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  • While the scene (from an emotional standpoint) is devastating, one cannot deny that Leo and Raph's fight on the rooftop is perhaps THE Moment of Awesome of the film. After over twenty years of existence, we finally get to see a no holds barred fight between the two brothers, one that at first seems to be a draw before Raph manages to break Leo's blades and come a hair's breadth from killing him. While the fight itself is arguably the emotional climax of the film, the look on Raph's face and Nolan North's performance manage to make it a truly devastating, yet still awesome, fight.
    • Another one; Leo was owning Raph before The Reveal of Raph being the Nightwatcher, completely devastating him in the fistfight, it was only after Raphael's helmet was knocked off did Raph manage to even up with Leonardo, which means... Leo was holding back. And, in an actual fight to the death (as shown in the ScrewAttack video), Leo would've won.
      • It may have been that, or it may have been Raph's switch from his Rule of Cool chains to his sai, the weapons he's trained with his entire life, that let him even it out.
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    • The animation crew at Imagi studios really deserve major credit for that sequence, the expressions as noted were incredible; especially when Raph realizes that he may have actually done the deed coupled with Leo's own harsh look of "See? this is why you're not ready," as Raph's sai is in his face.
  • Mikey showing off his boarding skills in the sewer. He's always been known for his love of skateboarding, but here we see what he can really do.
  • During the Final Battle, Leo gets knocked into a weapons display case. Cue him showing up later, covered in weapons.
  • The courtyard battle scene, where much ass is kicked.


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