loud siblings:
  • Lily - None (come on, she's a baby!) (It'd take time till Lily figures out her own sexuality anyway.)
  • Lisa - Asexual or heterosexual
  • Lola and Lana - Both are heterosexual (or maybe one of them is bisexual)
  • Lucy - Heterosexual
  • Lincoln - Heterosexual
  • Lynn - Either heterosexual or bisexual (Is also either trans or non-binary)
  • Luan - Lesbian or bisexual
  • Luna - Bisexual (Confirmed in "L is for Love")
  • Leni - Pansexual or most likely heterosexual
  • Lori - Heterosexual

    • All of them are either bisexual or heterosexual (except for Lily who is asexual, and Lynn if she is actually a transgender boy), and it’s almost impossible that out of 11 people, none are heterosexual.
    • There's no way Luan could be a lesbian after she shared her first kiss with her male crush Benny in "Stage Plight" and her crush on Hugh from "Study Muffin". That aside, she hasn't done anything so far that implies she's also attracted to girls...yet

Luna's guitar is cobbled together from different guitars.
The body looks like two Gibson Flying V bodies that have been sawed in half and glued together and the neck looks like it came off a Crucianelli Spazial with the Spazial logo taken off.

Later on the series, the characters will grow up.
  • Lily is now 9 and voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Lisa is now 12 and voiced by Donna Christie.
  • Lana is now 14 and voiced by Alex Mothersbaugh (daughter of Bob Mothersbaugh of Music/Devo)
  • Lola is now 14 as well and voiced by Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (probably credited as Alaska Thunderfvck 5000 in the credits for censorship reasons).
  • Lucy is now 16 and voiced by Mark Mothersbaugh.
  • Lincoln is now 19 and voiced by Drake Bell.
  • Lynn is now 21 and voiced by Nancy Lenehan.
  • Luan is now 22 and voiced by Cristina Pucelli.
  • Luna is now 23 and voiced by Courtney Love.
  • Leni is now 24 and voiced by Daran Norris.
  • Lori is now 25 and voiced by Nika Futterman.
    • Word of God has confirmed that Season 5 will age up the characters, however only by a year rather than putting them in their 20s like you speculated.

NauticalPudding, JumpAroundJumpJump, BunnyAbsentia, CoyoteRom, CruellaDeVil84, and eagc7 will all get jobs as storyboard artists for the show.
Promoted Fanboy is the trope for this WMG, everybody!

Soon, the series will begin with a disclaimer because of things such as Clyde's dads, MaggiexLuan (which has yet to be canon), and Lucy's use of dark magic.
It'll go along the lines of: "The Loud House features kids, teens, adults, and manchildren who are all nuts and were completely made up by this ex-Spümcø animator from Michigan that we hardly even know. This show might not be suitable for members of the Christian right and the ninnies and the twits. Viewer discretion is not advised at all. Seriously, just roll the darn show already!"

If the show gets another Crossover it will be with another animated series.
It has to be a Nickelodeon franchise.

There will be a live show tour just like Blue's Clues had.
Actors and actresses dressed as the Louds and other characters and singing songs from the show? That would be awesome! Here's the venues the tour could stop at:
  • Radio City Music Hall (New York City, New York, United States)
  • Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts (Worcester, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Orpheum Theatre (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
  • The Music Hall (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States)
  • Blue Cross Arena (Rochester, New York, United States)
  • Ford's Theatre (Washington, D.C., United States)
  • Dunkin' Donuts Center (Providence, Rhode Island, United States)
  • New England Sports Center (Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Wallace Civic Center (Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Massey Hall (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Orpheum (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Centennial Concert Hall (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
  • Akron Civic Theatre (Akron, Ohio, United States)
  • Chicago Theatre (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
  • Smoky Mountain Community Theatre (Bryson City, North Carolina, United States)
  • Broadway Performance Hall (Seattle, Washington, United States)
  • Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Boondall, Queensland, Australia)
  • WIN Entertainment Centre (Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia)
  • Qudos Bank Arena (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
  • Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, Japan) (Also a Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros." treatment)
  • Araneta Colliseum (Quezon City, the Philippines) (The show is already popular in the Philippines so why not?
    • And maybe, additional places in Manila, Paranaque, Makati and other cities in the Philippines too.
  • The O2 Arena (London, England)
  • The SSE Hydro (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • AccorHotels Arena (Paris, France)
  • Mexico City Arena (Mexico City, Mexico)

The reason the writers and Chris Savino had Ronnie Anne and her family move away cause they might make a spin-off or miniseries around them.
  • I mean, why else would they make an entire special dedicated to The Santiago's moving away. Maybe Chris Savino will be like the new Butch Hartman by creating a bunch of new cartoons.
    • Confirmed. A spin-off called Los Casagrandes will center on them, though with the current Loud House showrunner Michael Rubiner, as executive producer there.

THQ Nordic and Heavy Iron Studios will make a game.
  • With these many characters, the possibilities are endless.

The movie will have a 16+ rating in Russia if they include Clyde's dads.
  • Kinda like how The 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie got a 16+ rating cause of the gay subplot.

