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Adapt and Evolve.

The setting of Primal (2019) is not only a Death World but also a World of Badass, where everyone and everything has to fight to survive. Thus, spectacular fight scenes and moments of badassery are all around.

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    Spear and Fang 
  • Spear stabs a horned Tyrannosaurus with one of its own teeth and sheer Unstoppable Rage, and the other T. rex dies when it fights Fang and gets its snout ripped off. And then Spear and Fang team up to kill the alpha by climbing up its back and skewering it through the brain with a spear.
    River of Snakes 
    A Cold Death 
  • Spear making the mammoths back down - by giving them the tusk of their dead herd-member. Even in this Death World, it's sometimes compassion, not violence, that helps you win the battle.
    Terror Under the Blood Moon 
  • Spear rescuing the albino caveman with the broken leg.
  • Spear, disarmed, facing down the first of the giant bats- then smirking as Fang appears behind the bat.
  • After failing to climb up to the bats' lair, Fang outsmarts the bats by Playing Possum, who carry her up to the lair believing she's dead.
  • Spear killing the Giant Spider with a Triceratops horn.
  • In return for Spear saving him, the wounded caveman runs out into the open with the bats still out, holding Spear's spear out to return it to him.
  • Spear and Fang luring the bats into the high grass where the raptors kill them.
    Rage of the Ape-Men 
  • Upon seeing the ape-man champion seemingly killing Fang Spear escapes from the ropes he was tied up with and drinks the entire rage potion (one drop of which was enough to turn the ape champion into a King Kong Copy), turning him into a hulking monster. Then he goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, giving the ape champion a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown with the champion's own torn-off arms, then slaughters the ape-men left and right, tearing them in half and crushing their skulls. The scene is disgustingly gory, but also very satisfying after what the ape-men did to Fang.

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