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  • The pups pulling off the titular rescue in "Pups Save Ryder", showing that they can get the job done even without Ryder leading them. Special consideration goes to Chase, who steps into Ryder's leadership role and organises the pups in their search effort.
  • As noted on the Heartwarming Moments page, Marshall befriends a goose chick in one episode, and then becomes determined to reunite the little guy with his departing flock. To accomplish this, Marshall outright tackles his fear of heights/flying in order to lead the goose chick back to said flock, showing just how far he'd go to help.
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  • During Rubble's backstory, "Pups Get a Rubble", he was saved by the group and wanted to help. He gets his chance when Ryder and Chase set out to rescue Jake when he is trapped in a pileup of snow. Although initially distracted by a snowboard, Rubble steps in and digs a tunnel into the snow (which Ryder could not get through), setting Jake free. He definitely proves he's PAW Patrol material, and subsequently is made the newest member.
  • Rocky always has the right materials to use in repair jobs, and demonstrates how resourceful he can be-an awesome trait in itself. Why trash it when you can stash it, indeed.
  • Skye outflies an eagle (previously established as her biggest fear) in order to save a bunny in "Pups and the Pirate Treasure".
  • The "super spy gear" Chase gets in season two, with such accessories as a zip-line, suction cup boots, and Night-Vision Goggles. And a search drone, as well.
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  • Rocky manages to overcome his fear of water, for a time at least, when he dives in to repair the Turbots' damaged diving bell. The little guy even gets to ride a whale's spout at the end of the experience.
  • Skye gets her chance to help her favorite pilot, Ace Sorensen, in "Pups Save an Ace", by using her tether to get Ace to safety when her plane is damaged. Ace herself gets a few awesome points when she puts her wing-walking skills to use to make it to said tether. And by the episode's conclusion, Ace has Skye join her in her aerial display, piloting the plane as Ace expertly wing-walks.
  • Everest manages to prove herself in her debut episode when she rescues Jake from falling off an icy cliff. She also proves to be an excellent digger, making a shelter for the two of them in the middle of the storm. And during the climax, when the tether carrying them off the breaking ice bridge breaks, Jake throws Everest to safety. Her response is to immediately come back and pull Jake up to safety, too.
  • Marshall elects to stay behind when Ryder and the other pups go parachuting in "Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone" (due to his fear of flying). Nevertheless, when he receives the distress call from Katie about collecting the kittens that escaped, Marshall goes forth with his duty. Even better, he does so by managing the other pups' packs and equipment, even tackling his fear head-on when he uses Skye's (ill-fitting) glider pack to rescue the last kitten trapped atop the highest point of the bridge.
    • It's only shown briefly, but there is something awesome about seeing Chase leap out of a hot air balloon and parachute into the open sky above Adventure Bay, howling triumphantly as he does it.
  • Marshall runs away when he feels that the pups don't want him around in "Pups Save their Friend". The other pups immediately rush and spread out to find him, despite not knowing where he was.
  • In "Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot," Wild Wilbur hid his loot under a chest filled with longjohns, as no-one would have thought of digging any further after finding the first chest.
  • The debut of the Air Patroller and the pups' Air Rescue equipment in "Air Pups."
  • Tracker does pretty well in his debut. Already gifted with incredible hearing, the Chihuahua finds Carlos stuck in the pit and leads away a giant snake from going down there (even though the snake could easily eat him). After that, Tracker proves his worth as the newest PAW Patrol member by tackling his fear of the dark and charging into the monkey temple, to save Ryder and some of the pups from a trap. And he accomplishes this by using his new pack's cables to turn the heavy stone gears that lift the giant stone door.
    • Tracker's pack is pretty nice, in itself. With the aforementioned cables, he basically can swing from tree to tree with the same ease as Spider-Man and his webs.
    • Robo-Dog gets a Big Damn Heroes moment, when he stops the PAW Patroller just short of hitting the snake, scaring it away from harming Tracker.
  • Ryder jumping from his moving ATV into a van hijacked by a monkey in "Pups Go All Monkey" to wrestle away to control from said monkey. Mind you, this van was on the train tracks, about to collide with a high speed train. And Ryder is around 10 or 11, essentially a kid.
  • The debut of the Mission PAW equipment in "Mission PAW: Pups Save the Royal Crown", complete with a new base of operations, and the Mission PAW Cruiser.
  • The Sea Patroller's first appearance in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus", where it emerges from within the Beach Lookout.
  • Any time Rocky overcomes his dislike of water to save someone counts, but the events of "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus" deserve special merit; He dives into the ocean to help reunite a baby octopus with its mother, earning his Sea Patrol badge in the process.
  • "Pups Save Sensei Yumi" is pretty much an episode-long moment of awesome for Marshall:
    • First, he's shown to have really improved his Pup Fu skills (to the point where it's the one thing he can do without falling prey to his usual clumsiness), with Yumi deciding he's ready to take the green belt test. The first part of the test involves catching falling apples and putting them in a basket, which Marshall accomplishes flawlessly.
    • He saves Yumi from falling off a cliff, using his Pup Fu skills.
    • When Skye attempts to lift them to safety, he insists that Yumi goes first, placing his sensei's safety above his own.
    • While sliding down Everest's grapple cable, Marshall (while unintentionally blindfolded) leaps over a bird that was perched on the cable, landing perfectly on the ground.
    • In the final scene, Yumi declares that all of Marshall's actions during the episode have earned him his green belt.
