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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Book 1 
The Beach Car
  • Randall helping Tulip chase down the Cat.
    • Randall in general. His only major role outside this is some Oblivious Guilt Slinging on Tulip...but without this, Tulip would never go back for One-One in the first place and, in hindsight, this meant that without Randall, The Cat would've given One-One to The Conductor and probably destroy him. So Randall essentially helped One-One regain his role as the true Conductor.

The Cat's Car

  • Tulip showing she has had enough of The Cat and the train as she storms out of the car, covering up her number with a glove on her way out.
    Tulip: So, it's a good thing my number's going down? I'm growing as a person?! Thanks, Train! So glad an inanimate object likes me! No more numbers, no more mystery.
    (Atticus walks past The Cat without even looking at her, and One-One briefly stops and glances at her)
    Sad-One: We don't like you.

The Chrome Car

  • Tulip saving her own reflection by using the mirror in her Swiss army knife to give her a reflective surface to stay connected to.
  • One-One and Atticus holding off the Mirror Police while Tulip helps her reflection.
  • Tulip's reflection gets a parting shot in at the Mirror Police by flicking a jellybean at the one in the real world.

The Ball Pit Car

  • Atticus distracting the Steward to help Tulip escape is not merely a reckless charge, but actually gets the Steward to damage itself through Deadly Dodging. He even survives long enough to attempt an attack on the Conductor afterward, even if it only gets him captured and transformed into a Ghom for his troubles.
    Atticus: I didn't leave my kingdom on a crusade only to cower before my dragon.

The Past Car

  • Amelia actually managed to overthrow the original Conductor and take control of the Infinity Train, which is pretty impressive despite her actions.
  • Tulip resolves her issues and gets her number to zero, opening a door home... but, instead of going through it, decides to stay until she can restore Atticus to normal. She, One-One, and the Cat then proceed to use the claw the Steward lost and the Cat's vehicle to hijack the car and take it and Tulip's door to the engine.
  • The final shot of the episode, as the car rises to the top of the train, Tulip staring from the open door at the tain ahead, lightning flashing in the distance.

The Engine

  • This episode is pretty much a series of awesome moments for Tulip: she temporarily incapacitates Amelia by making her watch her own tape, distracts the Steward by setting Ghom!Atticus on it, fends off Amelia using a pipe, and then finally fires off a successful cannon shot that turns Atticus back to normal. She also delivers an epic Chekhov's Gun / Call-Back:
    Amelia: You keep a pipe in your backpack?
    Tulip: It's a donut holer!
  • Amelia tries to win Tulip over to her side by promising to make her a car where she can be happy, one where her parents never got divorced. Tulip seems to be tempted for a second, but rejects the offer, knowing that such a life wouldn't be real, and gives Amelia a sharp retort about she can't even create a car without any turtles in it, landing a fierce blow as she does so.
  • Atticus finally succeeds in his goal of defeating the Steward once restored by decapitating her while bursting out of his Ghom form.
  • One-One (re)taking his rightful place as the Conductor. When the Steward tries to intervene, he whistles the Recurring Riff to reaffirm his authority, which halts her in her tracks.
  • When Amelia dejectedly reminds Tulip that she sent her door away, One-One calmly states that he and "Mum" can fix that, and he summons the door to the Engine.
    Sad-One: An exit can appear in any car. It's just a matter of unlocking one.
    Glad-One: And zero is the key!

    Book 2 
  • The trailer shows that Mirror Tulip, who now goes by MT, has figured out more of her identity. She's shaved her head, pierced her ears, and gotten a new outfit. Oh, and even though the reflection authorities are still after her, she's managed to avoid them well enough so far.

The Black Market Car

  • MT's transformation, which includes holding on to the side of a train car outside, and using the moving wheel to cut off her own hair. She's a full-on Action Girl now.

The Map Car

  • When Marcel refuses to let the group complete the map, Jesse figures out another way to get out of the car, first drawing a sea serpent on the map to hold off Marcel, then swimming to get his receipt and fill in the missing piece of the map.

The Toad Car

  • Alan Dracula helps MT and Jesse escape the Flecs twice. In the beginning of the episode, MT uses Alan Dracula's rapidly rotating head to put some distance between them and the Flecs. Later, he kicks the toad to open the car, preventing Jesse from being forced to raise his number.
  • Right after the above-mentioned toad kicking, Jesse, in a moment of quick thinking, takes the toad with them. This move traps the Flecs in the now toadless car, and cuts the power cord to their buzzsaw so they can't break out.

The Mall Car

  • Jesse stands up for himself towards Grace and the Apex, after dithering thanks to Grace's remarks and hearing that Grace stating that she's going to kill MT and Alan Dracula, making his number drop down to 0 and letting him go home.
    Jesse: I'm not going to be part of anything like this, on or off the train! I'm done with you [Grace, Simon, and the Apex]-and anyone else like you.

The Wasteland

  • Immediately following the events of the previous episode, MT ends up on the run from the Flecs again and, after a perilous chase, ends up stranded in the wasteland outside the train while handcuffed to a dying, bisected Special Agent Mace. Despite all of the resistance she faces and all of Mace's attempts to break her spirit by claiming she's not a person with free will, MT manages to maintain her resolve and formulate a new plan to make the Train give her a number and let her leave. It all culminates in MT making a daring maneuver to board the train again and putting down Mace for good when he makes one last attempt on her life while they're hanging from the side of the train by a rope.
    Mace: (grabs MT} I'm as good as dead, and if my last act is to bring you with me, sliver, I can't imagine a better way to go!
    MT: Well, I can! (headbutts Mace, causing him to lose his grip, then swings him into the path of a train wheel and pins him there until he's ground down to nothing)

The Tape Car

  • Out of nowhere, the Steward reappears in front of MT while she's destroying the car. But if Amelia is no longer piloting the Steward, then who is? The faceplate opens up and... it's One-One!
    Glad-One: Hello! I'd appreciate it if you stop breaking everything...

