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  • The fact that it got away with a lot of dubious content in its relatively short time on the air (in the days before the 2010s Cartoon Network shows like Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball) is nothing short of inspiring. To add to that, this was the first Cartoon Network show to have a character who was heavily implied to be homosexual (Larry 3000) and not just have his sexuality played for laughs but also character development (Otto needed a mother figure while Tuddrussel needed a feminine ying to his hypermasculine yang). While it might not seem that big a deal now, due to shows like Clarence and Steven Universe doing the same, this wasn't done at all back when Time Squad was on in 2001.
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  • The first episode has Tudrussell enter a brawl with flesh-eating robots. He begins pounds into them with his fists while the theme tunes blares triumphantly in the background...before they all attack at once and completely overpower him (but it goes back to being awesome when he sets off his phaser and blows them all up).

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