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Nightmare Fuel / Primal (2019)

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Kill, or be killed.

The show is set in a Death World full of Prehistoric Monsters, so we can expect a number of nightmarish moments.

    Spear and Fang 
  • In the first five minutes of the very first episode, the protagonist's wife and children get eaten by a pack of terrifying-looking horned tyrannosaurs.
  • The entire intense encounter at Fang's nesting grounds. Before Spear would go on an implied rage induced 'infanticide' on Fang's younglings (before witnessing the parallels and seeing the real murderers of his family). The horned T-Rexes enter and begin their assault. And as the image seen above demonstrates, it only gets worse from there.

    River of Snakes 
  • In the second episode, Spear's brief relapse of his family's death at the jaws of the horned tyrannosaurs causes him to give an intense Death Glare at Fang. His rage is so strong it actually wakes her up. She gives as good as she gets with a low, threatening growl and a threat display right back at him.
    • This of course leads into a battle between the two later in the episode when at various times it appears as if they are actually trying to kill one another for dominance. At one point Spear is in Fang's mouth as she appears to try and crush him in her jaws.
    • Some of the furious faces Spear makes during the fight look absolutely terrifying. In his rage he looks a lot more, well, primal than usual.
  • The wall of snakes in the second episode. Both Spear and Fang have visible oh crap reactions and slowly back away before fleeing for their lives. Only for the flood to hit and send those snakes right at them.

    A Cold Death 
  • The grueling bout in the third episode. The pack of enraged wooly mammoths manage to track Fang and Spear to a cave and nearly collapse it on them. As the caveman and the dinosaur get out of the collapsing cave, the mammoths proceed to give a literal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to the duo. And, the nail biting moment comes when two mammoths pin Fang between them and start crushing her slowly and painfully near death. All as she desperately struggles and frantically claws at one of her attackers.

    Terror Under the Blood Moon 
  • The huge megalith Spear and Fang come across at the beginning, a towering slab of rock with the visage of huge ghastly skulls carved into it. One gets the feeling it was meant to serve as a warning...
  • The giant bats that pursue Spear and Fang, as well as terrorizing the ape-men. They're huge, ugly-looking, and have blood-red fur, capable of even lifting dinosaurs to their lair.
  • The giant spider that commands the bats would give an arachnophobe nightmares. It's bigger than Fang (who is a Tyrannosaurus Rex) and creepy-looking, and its death actually causes the bats to chase Spear and Fang out of revenge.

    Rage of the Ape-Men 
  • Krog, the ape-man drinks a drop of the magic potion that turns him into a giant ape-monster, then initiates an extremely one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle towards Fang. Fang gives it her all, but has no chance against Krog, who appears to kill her. The very fact and plausibility that Fang might actually be dead is a nightmare (to both Spear and the audience) in itself.
    • A tiny, but chilling moment: when Krog chooses Fang as his opponent and prepares to drink the Super Serum, he licks his lips with a hungry look in his eyes. It can be interpreted as lust for the potion - or as lust for Fang's blood.
  • When Spear Hulks Out and unleashes his Unstoppable Rage on the ape-men after they seemingly kill Fang, we get what is easily the most blood-soaked and violent fight scene in a series full of such scenes. He essentially commits genocide on the ape-men, sparing none at all even after they try to flee.
    • It's not just the sheer rage and strength that's frightening, but the fact that the Super Serum takes creatures to levels of ferocity beyond that of other creatures, an unnatural, hideous form of instant evolution. Spear hasn't just become a beast, he's become an actual MONSTER, one who kills, smashes, rips, tears, breaks and destroys everything that moves, not for survival, but out of pure, blistering hate. He doesn't eat any of the apes. All he can think of is killing. An unnatural form of life that would obliterate all others if it had the chance. It's fortunate for this world that the effect is temporary.

    Plague of Madness 
  • The plague infected Argentinosaurus. A mutated monster straight of Satan's nightmares: zombie green with red eyes, torn lips, and seems to be in agony just by existing. Its own flesh appears to be covered in sores while rotting/melting off of its still-living body, and we get to see a lovely Gross-Up Close-Up of that when Spear and Fang sneak past it at one point. Horrific to look at, and impossible to stop. Spear and Fang for the first time have to just Run or Die, because nothing they try could possibly put it down.
  • The plague itself is terrifying, especially in how fast it works, the Argentinosaurus was only bitten mere seconds before it was completely infected, and even worse, we don't know what caused the plague in the first place.
    • When the infected Parasaurolophus gets killed by the Argentinosaurus it bit, its eyes morph into a normal-looking one. This suggests the plague may be something more than just a disease.
  • The sheer massacre inflicted on the sauropod herd by the infected one.
  • Spear's reaction also bears note. He's shown fear in the last episodes, but only for brief moments; otherwise we're talking about a caveman that charged at giant tyrannosaurs and flocks of monster bats with only a mere blade on a stick. Here? He is fucking terrified throughout the entire episode. OOC Is Serious Business indeed.
  • Spear and Fang coming across the slaughtered Argentinosaurus herd. Fang immediately senses something is wrong after sniffing one of the carcasses, normally food.
  • Spear's Nightmare Sequence where he and Fang get bitten by the Argentinosaurus and contract its plague. We're shown images of our protagonists having their flesh melting off their bones...
    • Not to mention just how gruesome those bites are, given the size of the Argentinosaurus' jaws. It bites such a huge chunk off Spear's torso that it almost cuts him in half.
  • The infected sauropod appears to die when it lands into lava and gets fully submerged. Nope. If anything, the burning from the lava drives it even crazier as its neck suddenly bursts out of the lava, with its skin turned from a sickly green to an equally disgusting burned-flesh red, and it continues the attack, even submerging and surfacing from the lava rock just to attack our heroes!
  • The death of the infected Argentinosaurus after it falls into lava a second time and fails to escape. We get to see a close up of its rotting flesh burn off its leg bone. Then the whole thing catches fire and appears to be in even more pain than it already was, before the flames turn it into ash and put it out of its misery for good.
  • As Spear and Fang are running away from the plague monster, Spear nearly falls into a small open lava pit, but Fang saves him.

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