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Awesome / The Incredible Hulk (1996)

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  • The season one intro. Especially when the giant Thunderbolt Ross takes Betty away from Bruce and toward the end, during which the Leader's Gamma Warriors and the U.S. military led by Talbot surround the Hulk, and even fighting each other to capture him.
  • The show marks the first time Lou Ferrigno ever voices the Hulk.
  • In "Innocent Blood". Rick Jones faces down Ghost Rider, who wants to attack the Hulk, believing he's a villain.
  • Jen becoming She-Hulk in "Doomed" and proceeding to lay waste to Dr. Doom's base and free her cousin from the villain's control.
    • Even before she gets her powers, Jen has a few moments like dunking water on a Doombot to shirt circuit it and destroying another one with the door of the car she and Bruce are fleeing in.
  • After being captured by Ross and Agent Jones in a helicopter and is about to transform into the Hulk, what does Banner do? He handcuffs Ross to himself, and jumps out of the plane to rescue Betty from the Wendigo in "And the Wind Cries, Wendigo!".
  • Jen, Betty, and three supermodels teaming up to save some hostages from Leader and Gargoyle in "Fashion Warriors".
  • "Down Memory Lane": When Jen (who has been Brought Down to Normal) sees a pillar about to fall on her old high school buddies, she instinctively leaps to their rescue. Sure, she regains her powers at that last moment but the fact that powers or no powers she was still willing to risk her life to save people is awesome in and of itself.
  • The Green and Gray Hulks teaming up against the alien possessing Bruce's body in "Mind Over Anti-Matter". Dr. Strange and She-Hulk get in on the action too.