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Frank will one day cry real tears in front of Sue.
He should open up with her sooner or later.

Frank and Sue will have another baby.
Implied at the end of Season 2 when its revealed that one or all the condoms that Frank and Sue are about to use may or may not have a hole(s) in them.
  • Confirmed in Season 3, where Sue is heavily pregnant throughout, and when she finally gives birth at the end of Season 4.

Frank will eventually hit his wife.
What, domestic abuse was not a big deal in the time period.
  • Or Sue could hit Frank and Frank commits full on battery on Sue.

Frank will eventually hit one of his children.
Most likely it will be Kevin, given how much the two tend to argue and yell at each other.
  • Or Bill if Frank ever finds about the time he got suspended from school and forged his signature on the slip.

There will be a plot point where Sue nearly divorces Frank.
  • Or Frank tries to hit Kevin but accidentally hits Sue instead that causes the near-divorce ending with Frank, Sue, and Kevin going out to a fancy restaurant and Frank promises to take court ordered anger management classes.

Bob Pogo will be Killed Off for Real in the second season.
  • Jossed. He's still alive as of the end of the second season.

Bill and Maureen will become friends with a kid/s who are the children of a same sex couple.
  • Greg did come out of the closet, and has two sons with Ginny. Though Bill and Maureen still have never interacted with either one of Greg's boys.

Frank will get a new job as a police officer.
Though given Frank's anger issues, things could easily go wrong (up to and including a little bit of Police Brutality).

Sue will be sexually harassed/assaulted at her new job in Season 2.
Confirmed, it's mainly verbal and Sue is expected to tolerate it and be able to throw it back to keep her job.
  • Going off that, she tries to keep a brave face at her job until one of co-workers tries to sexually assault her and she ends up beating the crap out of him, leading to her quitting and suing Plastiware for sexual harassment.
    • And when Sue tells Frank about her near sexual assault by one of her co-worker, he’ll invite said co-worker and gives him a full-on No-Holds-Barred Beatdown using brass knuckles and ending with Frank literally putting him through the wall, and dropping a Cluster F-Bomb with a Precision F-Strike death threat.
      • The kids would also have different reactions with this. Kevin would be amazed and wants to do boxing in his school as well as to study harder. Bill would also practice boxing as well and they would bond with Frank over boxing. Maureen however would be devastated at what Frank did seeing how Maureen witnessed Frank hitting his own father in the school play. Imagine her reaction to Frank giving a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, even worse if he had a son or daughter who gose to the same school as her.
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  • Err, none of the above bullet points happen because Sue already quit her Plast-a-Ware job way back in Season 2. While she did get verbal sexual harassment, it never turned into a physical assault. And the reason why she quit wasn't directly related to the aforementioned harassment, nor does Frank ever learn about it.

Season 3 may have to seriously address Kevin's possible slowness due to his Childhood Brain Damage.
It's already been played for moments of drama in both seasons, the fight in season 1, and twice in season 2 when Kevin nearly drown and is momentarily traumatized, and part of a tearful rant in the next episode has him admit he hates school for not being good at it. Both times Frank shows a lot of surprising honest care, and maybe even slight guilt it'd be one more complex, stressful thing as the family has at least a pregnancy scare
  • There was an episode in Season 3 where Kevin returned to the motel pool he nearly drowned in, which helps him start to overcome his fear of water. He even tries to jump in and rescue Bill in the Season 3 finale. It's possible that Kevin's slowness may be in part psychological, and overcoming this mental block will help him do better down the road.

Sue will be pregnant throughout Season 3, while the Season 4 finale will be the one when the baby is born.
  • Confirmed.

There will be an episode where Kevin tries to get tutored to get his grades up.
In the end while he doesn't get perfect grades afterward he at least meets the minimum to pass to the next grade.

Frank will be less lenient towards Maureen due to fears of her becoming a lesbian.
Considering the attitudes against homosexuality at the time, something might give Frank the fear that all the masculine activities she wants to pursue will affect her sexuality.

