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Otto will at some point, somehow, age more rapidly than normal due to living outside of his own time for so long.
In the episode "Old Timers Squad", the future TS was from 50 years in the future. Since Otto is 8 years old, that would only make him 58 there, and yet he looked as old as his teammates, who looked to be—what—in their 80s?
  • That also explains why he was so short - he aged faster, so he didn't have time to grow.

Sarcasm isn't part of the Lawrence 3000's original programming.
In "Every Poe Has a Silver Lining," Tuddrussel calls Larry a "grouch," a charge that Larry welcomes wholeheartedly—he insists that it was "the way [he] was programmed." But in "Day of the Larrys," the clones, who have had no previous life experiences, are frolicsome, cheery, and uninhibited. In other words, they adhere to their factory states. So what makes the Larry 3000 different?

Well, his life used to be much easier than it is when he first appears on the show. He complains about his obsolescence, having once had the honor of working as a diplomat with high-ranking politicians—and attending fancy dress parties, according to his diary in "Feud for Thought"—but later forced to work as a housekeeper/janitor. Also, the self-descriptive "Recruitment Ad" (in episode eight of season one) markets the Time Squad as an action-packed testosterone-fest and seems to imply that robots are rewards for the recruits rather than people in their own right. Larry obviously wouldn't be enticed to join such an organization...unless he was desperate to find work after all of Earth's countries combined into one "Super Nation." Even if he signed on board as a cook or a medic (which is most likely), he would have found little in common with the soldiers that populated the organization. Queen Jezebel III and friends were apparently comfortable with his cross-dressing, but the future's only remaining branch of the military would not permit such a habit; there was no real place for an effeminate male in Time Squad. Larry had probably lost his original cheerfulness by the time he was assigned to work with Tuddrussel, but their clashing personalities only aggravated the problem.


Developing a deep sense of sarcasm was Larry's way of toughening up as a result of losing his prominence as a diplomat, having to work in an organization without similarly effeminate peers, and dealing with a frustrated crush on an overly aggressive and childish teammate. That last point is particularly important because it explains his behavior in "Ex Marks the Spot." By then, Larry had decided to abandon (temporarily, it turned out) his sarcasm and follow the dictates of his original programming—a chipper, devoted housekeeper, which in turn was a refinement of his early domestic-servant programming as seen in "Larry Upgrade"—because he expected that Tuddrussel would like him more that way and acting on his affectionate feelings was less frustrating than suppressing them.

  • Postscript: What was actually happening in "Ex Marks the Spot" was somewhat different from the hypothesis posted above. It wasn't extremely different, but Larry's motivation wasn't precisely to be open about his feelings....

Stan Smith, Roger, and Steve Smith from Seth MacFarlane's American Dad! are Expies of Tuddrussell, Larry, and Otto

  • Stan and Tuddrussell are lantern-jawed officials who's a gun nut, impulsive, and not very bright
  • Larry and Roger are gray, sarcastic, hedonistic, Camp Gay (with Roger, it zigzags — some episodes will have him attracted to men while others will have him attracted to women; with Larry, there is no zigzagging), effeminate, are nonhuman science fiction characters (Larry is a robot and Roger is an extraterrestrial), have dressed in drag on numerous occasions, and may or may not have a crush on the aforementioned lantern-jawed official,
  • Otto and Steve are auburn-haired nerds with irritating voices.

All that's missing is the Blonde Republican Sex Kitten wife who used to be a teen rebel, the dark-haired political activist/hippie daughter, and the lecherous, evil goldfish who used to be an East German skiier (though the BRSK housewife and the political activist/hippie daughter can also apply to Larry as both "Larry Upgrade" and "Child's Play" show Larry as a housewife-type and an activist-type). On top of that, Time Squad got canceled in 2003 and American Dad premiered on FOX in 2005. It's too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.


Otto will, in his adulthood, grow up to be Time Squad's founder.
This is the reason that command isn't on Tudrussel's and Larry's asses. They were not told, but they were SUPPOSED to abduct him from his time. It would give him a taste of what the future would be like, and considering how savvy he is about historical facts, it would likely be him. Being exposed to time-travel at such a young age, Otto will 'slow' in aging, and, while he won't likely live to see Larry and Tudrussel again, he will grow up to at least see Time Squad start to exist.

All of history is Future Imperfect
That is, our understanding of it is imperfect. All of the inaccuracies, are true, they were just "edited out" when the history books were written, since it's better to have George Washington be a calm, tea drinking planner than a crazed, caffeine-high

Time Travel was onced used to save the Earth from being destroyed, and payed the price.
So it seems highly improbable that humans could possibly survive until the year one hundred billion. Unless of course somehow in the future when time travel is finally accomplished we used it to protect humanity from such disasters both natural, manmade, and possibly cosmic. By doing this we would have disrupted the natural order and caused time itself to crumble and cause irreversible damage to the space time continuum. Thus Time squad is needed to prevent an overdue Apocalypse. Enforcing the past to protect the future indeed!

Otto will sooner or later become useless to the Time Squad because he himself is from a distant past
The Time Squad comes from the year 100,000,000, but Otto comes from the year 2001. He may know a lot about Earth's history from before 2001, but what about the 99,997,999 years between his time and Time Squad's time? He can impossibly have any knowledge about "historical events" from say the year 3000 or the year 5000 because from his point of view these events have yet to take place. As soon as Time Squad is given a mission that will take them to a time beyond 2001, Otto will be as clueless as Tuddrussel and Larry.
  • Alternatively, that happens already, and they simply don't take him on those missions; he spends that time in the auto-learning educational holodeck covering topics other than history (and having misc. nonwork time so he doesn't exceed the maximum amount of work time per week rules for minors).
  • They could just give such missions to a different Squad.
  • There's always the possibility that he spends time between missions reading up on history that took place after they found him

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