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  • Each of them have their own moments:
    • June's moment comes in the "Rings of Saturn", when she ballet dances in space to undo a stuck mechanism of Rocket's, with an impressive number of spins.
    • Annie's is in "Annie's Solo Mission", when she pilots Rocket by herself to rescue her friends who are trapped in a giant bubble.
    • Quincy's comes in "Quincy and the Magic Instruments", when he travels half way around the world, without Rocket, to save his friends who are trapped at sea.
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    • Leo's comes in "The Christmas Wish" where he conducts the sky itself, which is both awesome and pretty as all get out. It's also hard to argue with his save of one of the titular balloons in "The Birthday Balloons".
    • And Rocket's crowning moments are the two sky race episodes. Not only does Rocket win a sky race around the world, despite starting late, he turns around and does it again, despite his flight mode being disabled for most of the episode.
    • As for the Einsteins as a group, it's hard to argue with "The Galactic Goodnight". They actually fly around the entire solar system and even stand on the surface of Mars.
    • On the Real Life side, much of the music in the series' final produced (but not aired) episode (before hiatus?) was played by a six year old boy. It was Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 at that.
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    • Rocket gets a CMOA everytime he confronts Big Jet.
  • "Knock on Wood" ends with the implication that the kids may have saved an entire species from extinction.

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