Kevin will get better friends.
Lex, Bolo, and Claire seem have enabled his bad behavior in Season 1, aren't very sympathetic when he goes into a panic attack, and are very willing to abandon him. But of course they will act like he's being an ass for ditching them for better people.
  • To add to this, the friend could start out as his tutor. But this would most likely require Kevin taking school seriously, before Frank would get him one. Said tutor could easily be someone from school one of his teachers asked to help him out.
  • As seen in Season 3, while Kevin stops hanging out with Lex, Bolo, and Claire, he does make three new friends from a summer school he was attending; however, they're a trio of delinquents who encourage Kevin to commit crimes. Though Kevin does seem to get along with them much better than he did with his old friends.

Things will get so bad for Bill, that he will attempt to run away from home.
  • Confirmed at the end of Season 3, where Bill does seriously attempt to run away from home with Bridget, though things don't go as planned when Bridget ditches him at the last minute, and Bill frantically tries to find his way back home.

Frank and Sue will discover Bill's hidden singing talent.
His VA is Haley Reinhart after all.

There will be a character who won't kowtow to one of Frank's tirades.
  • Well, it gets somewhat confirmed in one scene where Bob Pogo snaps at Frank for being too rude to him.

Eventually, Frank will literally put someone through a wall.
  • Or out of sheer irony, someone else will put Frank through a wall.

Kevin will go to the Vietnam War, but will defect to the North Vietnamese and die.
Frank will really send Kevin to the Vietnam War for his poor school grades, and it isn't going to be a joke this time. Kevin would go through some tough training and will be sent to Vietnam for war. But suddenly Kevin will defect to the North Vietnam and help them win the outcome of the war.
  1. Kevin will turn against his fellow American comrades and shoots them to death. Then he will steal some weapons and vehicles for the North Vietnamese.
  2. The North Vietnamese will win the war thanks to Kevin whom turned against his family and his country for freedom and alcohol. The news will go on In America that will reveal the North Vietnamese victory over the war. Frank and his wife Sue would be Socked about the loss over the war, and then Frank would want to know how The North Vietnamese. Then it would be relieved that their son Kevin that defected and help them win the war. Frank and Sue would be horrified, and upset. Sue would start crying and Frank would be extremely angry and starts to yell in rage.
  3. Frank will go hunt his son Kevin down and kill him for betraying the United States. Sue will beg Frank to change his mind, but he won't listen to her.
  4. Frank will find his son Kevin, confronts him, and tries to shoot him but Kevin will fight back. Both Kevin and Frank armed armed with an arsenal of weapons and they clash in a violent, drawn-out battle. Frank would eventually gains the upper hand and prepares to shoot Kevin in the left temple with his shotgun however, Frank would ultimately realizes that although he has become evil, he is still her son and he could never bring himself to kill him; Frank drops his gun and surrenders, allowing Kevin, who has no qualms about killing his father, to gain the upper hand. Just as he is about to kill Frank, Vic would appear out of nowhere and shoots Kevin in the head few times. Killing him Franks loom over Kevin's corpse and, despite everything that's happened.
  5. Sue and Frank holds each other brokenheartedly in silence over the loss of their son.

  • Um... that sounds too dark, even for a show like this. Frank is many things, but I don't think he would deliberately force any of his children into something as dangerous as war. Not to mention, that the show would most likely never kill off any of the main characters, especially in such a bizarre and over-the-top fashion.
    • Also, the interpretation of history in that theory is VERY off (unless that was the intention). While North Vietnam did win the Vietnam War in 1975, it was mostly a consequence of the American withdrawal from the conflict in 1973 (which is the same year that the show begins). And of course, the war wasn't won by a single man.
    • Alternatively, Frank will get fed up with Kevin's behavior and actually try to drag him to the recruitment office to send him to 'Nam to teach him respect... only for them to arrive just as the news of the US pulling out breaks. Cue Cluster F-Bomb.
      • Well, the US withdrew its troops from Vietnam on February 12, 1973. Some time has already passed between Seasons 1, 2, & 3. It would already be a bit too late for Kevin to fight in Vietnam.
      • And on top of this, the show starts in fall of 1973.

