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  • Triceps cutting the tree log into two big sticks like a ninja in "Sticks Stink".
  • The Crumpets dismantling the McBrisks' house in "Save Granny".
  • Granny, who is a super centenarian, surviving both of her Magic Plastic Surgery transformations in "Booty For Beauty".
  • In "My Family's Full Of Losers", Ma builds a rocket on the moon, flies back to Earth, and lands on the game show stage so she can choke her evil brother-in-law.
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  • While this may be an unpleasant scene in "Family Secrets", Ditzy's attacks at Caprice and King in revenge for the family's negligence towards her grounded head and their secret-sharing, especially when she uses her string to choke Caprice, shows she can kick ass.
  • Ms. McBrisk's surprise entrance as an exorcist for Ohoh in "Hairifying".
  • How the fight between Ma and Ms. McBrisk over King in "Amnesia" opens. McBrisk gets covered by devilish lighting and her voice sounds demonic when she enters the room. Then after she walks to Ma we see the two women looking angry and see them from their backs and facing each other (a bit like how the combatants are viewed in Pokémon video games).
  • Caprice and King's rescue of Grownboy's animals from Hurry and Harried's plane in "Disassister".
  • The Crumpets surviving the meteor crash in "Prehistoric Crumpets".
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  • The transformation of the house into a giant robot, which Granny controls with a video game controller, in "Pong! The Menace!".
  • Ohoh's quick move to save Caprice from the falling red paint in "Supernawak".
  • Pfff's sleepwalk in the second half of "Insectator", when he thinks he's his robot character in the Maxi Monsters World video game.
  • Caprice gets saved from a deadly fall by her family and friends in "Auto-graff", when they form a string of themselves from a window on the house and Ma lassos Li'l-One's nappy for use as a parachute for her daughter.
  • In "Troc de trucs", the twins attempt to rescue Caprice's ragdoll from the McBrisk house, where they would accidentally scare Cassandra and her mother by mistakenly rendering it as a Creepy Doll, once by lifting a pillow on the doll with a fishing rod.
    • Caprice throwing Cassie to the ground in a fight over the ragdoll.
  • Triceps and Cassie stopping the flood inside the Crumpet house in "Rat de marée".
  • In "Les sur-vivants", Caprice and Cassandra, whose allies were captured by a corrupt Triceps in the woods, were able to save their friends; the former lures in Triceps and the latter frees the others from being strapped in exercise equipment-like formations.
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  • In "Nom de code", at one instance when the telephone is ringing, Li'l One and the twins rush and knock over Ditzy on their way. Meanwhile, Caprice, who wants to be the first to answer, runs, grabs and throws Ditzy's head like a bowling ball at her younger siblings.
  • "La capuche mortelle": Marylin and his mouse destroy Larry's hood that might had inspired the teens' nightmares.
  • "Odeurs corp": When Triceps lets the abandoned van and its laboratory roll away as punishment against Caprice, Cassie and Cordless' new anti-odor pills, Caprice assigns Cassie to control the runaway van dashing through the forest and prior to making a jump over a ravine. This makes for an intense ride on a van without working brakes.
  • "Cacher la voiiix": Cassie delivers a compelling persuasion at Triceps on utilizing her beautiful singing voice under her own identity and not Marylin's.
  • "Game lover": When Cordless discovers Caprice holding a rake and running towards his online game girlfriend (whom he hasn't met in-person yet), and Caprice's love interest Marylin (because Marylin, who is a stand-in for Cordless, is enticing the woman with Cordless' guidance), Cordless imitates his online game character by holding a bag of hamburgers and a torch. Once he reaches Caprice, he throws and torches the hamburgers as flaming projectiles at her, and she breaks or deflects them with her rake.
  • "Pudeur et tremblements": The Skinny Dipping German penpals rescue Marylin from drowning, the sequence opening with a slow motion running shot.

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