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  • Imagine your roommate's incredibly violent, bipolar, half-demon girlfriend has just ripped off both your arms, stabbed you in the chest, thrown you through a wall, set you on fire, and knocked you flat on your back, and is now standing above you with her heeled foot pressing down on your sternum. Do you beg, do you scream? Well, you might. As for Randall however...
  • Mark cunningly surviving a trip out to Callie's family home in Hell, which included a fight to the death with Twayne. Naturally for this show it involved Mark sending a clone of himself to its death, looking on proudly as it spoke its first words before being dismembered.
    Callie: (to Mark after his surprise return) Excellent surviving skills, very crafty.
    • He tops even that in the latest episode He keeps Altramak from taking his HUGE soul by going on a nightlong debasing of his morals AFTER betting on the fall of the Maggotbone stocks, making a cool 10 grand in the process! BADASS
  • Callie going full demon mode and beating up her sister's One-Winged Angel form.
    • Especially notable since while Callie's demon form is much bigger than a human, it's down right puny compared to Lilith's. In then end, she didn't even win with brawn, but with brains, proving herself the better sister.
  • Leonard kicking demon ass after Mark hires him as a bodyguard.
  • Clone Mark smacking the crap out of Randall with a glove for his Jerkass tendencies.


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