Kevin will be the father of Cutie Pie's baby and she will return in the next season (third or fourth) to prove it, even going as as far as to prove it to Frank and Sue.
If Frank and Sue having another child wasn't enough, it will give them a stroke when they find out that Kevin will also be the father of Cutie Pie's son/daughter after the two had sex (Kevin using the same brand condom Smokey poked holes in) they had in Season 2.

She might return for Season 3 and will attempt to prove that Kevin is the father of her new baby, which might be seen as ironic revenge from Kevin revealing what they did through a song in front of Vic even though it was suppose to be a secret which resulted in Cutie Pie and Vic's relationship souring, Kevin will likely act like it's not his and keep it a secret from Frank and Sue which might possibly be the running story arc for Season 3, similar to Billy and Jeff's relationship.
  • No offence, but I find it really unlikely Cutie Pie would ever tell Kevin if she was indeed pregnant. For one, Cutie Pie was obviously very ashamed that she had sex with a 14 year old (even if she was possibly just wanting to protect her own reputation) so why would she want everyone to know? It wouldn't be good revenge, because she'd only be incriminating herself.
  • Secondly, what would she get out of it? Kevin's 14, so he couldn't exactly help her raise it in any sort of effective way, nor could he support her financially. If she wanted money, she would probably say it was Vic's or Hank Howland's.
  • Which brings me to; How would she even know if it was Kevin's? She was having sex with a ton of guys around that exact same time and even if Kevin's condom was broken, she wouldn't know that.
    • She reveals Vic was the only one who didn't use protection.
  • They could treat it the way King of the Hill treated Joseph's paternity. The baby could end up having dark hair like Kevin rather than blonde hair like Vic, but Vic and Kevin could both be oblivious to the resemblance.
    • Conversely, Kevin does see the resemblance (even if Vic doesn't), and, being the dumb and good-hearted boy he is tries to do the right thing by Karen/Cutie Pie, who—still disgusted by what she did—will have none of it, and may even be in denial even if the kid has dark hair and the Murphy nose.
  • Jossed. Vic is the father.

Bill will snap and give a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to both Frank and Sue.
After being the Butt-Monkey of the family throughout the series being called a pussy by his own father behind his back, his father not taking him to hockey tryouts, yelling at him, both Frank and Sue being oblivious to the real issues Bill has. Once Bill gets himself into another bad situation as always and his parents pinning the blame on him, eventually he will confront them and call them out on it worst than Kevin telling Frank that he hated him.
  • Confirmed in the climax of the Season 3 finale, where Bill does chew out both of his parents for the way they've been acting.

We might see Sue teaming up with Vivian getting back at Henrietta van Horne.
After Sue's Salad Tosser idea was stolen, Sue will have an idea of getting back at her CEO boss Henrietta van Horne. Wouldn't be surprising if revenge runs in the Murphy family seeing how Bill plots his revenge on Jimmy and Frank with Roger Dunbarton either in a lawsuit, proving to everyone it was her idea, or try to make her suffer along with Tracey, Gene and Dana(Wouldn't be surprising if their revenge would result in her Karmic Death similar to the fate of Frank's boss Roger Dunbarton and his nephew Scoop.

Bridget Fitzsimmons will be worse than her brother and try to make Bill's life more miserable than it is, and eventually Jimmy and Bill will go back to being enemies. We might also get to see Maureen defend Bill for once.
Seeing the dark nature of the show and nothing ever going right for Bill, this might happen. It would be really interesting to see Maureen and Bridget having some sort of rivalry.
  • Confirmed more or less, as Bridget is a complete bitch to Bill, though Maureen never gets involved between them. On the other hand, Bill and Jimmy end up becoming Vitriolic Best Buds by the next season.

Sue will have a miscarriage.
After Sue gets pregnant, her and Frank have yet another big fight that ends with him demanding Sue get an abortion. She debates over whether to do it, Frank realizes that deep down he's going to miss the kids when they leave his house and plans on telling Sue, then she ends up having a miscarriage that sends both of them in a depression which they have to get over while hiding the news from the kids.
  • Jossed, the subject of abortion or miscarriage never comes up. Frank and Sue are planning to keep their fourth baby, and nothing has stopped Sue's pregnancy thus far.
    • Not to mention that Sue also finally gives birth at the end of Season 4.

