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Beware of UNMARKED spoilers.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In episode 4, several events and the setting itself points to the famine in the region. The raptors' relentless attack on Spear and Fang, the scrawny nature of the Albinos and the fact one of them completely broke his leg from a pretty minor trip (suggesting they're really frail from malnourishment) and the fact the only prey animal seen on the plains is a single boar an albino managed to find. Then look at all the carcasses in the lair of the giant bats, and how many webbed up victims the giant spider has. It's very likely the bats are over-hunting the grasslands to feed both themselves and the spider's certainly massive food requirement, resulting in there being very little prey left for the other carnivores like the raptors and the cavemen. As a result, the raptors are desperate for food to the point of attacking things that shred through their numbers with ease (aka Spear and Fang and later the bats themselves), and the albinos are sickly and starving, barely able to gather enough to feed themselves. This also turns into karma for the bats at the end of the episode, as the starving raptors are quick to feast on them when they're lured into the tall grass.
    • Related to the above: when the caveman who carries the boar breaks his leg, the balding caveman that runs to his rescue grabs the boar instead of his comrade. This seems like a selfish act first - until you remember this is a time of famine where food is invaluable. Though large for his kind, the big caveman is probably unable to carry both of them, and bringing back the caveman with the injured leg would lead to even more starvation, whereas taking the food back can save lives. Heck, it's possible the screams of the one with the injured leg meant: "leave me behind and take the food!"
  • Episode 5 and 6 serve as contrasts to each other:
    • Episode 5 has a massive tribe of ape-men serve as the antagonists. Episode 6 has a Plague Zombie-like sauropod as its sole antagonist.
    • Episode 5's antagonists seem to genuinely display ill-will towards others, while Episode 6's antagonist is a Tragic Monster driven to madness against its own will.
    • In Episode 5, Spear gets to be the unstoppable rampaging monster once he drinks the black fluid, effortlessly slaughtering the ape-men including their leader. In Episode 6, Spear and Fang have to run from the unstoppable rampaging monster without even having a chance to fight back.
    • Episode 5 ends with Fang badly injured and even seemingly killed. Episode 6 has the duo come out of the ordeal nearly unscathed, with only minor injuries from a few drops of lava splashing on Spear.
  • Episode 2 has a minor bit. Fang is seen eating fruit that she knocked down from a tree by repeatedly ramming into it. This might raise eyebrows, considering Fang is a dinosaur that's supposed to be completely carnivorous. But in fact, this could represent an incident (if an extremely rare one) where an obligate carnivore supplements its diet with plant matter for dietary or special health reasons (whatever those might be for Fang), which happens in real life (e.g. crocodilians eating fruit).

Fridge Horror

  • During episode 6 the infected hadrosaur has red glowing eyes similar to what beings under the effect of the black fluid from the last episode had. When it dies its eyes change to normal in a way similar to how Spear's did when he consumed it. The Argentinosaurus ends up with the same eyes when it becomes infected. Could this be a result of the fluid in some way given the berserker tendencies it gives?
  • Based on how much smaller the hadrosaur is compared to the sauropods, it probably was a juvenile. It barely lived before it turned into a feral, zombie-like monster.
  • The infected Argentinosaurus vomits a huge stream of blood into the oasis it was drinking from when the infection takes hold. If the disease is transmitted through blood, one might not want to know what would happen when other dinosaurs drink from the contaminated oasis...
    • However, given Fang's reaction to the scent of the dead Argentinosaurus herd it's likely that other animals would be able to smell that something is wrong and avoid that area.
  • Spear has a nightmare about being infected by the Argentinosaurus. He wouldn't be aware of the virus' exact effects unless he's witnessed the infection before.

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