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Just For Fun / The Loud House Musical Episode

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Here's where we shall come up with ideas for a Musical Episode of The Loud House.

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  • He sings to the fourth wall instead of talking to it. He then segues into a synth-rock ballad about his family, complete with him grabbing a Fender Stratocaster lookalike guitar and shredding.
  • He sings a remix of the theme.
  • A song about Ace Savvy (possibly with Clyde joining in.)

  • She sings a song about her life as a teen. Probably a bubblegum pop song.
    • Possible verses include one about her phone and one about Bobby.

  • A parody of a Mick Jagger song with the man himself (or Mick Swagger) singing with her. Given that she loves rock and roll, this is a given.
  • An inspirational song about how someone "rocks".

  • She sings her version of "Talk to the Animals" from Doctor Dolittle (1967).

  • Ray Davies (from The Kinks) sings a new version of his classic "Lola" (further fueling the show and its fanbases' accusations of pedophilia!)
    • Davies returns in a later holiday episode and the kids all sing "Father Christmas".
  • She sings a song about getting her own way.
  • She sings a parody of "Food, Glorious Food" about her favorite food.

     Rita and/or Lynn Sr. 
  • Both sing a song about how it's tough to parent eleven kids, but neither of them would have it another way.

  • A love song about Lori.

  • A verbose patter song about one or all of her experiments.
  • She gets a visit from a colleague who is an astrophysicist from England with weird looking hair, only to discover that he is Brian May from Queen and gets into a song battle with Luna about science and roll n roll belonging together.


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