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Nightmare Fuel / Hotel Transylvania 2

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Her dad would be so proud.
  • Vlad's minions, led by Bela. They are truly monstrous demonic hell-bat beasts that absolutely HATE humans and live only to rip the souls from humans and eat them. Bela in particular appears to be twitching with murderous rage at multiple points in the film. Also, he tried to kill Winnie, who is a WEREWOLF.
  • Vlad turns the Cakey costume into a gigantic, horrifying monster that even Drac thinks is too much for Dennis. It traumatizes Dennis so badly his innocence is destroyed, and the look on his face as he runs away just silently screams heartbreaking.
    Possessed Cakey: "You don't eat cake. Cake eats YOU!"
  • The tower scene can be this for viewers that have Acrophobia. Considering that Dennis almost fell to his death doesn’t help.
  • Drac's lullaby, to the tune of Twinkle Star. "Suffer, suffer, scream in pain, you will never breathe again" Oddly enough, not an in-universe example.
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  • Though it was a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the previous movie, we get to see Mavis' Nightmare Face in its full glory as shown above. The lady behind the counter's non-reaction definitely takes a good amount of the punch out of it.
  • Dennis’s fangs emerging. Granted this was supposed to be a heroic scene, but it just looks so disturbing.
  • Eunice buys Dennis a miniature GUILLOTINE for his first birthday. The fact that she sees no harm in chopping off a baby’s finger is beyond unsettling. Had Mavis not intervened, Dennis likely would have been injured.

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