Claire secretly loves Kevin.
The reason she made fun of him was because she was afraid of telling him her real feelings, thinking he wouldn't feel the same way and only wanted her for sex. Season 3 might address this in some way, with Kevin having a hard time being able to masturbate after his guilt over having sex with Cutie Pie, Claire hears about it and gets jealous and thinks the only way she can get Kevin is to have sex with him, so she tries to force herself on him, but Kevin is still disturbed over his statutory rape and does not go for it, then Claire and Kevin both realize they are far too young to be thinking about having sex yet, so they decide to start dating.

Bob becomes the new CEO of Mohican Airlines.
After Roger and Scoop's deaths, Bob ends up becoming the new CEO and finally ends up losing enough weight to the point where he can actually walk normal. Frank ends up taking Bob's old job and likes it at first, but secretly still longs to be a pilot. After some soul searching, Frank decides to pay back Rosey for getting him the vending machine job and gives him the manager position so he can finally become a pilot
  • Partly confirmed. Brandy Dunbarton takes over Mohican Airways in Season 3. Bob does get a major promotion, and Frank gets Bob's old job, but Bob doesn't promote Rosie to Frank's old job (it's not Frank's call), which inspires Rosie to run for alderman.

Mohican Airlines is cursed.
Well think about it: Frank got shot; the airport had a terrorist attack; someone's travel bags are always hijacked; Ed Murtaugh, Rodger and Scoop Dunbarton all died from the events at Mohican Airways. I guess naming something based off of a Native American tribe isn't a good idea. Things can even get more worse that could affect the workers, Frank, and even his family.
  • Perhaps the airport was built on an ancient Indian Burial Ground?
    • Or maybe there will be an episode where Frank is having a dream where a Native American ghost is warning him about Mohician Airways.
  • Mohican is a parody of the now-defunct Mohawk Airlines. A lot of the disasters that happened to Mohican in the show parallel problems and disasters the real-life Mohawk had, including a hijacking in New York in 1972 and Mohawk being sold to to the larger Allegheny Airlines and dissolved shortly afterward. Mostly, Mohican, like Mohawk, has suffered from years of mismanagement, which wasn't helped by the Arab oil embargo, the 1970s recession, or migration from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt.

The next season or other future seasons will address Frank's and Sue's parents.
Every family sitcom needs to at least show the characters' parents/grandparents at this point. Frank's and Sue's parents are rarely mentioned in this show. Though Frank did mention his father to Bob Pogo during a flashback. Eventually their parents will be addressed at some point in future seasons, either as a visit or if they are dead as a flashback.
  • We might even get to see a flashback to Frank and Sue as children and the relationship they had with them, what Sue's parents think about Sue's pregnancy with Kevin and how they handled the situation, why they never visit the Murphy family, and will also help show us the reason for why Frank and Sue are the characters we know today.
  • Confirmed. Season 3 introduces Sue's parents in one episode; and we learn a little bit more info about Frank's father, and the season ends with Frank's father announcing a visit to their house that sets up Season 4's storyline about the relationship between Frank and his dad.

There will be more flashbacks shown in later seasons.
  • Frank's childhood and adolescence.
    • Confirmed by the Season 4 premiere, which begins with Frank narrating a flashback about his youth.
  • Frank's military service in The Korean War.
  • The whole family a few or more years before the start of the series.
    • Confirmed during the Season 3 premiere, which begins with Frank and Sue showing family photos from the early 1960s. And in a later episode, emphasis is placed on Kevin having a traumatic flashback of when he almost drowned as an infant in that hotel pool.

There will be flashforwards showing what happens to the Murphy family during the 1980s to the 2020s.
Obviously, every viewer will be curiously interested to see Frank, Sue, and their children growing older, and sooner or later Frank and Sue are likely to become grandparents. One thing's for certain, Frank's explosive temper will not go down with age, and he will probably become a conservative Grumpy Old Man who rants about modern society.

