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  • Johnny's best his backpack.
  • The scene when Blobby's scooter breaks down and Frank blows him up like a balloon to fly him and his friends back to the hotel is epic hilarity, especially the farting sound Blobby makes as he deflates.
  • The adorable flower girl gets ambushed by the werewolf puppies as she walks down the aisle.
  • Drac makes Mavis and Johnny have a quick kiss for their wedding, all of Drac's friends glare at him.
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  • Johnny and Mavis's wedding cake is made with scream cheese.
  • Linda being at her absolute breaking point with all the strange things that have happened to her after being soaked by Bigfoot's tear.
  • When Mavis reveals that she's pregnant and an overjoyed Drac yells, "WOO-HOO!!! I'm gonna be a grandpa!" Johnny can be heard in the far distance, shouting, "And I'm gonna be a dad!"
  • Mavis had the zombies baby-proof the entire hotel, with a baby gate at the end of a stairway to a drop, with no guardrails. One of the zombies who installs it manages to fall over it into the abyss anyway.
  • Shortly after Dennis was born, a zombie nurse attempts to kiss Dracula as a female nurse. Drac Jump Scares him, and the zombie gives a meek "my bad" in response.
    • Speaking of, the very fact that Dracula, who can willingly shapeshift mind you, had to put on a Paper-Thin Disguise to get into the maternity ward complete with pillows used as “padding” is just hilarious.
  • Dennis' first words: blah bluh blah.
    Drac: (deadpan) I don't say blah bluh blah.
    • And then Drac finds out who taught him: Mavis herself.
      [Drac leaves the room]
      Mavis: Blah bluh blah!
      Dennis: Blah bluh blah!
      [Drac drops down from the ceiling]
      Drac: IT WAS YOU!
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  • A simple sight gag shows Drac painting a very Picasso-esque portrait of somebody. The next shot reveals that it's not abstract, that Drac is being entirely representational in his art, as the monster guest actually looks like a Picasso painting.
  • The zombies literally becoming zombified thanks to social media.
  • One staff member plays around with a warping app that shows a warty, bulbous monster. He remarks that it's a good thing the subject doesn't really look like that, but the monster is actually pretty warty and bulbous already.
  • Jonathan's undead tech assistant looks like a stereotypical tech support nerd.
  • Drac is unable to use a smartphone because of his claws, leading Jonathan to tell him he should just use Bluetooth. Drac then calls an actual blue tooth to come help him.
    • Bonus points for it actually looking like a tooth-shaped Bloo.
    • Also the fact that Johnny's demonstration consists of him casually sending Mavis a fairly strained message about his emotional needs due to Dennis taking over their lives.
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    • Even more for the look on Jonathan's face after Drac summons the Blue Tooth. He looks half horrified that there is an actual monster that's a giant blue tooth and half like he's thinking "Oh god, what do I do now?!"
  • The Invisible Man now licenses an instructive aerobics video. Of course, the girls working out next to him have no idea what he's doing and can't copy him.
  • Anything to do with Griffin's "Girlfriend From Canada" and how blatantly obvious that he's faking her existence. Drac's friends really want to rag on Griffin, but he doesn't let them because they're pressed for time.
  • If you read the "New Sleep Schedule" for Dennis, you will see that 95% of it is sleeping (Pre-nap, Rest, More Nap, AWAKE, Lucid Dream State, Free Time, Nap?, and Quiet Time), as well as posted notes added to it. Drac is understandably confused.
  • At the start of the trip, Drac's crew try to play pop music. Instead, Drac forces them all to listen to Bigfoot's autobiography. Dennis looks like he doesn't have a remote idea as to what the Sasquatch is saying, Frank and Wayne both have 'shoot me now' looks, Murray looks enviously at Blobby, who is listening to the desired music via headphones. Drac is the only one who looks pleased by the audiobook.
  • Winnie scaring Dennis's cousins after they tease him. The older cousin walks away saying, "I'm not gonna cry" as a tear rolls down his cheek.
