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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
BoJack Hates the Troops
  • BoJack is forced to apologize to Neal McBeal the Navy SEAL (for taking his muffins after Neal called "dibs" on them) on a reality TV show, and he resents being forced to apologize for something so asinine, so he does it in a very sarcastic manner:
    BoJack: You're a hero, the troops are all heroes, every single one.
    BoJack: And I don't believe saying that cheapens the word and disrespects those we mean to honor by turning real people into political pawns.
    BoJack: Also, I am NOT deeply ambivalent about a seemingly mandated celebration of our military by a nation that claims to value peace, telling our children that violence is never the answer, while refusing to hold our own government to the same standard.
    BoJack: Furthermore I do not find it unbelievably appropriate that this conversation is taking place on reality television, a genre which thrives on chopping the complexities of our era into easily digestible chunks of empty catchphrases.

Prickly Muffin

  • The Reason You Suck speech Sarah Lynn delivers to BoJack in response to his moping. It may be harsh, but it's justified.
    Sarah Lynn: Oh, you 'know what I'm going through'? Why? Because you were on some dumb kids' show a million years ago? I had my own fashion line when I was ten. By twenty, I was packing stadiums. I get letters every day from boys telling me that I was the first girl they masturbated to. Literally, someone tells me that every day! [...] You sit up here in your little house and feel sorry for yourself? Ugh, guess what, BoJay: in order to be a has-been, you actually have to have, y'know, BEEN!

Live Fast, Diane Nguyen

  • For those who don't have a great family background, BoJack's blunt speech about how "family is a sinkhole" is a really cathartic moment. BoJack's pretty awesome in general when he gets right to the point.
    BoJack: Look, take it from someone who's had his own shitty parents. Family is a sinkhole. And you were right to get out when you had the chance.
    Diane: The stupid thing is that, even now, I just want them to be proud of me and think I did good. Is that really stupid?
    BoJack: Yep.
    Diane: No it isn't!
    BoJack: Yeah! It is! You want those guys to be proud of you?
    Diane: I guess I was just hoping to get some modicum of closure.
    BoJack: Closure is a made up thing by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets! It's like true love, and the Munich Olympics! It doesn't exist in the real world, and the only thing to do now is to keep living forward!
    Diane: Yeah but every time I come back here-
    BoJack: So don't come back here! What's great about Los Angeles is that nobody cares about where you're from or who you are. It's a superficial town where you can worry about stupid shit like keeping your pool clean or what artisanal nuts to put on your salad!
    Diane: I do like salad.
    BoJack: Oh, it's the best! Why do you think people keep moving there?

Say Anything

  • Princess Carolyn's whole Machiavellian scheme to usurp Vanessa Gekko, get Cate Blanchett back as a client, and get BoJack a new movie to star in.
  • Vanessa Gekko even gets her own when she effortlessly deflects an attempt to blackmail Bojack by pointing out that the blackmailers were taking photographs on private property without a permit, and that their attempt at extortion will end with them in prison for four years at a minimum, and to top it off, casually threatens to have them take the fall for the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Horse Majeure

  • You have to admire Vincent for attempting to pull off the Totem Pole Trench in this day and age, if only for the guts to try it himself/themselves. What's really impressive is that - despite Bojack seeing right through it - everyone else falls for it. Now he has a relationship with Princess Carolyn, a talented Hollywoo agent.
  • Todd figures out through some Insane Troll Logic that BoJack sabotaged his rock opera, having recognized Margo Martindale as the woman behind them at the convenience store. This revelation was long in coming.
  • Related to this, Todd feels guilty about how BoJack is using him to spy on Mr. Peanutbutter, who has been nice to him and confided in him about wedding jitters. When the horse arrives late to the wedding after jury duty, Todd gives him a quiet "The Reason You Suck" Speech, pointing out that Diane has made her choice. He says that a good friend doesn't sabotage or meddle in others' lives.

