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"What if your mother was a criminal?
What if her crime was magic?
What if magic ran in the family?"

Bran Hambric is a series of fantasy novels by Kaleb Nation, set in a modern high fantasy world where technology and magic coexist.

At the age of 6, Bran Hambric is found in a bank vault in the Great and Glorious City of Dunce, a place where magic is illegal and Gnomes are not allowed to enter. Now, he lives with the Wilomas family and is home-schooled by their housemaid, Rosie Tuttle. One night his foster dad, Sewey, suspects that a burglar will soon arrive, so he and Bran get on the roof to be ready for the would-be intruder. Instead of a thief, they are confronted by a crazed creature speaking of Bran's past and trying to kidnap him. This is only the beginning, as Bran starts to learn more and more about his own beginnings, his mother's crime, and the plot that is still ready for him to finally complete.


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