  • This dialogue:
    Drac: Time for Dennis have some quality time with his Vampa.
    Frank: His what?
    Drac: Vampire grandpa! C'mon, man! That was obvious!
    • It's repeated again when Vlad and Bela arrive at the hotel.
      Bela: I smell HUMANS! TEAR IT DOWN!
      Vlad: Bela, we're in the outside world! Of course you're gonna smell humans! Y'know what? Just wait outside for me. This is family stuff. You'll only get in the way. I just wanna meet my little fanger. He should know his great-vampa.
      Bela: His WHAT?!
      Vlad: Vampire grandpa! C'mon! That was obvious!
  • Drac's GPS navigation's voice is basically Peter Lorre, and it's very judgmental.
    • Right turn! Now! Here! You IMBECILE!"
  • Frank tries on Drac's outfit and it's way too tight. When he hears Drac comes back into the room, he struggles desperately to get it off, resulting in Drac seeing Frank topless. Drac's shocked reaction is absolutely hilarious. The scene lingers on this shot for a considerable amount of time, too.
  • Anything that was said/sang by The Phantom of the Opera.
  • In the theatrical version, during the scene where Dennis is watching his Kakie the Cake Monster video, we get this absolute gem of a line from Kakie.
    Kakie: "Slow down, Wuzzlelumplebum! The scariest monster of all is diabetes!"
    • Plus the fact that Kakie really resembles the unholy bastard child of Barney and Cookie Monster.
    • However, due to complaints from parents, later releases of the film replace the second half of the line with laughter from Kakie. Interestingly, the line is left intact for the FX broadcast version.
  • "He's fine. He's Blobby."
  • Anything with Vlad. Mel Brooks doing the voice is genius casting.
    • "So you run a hotel now? From Prince of Darkness, to King of Room Service."
    • "What's that thing on your head? Looks like my grandmother's boobies!"
  • What kind of day was Dennis born on? A Friday the 13th.
  • On their road trip, a motorist couple pass by Drac and the gang. The man asks where to get a bite. The woman corrects him for saying that, then says he likes Drac's chocolate cereal. Drac is actually more upset over that comment!
  • When angry at the thought that Jonathan was co-conspirator in Mavis' plan to move, Dracula has him covered in birdseed, attracting a bunch of crows. Later, when enlisting him in a plan to keep Dennis at the hotel, Drac has to shoo the birds away and it turns out there are two babies in Johnny's hair. Johnny's surprisingly cool with it and wants to leave them in his hair, figuring that they wouldn't be able to fly yet. Drac still tells them to go to their mother.
  • The "Nutsy Koo-Koo" remix music video Mavis plays of Drac throwing Dennis off the tower. We cutaway to see Blobby dancing to it among the incredibly tense reunion.
  • Bigfoot as goalkeeper. That's all.
  • A screaming Frank on fire and running through the camp setting everything else on fire as his friends chase him.
  • Any time Winnie shows how much she likes Dennis.
  • When Drac and his friends arrive back at the hotel, he tries to play innocent by video chatting Mavis. We are treated with an image of a furious Mavis...standing right in front of the group. The moment when Drac realizes he messed up is incredibly hilarious. Just not for him.
  • Kakie's performance before it goes off-script. When he asks the group of monsters who likes cake, nobody reacts...except Blobby, who is jiggling with excitement.
  • Linda tries to invite some "mixed" human-monster couples to welcome Mavis and Johnny, but the werewolf she invites is actually just a guy with a big beard, and the couple leaves in offense.
  • Winnie has a moment where she sets up a pretend tea party for Dennis while talking about her grown-up future in a very grown-up way. The moment absolutely screams of Peanuts.
    Winnie: Happy Birthday, Dennis! I made you a treat!
    Dennis: ...dead pigeon?
    Winnie: Enjoy it, 'cause once I graduate business school and start running a company, you're not gonna get home-cooked meals like this anymore.


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