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Awesome / Flash Gordon (1979)

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  • The series has very impressive rotoscoping, especially the spaceships and main characters.
  • Any of Flash's slave revolts.
  • Barin shoots a carnivorous plant with an ice arrow, freezing it over instantly.
  • Dale takes up Ming's sword to smash his computers.
  • When Flash, Thun and Princess Aura face the horrific guardian monster, Tsak, the monster seizes Thun in his jaws and Aura advises that they run as the monster feeds. Flash glares at her with an unspoken "Lady, that's not the way I roll!" and with a Theme Song Power Up playing, Flash finds a way to save Thun and then kill the monster with nothing but with a small knife, the surrounding rocks and his wits. That is so unprecedented to Aura that she doesn't know what lies ahead considering nobody had ever gotten past Tsak before!
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  • When Barin uses a device to animate the roots of Arboria's trees, so the trees can defend themselves against Ming's Mole Men. It's an absolute Curb-Stomp Battle, and then Barin and the others seize the Mole Men's Drill Tank.


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