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Trivia / Ugly Americans

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  • Actor Allusion: Michael-Leon Wooley, the voice of Twayne, once provided the voice for Audry II, the man-eating plant from Little Shop Of Horrors on Broadway. In the episode Little Ship of Horrors there is a species of plant people resembling Audrey II running a flower shop. Wooley provided the voice of the shop owner.
  • Name's the Same: One of the characters on this show is named Frank Grimes. It's not the same one who was angry at Homer for living a cushy life (despite being a total idiot) and ends up having a Villainous Breakdown and electrocuting himself after Homer enters and wins a nuclear plant design contest for children. Justified as David M. Stern (a former writer and story consultant for The Simpsons) worked on this show.

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