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Season 1

  • Kevin beating the crap out of Jimmy and rescuing Bill.
  • Bill sabotaging all of the color TV sets at the electronics store after the Jerkass manager insults and dismisses him.
  • After witnessing Frank getting chewed out by a mean old lady Kevin tells her to "shut the fuck up".
  • While it did lead to more trouble in the long run, Maureen attacking and overpowering Jimmy to protect Bill from him counts. And prior to that, Bill actually standing up to Jimmy and socking him in the face.
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  • Bill burning down Jimmy's fort in the woods.
  • Frank and the entire family beating the crap out of Jimmy and his father in the season 1 finale.
  • Frank getting his sublimely appropriate revenge on Bob Pogo for firing him: An epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, followed by dropping Pogo's car keys on the floorboard of his car where he can't reach, jamming the car door shut with the same pen that helped derail the contract negotiations in the first place, and then walking away to let the fat bastard freeze. Pogo later recounts that he was stuck there for 17 hours until a rescue crew could cut him out with the Jaws of Life (while his family watched), and had to shit his own pants for warmth.
    Frank: I just saved the airline, saved your goddamn job, which appears to be nothing more than eating, and you stood by while I got fired? Well fuck you, fuck Dunbarton and FUCK YOU! You miserable tub of living SHIT!

Season 2

  • Frank at the ER, where he yells at the triage nurse to get faster service for Maureen's eye (while ignoring Kevin's possible hypothermia other than to steal a blanket from a man with a massive leg injury). It culminates with Frank's best-known catchphrase, "I'm gonna PUT YOU THROUGH THAT FUCKING WALL!" before he passes out from exhaustion. When he wakes up, Sue is definitely impressed, calling him "our hero."
  • Bill getting Jimmy sent to Catholic Military School as revenge for him stealing Bill's money, which actually leads to Jimmy becoming a better person (until he finds out that Bill set him up at least).
  • Scoop defeating the terrorists by sheer virtue of being completely insane.

Season 3

  • When Bill is hanging on for dear life in a flooded aqueduct, the entire town comes together to try and rescue him. When the firefighters, adults and Kevin all fail, it's Maureen who saves him in the end.
    • In the same plot, Bill at his angriest finally calls both Frank and Sue out for being horrible parents, all while hanging on for dear life. In turn, Frank gives Bill his most sincere apology yet (and apologizes on Sue's behalf as well).

Season 4

  • After Big Bill (Frank's dad) denies the incident that traumatized Frank as a child, Frank loses it at him and calls him out on what an asshole he was. Then, Frank smacks Big Bill after he is taunted to attack him. Considering the trouble he caused toward Frank it's satisfying as hell.
    Frank: I've wanted to take a swing at you for about 35 fucking years!
    Big Bill: C'mon, c'mon. I'll give you the first shot you little fucking sissy!
    (Takes a left hook to the face and gets knocked to the ground, spilling punch all over himself)
    Big Bill: (Looking thoroughly humbled)
    Frank: C'mon, let's finish this thing you fucking bastard, GET UP!
  • Bill and Maureen telling off their grandfather at the hospital, pointing out how much damage he did to Frank while raising him which finally makes the old man accept what an awful father he was.
    Bill: Grandpa, you shouldn't be here.
    Maureen: I don't know what you did to Dad when you were his dad, but you really messed him up!
    • Bill accurately pointing out that Big Bill started the above fight with Frank, which took guts considering he too was a recipient of his anger.
  • Rosie getting one up over the corrupt mayor of Rustvale by bribing the same alderman the mayor had originally bribed to get all the necessary votes to get his dogtrack stadium built (by tearing down the library in Rosie's neighborhood), meaning that the mayor now had to do whatever Rosie wanted, mostly fix all the decaying infrastructure in the black parts of the city, if he wanted Rosie's support.
    • Rosie getting elected as an alderman in the first place, the first black alderman in Rustvale's history, despite all the attempts by the corrupt and mob-funded city officials attempt at keeping black voters away, such as closing polling places, and cancelling bus services (all of which are based on voter supression accusations in real life). How do they get around it? By asking Smokey and his squad of vending machine refillers to help bus voters to the nearest voting stations!
  • When Frank is unable to reach her during the day her water breaks, Sue manages to get herself from her house into a general hospital (with help from Janet, and forcefully from a young boy who mocked her weight). Keep in mind, it's across the city, she's so far along that she isn't allowed to drive, and she's clearly in pain from having to walk and keep her labor in check.
    • She's also able to put her foot down about what she'd like for her treatment, shutting down the argument between a hippie and the nurse planning to drug her.


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