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  • Chiro defeating Mandarin in Skeleton King:
    Chiro: (whispering) Monkey Fu.
    • In the same episode, Chiro putting the Super Robot on autopilot to distract Skeleton King while he and Gibson sneak into the Citadel of Bone. You can almost hear the respect in Skeleton King’s voice after he figures it out.
    Skeleton King: The robot cannot be empty! If he’s not there, then where?!
    (The room starts to shake as Mecha-Jinmay’s body rampages through the ship)
    Skeleton King: (chuckles) Clever boy...
    • Mecha-Jinmay and the Super Robot teaming up to smash the Skeleton King's ship, The Citadel of Bone to pieces.
  • In the final episode, Gibson coming out of nowhere and drilling Skele-Mandarin's claw off. Crosses with heartwarming when Gibson does so to save Otto, yelling "TRY BEATING HIM DISARMED!"
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  • In "Belly of the Beast", a giant-sized Nova appearing in a ball of flames and rescuing Chiro from being dropped into a river of stomach acid, then beating the crap out of Mandarin.
  • The battle with the Mantadons in "The Stranded Seven" definitely counts. The training montage before counts somewhat as well.
  • Slingshot, nough said.
  • Antauri's Heroic Sacrifice turning into an Energy Being, empowering Chiro, and hijacking the Super Robot with his soul to seemingly single-handedly behead an Eldritch Abomination. Unfortunately it could regrow... Would have been awesome-er if his empowering of Chiro hadn't also been an Emergency Transformation making him mindless. Lucky they both got better.
    • From earlier in the same episode; the short, but incredibly epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech that Chiro gives to Skeleton King when he goes to the Pit of Doom to try and stop the Dark One from emerging.
    Chiro: All this just so you could bow to something uglier than yourself. You're no King... You're a slave.
  • Just the entire scene in part 2 of "The Savage Lands" when Antauri shows himself to the rest of the team as the silver monkey for the first time. Damn.
    • "It is I, Monkey Team! I have returned... Reborn." The quote in question is basically Antauri going "Surprise, Bitch." (in the most badass way possible, I might add) before that was even a thing.
  • Nova's refusal to give up on Sprx in the final episode to the point of being a Determinator. Crosses into heartwarming when he finally comes back.
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  • Villainous example: Skeleton King in the episode with his name. This is the first time we see him up and fighting, and it's oddly satifying.
  • Olliana in "Galactic Smash." She's an all-around badass with a laser whip— and she managed to K-O two soldiers just by swinging her hair.

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