When Frank's father comes over to visit, Frank will give him one hell of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
It would definitely seem to be in his nature to do so. And of course, he would have every right to do some Calling the Old Man Out.
  • Confirmed, Frank does angrily confront his dad in public, though it only makes their whole family conflict worse.

Frank's and Sue's new baby will be another girl.
Because having two sons and two daughters would make for a nice, even, equal sex ratio.
  • Confirmed, the baby is born in the Season 4 finale and is a girl.

Nguyen-Nguyen will be involved in a minor subplot in Season 4.
After Nguyen-Nguyen poisoned (and likely killed) Chet, she's obviously going to spend a long time in prison for her crime. However, this will not be the end of her troubles; it will turn out that she got impregnated by her husband not long before his death. Although Nguyen-Nguyen wants to have a child, she knows that she won't be able to raise one as a single mom locked behind bars. So, she'll try the first idea that comes to mind; give her best friend Sue a call and ask for help with giving up the baby for adoption.
  • Additionally, Nguyen-Nguyen's child winds up being adopted by Goomer and Evelyn, as they wanted kids but never got the chance due to Evelyn's miscarriage and infertility.
  • And maybe Nguyen-Nguyen will hopefully be paroled from prison (or escape), and will play a major role in helping Sue communicate as a better person.
  • All of the above is jossed.

There will be a story arc revolving around a serial killer in a future season.
There were a lot of infamous serial killers who gained media notoriety during the 1970s and 1980s, and there would certainly be a lot of potential for both dark satire and horror in a TV-MA cartoon like this show, which is certainly no stranger to some occasional graphic violence. On a more dramatic note however, the Murphys and their neighbors become extremely paranoid about their safety.
  • Bonus points if Jeffrey Dahmer (that recurring jerkass kid who's named after that serial killer) somehow plays a role in this plot.
  • This was touched on at the end of Season 2 with BLABLA (the hijackers), who are parodies of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Danielle Kerry is an expy of Patty Hearst and Tecumseh X DuBois is an expy of SLA founder Donald "Field Marshal Cinque" DeFreeze. There is definitely potential for a storyline involving the in-universe version of David Berkowitz (Son of Sam,) for example.

Bridget Fitzsimmons will still be an issue in Season 4.
Because apparently, she's too young to have a Character Death, and her father is too much of a failure of a parent to ever give her any proper discipline or punishment for her countless misdeeds.
  • Half-confirmed. She starts out the season as a continued issue to Bill, only for her to become friends with Maureen. By the time she and Bill interact again, Bill is able to handle her.

Bridget Fitzsimmons is actually the true leader of the family.
Since both Fitzsimmons men are terrified of her, she controls both of them from behind the scenes, hence why we just learn of her existence at the end of season 2.

The new baby will be a girl, and be more like Sue and Bill in personality than Maureen.
  • The new Murphy kid being a girl has been confirmed. But as she's still an infant, we still don't know enough of what her personality will be like yet.

Roger, Scoop, and Chet will get revenge on the Murphy family from beyond the grave.
  • Uh, no. This show is rather realistic, and contains nothing fantastic such as people coming back from the dead for revenge.

Maureen will hopefully become more sincere to Bill, and apologize for the way she treated him in the past.
  • While Maureen and Bill still haven't fully made amends yet, their relationship seems to be at least slightly less toxic in later seasons.

Sue will have a miscarriage and it won't be Bill's fault. The family will also learn a valuable lesson from it as well.
  • Jossed.

Phillip will flip out to the point where he's sent to a special school.
  • His brother Anthony seems like he's more likely to end up in special education.
    • Both of them need a different type of special school. Anthony will probably get the help he needs eventally since its pretty clear there's something wrong with him. (Which may be Phillips fault) But unless he snaps in a way adults see as a problem Phillip will probably go on as is. This is the 70s. If it wasn't obvious they normally didn't try to fix anything with kids(Kevin is just seen as lazy).

Sue and Bill will hopefully have better heartwarming moments and interactions together, on par with The Loud House episode "A Novel Idea".
Their apology to Bill was not too satisfying. Barely anything came from Sue's behalf (who sounded patronizing and nearly robotic). And it's really jarring with you consider the nature of their minimal interactions in Season 3.

