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Awesome / Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

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  • Scooby and the gang take on Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow. Just when it looks like he's about to unleash a massive dose of his "fear toxin" on Crystal Cove, Shag and Scoob take down the drones with weaponized candy.
  • Daphne tries to prompt Dr. Crane to deliver the You Meddling Kids line, even leading off with "I would have gotten away with it...". Crane's response? "Oh, but I am getting away with it." If not for Shag and Scoob, he might have, at that.
  • The real Big Bad has been running a long con on the gang going as far back as Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost.
  • Elvira asks Daphne if she's ever unhooked a parade float at 80 mph. Daphne's response? "Of course! Do you have a cutting torch?"
  • When Velma interrogates Dr. Crane, there is a great scene where we see his reflection in the laminate next to Velma's face. Credit where it's due: Velma doesn't seem the least bit intimidated by a man who, in some continuities, has driven men to suicide with his Hannibal Lectures
  • Velma cites the story of the scorpion and the frog before freeing Dr. Crane, and she is actually rewarded when Crane shows Villainous Valor.
    Scarecrow: (unfurling his scythe and attacking the Alpha Pumpkin) THIS IS NO TIME FOR BRAVERY! RUN!
  • Scarecrow's battle with the Alpha Pumpkin. This is a man who fights the Dark Knight regularly. Mutant pumpkins are barely a challenge. While the Alpha Pumpkin took him from behind after he thought he'd won, he somehow managed to get free, figure out independently who'd framed him, and set up his own ambush.
  • Fred takes a page out of Dutch's playbook when setting traps for the "jackal lanterns."
  • Velma gives a Rousing Speech about how she can't prove the Jackal Lanterns aren't real, but she has faith in her friends even more so than in her science and reason.
    Velma: Now, let's go smash some pumpkins!
  • Daphne has swapped clothes with Elvira (It Makes Sense in Context) and comes across a Jackal Lantern that earlier made off with Elvira's left shoe. Daphne smashes it, and then she catches the shoe perfectly on her foot.
  • Velma dives headlong into the Alpha Pumpkin once she's solved the mystery. Her Kirk Summation that proceeds it is also pretty awesome.
    Velma: I'll admit: I am afraid! I'm afraid of failing! Of failing science, failing justice… failing my friends. But you've been using those fears against me! And I'm not afraid of you anymore!
  • Dr. Crane didn't take very kindly to being framed, as Mr. Toe would attest...if he's ever heard from again.