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Sam is Norman's father.
They're the only two ginger-haired people in the whole town. Is Norman's behaviour a cry for attention?
Pontypandy is a dictatorship, entirely controlled by the fire station.
There's no sign of any police, or any sort of town council. In fact the entire population of Pontyprandy seems to comprise the Pryces, the Floods, the Joneses, Trevor the bus driver, and the fire-fighters themselves. And the fire department seem to be in charge of everything to do with safety and protection. Despite being a seaside town (in the CGI series), there isn't even a coastguard, although there is a mountain-rescue officer (who is treated as a subordinate of the fire station). Clearly at some point Station Officer Steele seized control of the town and everyone who disagreed with his rule ... disappeared (Bella Lasagna was the last to go).
  • Well, more recent episodes have added a Coast Guard in Ben Hooper and an Ocean Rescue Center, an analogue for the Mountain Rescue Center, which is where the water vehicles are stored (with a new one added just for Ben); the place has been expanded on to become the Ocean Rescue Center's base instead of only a conveniently empty building that they visit whenever they need to get their rescue boats. Of course, this doesn't completely disprove the WMG, since Ben is still subservient to the Fire Service like Tom is.
  • Also, we've got a new Family in the Sparkes'. And lets not forget Mrs. Chen and her young daughter Lily.
  • The upcoming twelfth season will finally introduce a police constable to the series. So we can safely say Jossed.
Buck Douglas came from Newtown
Who else that visits Pontypandy doesn't come from Newtown? Newtown is Pontypandy's neighbouring town.
Buck Douglas is not actually a villain
The reason is because he loves his fans that are in Pontypandy. He even visited the fire station to interview Fireman Sam, meaning that he might be good friends with him. He also doesn't harm anyone, despite the villagers of Pontypandy getting into danger during their alien hunt. Unfortunately, Buck Douglas' show can be a little dangerous sometimes...
The 11th series of Fireman Sam and it's 2018 film will be animated by a different studio
The reason is because of this small controversial incident where Elvis trips on the Quran in a Series 9 episode. Hit Entertainment apoligises for this and said that they will be no longer working with Xing Xing, the Chinese animation studio that produced series 6-10 and its three films. Brace yourself for
They Changed It, Now It Sucks! and Ruined Forever...
  • Actually, the change was only minor, as the character designs were almost the same, but the animation improved, making the series look like it was made in a big budget, so it wouldn't be a big deal.
The 2018 film of Fireman Sam will be about pirates and treasure hunting
This film is not officially announced yet, but it would be cool if the plot for the 2018 film would be about Norman and the kids going treasure hunting with a handsome man who knows knowledge about pirates and treasure hunting. Then, they get stranded in the middle of the ocean, leaving Fireman Sam and his crew to save them.Jossed. According to an October Edition Toyworld magazine from Mattel, at page 23, the 2018 film will be about Fireman Sam becoming a movie star.
Bronwyn is cheating on her husband
It is obvious over the course of the show that Bronwyn and Charlie do not have a happy marriage. Bronwyn is constantly pointing his inadequacies out and making comments that show she has a very low opinion of him, including some which are simply brutal, including not caring at all that he was near death until she discovered Lion was with him and, after Charlie's attempt at a heroic rescue fails, very publicly stating that the "real" hero came to save the day while still standing next to her husband. She is also very quick to swoon over new men who come to town. Charlie, meanwhile, makes several passive aggressive comments about his wife (including comments about her seaweed getting moist...).To take this theory one step further - Sarah's CGI model is practically a younger version of Hannah's CGI model, meaning Joe Sparks may have secretly fathered the twins.
The Buck Douglas that faked alien sightings in Pontypandy is not the real Buck Douglas
Fireman Sam knows what Buck Douglas is up to, but what if the alien hunter inside the alien costume is an impostor of Buck Douglas, and the real Buck Douglas did not come yet? Then, the real Buck Douglas will love this and will let Fireman Sam and Norman Price be on Alien Quest
Buck Douglas will appear in the 2018 film, disguised as a journalist
Buck Douglas might appear in the 2018 film, disguised as a journalist who writes terrible secrets about famous people. At first, Mandy and Sarah (Norman, Derek, and James might be included)would accidentally bump into Buck Douglas (dressed in a different outfit, with a hat to cover his blonde hair) before he agrees to help them with the new "Pontypandy Planet Online" website. He would focus on the terrible secrets against Flex Dexter, and he would use a camera to take pictures and videos of the terrible things Flex Dexter would do to Fireman Sam during filming of the new film. Later on, after Flex Dexter has on-purposely done something bad in order to remove Fireman Sam and to get the lead role in the film, Buck Douglas would catch him and frame him by taking a picture of what he was doing, before a large disaster strikes in Pontypandy and Fireman Sam gets misblamed. Then, at the end, when the film is finished, Buck Douglas would frame Flex Dexter by showing the people of Pontypandy proof of what Flex Dexter has done. In response, almost everyone would hate on Flex Dexter while he cries in shame. Then, Buck Doulglas would accidentally trip on something and his hat would fall off, causing Buck's real identity to be revealed. The villagers briefly get angry with him, until the kids noticed that he was the one who framed Flex Dexter. The kids congratulate Buck for becoming a hero, and the villagers actually forgive him.

Series 11 of Fireman Sam will get released in Feburary, while the movie will be released in March
Two direct releases would be great, unless if they're hoping for a March release of the 11th series of Fireman Sam and a summer release for the 2018 movie, which might be better.Although, the first episode of the eleventh series of Fireman Sam was released on November 2017, the second episode started airing on Febuary. It is not very likely that the film would be released sooner, due to the film still being in production.
The 2018 Fireman Sam movie will be announced in October during MIPCOM, alongside the announcement of Series 11
We'll see where things go in the passing months before MIPCOM. If people couldn't wait any longer, then the announcement of both Series 11 and the 2018 film of Fireman Sam may be sooner than we think.
  • Jossed, it didn't happen at all.
Flex Dexter is actually Captain Jack Harkness in disguise
The upgraded Jupiter and Venus are actually replacements of the originals
When you look at the upgrades to Jupiter and Venus in Series 5 and compared the models in the original series, there is the possibility that there were not simply upgrades but completely new fire engines. It's likely that the old engines were starting to show their age and couldn't keep with the times so these two new fire engines were their replacements. Furthermore, when the upgrades first occur, they lost their license plates.
One of the two villanous scientists that are set to star in the 2020 Fireman Sam special is Buck Douglas in disguise as revenge to Fireman Sam and Norman for fraiming him for faking alien sightings in the third special
We don't actually know what the scientists look like nor their voice actors are, but if one of them ends up looking like a familiar blonde-haired, grey-eyed handsome man...
Speaking of the two scientists, one of them will be the Big Bad, while one of them will basically be a nervous Anti-Villain who is slightly mischievous and s/he's only "bad" just because s/he follows the former's orders, and ends up doing a Heel–Face Turn near the end


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