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Awesome / Song of the Sea

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  • Bronagh singing the Song of the Sea in the beginning.
  • Saoirse's first night as a selkie.
  • Ben having the conviction to return home, so much that on the drive to their Granny's house, he takes the time to sketch every land mark so he'll know the way back. Smart kid.
  • Anytime Cú shows his undying loyalty towards Ben and Saoirse. Even Macha comments on this, and praises him for it.
  • For the most part of the movie, Ben has shown a fear of water so much that he warns Cú to stay away from it. However, when Saoirse is dying and needs her coat, that was thrown in the ocean by Conor, what does Ben do? He dives straight into the water. In the middle of a storm.
    • Even better that Saoirse's seal friends intervene to help Ben when they realise he is trying to save her.
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  • Saoirse singing the Song of the Sea, which enables all of the Faeries to be freed and her health to be restored, to the amazement of Ben, Conor and the seals.
  • Despite being severely weakened and on the verge of death, Saoirse manages to play the shell flute long enough for all of Macha's sealed jars to break. And she's only six.
    • Even better that Ben sings to her playing to help her while he and Cu are trying to hold off Macha and her owls at the same time.
  • The real reason behind Bronagh's disappearance: Something went wrong in her pregnancy with Saoirse and so she had to transform into a selkie for her and Conor's baby to be born safe in the world. Long story short, she sacrificed herself for her baby girl.
  • Ben carrying Saoirse to the Holy Well through the rain and a patch of nettles at the risk of getting stung just to avoid the same thing happening to her.
  • Ben and the Daoine Sidhe saving Saoirse from Macha's owls.
  • The Great Seanchai and his cave when Ben realises as such.

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