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Headscratchers / F is for Family

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  • How does Kevin take a shower or a bath? With these panic attacks he has from water ever since the Motel Pool incident.
    • Kevin hardly even remembered that incident. And he only panicked when he thought he was falling into water under thin ice.

  • How come we never actually see Frank or Sue's parents? Through the first and second season we never get to see their parents visit the Murphys. Most sitcoms would always show the characters parents/grandparents. Did their relationship between their parents get so bad over the years that they don't even visit each other anymore? Are they dead? Although Frank did mention his father to Bob Pogo in a flashback back when he was in war and how he hated his father, may also give a hint to this.
    • In Season 3 we see Sue's parents.
    • Frank states openly in Season Two that he hated his father and in Season Three we further learn the depth of his resentment towards his own father during his talk with Kevin. He also states to Sue that he has the decency to keep his family away and Frank seems to openly despise Sue's father, who shows up near the middle of the Season. By the end of Season Three, Frank's father shows up to stay with the Murphys, lending likelihood to his appearance in Season Four.
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    • Frank's father stays with the Murphy family during season 4, with the central conflict being between him and Frank. Frank's mother is living in California with his younger sister, estranged from both her husband and her son for years.
  • How was there an ambulance at Chet's house after Nguyen-Nguyen poisoned him? She obviously didn't call because she wanted him to die and her attitude towards getting busted rules out her having changed he rmind. Chet couldn't have called, given his condition when they wheel him out. He couldn't have done it after he realized why his food tasted funny because by the point that he would have realized he needed immediate medical attention, he wouldn't've been physical able to even pick up the phone... so who called 911?


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