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Heartwarming / Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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Spoilers Off for Moments pages!

  • From early in the movie, Mavis helping a bride get over her pre-wedding jitters.
    • Dracula, the best man, is communicating with Mavis via headset, reminding them both of how anxious he was when Mavis married Johnny.
  • Mavis and Johnny enjoying 'date night' together.
  • Wayne’s facial expression after learning about what a daycare center is, like he found the answer to his prayers, makes you really feel for him what with having to put up with his uncontrollable children in every movie. It looked like he might have even tear up a little.
    • When the ship stops at a tropical island, Wayne and Wanda are shown playing fetch with each other on the beach, and clearly having a lot of fun. It's a downright adorable scene.
  • Winnie continuing her crush on Dennis, and his adorable refusal to zing with her.
  • Drac's reaction to Ericka. He just stares at her with this adorable look of pure infatuation that hasn't crossed his face in a literal century.
    • Then there's the breathless, joyous tone in his voice when he tells Frank, Murray and Griffin that he zinged with Ericka.
      • Drac’s friends pull him away from the crowd to try and find out what was going on with him.
  • When the monsters go scuba diving, Dennis gets scared by an angry shark who eats an innocent fish right in front of him. Drac is having none of that, so he hypnotizes the shark into being docile and makes it spit out the fish, and takes Dennis for a ride on it.
  • Ericka is briefly taken aback when Drac compliments her outfit at the start of their date, and sincerely thanks him.
  • Drac protecting Ericka from the traps in the Atlantis ruins. It ends up turning into a kind of Dance of Romance.
  • The climax is one succession of these:
    • Ericka finally admitting her feelings for Drac:
    Ericka: I'm so sorry, Drac. I was trying to kill you this whole time, but I'm glad I tried because I got to know you, and I saw what a are, and I now realize how wrong I was. How wrong ALL of this is. I know, because I zinged!
    • Hearing the word "zinged" revives Drac, whom the Kraken has just strangled into unconsciousness.
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    • When Van Helsing voices his confusion at what a "zing" is:
    Ericka: It's a monster thing. You wouldn't understand.
    Drac: (smiling at Ericka) It's like true love.
    • Drac and Ericka telling Van Helsing that it's time to start a new "monster-human legacy", all while gazing lovingly at each other.
    • Johnny genuinely believes in Ericka and Drac's relationship though Mavis has her doubts. When she voices them, Johnny reminds her how they zinged themselves despite their differences. Her fears alleviated, Mavis convinces Drac to tell Ericka how he feels even though she seemingly rejected him moments ago.
    • Drac saves Abraham, who has tried mercilessly to kill him for decades, from falling down a chasm. This coupled with Ericka's Anguished Declaration of Love moves him enough to finally apologize not just to him, but to all the other monsters.
    • Then comes the moment when Drac and Ericka are looking into each other's eyes and they both zing.
  • Drac's proposal to Ericka at the end of the movie. She says yes!
    • A subtle moment during the proposal: Ericka says "blah, blah-blah" before Drac can pop the question, but he doesn't get all defensive about not saying it.