  • The Plan to get the Sea Patroller back from the pirates in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller" is a very elaborate one that involves Rocky using a cutout of a pirate ship and Chase using his megaphone to play to Sid's Greed and distract him from his looting to go after the silhouette, giving Ryder an opening to retake the ship.
  • In "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Frozen Flounder," while assisting to rescue the Turbots, Everest started to feel left out since she was unable to go in the water to help. However, when icebergs began blocking their way out, Everest is given her own new scuba gear so she can provide underwater guidance. At the end of the episode, she also gets a new lifeguard outfit and becomes a new official member of the Sea Patrol.
  • "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties":
    • The Mecha Expansion Pack added to Chase's police cruiser. Not only does it make it larger and more impressive, it comes with detachable smaller vehicles (a mini-cruiser, a motorcycle, a motorized skateboard, and a mini-copter), making it a whole rescue fleet in one.
    • The pups stopping Mayor Humdinger from escaping with the purple cat jewel. Special mention goes to Chase's detective skills piecing things together.
  • "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Tigers":
    • Skye's helicopter being given the "Ultimate Rescue" treatment.
    • Ryder's ATV now has a flight mode.
    • The pups parachuting into a dormant volcano.
    • When the volcano is about to erupt, Skye flies in and saves her fellow pups, the Cap'n, Francois, and the tigers, all in one go.
  • "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Movie Monster":
    • Marshall's Ultimate fire truck, which includes a cab that can be lifted up on the truck's ladder for high-up rescues, and a detachable water-sprayer cart.
    • Marshall really steps up and takes charge during the special, using his fire-fighting knowledge to its full potential. He rescues Chickaletta from on top of the Gigantasaur's head, and leads the others in countering its fire breath with all their extinguishers at once, shorting it out and stopping its rampage.
  • In the special, "Mighty Pups":
    • Chase puts his leadership test for the third time
    • They Have Superpowers:
      • Chase- Super Speed
      • Skye- Whirlwind and Wind Wings
      • Marshall- Fire Paws
      • Rubble- Super Strength
      • Zuma- Water Summon
      • Everest- Ice Breath
      • Rocky- Green-Lantern Tool Summon
      • Ryder- Mighty Gear
    • Ryder gets captured and proves capable to build another item from scratch.
    • 7 Pups vs 1 Giant Robot. Who wins?
    • Mission: Prevent the Lookout from falling from Outer Atmosphere.
    • Meteor has the last glow before special ends!
  • "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Swamp Monster":
    • Zuma's Ultimate Hovercraft, able to move through shallow waters that the Sea Patroller would find impossible to navigate through. It also comes equipped with a swamp drone, a swamp glider, two jetskis, and an inflatable rescue boat.
    • Zuma's using his knowledge of all things water-based to lead the team to success.
  • "Ultimate Rescue: Pups and the Hidden Golden Bones":
    • Rocky's Ultimate Fix-it truck, with detachable mini-vehicles such as a crane, which gets put to good use keeping buildings from sinking into the ground.
    • Rocky using his fix-it expertise to put together something to temporarily hold up the ceiling of the hidden chamber containing the Golden Bones.
  • When an unexpected snowstorm hits a tropical island in "Pups Save a Frozen Camp-Out," Everest gets to go on her very first Air Patrol mission, getting her own Air Pup suit and flying for the first time.
    • Skye and Everest also display great teamwork while rescuing the chilly animals stuck in the snow.
  • "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Runaway Stargazer":
    • Rubble's Ultimate Construction rig, equipped with a wrecking ball, power shovel, and more.
    • Rubble really shows off his construction expertise here, supervising the construction of the observatory, and even guiding the other pups in constructing a ramp to divert the runaway building.
  • In "Pups Save Bedtime" Ryder pushes Captain Turbot out of the way before freezing in place with lightning reflexes to avoid being crushed by Big Hairy (or waking him up). In a show where Ryder is often sidelined it's a nice reminder that he's just as capable as the pups.
  • In "Rocky Saves Himself", Rocky manages to escape from the garbage island Mayor Humdinger trapped him on by creating a working Jet Pack out of cardboard and soda bottles.
  • "Ready Race Rescue" has plenty of those. Just think it will be a good Formula One race.
    • Paw Patrol build an Entire Race Circuit, drives race cars and becomes the pit crew at the same time.
    • Cheetah steals the other racers' cars, and uses them to modify her own vehicle.
    • Marshall did a Lightning McQueen maneuver. Drift, Drive Backwards and take the lead and win the race.
    • The rest of the pups saves the Whoosh from the sky.
    • Sweetie tries to steal the crown but 2 fast cars flings the crown back failing again.
    • sweetie's cameo itself was unexpected which made it awesome.
  • ''Dino Rescue: Pups Save the Dino Eggs" has tons of these.
  • "Jet to the Rescue" definitely had its share:
    • The 8 pups getting high-speed jets equipped with stealth mode.
    • Everest and Tracker gearing up for a Mission PAW operation for the first time.
    • The first time Tracker has ever been in a special mission with his own outfit and vehicle.
    • Sweetie actually helping the Paw Patrol stop the evil Duke of Flappington in order to save her princess.
    • Skye facing her fear of eagles and taking down Jean-Claude, the Duke's pet eagle.
    • When the Duke attempts to drop Big Benji on the princess's castle using his scepter, Skye swoops in, takes the scepter, and stops Big Benji from falling.
    • Skye saves the Duke and Jean-Claude from crashing after the engines to their jet go out.
    • Skye gets dubbed a Knight by the Princess of Barkingburg.

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