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Spear's mother/parents died protecting him.
Which is why he stops and realizes that Fang is Not So Different with her own young in the first trailer.
  • We don't know what happened to Spear's parents. He realizes Fang is Not So Different because he also tried (and failed) to protect his wife and children from the very same dinosaurs.

Fang's children die and the show is about Spear and Fang getting revenge on their killers.
  • Half confirmed, Fang's children are devoured by the same dinosaurs that killed Spear's family but the two of them team up and kill them in the first episode.

It isn't actually prehistoric times
Rather, it's in a another dimension where creatures of different time periods have been placed together, similar to Turok.

The giant ape-monster that grabs Fang in the trailer is the leader of the ape-men.
He's Large and in Charge (after all, he's the size of King Kong), and the fact he's wearing a Triceratops skull as a helmet implies that he's more intelligent than a mindless beast. Since the ape-man episode will be the last one in Season 1, he'll be the Season's Final Boss.
  • Close enough. The tribe's leader is a shaman, but Krog, the skull-wearing gorilla-man, is a champion warrior chosen in combat to be worthy of drinking the strength-inducing potion.

The caveman punching the ape-man and tearing it in half is not Spear.
It's a slightly spoilery moment from the Season 1 finale, where other cavemen show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment, saving Spear and Fang after they are nearly defeated by the ape-men.
  • Jossed: That's Spear after he drinks some magic potion and the ape-men seemingly kill Fang. Those damn dirty apes!

Primal is actually Genndy Tartakovsky in a coma imagining everything

The ultimate enemy of the franchise
Genndy has stated that as the series goes on, Spear and Fang will face challenges more and more dangerous and insane. In the end, their greatest challenge won't be a dinosaur, an ape, or any sort of animal. Instead, it will be a meteor strike, one that ends the age of dinosaurs. This is, logically, the most fearsome thing any prehistoric being can face, for no creature, no matter how strong, fast, or vicious, can compare to the sheer power of a natural disaster. The world itself is the greatest threat to the two.

Fang will die in the final episode
She's described in the synopsys as "a dinosaur at the brink of extinction". Since the show is Darker and Edgier, it wouldn't be surprising if it ended with one of the protagonists' death, and Fang is a more likely choice than Spear. She probably would pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save the caveman.
  • She seems to be killed in Episode 5, but since there are 5 more episodes to be released, she'll probably turn out alive in Episode 6.

Fang will turn out to be alive in the next 5 episodes
While so far only 5 episodes have been released that concluded with her dying at the hands of the ape-men, she will probably be back in later episodes as Genndy noted that here are actually 10 episodes with the first half released in fall of 2019 and the second half in a later date. There were some screenshots in earlier trailers and other media where Fang is seen with Spear in shots that were not shown in the past 5 episodes. She is more likely unconscious from the episode 5 battle and will come back as a suprise to Spear and the audience.
  • Confirmed:She's alive and well in Episode 6.

This series is on the same universe as Samurai Jack
Based on the finale having a black goo and a cult attached to it, which makes it similar to the Cult of Aku.
  • Not only that, but Spear could be the ancestor to Samurai Jack himself. If real-life genetics shows, Spear could also be the ancestor of almost all of mankind. It could be noted that in Samurai Jack's universe, Aku brought the end of the dinosaurs so maybe by the end of the season he could be the main Big Bad in the shape of an asteroid that will kill off the dinosaurs but bring in the rise of human evolution.

Creatures featured in Episode 6-10
There are several iconic prehistoric animals that have yet to make an appearance, and will likely be featured in Episodes 6-10:
  • A Smilodon-like saber-toothed cat (likely exaggerated in size).
  • Terror birds.
  • Cave bears.
  • A few more Stock Dinosaurs, such as sauropods and ceratopsians.
    • Both sauropods and ceratopsians are confirmed to exist in the universe (the former as one of Spear's shadow puppets, the latter both among the spider's prey and as the ape-man champion's helmet), but have yet to make an appearance alive.
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    • Sauropods (along with another stock dinosaur, Parasaurolophus) appear in the episode "Plague of Madness", with one of them catching a rabies-like disease and attacking its herd-mates.
  • Woolly rhinos, or rhino-like beasts such as Megacerops, Arsinoitherium or Uintatherium.
  • Marine predators such as Megalodon, Mosasaurus, Liopleurodon or Elasmosaurus.
  • Giant arthropods such as Meganeura, Arthropleura and Pulmonoscorpius.
  • Dire wolves.
  • Giant ground sloths.

