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Tear Jerker / Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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  • While the scene is presented in a humorous light, Dracula musing about the possibility of getting married in the film's opening takes on a much more tragic light considering what ultimately became of his then-future wife...
  • The groom at the beginning being worried that his bride ditched the wedding.
  • Drac failing to get his phone to listen to his requests for a date, before slumping over and nearly giving up.
    Drac: No! I want to go on a date! I'm...lonely...
  • Drac is utterly devastated when Erika rejects him at the ruins, saying she could never be with a monster.
    • Especially when Ericka had given him reason to hope with their date
    • On the other hand, Ericka (rightfully) feels awful about what she said, but Abraham scolds her for getting distracted. She stares out into the ocean, clearly thinking about what Drac said.
    • Ericka can barely even look Drac in the eyes when Abraham forces her to reveal that she's a Van Helsing.