Sue's third trimester and volatile mood swings, plus Frank's tension with his father, will make things much worse for the kids, especially Bill.
Because of Frank's father and Sue's pregnancy, things at home will get worse for Bill, and he won't be able to run away a second time.
  • Well, this pretty much sums up the entire conflict for Season 4. Though Bill is only directly affected by this, when his grandfather starts being emotionally abusive towards him.

Henrietta Van Horne will receive her comeuppance, maybe even an untimely death.
  • Jossed so far.

The Murphy family may never see the inside of a family therapy center room.
  • Well, since when did anyone in the family ever consider any mental health treatment in the first place?
    • Sue, in "F is for Fixing It".

Sue will get arrested for one of her outbursts (or something else entirely).
She'll even reunite with with Nguyen-Nguyen. Unfortunately, hard time may make her worse.

Frank's father will be a loud, brazen, abrasive jerkass whose very presence gives Frank and Sue even more stress.
Frank and his father will constantly be at each other's throats, causing Sue (who's already entering her third trimester) to snap at both of them, and putting her in a foul mood, where any one of her kids are once again screwed if they're so much in foot distance of her. Much like Frank vs. Kevin, but worse.
  • Well, it's kinda complicated. While there's plenty of (mostly passive-aggressive) tension between Frank and his father Big Bill, the latter is actually rather (superficially) charming, and gets along rather well with his daughter-in-law and grandchildren for the most part (at least until that one scene where Big Bill reveals his darker side by bullying the younger Bill).

Bill and Sue will spend time together by finishing the living room wallpaper.
Bill will feel guilty that his birth prevented Sue from finishing what she started, so he uses this as a opportunity to bond with his mother in hopes that she'll be nicer and communicate better with him as a person (like she has done with Frank on occasion).

Someone will set the Murphy house on fire out of spite.
  • Though who specifically?

Frank's father has a less harmful view of his abuse. Viewing the nickname he gave Frank as good-natured homophobia. And why not actually try to get along with Kevin?
He could have mellowed with age a bit and aside for being an idiot, Kevin isn't that bad of a kid. Even has some balls. Which while good for Kevin in a probably twisted way only pisses Frank off more.
  • Confirmed in Season 4, Big Bill did have a rosier view of Frank's childhood than Frank himself did, to the point where his family started to think Frank may have exaggerated his childhood abuse. It took a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Bill and Maureen at the end of the season to make Big Bill finally see how his parenting might have harmed his son. He says it was because that was how all fathers were expected to parent their sons in that time period, and that he never truly meant to hurt Frank.

If Season 4's trailer is anything to go by, it seems like Sue might have a hand in making Bill more acquainted with the Fitzsimmons family (who corrupt him), to the point where Frank has to step in and fix things.
  • Jossed, Sue never gets involved in any of the interactions between Bill and the Fitzsimmons family.

Sue will never give any justification on why she's willing to go through a fourth pregnancy / have a fourth child.
Preparation for the new baby alone has been nothing but stressful for all five members. Not to mention that Frank and Sue have attempted to bury this event underneath their own personal distractions, will treating their kids like unwanted burdens. It's especially baffling considering how she's handled her first three children, how bad things have gotten for the family, the general stress of pregnancy / a newborn's first few weeks alone (on top of three existing children), and new problems that await them.
  • In a way, confirmed. Everyone just treats the pregnancy as something that just happened and do what they normally would for a pregnant woman.

Something horrible happens to Nguyen-Nguyen.
In the Season 4 trailer, we see all the female characters closest to Sue throw her a baby shower, followed by a clip of her crying real tears while watching television late at night. However, there seem to be zero clips of Nguyen-Nguyen herself.
  • Jossed-ish. Sue was actually crying over a movie she was watching, that she saw back when she was dating Frank. While Nyugen-Nyugen, meanwhile, is in prison, and soon to go on trial. That said, nothing really horrible happens to her (that the audience is aware of), apart from being prosecuted for killing her husband.

