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Awesome / The Angry Beavers

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  • The flawless Roaring Rampage of Revenge Dag and Norb inflict on Bill Licking for humiliating them on national TV. In fact, Dag has to be physically restrained from killing Bill the next time they meet.
    Bill Licking: Gentlemen, how can I help you?
    Daggett: THROOOOOOOOOOAT!!!!
  • Everything about Dag and Norb fighting against Edgar the Swamp Witch, Gator Man, and their zombie slaves in "Open Wide For Zombies." Especially the high speed chase where the Beavers bring down the witch's shack on top of her and kill her.
    • Dag repeatedly kicking the crap out of Edgar and Gator Man, especially when they curse his teddy bear.
      Dag: NOOOOOOOOOO! I'll get you Gator Man, just like any other gator!
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  • Whenever karma steps in to punish Norb for unprovoked Jerkass antics, include the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown he deserved for tricking everyone out of their stuff in "Dag's List," getting all his stuff stolen by Truckey in "The Posei-Dam Adventure" after doing nothing to save him or Dag, Dag driving Norb nuts in "The Big Frog," and Dag getting Norb deported in "Euro Beavers."
  • While dealing with the asshole lumberjacks who've invaded their forest, Dag's spirit is briefly broken and Norb is beyond outraged. When he goes to confront the lumberjacks again, the leader attempts to break in another song. Norb smacks him in the face twice.
  • In "Oh, Brother" Norb tries to manipulate Dag's supposed real brother, Randy (a stupider and childish version of Dag who can only laugh) into going "If Dag is an idiot, laugh real hard." Randy punches him. It then turns out Randy is infinitely smarter and more eloquent than Norb's Jerkass supposed "real" brother Byron, saying he'd been pretending to be an idiot since they were born because he didn't want to make Byron feel bad about being the stupid brother. Randy apologizes to Dag for encouraging Byron's "real brother" fantasies, and Dag says he knows how dumb brothers can be. Norb asserts he's the smart one, which Randy finds hilarious, and Norb begins to realize Dag might really be the smart one.
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  • Norb and Dag teaming up with their new ghost friends to screw with Scientist #1 and Pete in "Spooky Spoots."
  • How have Dag's actions as "Muscular Beaver" going against the Mad Giant Splinter not been mentioned? After having put "Baron Good Beaver", i.e. Norb, in the fiend's path, only for Norb to get completely crushed, Dag finally ponies up, using the Baron as a beaver-guided missile to disorient the Splinter, knocking it into the cliff side where Dag is standing, causing the outcropping he is standing on to break off, fall, and lodge itself deep into the splinter, causing it to timber and fall into a deep mine shaft, "Muscular Beaver" humming his heroic theme the entire way down!
    • Then to Throw the Dog a Bone to Norb, who, after having been shellacked by the Splinter (and Dag, see above) for most of the episode, unintentionally finishes off the Splinter by throwing away his crumbled helmet in anger, causing it to boomerang right into the Splinter as it began to rise from the mine shaft and sends it falling back down to its doom. Dag puts it best:
    "Muscular Beaver": "Now THAT'S using your HELMUTTTTT!"


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