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Awesome / Pound Puppies (2010)

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Dog on a Wire

  • Strudel's circus performances and routines as "Glitterpants" are pretty amazing in themselves. Of course, she lets it get to her head and becomes rather dismissive of both the circus dogs she helped out and Lucky when he criticizes her for deserting her friends and the Pound Puppies. However, Strudel freezes up during her solo act due to Lucky's What the Hell, Hero? speech getting to her. The circus dogs immediately rush in to help her with the act and they manage to pull off a previously-thought-to-be-impossible maneuver together.

Rebel Without a Collar

  • Cookie's verbal demolishing of the pound's surly visitor:
    (Cookie approaches a muddy canine)
    Cookie: Hey there. I'm Cookie, and...
    Fang: Cookie? What kind of name is that? Sounds like something a human would think of.
    Cookie: Well, as a matter of fact, it is, and I...
    Fang: Listen, Cookie, how 'bout you take your adorable human name, turn around, and go bother someone else? We got nothin' to discuss.
    Cookie: Oh, really? Well, listen, tough guy, I'm sure the alpha male routine works on some dogs, but I got an operation to run and...
    Fang: That's just fascinating. Meanwhile, I got...
    Cookie: You did not just interrupt the Cookie! Honey, I don't know who you are or where you come from. What I do know is you're filthy and you smell like a dog park dumpster on a hot day in August!
    Fang: Uhhh...
    Cookie: Did I ask a question to which the answer is 'Uhhhhh'? Now, hush up and listen! You will come out of that kennel and you will take a bath! And once you're clean, you will drop the attitude, you will smile, and you will help us help you out!
    Fang: (Looks up acquiescently) Okay.
    Cookie: (surprised) Really?
    Fang: No one's ever talked to me like that. (Nods head) I kinda liked it. Name's Fang.
    • (As a note, this is the dialogue that lead to Niblet's reaction under Parental Bonus on the main page.)
  • There's also Buddy's courageous act to stand between his family's pet hamster and Fang who sees it as a potential snack. This is especially awesome considering Buddy spent most of the episode whining and being utterly terrified of Fang.

Snow Problem

  • Tundra's determination to prove himself as a capable lead sled dog is admirable. Even moreso is when he organizes both the Pound Puppies and his perfect person's sled team to save the life of its lead dog as he hangs on a steep ledge.

There's Something About Camelia

  • Yeah, Camelia wasn't being honest with herself, and was living a lie until the end. But you have to admit, she was a very adept little actress, able to click with everybody and capture compatible personalities so well.

No Dogs Allowed

The Watchdogs

  • There's Strudel's accidental but still awesome rescue of little Peppy from the territorial alley dog Stain when she gets Stain dunked in a tank of fish guts, thanks in part to Niblet sitting on a tack and going berserk. Despite not being very athletic and letting the notoriety get to her head, Strudel (as "Electro Noggin") proves to be an effective superhero using various gadgets to keep mean dogs from harming pups, with help from Niblet (as her superhero partner "Mad Dog"). Such as using her shadow in a flashlight's beam to appear taller and a light trick of her helmet to fool an alley dog into thinking she was hitting him with psychic powers.
  • The climax of the episode features Stain seeking revenge and managing to curb stomp the Pound Puppies sans Niblet offscreen and imprisoning them in a net to dunk them into rotting fish guts. Despite being coldly dismissed by Strudel as nothing more than a "sidekick", Niblet as Mad Dog charges in to rescue her and their friends. And although it took sitting on another tack, Niblet manages to defeat Stain and save them.

I Heard the Barks On Christmas Eve

  • The climax of the episode where, thanks to Ralph's restored confidence in miracles which prompts some Christmas magic, Strudel's previously damaged aircraft becomes functional. Thus, the Pound Puppies are able to deliver a thousand puppies to their perfect people all before Christmas morning.

Cuddle Up Buttercup

  • Izzy, the dainty-looking ballerina girl , showing some serious badassery by using her skills to rescue Buttercup from a rickety bridge.


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