Some of the more monstrous creatures are under the influence of the same Super Serum that the ape-men use.
The giant spider and the demonic bats from Episode 4 were originally regular-sized animals, but they are consuming the black liquid and gain their horrifying forms and monstrous size as a result. Perhaps even the Tyrannosaurus rex from the first episode were more similar to Fang before, and became these enormous, horned beasts thanks to the serum.

Spear is the distant ancestor of Brock Samson.
He is the first in a millennia-spanning lineage of overly violent ass-kickers that lives on in the present day through Brock.

Spear is the Identical Grandson of the caveman Dexter took to the present day in "Old Flame".
The Reused Character Design is no coincidence, the two are related. Since the caveman Dexter met was the one who discovered how to use fire, and Spear uses fire regularly, it means Primal takes place slightly later than "Old Flame". However, Spear didn't inherit his grandfather's fondness of jumping rope.

Primal, Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory all take place in the same universe.
Combining the above suggestions (Spear resembling the caveman Dexter meets, the Super Serum and the cult around it resembling the Cult of Aku), the three shows are all part of a greater "Genndyverse".

The ape-men in the fifth episode have Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism.
Similarly to real-life gorillas and orangutans, as well as some early hominids like Paranthropus, fully-grown adult males are far larger and bulkier than females. This means that the five warriors are the only adult males we see, and the smaller apes are either females or adolescent males.

The ape-men we see are different species.
Symbiotic relationships between different primate species are not unprecedented (red colobus and diana monkeys provide mutual protection against predators). So it's possible the ape-men we see are actually comprised of multiple species, with the gorilla-like warriors being a different species from the smaller, skinnier spectators. Maybe even the shaman is a separate third species, given how different he looks from the rest.
  • Perhaps the big ones are Gigantopithecus and the small ones are either australopithecines or dryopithecines of some sort.

The giant spider was created by Aku.
Continuing with the "Primal and Samurai Jack take place in the same universe" theory, it's possible that the giant spider is a minion of Aku. The spider is clearly an unnatural creature (breaking the Square-Cube Law and having Mind Control powers), probably created by dark magic, and Aku clearly has a preference for arthropod-like minions (in the Bad Future they're robots, but in this prehistory they might be magically-created organic monsters).

Fang will save Spear's life by killing a giant Snake.
Conquering her fear of them

The Plague of Madness is the result of the Ape Men's black goo applied to sick, dying, or dead animals.
The black ooze that the Ape Men use makes them stronger, faster, and more violent, which the infected Camarasaurus also happens to be. What's to say that an Ape Man or someone else isn't using the black ooze on dying animals?

There'll eventually be a dragon in Primal
Mostly a throwaway guess, but considering how there's giant spiders, zombie dinosaurs, and magic potions that cause hulking out... perhaps a dragon isn't too much a stretch anymore?

There will be civilized reptilians in one episode
The show features more and more fantasy elements as it goes on, and the stakes are escalating, so it is not so big of a stretch to imagine Spear and Fang getting captured by a tribe of civilized, probably magic-using beings in one of the last episodes. They won't be humans to keep the show's prehistoric feel, nor will they be apes because that would feel too much of a re-hash of Episode 5. Instead, they will be Lizard Folk, potentially with dinosaurs as beasts of burden.
  • Alternatively, they'll be Bird People and they'll be highly advanced.

The ape men's elixir is Chemical X.
It's a black goo, it gives you super strength if you drink it, and to top it off, it turned a monkey green! Related to the above theory about Samurai Jack, Primal could take place in the prehistory of the entire broader Cartoon Network universe.

The Plague is what ultimately causes the extinction of the dinosaurs in this universe.
Pretty self-explanatory. We only ever see it infect non-avian dinosaurs, with no evidence so far that it can be passed on to mammals (Spear only contracts it in a Nightmare Sequence).

Spear and Fang will be joined by others.
During their journeys, they'll encounter other prehistoric beasts and/or primitive humans who have also lost their families and will choose to travel with them since they have nowhere else to go.

The Plague of Madness has something to do with Aliens
It resembles no disease known to man, and otherwordly things aren't new to this show in the slightest. Perhaps it's some kinda weird alien bacteria that's driving the dinosaurs insane.

Plague of Madness canonically takes place before Rage of the Ape Men
Which explains why there's no trace of Fang's brutal injuries from the previous episode.

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