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Awesome / Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

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  • The pets' introductory song in episode one. With matching music from none other than Daniel Ingram!
  • The fashion show in episode two.
  • Russell thwarting the Biskit Twins's plan.
  • Sunil saving the day in Gailbreak.
  • Penny's rage in "Mean Isn't Your Color" could be this to many fans. It's a pandemonium alright.
  • Esteban saving the pets from being trampled by carrying all of them away at once. Proof positive that he can put his money where his mouth is.
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  • Penny Ling, the boys, and Minka Mark rescuing the girls when they're trapped on the dumbwaiter.
  • Blythe Baxter's DIY skills make a comeback in "Trading Places."
  • Blythe catches up to the runaway van using a tricycle, leaps into it, and stops it just in time. Later, her dad does the same thing while tied to a man-sized dummy.
  • Mrs. Twombly's Kung-Fu Quilting.
  • Sunil's defeat of Steven the cobra in "Heart of Parkness."
    • And though they're stopped by Blythe, it's clear he intends to do it again to protect his friends when Steven returns.
  • After spending most of "Alligators and Handbags" terrified of Wiggles alongside the other pets, Zoe gives the alligator a fierce talking-to after he makes Penny Ling cry.
  • In "Two Pets For Two Pests", Blythe uses Reverse Psychology to play the Biskits like a fiddle. She goads them into keeping Cashmere and Velvet as their permanent pets by bringing up (In a roundabout, insulting way) how similar the chinchillas are to them.
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  • In "Fish Out of Water" Russell saving Goldie by making a makeshift container out of random junk.
  • In "The Secret Recipe", both Blythe and the show itself get one after Blythe finally admits to Youngmee that she can talk to animals. The show even seemed to wring as much drama out of this as possible by saving the confession until the last two minutes of the episode, keeping viewers wondering the whole time whether they'd go through with it or not.
  • It's kind of minor, but in "LPS: The Moosical" when Blythe and Mrs. Twombly freeze in place to make it look like the video chat froze, Blythe does a much better job at it, freezing in place as she's talking, while Twombly freezes in an unnatural pose. Though Twombly's friends are no less fooled by her attempt.