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Nightmare Fuel / Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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  • Professor Abraham Van Helsing is probably the scariest, most threatening, and ugliest antagonist in the Hotel Transylvania series yet, putting Quasimodo and Bela to shame. Not only is he implied to be the direct motivator for Dracula to start his monster-sheltering hotel, but he is extremely dedicated to exterminate not just Dracula, but monsters in general. Even after decades have passed, he still tries to achieve his goal, somehow converting himself to a Cyborg to keep himself alive. It's clear that his pursuit of monsters has made him lose his mind, to the point of putting his own great-granddaughter in harm's way on at least two occasions. Even his apology and agreement to a refund seems halfhearted at best. Wasn't Van Helsing supposed to be basically the Superman of the Dracula universe at one point?
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  • The Kraken greets us as a benign, jazzy lounge singing character with the friendly voice of Joe Jonas. Then Abraham acquires the weapon that apparently destroyed Atlantis and which he plans to kill all monsters with, a piece of hypnotic sheet music that makes the Kraken go murderously berserk, roaring as his eyes glow red. And he gets close, too: Drac, who effortlessly took out several of Bela's friends, gets strangled unconscious.
  • Just the sound of the music in question. It's catchy, but there's just something very wrong about it.

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