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Tear Jerker / Time Squad

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  • Otto's background is a whole Tear Jerker in the series. It is already heartbreaking that he is an orphan, but he lived in an Orphanage of Fear for who knows how long while being bullied by Sister Thornley and the other orphans, who treated him as a slave. And he is only eight years-old. Really it was a good thing that Tuddrussel and Larry decided to take him.
    • The end of "Orphan Subsitute". Otto's fear of being left again is heartbreaking and how he is reunited with Tuddrussel and Larry just shows this.
  • Larry's subtle background, too. In one scene, he is showing to Otto a picture he painted himself. The picture is all black. When Otto asked him what was this meaning, Larry replied "I spent my first nine years in a box." A bit harsh, when you think about.
  • In the episode "Hate and Let Hate". Otto's means of survival by eating sand and drinking salt water, and trying to recreate his "family" by using coconuts and pretending like everything is okay and they never left him, and then when he's helplessly cornered by some baboons, getting ready to rip him to shreds.
  • In "The Island of Doctor Freud" episode, there is Otto's analysis of Larry's dream. "Don't you see Larry? You want to be loved".
    • Then Larry's crying saying it is true...Before saying he is cured.
  • On a darker note, the fact that Larry, being a robot, probably will outlive Otto and Tuddrussel.

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