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If at first you don't succeed...

Despite being one of the most brutal and bloody projects Genndy Tartakovsky has ever worked on, Primal (2019) still manages to have a few moments of genuine levity.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    "Spear and Fang" 
  • Only one brief moment of adorable laughs was, when Fangs two hatchlings approach and comfort Spear. They begin yanking on his hair playfully, all before the Mood Whiplash.

    "River of Snakes" 
  • The episode starts with Spear and Fang competing for each other's hunts. When Fang ends up eating every legitimate kill that Spear manages to score, he sits on a log annoyed and hungry and starts eating a large bug... only for Fang to start pushing her snout in Spear's personal space like a dog trying to eat its owner's food.
  • Spear starts swatting away flies, only to realize that Fang defecated next to him. It's almost as big as he is.
  • At the end, after a near death experience with the titular river of snakes, Fang freaks out when she sees a tiny snake coming to her and Spear's campfire. Spear immediately and unceremoniously stabs it in the head in a way that screams, "Hell no, we are not going through this again."

    "A Cold Death" 
  • When Spear makes a sled and harness out of the parts of mammoth, he gives the tusk harness for Fang to pull. Fang only turns her back as if to say "I ain't no sled dog", leaving Spear to do the heavy lugging.
  • Fang appears to get lost in the blizzard and runs around, finally roaring for help. But as she does, it turns out that Spear was only next to her.
  • When Spear and fang are eating the dead mammoth Spear gives Fang a piece of the wooly hide to keep her warm. Fang responds with a confused look and takes a bite out of the mammoth and smacks Spear over the head with it before simply letting the furry hide fall off her.

    "Terror Under the Blood Moon" 
  • Fang tries to climb a mountain in order to help Spear, who was captured by bat-creatures. Unfortunately, it's too sheer for her, and we get a montage of Fang repeatedly jumping on the mountain face and sliding down like a cat clawing through the curtains. It's a classic slapstick bit, made all the more funny by how brutal and violent the rest of the episode is.
  • When Fang wants to trick the bats into carrying her up to the spider's lair, she pretends to be dead. The way she sticks her tongue out to sell it is a funny little touch.

    "Rage of the Apemen" 
  • During the lake scene, Fang freaks out when she sees a tiny earthworm, since it reminds her of snakes, which terrify her due to the events of Episode 2. When Spear realizes she's afraid of the worm, he casually eats it, and gives a sarcastic "triumphant roar" afterwards. "There. I have slain the ferocious earthworm. You're SAFE now, okay?", what really sells it though is the fact Fang still refuses to come anywhere near him, instead choosing to sleep on the rocky outcrop over the much softer sand.
  • Fang accidentally provokes a swarm of butterflies at the lake. They're still attacking her as the scene cuts back to Spear.
  • Spear brings a pile of fish for the two to eat. Spear admires the scenery while eating, when he looks back down, the whole pile of fish is gone, and Fang has a sheepish look on her face. Almost apologetic. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself."
  • And right after that, Spear sees Fang snoozing innocently in the sunlight, and gets a slightly sadistic smirk on his face. He's clearly planning to play a practical joke on her, possibly sneaking up behind her and splashing her, or startling her with a caveman yawp. Things quickly go to hell before he can do that, but it would have been funny.
  • Despite how dark it is, what Spear does to the Gorilla Champion is also somewhat amusing. Especially since the ape champion absolutely deserved it.
  • Spear discovering he doesn't have to hunt the fish in the lagoon, they just swim right into his hand.

    "Plague of Madness" 
  • When Spear and Fang are hiding out in the cave from the zombified-sauropod, Spear looks down into the ravine to check out the infected dinosaur. When Fang comes out, Spear makes to leave, and she and Fang are then shown basically talking to each other, almost as if they're arguing about to do until they both just leave the cave to sneak past the sauropod as quietly as possible. At one point, while walking down to the bottom of the ravine, Spear accidentally knocks a rock down to the where the sauropod is sleeping (or is at least in some kind of dormant state). It first seems like that the noise will wake up the zombie-dinosaur, but it doesn't, which cause Spear to make a face at Fang that basically says, "See? We'll be fine as long as we're quiet."

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