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Funny / Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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Spoilers Off for Moments pages!

  • On the train in the prologue, an Austrian boy discovers the monsters, but Drac hypnotizes him into thinking that he's a cat. When Van Helsing arrives and exposes the monsters by exploiting Frank's pyrophobia, the boy jumps up and yowls in fright.
  • In said prologue, Drac and his friends all have shawls over their heads and, Murray takes it a step further by wearing pink women's shoes that look way too small for him and during the chase atop the train, Murray is HOLDING the shoes in his hands in the most feminine way imaginable! With a "Sorry", Drac shoves them off the train and they crash into trees. Frank loses his limbs while Murray isn't so lucky.
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  • Drac asking whose idea it was to buy Dennis a puppy, only to be reminded it was his.
  • When Mavis explains to Dennis that they can't allow dogs in the room, Winnie lets out an offended gasp and Mavis quickly changes it to "Pets!" Winnie's face is still in the shocked expression.
  • Frank introduces Drac to his "right arm's cousin", a beautiful lady Frankenstein monster who doffs the feather boa over her shoulder to reveal a massive right arm. She nearly crushes Drac when they dance.
  • When The gang tries to convince Drac into looking for a date, they suggest looking for one on the phone, prompting Drac to awkwardly talk his way out of the conversation.
    Drac: What? Really? Oh no no no no. I am far too busy. I have Mavis, and Dennis, and the hotel, and blah bluh blah. (walks off)
    Frank: Um... Did you guys hear that? He actually said "Blah bluh blah".
    Drac: [pops back in] I don't say "blah bluh blah"!
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  • The monsters reach the Legacy's port by flying Gremlin Air. It's a ramshackle plane crewed by, well, gremlins, who are actively destroying it as it flies. They also spill coffee in the passengers' laps and advise them to unbuckle their seatbelts.
  • The Legacy is crewed and staffed by fish with human feet (effectively reverse mermen).
  • After sneaking Tinkles onto the cruise ship, Dennis and Winnie do their secret handshake, ending with Winnie kissing Dennis on the cheek, and him producing an adorably awkward and embarrassed reaction.
  • Drac's lovestruck babbling in Ericka's presence is bound to produce some chuckles.
    • Ericka thinks Drac is speaking "Transylvanian" and repeats his gibberish playfully back to him. She proceeds to remark that she finds his accent attractive.
    • It becomes a Brick Joke towards the end of the movie, where Ericka's the one babbling when Drac proposes to her.
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  • "Your delicious neck wrappings are in a nice coffin would you like to see my parts?"
  • Abraham Van Helsing has managed to survive to the present day by replacing his body with machinery. He still has his head and arms, but the rest of him is inside a small motorized vehicle which moves very slowly. There's even a jar on it where he keeps his liver.
  • In the climax, when Abraham introduces himself as Drac's greatest rival, Drac assumes he owns the Holiday Inn by the airport.
  • Johnny still carries around his DJ paraphernalia, much to Drac's confusion.
    Dracula: You just carry all that stuff around with you?
    Johnny: Once a bar mitzvah DJ, ALWAYS a bar mitzvah DJ!
    • Drac and Johnny then try to foil Abraham with "Good Vibrations" and "Don't Worry Be Happy".
      Drac: Really?
      Johnny: It has a nice message.
    • Abraham is eventually defeated with "La Macarena". Then there's Vlad's reaction to this.
      Vlad: Boy, that stinks.
    • Yet, Vlad dances along as it's taming the Kraken. In fact, this is what entices the other monsters to join in.
    • The music is so powerful that it causes the music sheet that Abraham was reading to dance as well until it tore itself apart and then causes his body to dance until it almost get him killed.
    • Speaking of the Kraken, check out its facial expressions as each of Johnny's selections plays. It goes from jaunty cheerfulness for "Good Vibrations" to stoned out of its mind for "Don't Worry Be Happy" to un-self-consciously caught up in the cheesy beat for "Macarena".
  • When Dennis gets out of his chair on the airplane to check on Tinkles, he makes the most "trying too hard to act normal" grin complete with a stiff walk. It gets better when he gets up and checks on Tinkles again, but Winnie comes along and she's doing the exact same walk and grin.
  • During Drac's Sexy Walk around the ship, Blobby joins in, getting hit by Ericka's failed attempts to kill Drac and show her great-grandfather the MacGuffin wouldn't be necessary. Drac remains blissfully oblivious to the attempts.
  • On the cruise ship, after he walks over to Mavis with his arms in the air, cheerfully, he says to Frank, Eunice, Murray, and Griffin sternly, "Don't say a word, or I'll haunt your dreams!"
  • As Wayne is still trying to understand what a daycare is, Sunny says "Fish!", with Wanda replying "that's right, dear." And that is also the only time Sunny ever says anything in the movie.
  • The fish in charge of the ship's day care reassures Wayne and Wanda they'll get the kids back by the end of the day with a knowing smirk. Their reaction? "Well, it's better than nothing." When they leave, Wayne and Wanda realize they're free to do "whatever [they] want", and begin repeating the phrase with maddened smiles, all while the fish running the daycare is being assaulted by their children. Later on the island, we see them throwing balls into water for each other and doggy-paddling after them.
  • Seeing Wayne and Wanda doing a bunch of amazing gymnastic-styled feats that would be worthy for the Olympics. And remember, Wanda is never NOT pregnant so... yeah.
  • At the hidden island's bar, a chupacabra orders a drink. He gets served a goat in a drink glass. As soon as he walks offscreen, the goat is heard screaming.
  • The fact that the sunken city of Atlantis is literally a Vegas-style casino, complete with a Kraken for a lounge singer!
  • After the climax, Winnie wants Dennis to look at her hoping to start a "Zing". Dennis runs away without looking, because he believes he's "too young to zing", meaning too young for a relationship right now. The way she pursues him is very much like Sally and Linus from Peanuts.
  • When pursuing her father after Ericka, Mavis lands on a statue face and starts looking for a way in. As she's in bat form, every time she moves the statue gets a different type of mustache.
  • Mavis later encounters a rat that makes several scary faces at her. Mavis's response? Punch it in the face! All with the most unamused look on her own!
  • After Wayne and Wanda explain their complete absence from the film's climax with that they were darted and locked in a closet, they say it was fun and they have already booked another trip for next year!
  • "Say, 'Hi', Bob!" "Hi, Bob!"
  • As in the trailer, Wayne and Wanda are shown getting ready for a family portrait, all the while their kids are tearing things up or, if held, alternating between crying and taking a breath to cry, all the while having expressions on their faces that scream "just kill us now". Any parent who's overwhelmed by their overly energetic and out-of-control children probably winced at the sight.
  • Johnny warns Mavis that the guacamole is loaded with garlic, but she can't resist testing it herself anyway. For the record, earlier in the movie, Dracula ate some of the same guacamole... and it's revealed it gives him gas issues. Mavis inherited the garlic gas from her father, so it's a little strange she thought it would work out well for her stomach. At least Johnny didn't mind it all that much.