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Awesome / The Brave Little Toaster

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  • Kirby leaping off a cliff straight into a waterfall in order to save the other appliances from drowning.
  • Lampy's and later Toaster's Heroic Sacrifice. Both of them pretty much reached Badass Adorable status in their respective scenes.
  • The partly disassembled appliances and their awesome Villain Song.
  • Even though Lampy was unable to come up with a good idea for transportation earlier on, he DOES eventually come up with an idea that works: A way to scare off Mr. St. Peters and save the Radio, complete with Ironic Echo: "Hey! I've got an idea..."
    • On top of everything else, the true awesomeness that follows that is having all of the captive appliances (yes, including the dog) escape St. Peters' clutches!
    "Jailbreak! Jailbreak! Jailbreak! WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!, etc."
    • This moment is followed by a refrigerator busting the door right out of the wall!
  • Where they're standing on top of a hill seeing the city. The music really sells it.

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