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Awesome / Hotel Transylvania 2

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  • Mavis showing off some sick bike tricks, despite never riding one before.
  • Running on pure Mama Bear energy, Mavis flies all the way from California to Transylvania, while carrying Johnny, in the span of one night.
  • The moment when Dennis's vampire powers are awakened after Bela harms Winnie. Dennis then proceeds to put the bat monster in his place.
  • The Drac family including Dennis and all of Hotel Transylvania opening up a can of whoop-bat on Bela's legion of vampire bats!
    • We finally get to see what a proper Frankenstein rampage looks like, and not only does Frank wipe the floor with the vampire bats, but he also pulls a Big Damn Hero and saves Blobby, before actually throwing Blobby to trap four other bats inside him.
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    • Wayne tries his best to fight, but quickly gets overpowered, so what does he do? Summon his army of kids and let them loose on the bats, swiftly overpowering them in sheer numbers alone.
  • Dracula showing off his mad breakdancing skills. He even has his cape dance a little.

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