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Awesome / Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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Spoilers Off for Moments pages!

  • The opening flashback scene has the Drac Pack evading Abraham Van Helsing on the train to Budapest. After shoving his friends off for their safety, Dracula and Van Helsing face off.
    Van Helsing: Finally, first I kill Dracula, and then the rest of the monsters!
    Dracula: Why do you keep doing this? Your dad, your grandfather, your great-great-granny; I defeated them all. When will you Van Helsings ever learn to let go of the hate?
    Van Helsing: Never! Because you monsters are evoked!
    • Then cue Drac turning into a mouse after noticing the tunnel Van Helsing gets hit by.
  • Various moments of him chasing and trying to kill Dracula (and failing hysterically) shows how Van Helsing is a Determinator on wiping out every single monster.
    Van Helsing: (chasing Dracula in a biplane) You can't run from me, Prince of Darkness! I will hunt you for all eternity. (Dracula dodges him after coming upon a cliff wall, which Van Helsing crashes into. Then cut to Van Helsing chasing Drac, in wolf form, in a car) I swear, I will never rest until I destroy you! (Dracula scales a wall which the villain crashes into. Cut to them facing off on a cliff) And... (cliff breaks under him and he plummets. Cut to them in a cave) ...every... (a stalactite crushes his head. Cut to him in a castle) ...other... (A gate crushes him. Cut to him in a snow-like location in aiming a scientific-looking gun) ...monsters... (Gets hit with a mace-like wrecking ball. Cut to him holding a six-trigger machine gun) ...if it's the last thing... (Gets hit by an apple cart. Cut to him close up) ...I... (hit by a wooden ram, knocking out his teeth. Cut to him in a graveyard.) ...ever... (hit by a bucket, followed by the last cut with him plummet into the ocean with Dracula looking on above) DOOOOOO!
    • The accompanying scenes of Dracula in forms other than the usual humanoid or bat are fairly awesome too, in demonstrating that his vampiric powers are even more versatile than the previous films had established. "Late fanger" or not, he's a champion in the shapeshifting department.
  • The fact that Blobby ends up inadvertently protecting Drac from Ericka's destructive methods during his wacky dance scene. If Blobby hadn't joined in the dance when he did, then Ericka would've won without question.
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  • The scene where Dracula and Erika dance through the ruins of Atlantis. During their dance, Erika sets off the booby traps deliberately, and they hit Dracula, which they don't even wound him or hurt him. He takes darts to the face and arrows to the back, his arms get bitten by vipers, and even a giant spikey boulder crushes him, and he's still intact!
  • The kraken battle:
    • As the possessed Kraken has Dennis amd Winnie in its grasp, Tinkles, still disguised as "Bob", comes and rescues them. Had they not taken Tinkles along anonymously, he wouldn't have saved them at their Darkest Hour.
    • Erika has her Heel–Face Turn moment after seeing Dracula suffer from the Kraken, so she goes up to save him.
      • Even Tinkles, who comes out of his disguise, helps her reach the top.
        Mavis: Tinkles?! Dennis!
        Dennis: Oh, no. Bob is Tinkles? But thank goodness he is! 'Cause look! (points to Tinkles giving Erika a ride to save Dracula)
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    • Tinkles launches Erika into the Kraken's eye, causing it to drop the unconscious Dracula. Erika runs down, catches him, and slides down the Kraken's tentacles while holding Drac in a Bridal Carry.
    • As Erika keeps Dracula from falling, she calls Van Helsing out for his despicable plans to make monsters extinct.
      Erika: You can't do this, you're WRONG about monsters! Dracula. He saved my life.
      Van Helsing: (confused) WHAT?!
    • Johnny gets his Moment of Awesome after being Demoted to Extra for almost the whole movie. He discovers that Van Helsing is possessing the Kraken with the scroll's music.
      Jonathan: If there's one thing I hate, it's an evil DJ!