The Number Car

  • M.T. manages to get a number. How? By reflecting Jesse's new number on her palm!
  • Sieve's got M.T. by the leg as she's halfway through the door. What does M.T. do? Grab a chunk of grass and throw it back through the door, getting Alan-Dracula to activate his Eye Beams and blast Sieve into oblivion. The best part is that this is the most fluidly animated segment of the entire season. It's so well-done that you have to wonder if the show's entire budget went into animating this one awesome moment.

    Book 3 
The Jungle Car
  • When a strange soundwave (later revealed to be produced by Tuba) knocks them off a log, Simon quickly activates his shoes and catches Grace. A bit later, Grace returns the favor by pulling him out of the way of a falling tree.

The Color Clock Car

  • Up to this point, Tuba hasn't been shown using her namesake tubas for anything. Then in this episode, she shows that they can blast apart a cage.
  • Simon figures out that Tuba is color-blind and is able to team up with her to solve the Color Clock puzzle.
  • In a small bit of Character Development, Grace actually looks disgusted at Simon gleefully telling Hazel how he murdered Tuba and showed off his huge number to Grace. She walks away from him without saying a single word.

The Campfire Car

  • After calming Hazel down and reassuring her that she won't let Simon hurt her, Grace tears into Simon for killing Tuba after she had told him not to.
    Simon: You guys were out there for a while.
    Grace: Don't you ever take action like that again if I haven't given you explicit orders!
    Simon: Are you pulling rank on me?
    Grace: Yes.
    Simon: ...Y-Yes, Ma'am.

The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car

  • When Simon tells the Cat that Grace isn't "acting like she should" the Cat only says:
    The Cat: And how exactly should SHE be acting, Simon? She's not one of your miniatures, Simon.
  • In a single line, the Cat sums up the core issue with Simon's perspective on how passenger numbers work.
    "You say Grace's number is broken, but the truth is you just don't like how it's working."

The Hey Ho Whoa Car

  • Amelia defeating a winged snake with a Shovel Strike before it can attack Grace and Hazel.
  • Instead of feeling guilty at what she did, Amelia laughs at Grace and Simon worshiping the Conductor and then tears Simon's worldview into shreds.
  • Simon tries to attack Amelia, only for her force field to effortlessly deflect his blows each time. Amelia also gives him time to consider his actions, taking a long time to count to three.

The Origami Car

  • Hazel calling out Simon and Grace for their messed-up worldview. She bluntly says that she wants to stay with Amelia, quarantine and all because Amelia in one day showed more perspective than Simon and Grace did in the days they tried taking care of Hazel. Amelia may have done wrong in the past, but she admits it. She also isn't a killer the way Simon is, at least not at this junction.
    • During Hazel's speech, Simon is staring daggers at her, ignoring her opinions and pretty much wordlessly saying, "I'm going to kill you the first chance I get..." But Hazel, after putting up with Simon's bullshit and abusive behavior, silently stands her ground and just stares defiantly back, as if to say, "I'm not afraid of you anymore, you monster."
  • Amelia doesn't want to take in Hazel, initially. She says honestly that she can't be a parent or take care of her. Hazel then announces that she can take care of herself and the fact that Simon and Grace weren't good at parenting a turtle-girl. Grace's face falls, as she concedes the point while begging Hazel not to go. Amelia acquiesces, with some Tsundere that Hazel may be a fun experiment. Hazel may be a failed clone of Alrick, meaning she's technically Amelia's daughter. It provides hope that they'll be able to help each other heal from the trauma in their lives.
  • Even after their falling-out, Hazel retains enough of her integrity to wish Grace and Simon luck before Amelia separates the cars. She may not be able to forgive them, but she doesn't wish any ill on them either even despite all the harm they caused her. This at least serves to push Grace's guilt even further and force her to really take a long hard good look at herself and her life's choices. The same can't be said for Simon, who just doubles down...
  • The one legitimate point Simon has is calling out Grace for lying to him about the numbers. He's absolutely correct that she misled him after saving his life.

The New Apex

  • Grace managing to realize her past mistakes and escape from her tape on her own.
  • Grace deciding to fight Simon after she realizes that he's gone off the deep end. She even saves him from falling even though he tries to wheel her seconds later.
    • During the fight, Grace says that she doesn't owe Simon anything at this point, as he had every chance to improve himself that way she improved herself and chose not to at every turn.
  • A bunch of origami birds repay their debt and save Grace from being wheeled.
  • As dark as it seems, the Ghom gave Simon his punishment by killing him as the terrified teen could only scream agonizingly to his death. In a sense, it's karmic...Simon was saved from a Ghom by Grace as a child, and now is killed by one right after he attempted to murder Grace like he did to Tuba.
  • In the end, Grace takes the moral high ground and decides that it's time to dismantle the Apex and its practices for good, telling the kids that they should instead help each other to work through their own individual problems, the end goal being to finally leave the train. This serves to be the correct choice, as during her impassioned speech to the former Apex members, this gets through to them and their numbers starts changing left and right. Grace's own number drops even further, giving hope to the viewers that she may one day leave the train.

    Book 4 
The Old West Car
  • The moment that Kez decides that she's had enough of being imprisoned, she simply levitates into the air and lets her cage crash to the ground, breaking it on impact. Not only that, it turns out she didn't abandon Ryan and Min-Gi, her escape was part of a Batman Gambit set up by her and the Cat.
The Castle Car