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Headscratchers / Hotel Transylvania 2

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  • Why Mavis can be pregnant in first place? She is a vampire, you know, an undead...
    • Our Vampires Are Different. Bear in mind, Mavis herself is a vampire born to two older vampires—in the Hotel Transylvania-verse, it's possible vampires aren't "undead", as we think of them, but just another species of monster.
  • If vampires cannot be captured on photos, how come we can see them on FaceTime and Youtube Poops that were filmed footage??
    • Apparently a still photograph won't work, but videos do. Go figure...
    • Joss Whedon would probably approve, as that seems to fit the same logic as "no weapon forged" — webcams didn't exist in Stoker's Dracula's time.
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    • Digital photos should work assuming no mirrors are involved, unlike the earliest cameras.
      • As proven by Mavis's picture on Drac's phone and Johnny's, and Drac's on Mavis's phone.
  • If it's been 1 year since Mavis and Jonathan got married when Mavis became pregnant, then 5 more years for Dennis to grow to the age where the bulk of the sequel takes place..... how come none of the werewolf pups appear to age!? Even Winnie seems to look exactly the same as she did in the first film barring that she can now talk! And she was there BEFORE Dennis was born!
    • We don't know what the aging rate of werewolves is like. It could be like reverse dog years for all we know: every seven human years is equal to one werewolf year.
    • Well, Winnie isn't sucking her pacifier anymore so we know she's past that stage.
  • If the point of the California trip was to determine if this will be a safe environment for Dennis..... why didn't the two just bring Dennis right then? These problems with her dad disobeying her would be totally avoided!
    • Johnny was in on it with Drac, so he probably tried to portray the idea as a way for them to spend some alone time together.
    • Mavis brings that up, and Drac convinces her she shouldn't take Dennis on vacation "and get him off his routine."
    • "To determine" means they don't know for a fact. Mavis wouldn't have brought Dennis without knowing if it wasn't even more dangerous. It helps that she didn't know how far Drac would go to make sure Dennis would develop vampire powers.
  • How did Drac know where to grab to give Griffin double purple nurples/titty twisters?
    • He wouldn't have to know exactly to make it effective... as long as he still grabbed some skin, it'd be painful and get him to shut up. Aside from that, though... it's probably just a guess, based on where Griffin's glasses are.
    • He could also possess an enhanced sort of vision. Considering he never really reacted to the invisible girlfriend.
      • Enhanced vision? Is that why he expected Drac to know his hair color in the first movie?
    • Could also be that Drac's figured out how Griffin is built after years of being friends with each other.
    • Drac turns into a bat. He's probably scoped Griffin's body shape via echolocation hundreds of times, which would work just fine because Griffin is neither incorporeal nor inherently silent.
  • Also, was Vlad's grandmother really that fat when he was mentioning her when he was looking at Johnny's wig? HOW FUCKING FAT WAS SHE?!?!
    • It's probably just the sag of an elder woman's breasts. And considering how old they can get...
  • Why wasn't the tower at the camp torn down? The tower was obviously old and unsafe, and had no reason to be there. You think the camp would have already had it demolished to prevent it from collapsing or someone from attempting to climb it, and yet instead they just simply left it there and put a fence around it.
    • Possibly some benefactor's generous grant to the camp came with a stipulation that the structures they'd once loved as campers could not be torn down. But there was no requirement that those structures be maintained, so the camp operators just fenced the dangerous eyesore in and waited for entropy to take its course.
  • When trying to race home before Mavis, why didn't Drac just turn into a bat and carry Dennis like Mavis did with Johnny and their luggage? He'd be carrying much less weight and be travelling much less of a distance than Mavis. Mavis was only flying home to see Drac and Dennis, so the others falling behind by using the scooter wouldn't really matter.
  • Mavis and Johnny shouldn't pay that little Californian kid for breaking his bike? Although Johnny asked the kid to lend him his bike to impress Mavis with his biking skills and he broke it, the kid looked disappointed at first but he later got amazed due Mavis' fantastic maneuvers, but the couple shouldn't pay him in compensation of his bike? Is he gonna walk the long ride back home at foot?** We don't know they didn't offer to pay for it—Mavis and Johnny seem decent enough people. Also, it's possible a relative gave that kid a ride out to the park and would give him a ride back if he called and asked.