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Awesome / Flash Gordon (1980)

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♪ He'll save every one of us! ♫

  • Ming's entrance, set to an awesomely unsettling score.
  • The football fight scene, made even more awesome by the fact that Flash was winning until Zarkov threw badly.
  • Flash tricking Prince Barin into dropping his guard by pretending the Wood Beast bit him.
  • Prince Barin: [Takes Flash's hand] "Where you go, I follow."
  • After his Heel–Face Turn, Prince Barin became a walking fountain of Crowning Moments, the first being his and Flash's double-teaming of Klytus.
  • Zarkov resisting brainwashing by thinking of any piece of human culture that pops into his head.
  • Dale's escape from the Harem. First she tricks one of the slaves into getting drunk and changing clothes with her, then she beats the shit out of the first guard to cross her path, starts a gunfight in which she kills two more before beating up a fourth, and then... picks up her heels and gets the heck out of Dodge. Flawless escape.
  • Disputes among the Hawkmen are settled in the traditional way - a duel to the death. With whips. On a small round platform over a fifty-mile drop. Also, the platform spins and tilts. Also, it sprouts spikes.
  • "Oh, well... who wants to live forever? DIIIIVEE!!!!"
    • After this line, Brian Blessed goes into full GIANT HAM MODE, and it's clear he's having the time of his life.
    Vultan: Onward, my brave Hawkmen! Let this be known Flash Gordon's day!
  • Flash captures War Rocket Ajax alongside the Hawkmen, then blows most of it up. He decides to stay and pilot the ship so that it'll crash into the lightning field surrounding Ming's palace, which will deactivate it. This would kill him in the process, but he's willing to accept that. Seconds before he hits it, Dr. Zarkov turns the shield off, and the wedding crowd watches in horror as War Rocket Ajax crashes through the window and savagely impales Ming the Merciless In the Back with its pointy nose.
  • Say what you will about Ming, but him flatly refusing to submit to Flash's threat on his life even as he is dying from being impaled, even holding Flash back with a ring of power, is pretty awesome. Even at his weakest, even when he could had stopped the attack on Earth in exchange of having his life being spared as Flash demanded, he will NOT let any being dictate his fate, for he is MING THE MERCILESS!
    Ming: "Pitiful fool! My life... is not for any Earthling to give... or TAKE!"
  • In the music category: “FLASH!!! Ah-AAAHHH! HE'LL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US!!”