    Season 2 
  • Mr. Peanutbutter heroically charging into the burning theme park and fighting through the flames to rescue Todd. The cheesy pop-ballad "Every Dog has his Dog-gone Day" being played by the park's DJ (as the park is engulfed in flames) adds to the cheesy-awesome factor. He even gets in a hero pose and a badass one-liner
    Todd: Mr Peanutbutter! You saved me!
    Mr Peanutbutter: No. I saved US!

After the Party

Let's Find Out

  • Mr. Peanutbutter finally lashing out at BoJack for all the abuse he's sent his way over the years. On live television no less!
  • BoJack sticking it to Daniel Radcliffe live on the air.

Escape From L.A.

  • Charlotte's reaction to BoJack almost sleeping with her daughter. She immediately steps in to seperate Penny from BoJack, and orders her former friend to leave her property in the most chilling fashion:
    BoJack: Charlotte, I am so sorry—
    Charlotte: (interrupts) Don't. Don't you dare. If you are not out of my driveway in thirty minutes, I will call the police. And if you ever try to contact me or my family again, I will fucking kill you.

Out To Sea

  • Princess Carolyn pulling the trigger on a Chekhov's Gun when she finds out that Rutabaga hadn't actually gone through the divorce, and told her that he's really her best option at 40 years old, despite his being married. This prompts her to dump him as a partner both romantically and in their business, as he'd filed everything in her name to avoid his wife's divorce lawyers.

    Season 3 
BoJack Kills
  • While it did lead to a heartbreakingly serious conversation between Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter, the very fact that she and BoJack managed to, inadvertently, uncover a drug operation by BoJack's old co-star.
    • In the same episode, when Mr. Peanutbutter gets himself and Todd covered in skunk stink, spreading the stink and later tomato sauce around the house, and setting the lawn on fire, Princess Carolyn manages to fix every single problem before Diane gets home.

Fish Out Of Water

  • BoJack and the baby seahorse going through an area where the only light source is emitted from plant-life after being struck, making for some Visual Effects of Awesome in the process.
    • The whole episode has BoJack of all people going into Papa Wolf Mode several times when danger comes near the baby seahorse.
    • This article explains how the episode came about and ended up becoming one of the (if not the) most memorable episodes in the show's history.

Brrap Brrap Pew Pew

  • Just the way how the topics of babies and abortions were handled in. It wasn't demonized and/or glorified — it was just a choice for women. Wanting to or not to abort your child is a choice, and whichever one you choose doesn't define who you are.
    • And in the same vein, the creators also gave well-deserved Take That! shots at either how some abortion clinics have a habit of guilting/shaming women into not having one and how men tried to make decision regarding abortion despite abortion being a woman's issue.

Stop the Presses

Old Acquaintance

  • When Princess Carolyn's agency starts collapsing and Gekko paired with Rutabaga are just in as much trouble as she is. In order to keep their agency afloat, the Evil Duo set up Kelsey as a unwitting Decoy Damsel for Bojack to work with. Then, Rutabaga finds a letter of pleading from PC to Mr. Witherspoon about Laura's possible promotion, with her suggesting Laura should not be promoted since she is a great assistant. Unfortunately, he can't be there to talk to Laura, so Gekko does it for him. Once PC's agency temporarily disappears, it's implied they absorb the remaining clients VIM once held.

Best Thing That Ever Happened

  • Princess Carolyn laying the smackdown on BoJack in the ninth episode after he inadvertently tells her that he doesn't actually respect her opinion.

It's You

  • After spending most of the series having BoJack treat him like a Butt-Monkey, Todd gives an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to BoJack, after finding out he slept with Emily, Todd's love interest.
    You can't keep doing this! You can't keep doing shitty things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it OK. You need to be better! *BoJack tries to apologize* No! No. BoJack just... stop. You are all the things that are wrong with you. It's not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you in your career, or when you were a kid. It's you, alright? It's you.

That's Too Much, Man!