"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" was made in order to prove the audience that the show has coherent continuity.
  • Makes sense cause some fans complained that the show had negative continuity.

The rest of the Louds will be revealed to be bisexual as well.
Because why not?

All the Loud family have mental disorders.
  • Lori: OCD
  • Leni: Learning Disorder
  • Luna: Musical Disorder
    • That's a thing?
  • Luan: ADHD
  • Lynn: PD (Personality Disorder)
  • Lincoln: Schizophrenia
  • Lucy: Depression
  • Lana: Eating Disorder
    • Obviously not anorexia or bulimia, though.
    • Pica, most likely? This would explain her odd (to say the least) choices of food/snacks
  • Lola: Narcissism
  • Lisa: Asperger
  • Lily is the only one without a mental disorder.

The wig Lisa uses to hide her post-nuclear-accident baldness came from the trunk from "Cover Girls".
The trunk has disguises for all Loud siblings, including wigs.

The 11 sisters are all in Lincoln's head and he is just hallucinating them and he is an only child.
The episode Cover Girls might be an example.
  • Well, "Friend or Faux?" shows Lisa at daycare and her teacher and Darcy can see her there but Lincoln isn't there.
  • And there are only ten sisters.

Lincoln will be a playable character in the next Nicktoons Unite game.
I mean why not?

"L Is For Love" was made to give a middle finger to Loudcest and Loudcest shippers.
Just think about it: All of the Loud children now have a love interest; this was probably done to destroy the Loudest shippers' wish of one or more of the siblings hooking up with one another.

If there is ever a 12th Loud Sibling, their signature colour will be some sort of yellow.
Assuming Lana is a few minutes younger than Lola, this means that the three youngest Loud's colours match up with the three oldest ones. Lori and Lana have shades of blue, Leni and Lisa have shades of green, and Luna and Lily have shades of purple. Following this pattern, a theoretical 12th Loud will be represented by a shade of yellow, just like Luan.
  • Lana's the fourth youngest sibling as Lola's younger than her.

Potential villains for the series.
  • Quentin Quiet: an Evil Counterpart to Lincoln, voiced by Finn Wolfhard
    • Alternatively, Draton Dangerous, a powerful, Evil Counterpart of Lincoln who is very powerful just like Broly, Doomsday and Venom who is a heel Wrestler with great Strength just like Brock Lesnar. Voiced by Sean Schemmel as a nod to Goku Black. Or maybe Steven Blum.
  • Gareth Gustavison: a Smug Snake who is a Stalker with a Crush to Mrs Loud, voiced by Tom Kenny
  • The Dispilator: a mercenary-like character, voiced by John Di Maggio
  • Ringmaster: a character who could serve as Luan's arch-enemy, voiced by Mark Hamill
  • Dr. Goblinius: an evil scientist, voiced by Ron Perlman.

Grant Palmer and (possibly) Sean Ryan Fox (the original voice actors of Lincoln) will return to voice antagonists later in the series.
If we look back at previous Nicktoons such as "Hey Arnold!" and "Rocket Power", former voice actors of the main characters usually end up returning to the show voicing bullies after undergoing puberty. They may do the same with Palmer and Fox by having them voice bullies to Lincoln.
  • While he didn't voice an antagonist, Grant Palmer did voice a character in the season 2 finale.

Before they had 11 kids, at least one of the parents was extremely rich.
Now they are simply a middle class family, but that happens when you have to support 11 kids. They were able to afford room for all 11 of them (Okay, Lincoln's room is just a closet, but, counting Lynn Sr's and Rita's room, the house has six bedrooms! Seven, if you count Lincoln's "room"!), five pets and they are still ABLE to support them (sure, Lisa is helping, but still).
  • They actually have 15 pets if you count Lana's flea Brad.

There'll be a sequel/spinoff called the Loud Clan
Perhaps centering on the children of either Lincoln & Ronnie Anne, Lori & Bobby or maybe both.

Ensemble Darkhorse characters like Maggie will return in Season 3.
Word of God confirmed that not only will Sam return, but her returning was thanks to the fond reception she has. This opens the window to the return of other fan favorite bit characters like Carol Pingrey, Lincoln's dates in "Dance, Dance Resolution", or even the genderbent Louds.

Lincoln will have a near death experience in Season 3.
  • And that might make him paranoid about whatever nearly made him die.

All Loud kids except Lincoln are adopted.
When it comes to The Loud House and adoption, everyone immediately points at Lincoln as the one most likely not related to the Louds. But what if it where actually the other way around? That Lincoln is Rita and Lynn Sr.'s only biological child and the girls are all foster children they adopted over the years because they had trouble getting children of their own (Lincoln being the only successful attempt, and after many tries). It would better explain the huge differences in their personalities, plus it makes it easier to believe the five oldest Loud girls are all so close in age.
  • Rita does mention being pregnant with Lori in "Potty Mouth".

The Louds will eventually deal with their evil counterparts from another dimension.
It would be similar to the fanfic Loud House Super.
  • With Lisa and Lucy wandering around, that could be possible.

