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Ugly Americans will parody Transformers.
They already have robots in this setting, only a difference of scale is needed. They would mock how often Optimus Prime dies, likely by having their Prime expy die every couple minutes. Comparisons to Kenny and Jesus Christ every time it happens too. Oh and the robot from the department of integration will fall in love with an Arcee expy. To top it all of this episode will air on the same day as the premiere for Transformers: Prime.

Mark isn't as normal as he looks.
The hero is never completely ordinary in shows like this, you know...He seems to have adjusted quite well to the Destructo-Nookie with Callie - he was even reading over performance evaluations while she was whipping him!

Callie and Twayne getting together won't bring forth the end times...
Callie and Mark getting married will.

Lilith is still alive.
...because why not?Hey, the only thing that actually happened to her was getting dropped into Hell - right in Callie's garden, actually.
  • Who's to say her Rapid Aging stops at 18? Assuming she has the lifespan of a normal human, they wouldn't have to deal with her for over half a year.

Mark's dad isn't human
This might be the reason we haven't seen him yet...
  • Perhaps his dad is an Angel? That would explain his last name (Lily) and also why demon women are so seemingly obsessed with corrupting him.
Mark Himself is an Angel Unaware
Like Callie, he is a Half-Human Hybrid, but of a Human mother and an Angel father (who possibly had to return to heaven or risk becoming a Fallen Angel for sleeping with a human.) This would explain a lot of his Incorruptible Pure Pureness (it's implied in one epside that not cursing is even in his DNA), His innate naive desire to help everyone and everything, and the fact that demon women are somewhat obsessed with Corrupting him.
Mark is gay
He can only acheive a climax via penile insertion, and demons are known for having large barbed penises
  • ¡!¡ ALL DEMONS ¡!¡
  • Seemingly Jossed by "Mark likes Dick".

Callie's conception wasn't retconned
Frank Sinatra was apart of the cult that associated with Aldremach and Rosie was a little drunk when she agreed to that deal.
Eventually there will be an episode where they have to deal with a time travler.
And He'll obviously be a parody of The Doctor and Mark would have to deal with his remorse from being the destroyer of worlds.

If Mark learnt to use the power of his soul, he'd be the most powerful Meister on Earth.
...Or at least the western hemisphere. It's so powerful it crushes his own organs. Say people from the DMWA came to the city for a mission of some sort (say Maka, or Stein), and they saw his soul, and think: "Hey, if we helped him with that, we'd have one tough Meister!" Who knows. What if he could surpass Shinigami?
  • An Ugly Americans/Soul Eater crossover? HELL YES!

Angels exist in this show, but they are racist.
We've seen just about every supernatural monster, from demons to zombies to land whales, but so far no angels. There aren't any reasons why they wouldn't exist, so why haven't we seen them? The answer is that yes, they do exist, but angels are prejudiced against many of the inhabitants. They consider demons to be Always Chaotic Evil, even though demons can be both neutral and "decent", but with some habits that seem evil to the ignorant. Angels may also consider other monsters to be "evil", generally thinking that Dark Is Evil and Light Is Good, even though they range from "decent" to "haughty bastards with Knight Templar tendencies." Like demons, they probably aren't run by the Judeo-Christian God(since the scriptures wouldn't be in line with Ugly Americans), but simply a powerful archangel with God-Emperor tendencies.

Mark Lilly's idealism is just a facade, covering a deep-rooted cynicism bordering on sociopathy.
Just look at how he treated his ex-girlfriend in "Lilly and the Beast", or how he treats Croatian Guy in "Any Given Workday". His apparent "will to help everyone" is simply the will to impose what
he considers to be the way things should be on everyone else. He's even more cynical than his co-workers, who are at least openly cynics while he puts up a nice, smiling face.

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