Season 4 will have zero mentions of Bill running away and chewing out both his parents in Season 3.
  • Confirmed, Frank's father makes such an impression, that Frank's attempts to be a better dad turn into a competition. Meanwhile, Sue has no interaction with Bill, nor references it.

Goomer will get arrested.
At some point, somebody's got to lose patience with Goomer's creepy stalker habits and call the cops on him.

Sue will be too pregnant to show Frank any sympathy once the source of his painful past comes to light.
  • Confirmed. Hell, the only reason Sue doesn't also give Big Bill Murphy a hard time after the meltdown at Maureen's school play in "Murphy and Son" as well because she "isn't married to him". She also isn't sympathetic towards him during her lamaze class. It's pretty much bleak for Frank, until she actually gives birth.

Sue will give birth to twins, with at least one boy, and no one will be happy about it.
Not factoring in her Hartman Hips, Sue seems much bigger than a normal pregnant woman.
  • Jossed. Sue gives birth to a single baby girl.

Vic is not actually the father of Karen's baby.
Considering how many other guys Karen slept around with, why would there be any guarantee that Vic was really the one who impregnated her? She did claim that Vic was the only partner she had who didn't wear a condom, though she may not be completely honest about that statement (or her memory isn't very reliable).

Not to mention that she did have an affair with Kevin, so this could be a possible setup for an (easily foreshadowed) plot twist that Kevin actually fathered Karen's child (and needless to say, Frank's gonna be really pissed when he learns that he now has a child and grandchild who are the exact same age as each other).

The series will end with Kevin finishing high school.
Though much emphasis will be placed on how difficult it was for him to get there.

Bill will end up with Rosie's daughter Nia at some point.
Considering the show can be described as a semi-autobiography of Bill Burr's childhood, Nia may be a child version of Burr's wife. Burr met her at a comedy show, so perhaps there will be a Time Skip later on where this happens to the characters as young adults.

Vic may cross the line between Handsome Lech and perverted monster by trying to make time with Kevin's new girlfriend.
Maybe he wants to even the score for Karen/Cutie Pie (esp. if she continues with her plan to give up the kid for adoption and tells him to piss off, thus shattering his last hope to do right by somebody)... Maybe he wants to feel young again after being told by his boss that he's old and out of touch — but he might just cozy up to Alice and try to seduce her away from Kevin.

She seems smart enough not to fall for the machinations of a man twice her age, but remember that the guy's got money, booze, and coke on tap, and she wouldn't be the first young thing to go astray in a moment of weakness....

Even though it's confirmed that Cutie Pie's baby is Vic's, there will be a subplot in Season 5 about the Murphy's finding out about Kevin having sex with Cutie Pie and thinking that the baby is his.
Everyone will end up finding out about Kevin having sex somehow, and Frank will yell at Kevin. Nobody believes him when he says that he wore a condom, and Kevin will make a jab at Frank about him being an accident and about the fourth baby being an accident (even though Frank did wear a condom that time around and that Sue ended up pregnant anyway because it had a hole in it, Kevin probably doesn't know that already) and they both get pissed at each other.

A DNA test is done that proves Kevin isn't the father, but Kevin is still pissed at his father for not trusting him (even though Frank has a good reason not to due to Kevin's past behavior), but by the end of the season, Frank will apologize and they both make up.

Frank's and Sue's fourth child will turn out to be gay.
As a sort of ironic twist, Maureen will turn out to be straight, despite Frank thinking otherwise because of her tomboyish personality. On the other hand, his second daughter will turn out to be queer (and for further irony she's a Lipstick Lesbian, which would throw off Frank given his expectations of what feminine girly girls should be like).
  • The second daughter could be a deconstruction of Lipstick Lesbian when she face negative stereotypes. Her femininity causes no one to believe she's really a lesbian, causing her much angst and making it hard to get a girlfriend.

Alaquippa Ed will somehow cause yet ANOTHER strain in Frank and Sue's marriage, and more of same hostility towards the children like all previous seasons.
Let's look at the record. S1: Pogo/Dunbarton caused drama at home. S2: Scoop/Smokey caused drama at home. S3: Chet caused drama at home. S4. Big Bill caused drama at home.


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