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Heartwarming / F is for Family

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  • Frank letting Bill watch a boxing match with him and his friends after their trials involving the color TV set.
  • In the first episode, Kevin's Big Brother Instinct kick in at the right time, saving his little brother from his family's wrath even if he didn't do the crime in question.
  • Frank calming Kevin down from his panic attack was pretty sweet. Even if he does wind up dropping him directly into the water he was so scared of anyways.
  • Sue and Frank in 1958, talking about how their gonna be co-pilots and support each other. Kind of bittersweet considering none of their dreams ever came true, but still, you can see how much they love each other.
    • The Season 2 finale, after reconciling the two realize the kids are getting older and won't need them around as much now, both immediately suggest that the other can go finish their dream (Frank becoming a pilot, and Sue finishing college)
  • Vic telling Kevin the statutory rape wasn't his fault.
  • Maureen asking Bill to carry her home in episode 2.
  • After getting into a fight at school, Bill is suspended and must get a form detailing the punishment signed by one of his parents. Bill is terrified of what Frank's reaction will be and voices his concerns to Kevin. Kevin takes the form and forges Frank's signature, telling Bill that he's been through the same thing and the school administration doesn't bother checking whether the parent's signature is authentic.
  • Kevin's memories of his childhood. Especially when Frank tells him that he'll always love him, even if they don't get along great in the future.
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  • Pretty much anytime Frank and Kevin are actually getting along. The ending of "Saturday, Bloody Saturday", when they bond in "the Liar's Club" etc.
  • After the Murphys drive the Fitzsimmons off their lawn:
    Frank: I've got the best family in this whole goddamn town! And don't you ever come back!
    Kevin: You really mean that about us?
    Frank: You're goddamn right I do!
  • Frank's speech when he's being hold hostage by terrorists.
  • The small but satisfactory acknowledgment at the beginning of season 3 that Greg finally got away from Ginny and is now living happily as an out gay man.

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