Luna will join Sam's band.
It will be a Musical Episode, of course. And Sam's bandmates will all have unisex names.

The Yates kids are all Stepford Smilers.
They seem perfect and cheerful, but in reality, they've been essentially scared into doing this behavior by their parents, who have physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically abused their kids and molded them into being perfect in every way so that when they grow up, they can get high-paying jobs and the parents can mooch off of them.

The Louds are Not Allowed to Grow Up because of time travel.
Lisa could easily have invented a time travel device.

Lynn, Luan, and Luna each have varying degrees of delayed puberty.

Think about it:

  • In general - Despite being in their teens, none of them have breasts. However, they seem to be in the stage of hormonal development, as Luan and Lynn are revealed to have individual crushes in "L is for Love" as well as on Hugh in "Study Muffin" (although, to be fair, the prepubescent siblings—Lisa, Lana, Lola, and Lucy—did too). Luna not only crushed on Hugh, but also has a same-sex crush named Sam. Not to mention, Luan and Luna are responsible enough to be babysitters as revealed in "Sitting Bull".
  • Lynn - Let's see, she's very short for her age; shorter than her 11-year-old brother and around the same size as her 8-year-old sister Lucy. To boot, she has Youthful Freckles, exhibits bad sportsmanship, is academically unintelligent according to Lincoln and Lisa (although she becomes good at math in "Future Tense"), and throws tantrums when things don't go her way. She also rides on a shopping cart and knocks shelves down in the process in "Cereal Offender". Lastly, her immaturity is a driving point on the story in "Sitting Bull", where her older siblings are reluctant to hire her as the fifth babysitter due to her immature behavior; she's seen playing in the yard with her younger twin sisters, Lana and Lola.
  • Luan - She wears braces, which portray her as being in that awkward state of development. In terms of personality, she is the second-most immature teenage sister behind Lynn, as Luan has an enthusiasm for pulling pranks on others, puns, clowns, her novelty toys (most notably her ventriloquist Mr. Coconuts), entertainment acts, and in general is unwilling to get involved with serious situations and seeks fun wherever she goes. Furthermore, Luan's immaturity is a driving point on the story of "Garage Banned", where, after Lori demands privacy between her and Bobby, her siblings get out of her hair only for Luan to come back into her room and mock Bobby using Mr. Coconuts. Lastly, she has a high-pitched, somewhat-prepubescent voice and acts as an entertainer for children's birthday parties. However, she isn't as naïve as she seems, as she is an expert in plotting pranks to the most unsuspecting of victims and can outwit literally anyone on April Fool's Day. Plus, unlike Lynn, she looks tall enough to pass for her age.
  • Luna - She has Youthful Freckles like Lynn. However, aside from that trait and having no breasts, I think she's probably the most developed of the three, as she knows about and is a member of the LGBT community, has the most mature voice, and is as tall as an average 15-year-old.

There will be a live-action episode or TV movie.
Much like The Fairly OddParents did in 2011, maybe TLH will go down a similar route and make an episode entirely consisting of live action. It could be about Lincoln entering an alternate dimension that causes him to see the world more realistically.
  • CONFIRMED! Though the plot will be a Christmas Episode, apparently centered around him and Clyde intentionally sabotaging his sisters' plans to keep them all at home for the holidays.

The events of "Anti Social" are set before Lynn Sr. got his IT job.
After all, how could someone who works with computers for a living be so anti-technology?

In-universe, in the "Germ Squirmish" game, Luna and Luan are writing the score and the game over messages respectively.
Nobody knows where all the Louds besides Lincoln and Lisa are, but maybe Luna and Luan are doing that, wherever they are. After all, when you're running out of time, the score has rock-and-roll type guitar, and many of the Game Over messages are puns ("You're snot looking so good", etc).

The theme song will change slightly
Specifically the "1 boy, 10 girls" part as, as of the season 5 premiere, Lori is officially living in a college dorm, bringing the number of sisters in the household down to 9.
  • Building off on this, Lori will be excised out of most of the title sequence. The scene of her fighting with Leni over a sweater is replaced with Leni talking on the phone (like in the "No way, that's totes cray-cray" scene in "No Guts No Glori"). Lori's portrait will still be visible when Lincoln slides down the banister, and when the siblings all gather on the couch, Leni will have Lori on videochat (thus keeping "One boy, ten girls"). Since Lily is now consistently wearing clothes and is far more talkative than before, her appearance in the theme song will also match her new design, and when she toddles past the title, she will say, "Loud House!" instead of "Poo-poo!"
    • So far jossed; the first episodes to air after "Schooled" still use the original theme song.

Chandler Took a Level in Jerkass in season 5 because of his Ron the Death Eater status in the fandom
Chandler started out as a jerk, but not an actual bully, back in season 1. The fandom however instantly gave him the Ron the Death Eater treatment, and practically any fanfic in which Chandler appeared would depict him as a bully for Lincoln. The writers most likely caught on to this, and when their attempt to pull a Took a Level in Kindness in "Jeers for Fears" failed, they shrugged and just made Chandler into the bully the fans already believed him to be.


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