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Awesome / Mummies Alive!

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  • The Transformation Sequence is almost the same every time. But it's totally awesome so that's okay.
    With the Strength of RA!!!
  • Rath and Chontra's wizard duel in "Good Bye Mr. Cheops", even if he lost the first round.
    • He got her good in round two.
  • Armon vs a giant-sized Talos in "Body Slam".
  • When Presley pulled out his new Egyp-Tsu skills on Tiny in "The Egyp-Tsu Kid".
  • Scarab thinks he's about to force Presley to give him eternal life:
    Presley: I call upon the spirit of Prince Rapses...
    Scarab: "To give this man Scarab eternal life."
    Presley: To give this man Scarab... a swift kick in the Tut!

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