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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

The Comic Book
  • Hal throwing Dinosaur Island into space.
  • There are several Crowning Moments in New Frontier. Many of them belong to Hal Jordan.
    • Near the end, with his saucer-shaped plane being overcome with red goop, the Guardians tell Hal Jordan how his power ring works. He then saves his friend by outrunning a nuclear blast.
  • When Hal calls Kalmaku "Pieface", he's immediately and aggressively called out on his racism. A non-white laborer standing up to a white man with a military background in the 1950s shows that Kalmaku has some serious balls.
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  • Flash's crowning moment, after Captain Cold's freeze gun begins to malfunction in the water fountain.
    Captain Cold: Gah! What'd you do!?
    Flash: I rewired it on the way down. * the gun explodes, freezing all the water in the fountain as well as Captain Cold*
  • Iris West managing to figure out Barry's secret identity on her own. She is an Intrepid Reporter after all (and Barry left his costume where she'd find it).
  • "It took a seventy-thousand dollar sliver of meteor to stop the one in Metropolis. With you, all I need is a penny for a box of matches."
  • The shot of the military and the superheroes walking side-by-side.
  • The ending montage, overcut with John F. Kennedy's speech.

The Animated Film

  • Agent Faraday. One of The Center's mutant T-rex things grabs him with its tail, crushing his ribs and probably some internal organs as it drags him in. He manages to grab two grenades and get the pins out, and seconds after the T-rex eats him, its head explodes, making for an awesome Heroic Sacrifice. Making this even better is that it's a Shout-Out to the unfortunately-but-inevitably cut Losers opening sequence from the comic.
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  • And, of course, the famous Wonder Woman scene: "There's the door, spaceman." In this scene, the crew decided that she wouldn't just be called an 'amazon', and as a result, with both standing flat footed, she is actually looking down at Superman, if only by a few inches.
  • The Amazons as a whole have one offscreen, when they hold off the Centre for some time before Diana is forced to retreat to warn the others.
  • Diana has one in the final battle as well. She's been hospitalized after the Centre destroyed Paradise Island. The forces on the beach are getting overwhelmed by dinosaurs and other beasts...then suddenly, a bandaged Wonder Woman grabs a girder and starts swinging at anything in sight, rallying the guys. "Fight on! To the last breath, FIGHT ON!" You know she's going to...
  • Hal's big moment is even better since the Centre tries to taunt him about it:
    The Centre: You won't be able to do it. It is the CENTRE that holds, not you!
    Hal: I can. I CAN!
    The Centre: You do not have the WILL!
    Hal: No? Watch! *flings*
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  • Aquaman's Establishing Character Moment? Rescuing Superman.


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