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The show takes place in an Alternate Continuity, despite the references to the original.
I mean, come on, it's a reboot.
  • Characters:
    • Blossom has the same role as the intelligent sister and leader, but is more uptight than her original incarnation/counterpart.
    • Bubbles in the reboot differs various traits of her original counterpart, such as knowing how to program computer software in "Viral Spiral". She is also shown to cry less.
    • Buttercup's role in the reboot is being lazy, less trustworthy, including irresponsible, selfish, much more different than her original version/counterpart.
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    • All the Girls can create energy constructs in a style of DC Comics superhero Green Lantern in this series, unlike their 1998 counterparts from the original series.
    • Revealed in Arachno-Romance, Professor Utonium has no fear of spiders, as his '98 incarnation does fear them, and in "Viral Spiral", he doesn't know about computers, but his '98 counterpart does. His fatherly role has toned down significantly and is less intelligent than his counterpart.
    • Mojo Jojo: In the series, he has a pet dog and a mother, which his original counterpart does not. He also refers to himself in third person narrative and doesn't speak in long sentences.
    • Princess Morbucks: Her 2016-self does still attend a school but has a team of rappers/street club gangs called the Cash Money Krew. Also, she has no interest in crime, unlike her original incarnation. She is furthermore shown to be somewhat of a friend to the Girls, and even goes as far to address the trio as Supergal Pals.
  • Universe:
    • Its universe takes place more in the modern day, as the show makes references to trends, memes, slang words, etc.
    • The series also includes new characters such as villains like Manboy, Bianca Bikini, Silico, Packrat, Janitaur, and so on.

The show was Christmas Rushed
Cartoon Network wanted it out at a certain time, so everyone had to crunch to get the show done by then. This would explain why there's so many bloopers in the animation - no one had any time to look it over and fix them.
  • Since the series somehow already has 10 episodes within 2 weeks, you could be correct.

The show will devolve into another Teen Titans Go!
As this reboot receives more and more backlash for not living up to the original Powerpuff Girls, the network and/or writers will resort to making the series more comedic than action-based - occasionally making references to episodes from the original show and poking fun at the critics.
  • Let's hope this doesn't open a door for more TTG-style reboots of classic Cartoon Network shows.
    • I doubt it. Teen Titans Go! doesn't just reference the original; they outright mock it. Unless they're willing to worsen peoples' opinions about their show, this most likely won't happen.

Alternatively, the show will eventually grow its beard.
Because you're all being too pessimistic.

The Rowdyruff Boys will return
And if The Rowdyruff Boys return, they, like the girls, will be able to use Hard Light constructs, but the boys' constructs (with the possible exception of Butch) will have different themes compared to the girls' constructs.
  • If this does happen then a good example I can see coming from it is where Bubbles creates cute animals Boomer's will give off a tougher vibe. Such as when Bubbles creates a cat his alternative would either be a lion or tiger.

There will be some kind of adaption of "Deja View".
This show probably has a bigger budget then the original, right? So why not do the episode that couldn't be done because of deadline and budget issues?

The writers are trying to do a sort of Steven Universe-ish approach with the show.
What I mean is, a So Okay, It's Average first season, and then a really good second season.

Sedusa won't be in the reboot.
She's too sexual for the new prudish showrunners, and they can't just redesign her, as her very name and schtick are sexual.

The girls will be fighting the Titans in the crossover.
Notice how it says "face off" instead of "work together". If they do fight, it could lead into an Aesop (Accidental or otherwise) of how being older doesn't necessarily mean being better.
  • Confirmed.

This show is a Sequel Series to the original.
That's a possibility, since the girls are now in grade school and Utonium has graying temples.
  • Confirmed. Read the Fridge page.

Ms. Bellum's departure is only temporary.
Her vacation time of 1,000 days is approximately 2 years, so it's not like she'll be gone from the show forever. Also, if the writer of "Horn Sweet Horn" apologizing for the controversy of said episode, and "Once Upon A Townsville" taking a sledgehammer to the Real Women Don't Wear Dresses trope means anything, the writers might consider bringing back Ms. Bellum as a way of apologizing for the controversial decision of writing her out of the series.
  • She made a cameo with the Mayor at the end of "Viral Spiral", if this counts as anything.
    • Where?
      • Well, it was really a clip from "Bye, Bye Bellum" so I guess it doesn't count.

There will be a crossover with Clarence
The series' character animation style looks very similar to that of Clarence. A crossover would probably play out like this: Clarence is saved by the girls and becomes inspired by them to do good, so he forms his own superhero team made up of himself, Jeff and Sumo. However it later turns out to be a dream that Clarence had, the girls being a figment of his imagination from watching too many PPG cartoons.

The girls are fighting the Titans because they think they're villains.
Considering the Titans are widely disliked (Both in universe and out), are complete jerks, and have destroyed Jump City while trying to protect it on multiple occasions, the girls would have more than enough reason to believe they're evil.
  • Jossed. Beast Boy and Cyborg are tricked (for a given value of "tricked") into helping Mojo Jojo build his monkey army and Robin, Raven, and Starfire try to compete with the girls in stopping Mojo Jojo. However, the three girls and the Powerpuff Girls' narrator do call out the Titans for their self-centered and assholish ways.

The show will under go Cerebus Syndrome.
Considering the ending "Viral Spiral", I figured it was time to add this.
  • I hope so. The reboot seems Lighter and Softer compared to the original. So if we're lucky, maybe it'll improve people's opinions on it. Maybe.

The Teen Titans Go! crossover will either be an unexpected Author's Saving Throw or a disastrous Jumping the Shark moment.
The two teams are meant to face off in said crossover. If the girls win, the fans will find it easier to accept the reboot. If they lose, they'll have more of a reason to hate it.

Silico is the brother of the late Dick Hardly seeking revenge.
  • Ultimately subverted. "Halt and Catch Silico" reveals his background and that he was a lonely child without any friends and suffered some form of Parental Neglect.

Silico has some kind of connection to Professor Utonium.

Silico will create the Rowdyruff Boys as an "anti-virus" against the girls.

Silico is lying about his backstory.
  • Specifically to guilt the girls and make them go easier on him.
    • Unlikely. He constantly cites how the Girls have wronged him and how much he hates them. It doesn't really make a lot of sense for him to lie about it.
    Silico: After what you did to me? I don't think so.
    Silico: Typical Powerpuff Girls; always leaving a trail of destruction wherever you go, just like you did to me.

Silico will become a Breakout Villain and evolve into the Big Bad of the 2016 series.

These aren't the same Powerpuff Girls as the ones in the original show.
I know the show is a Stealth Sequel, but it explains the new voice actresses and the changes in personality. Basically, as the Girls thought in "Little Miss Interprets", the Professor for whatever reason decided to abandon Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup and replace them with new Powerpuff Girls with the same names and general appearances. He DID abandon Bliss, so I wouldn't put it past him. The new Girls don't know about this, of course. As to where the real Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are now, I have no idea.

Besides the regular "There's a time and place for everything" Aesop in "Painbow", there was also meant to be one about overusing memes in an attempt to connect with the younger generation.
However, the executives decided "Saying no to memes won't make us hip and stylin' with the kids!", so they wrote out that aesop, but kept the memes.

In season 3, Jared Shapiro will turn out to be Evil All Along.
Jared will be revealed to actually be Him's evil henchman disguised as a human boy to spy on Blossom or the late Dick Hardly's illegitimate son.

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