  • Sarah Lynn expressing deep architectural knowledge even though she never went to college. Maybe that's what she's always looking up on her phone...

That Went Well

  • Mr. Peanubutter using the entire Chekhov's Armoury he's amassed during the season to save an underwater city during the twelfth episode. This includes a fleet of cabs, their stripper orca chauffeurs, and spaghetti strainers. Lots and lots of spaghetti strainers.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Spaghetti or not, here I come.
  • Todd coming out to Emily as asexual was both this and Heartwarming for the LGBTQ fans, who were definitely surprised as he is one of the first canonically ace characters on a TV series. Especially when Emily responds that she's still ok with him.
    • The show goes on to handle his asexuality exceptionally well in S4, even going so far as to show that yes, many aces still form relationships and marriage and there is a distinction between aces and aromantic people.

    Season 4 
The Old Sugarman Place
  • BoJack deciding to destroy the Sugarman summer home. It's heartbreaking, but the flashbacks and his own time there show that nothing good is in that house anymore. He refuses to allow this place to continue to be a monument to his own sadness and to his mother's traumatic childhood. He even says that he won't wallow in self-pity any longer, finally starting to grow as a person.

Hooray! Todd Episode!

  • The normally Butt-Monkey Todd proves to be an ace in this episode:
    • Here's some dialogue from the lion clarinetist (marvelously voiced by Keith David) who mentions an epic-sounding Offscreen Moment of Awesome by Todd.
      Lion: His name is Todd Chávez. And he's the most giving man the world has ever known. He saved my pregnant daughter from drowning in a shipwreck, then he delivered her baby while they rode on a piece of driftwood. And then he circumcised her baby while they both hung from the ladder of the rescue helicopter. Of course, before he did, Todd Chavez explained that circumcision has somewhat fallen out of vogue. They had a spirited but respectful debate, and by the end my daughter decided that since we are of Jewish heritage, the boy might like to have the option to become religious if he so chooses.
    • When it seems like all of the tasks Todd is given is overwhelming him, he manages to get the DNA results for Hollyhock about BoJack by tricking Diane, successfully pretend to be Courtney Portnoy's boyfriend, and even have his Iconic Outfit become an instant fashion trend.

Commence Fracking

  • Diane sending in her inflammatory article about her husband without a hint of fear on her face (all while he's standing over her, no less), then getting the best lay of her life from him.

Thoughts and Prayers

  • Courtney Portnoy pulling a pistol on an obnoxious jerk who wouldn't take Diane's no for an answer.
  • Diane's article on how she finally feels safe by carrying around a gun and encouraging other women to do the same as men have no idea what it's like to have to deal with people constantly coming onto them and being in fear of their lives just walking down the street.
  • BoJack to Beatrice, or at least how he imagines he's going to say it: "Fuck you, mom!"

Stupid Piece of Sh*t

  • BoJack finally getting to dish out a little cruelty on his abusive mother by stealing her doll, which she's shown more love and affection for in a day than she ever did for him in his entire life, and throwing it over his balcony. Easily the most cathartic moment in a show that deliberately avoids catharsis.

The Judge

  • Beatrice, a 79-year-old senile woman, doing 47 push-ups without even breathing hard when BoJack couldn't even do one.

loving that cali lifestyle!

  • Todd and his clown dentists getting Princess Carolyn to her meeting with Turtletaub. Aside from their convoluted nonsensical plans, they actually perfectly succeed. The plan is insane and mix clown training with taking PC to the meeting in the most convolutedly unnecessary way possible.
  • Diane managing to destroy Jessica Biel's campaign by revealing on Girl Croosh that she hates avocado.
  • When Bojack discovers that Beatrice hurt Hollyhock by spiking her coffee with weight loss pills, he finally snaps at her and dumps her into a really ratty retirement home. After all the things she did to Bojack, she definitely had it coming.

