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Heartwarming / Primal (2019)

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Despite being a Bloodier and Gorier show taking place in a brutal, primordial world, Primal has a number of beautiful moments of friendship and compassion.

    Spear and Fang 
  • As Spear contemplates suicide after losing his family, he sees a vision of his wife and children in the Sun, giving him back his will to live.
  • After Spear and Fang slay the horned tyrannosaurs, Fang's babies come and gently play with Spear's hair. Sadly, it doesn't last long.

    River of Snakes 
  • Spear is resting by the fire and has a dream/memory making shadow puppets for his children. He even has fun doing so, making all kinds of animal puppet shadows for his children to enjoy. Unfortunately, it turns into a nightmare of a tyrannosaur eating them again.
  • After Spear and Fang spend an entire episode fighting, they end up saving each other from the giant snakes and the flood. Most importantly, Fang, who until then acted in a very selfish way, finds Spear's spearhead and gives it back to him.
  • At the end of the episode, Spear and Fang are resting by a bonfire. A snake then slithers out of the bushes, startling Fang... Only for Spear to stab the snake through the head and throw it in the fire. Fang then peacefully goes back to sleep while Spear watches over her.

    A Cold Death 
  • The flashback of Spear teaching his son how to hunt (or learning how to hunt from his father?). Father and son clearly share a very strong bond. Furthermore, the entire scene mirrors an earlier scene with Spear and Fang hunting together, suggesting that Spear sees Fang as family now.
  • The measures the mammoths take to retrieve their fallen herd-mate's tusk, and the funeral ritual they hold for him afterwards, is quite touching.
    • The mammoth Spear and Fang kill appeared elderly, with missing patches of fur and a missing tusk; he got separated from the herd in the first place because he couldn't keep up with them. Despite all this, he was still a member of the herd, and the other mammoths immediately set out to avenge him when they realize his remaining tusk was taken.
  • Fang displays notable moments of care towards Spear, such as licking the wound on his back after the hunt, and curling up around him to protect him from the cold.

    Terror Under the Blood Moon 
  • Spear rescues the primitive hominid with a broken leg, despite gaining nothing from it. Despite the dog-eat-dog world Spear lives in, he is still capable of showing compassion.
    • One of the albino cavemen rushing to the aid of the injured one beforehand, showing that in spite of living in absolute terror of the giant bats they still stick together. The attempted rescuer even does a Primal Chest-Pound with a cry to assert his courage. Unfortunately it still doesn't save him.
  • Fang shows extreme courage in rescuing Spear from the spider. Considering how selfish she acted in earlier episodes, this is a lot of Character Development.
  • At the end of the episode, one of the hominids returns Spear's kindness by giving him his spear back as he is chased by a flock of bats.

    Rage of the Ape-Men 
  • Spear and Fang's time in the oasis. After a long and perilous journey, both of them get some time to rest and relax. Spear, in particular, has a happy and chill expression on his face all the time.
  • Spear and Fang's progress as friends is highlighted when they're sitting down to a pile of fish. Spear looks contentedly around the oasis for a moment, then looks back to see that Fang has eaten everything again, and has a sheepish look on her face. Instead of provoking a fight like back in "River of Snakes", Spear just gives her a warm and forgiving smile. It speaks volumes about how much they trust each other now that, not only is Spear willing to forgive her easily, Fang actually feels guilty about unthinkingly eating the lot.

    Plague of Madness 
  • It only lasts a short while but the clear care the herd shows for its nests and the pair we see for a few seconds wrapping their necks around each other is a bright spot in the episode.
  • Though it ends badly for him, one of the sauropods furiously charges the rampaging plague victim after it destroys the nests and attempts to fight it off, while the others only tried to get out of its way.
  • The mere fact that Fang is still alive after what she went through in the previous episode. Last time we saw her, she was unconscious and Spear's reaction really hinted that she died from her wounds. At least, no matter how horrific this new episode is, it has a silver lining in the fact that our favorite T-rex survived and recovered. Unless ''Plague of Madness'' takes place before ''Rage of the Ape-Men", that is...

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