Time's Arrow

  • Beatrice breaking the Horseman's generational trauma by making Henrietta give up the baby Hollyhock for adoption.
    Beatrice: You think you want this, but you don't. Not like this.
    Henrietta: Mrs. Horseman—
    Beatrice: (pounds the table) Don't throw away your dreams for this child, don't let that man poison your life the way he did mine. You are going to finish your schooling, and become a nurse, you'll meet a man, a good man, and you'll have a family, but please believe me, you don't want this.
    Henrietta: Huh...?
    Beatrice: Please, Henrietta. You have to believe me. Please... (tearing up) don't do what I did.
  • BoJack breaking the cycle of abuse, which is a near-impossible task in real life, by deciding not to curse out Beatirce and instead end their toxic relationship on as positive note as they can.

What Time Is It Right Now?

  • BoJack's Character Development shines in this episode after his "Eureka!" Moment, going all over LA and then to San Francisco to find Hollyhock's adoption papers. Coupled with his flying out to Wichita to deliver it in-person and saying that he just wants her to have it, even if her dads lie about where they got it from, shows that he's leaps and bounds beyond the "stupid piece of shit" his Inner Monologue calls him.
    • The fact that, in doing the single most selfless thing he's ever done in his life, he finally gets closure.
  • Todd turning his failed clown business in a exercise motivation routine by throwing people in the woods with frightening rabid clown dentists and forcing them to run, starting a new successful business.

    Season 5 
The Amelia Earhart Story
  • Sadie gives Princess Caroline a low-key "Reason You Suck" Speech at the end of her visit, pointing out that everything P.C. had done during her stay there was part of a sales pitch to get the baby.

Free Churro

  • This entire episode is 22 solid minutes of BoJack eulogizing his mother at her funeral. While it's also a Tear Jerker, the entire speech maintaining itself for an entire episode, with no interruptions after the opening credits, is incredible to watch.
    • The episode also shows Will Arnett's acting talent. All of the dialogue in the episode is done by him, and he flips between tragic and comedic repeatedly throughout the eulogy. Helping this is the animators' attention to detail, as they effectively convey BoJack's mood through subtle shifts in his expression that mirror Arnett's delivery.
      • Actually, credit should be given to everyone who worked on the episode. The writing, acting, and animation is all top notch, making for perhaps the best episode of the season.


  • While Diane inserting the tape's dialogue into the script was both tasteless and tactless, one has to admire her storming into Flip's office after his latest nervous breakdown was holding up filming for days. She practically walks over his prone body, sits at the typewriter, and finally delivers some pages that the actors can film. Her fingers are flying over the typewriter. Flip gives a Glad I Thought of It Backhanded Compliment that "we're doing this" but you can see his eyes following her dialogue and he's impressed.
  • In a moment of character development, Todd apologizes to Princess Carolyn for his bad attitude and having a feud over string cheese. He says he'll start paying rent since he owes her that much at least, and he'll give her the office she desires.

Head in the Clouds

  • It turns out Diane's writing is what saved Philbert. At the premiere, it gets a standing ovation. While Diane feels guilty about this, and questions if she made things worse by making "Philbert" more relatable and not showing him as a deconstruction of toxic masculinity, it shows how talented she is.
  • The triumphant return of Character Actress Margo Martindale, presumed dead at the end of Season 3. And they actually brought Martindale in just to mumble incoherently and then say "BoJack."
  • Diane calling BoJack out for all the terrible things he's done throughout the series. She's come a long way from the quiet, socially-awkward woman she was back in Season 1.

The Showstopper

  • Mr. Peanutbutter stepping up and being the first to restrain a psychotic BoJack to stop him from strangling Gina as Flip callously orders the cameras to keep rolling, and the crew photographs it on their phones. After trying and failing to change himself in an earlier episode to prove that he can be a "tough guy", he shows real toughness and courage by being his usual kind self and restraining BoJack.

The Stopped Show

  • Gina calling out BoJack on him assaulting her, while also reminding him that she doesn't intend to let his actions ruin her only chance of getting her career off the ground.
    Gina: I don't want you to be the most notable thing that ever happened to me. I don't want you to be the question I get asked in interviews for the rest of my life.

    Season 6 
  • The opening sequence of this season. Instead of the usual trek through BoJack's day with the blank expression on his face, it starts with the horse in his youth in front of a vanity mirror and takes us through every major event in the show. BoJack's facial expressions convey story perfectly and the intro could almost work as a recap for everything we've seen so far.

A Horse Walks into a Rehab

  • We see BoJack struggle dearly in rehab at the beginning of this episode, barely even trying to succeed at the various therapeutic activities...until he notices Sarah Lynn's photo on the bulletin board of selfies. This convinces him to try harder, resulting in him becoming one of the biggest success stories of the center.

Feel-Good Story

The Kidney Stays in the Picture

  • The assistants of Hollywoo go on strike after spending far too much time being treated like garbage, and the whole town falls apart. This is especially awesome when you consider the successful unionization of the show's animators that happened during production.
    • At first, it seems the strike will fall apart with little progress made, because Princess Carolyn and Lenny Turtletaub coax them back into work by promoting them. Then Princess Carolyn has a Heel Realization, backs out of the exploitative deal with Stuart, and passes Stuart a number to call. That turns out to belong to Judah (framed in the most angelic light possible!) to stand up for his fellow assistants.

The Face of Depression

  • Princess Carolyn and Judah's negotiations finally get the strike to end with actual compromises made for the assistants.

A Quick One, While He's Away

  • Character Actress Margo Martindale finally gets fed up with the cloistered life and roars off in a priest’s sports car.
    "When you get to Heaven, ask for Margo Martindale! I won’t be there, but my movies will!"
  • Kelsey returns and takes a stab at a directing job for a new female superhero movie. At first, she just goes along with their pitch, but feeling dishonest, she barges back in and explains why their version of the story is inaccurate to women's experiences, that women aren't as easily celebrated for saving the day as male superheroes, and pitches her own, more complex version of the story, punctuating it with:
  • Peter successfully bringing Hollyhock down from her panic attack at their party, using a real strategy of making her focus on her senses.
  • As bad news as it is for Bojack, you can’t deny that Paige and Max are really darn good at their jobs. They take on a mystery that’s lingered for years, and just within days are able to follow the trail back to Tesuque.

Xerox of a Xerox

  • In Bojack's first interview, Biscuits Braxby lobs him a ton of softballs for the usual Easily Forgiven bullshit that celebrities tend to get in these situations. But after a talking-to from Paige and her giving Biscuits all the evidence she gathered of Bojack's wrong-doing, she gets him to do another interview, instantly turning into an Intrepid Reporter who refuses to let him off the hook for anything, leaving him no room to wiggle out of six seasons' worth of horrible mistakes and their long-overdue reckoning.

The View from Halfway Down

  • In a meta-sense, blending this and Nightmare Fuel; Secretariat's titular poem on how he felt ready to commit suicide but once he'd taken the leap, he instantly regretted it, has already been lauded by many as one of the show's strongest, most thought-provoking moments. A typical comment regarding the poem is that "One minute of Bojack Horseman was more anti-suicide than the entire [insert specific] movie or series was."


  • This post showing the reasons why the show is such a great one.
  • Watchmojo, a youtube channel focused on ranking shows and pop culture made a list of the Top 20 Best cartoons of the century so far and Bojack Horseman made the list at number 4!
  • As pointed out in The Nostalgia Critic's "Is Weird the New Brilliant?" video, this show has a 100%note  on Rotten Tomatoes, which is rarely seen.
  • The show's penultimate episode, "The View From Halfway Down", had a perfect 10/10 score on IMDB for over a month after it aired (before then dropping down to 9.9, which is still very impressive). It is also currently the highest-rated woman-directed episode on the site.